Citizens' Map Request Thread

So here it is, a brand new thread for requesting a plot on the Citizens Map of the East Pacific.

[spoiler]Citizens Map of The East Pacific(Click to view a larger image)[/spoiler]

Notes about the new map:

[li]Some visual changes.
[li]As it has been describe in the Map Wipe thread, several nations have been deleted from the map.
[li]Stromburg has been moved to it’s original position, now that Neapolitan States is gone.
[li]The Serenitech enclaves have been removed.
[li]And probably the biggest change, the Capital District, or Christie Island, as the Old Guard likes to call it, has been reduced in size. The Capital District, as you can see, is that small island in the bay. The camel shaped island is now claimable. The reason for this change is, that I see no logical reason why the capital district should take up a whole island the size of half Pax Draconica.

And now the basic rules:

[li]Let me state it again, this map is for Role Playing purposes only! I can’t stress that enough! If you have no intentions to participate in RP, then stop reading and forget the map! Thank you so much!

[li]To claim a plot on the map, take a look on the map which can be found here. The free plots will be designated by a number. When you picked a plot, post in this thread the number, along with the name that you want on the map. Be patient, while you wait for the map to be updated, as the most humble cartographer has many task, but gets annoyed quickly.

[li]Another thing, that unfortunately I have to stress most deeply: when you claim a plot, make sure, that nobody else has already claimed it! The first one, who claims a plot, gets it!

[li]You can claim only one (1) plot! You can only expand your territory, if it is a result of some RP action. The population in Nationstates has nothing to do with the size of your country on this map!

[li]And another thing, that I unfortunately have to stress: You don’t have to supply a flag. As you might have noticed, there are no flags on the map, and I know, that it might be hard to comprehend it, but the lack of flags on the map means, that I don’t need your country’s flag, since it won’t be added to the map.

[li]Inactivity on the long run will result in removal from the map

And finally, a friendly advice. When you claim a plot, check who your neighbours are. It can help you get started in RP. Or hinder you.[edit_reason]Citizens Map Thread – RP ref will be edited out.[/edit_reason]

Now, I do have to ask…why exactly has Stromburg been moved? I haven’t seen too much in the way of RP from that nation. Did they get grandfathered in?

SHACOG needs plot 10 again.

Panshu would like Number 6, please.

New map looks great Lazlow!

Space Queensland Requests plot 18. State Name: Terre Videum

If I am understanding things correctly, I would like to claim the plot numbered 84.

Name of state: Nalt
Flag (I read in one of the stickies/pinned threads that I should give my flag, and the one I use for my “nation” (in game) is less of a flag and more of an avatar): [spoiler]

I’ve been in NS for a long time but have never tried my hand at RP. I’m going to try to catch on but please be patient! :slight_smile:

New map:

Upon reflection, I decided to remove Stromburg. It has been two months, since he’s asked for his plot, and he hadn’t done anything since. When I originally moved it, I was thinking of this You have to forgive me for remembering threads, in which I was active, as more significant, than others.

Thank you!

Now I just have to find somebody who wants to voluntarily be neighbors with the RP equivalent of a New Mexico trailer park.

I’m tempted to invade plots 8 and 9 but it would be rather hypocritical after utterly denieing prussias try at 58.

Would a ‘vote for union’ count?

— Begin quote from ____

I’m tempted to invade plots 8 and 9 but it would be rather hypocritical after utterly denieing prussias try at 58.

Would a ‘vote for union’ count?

— End quote

Go ahead an enter the Pax Draconica sphere of influence… :smiley:

Plot 9 plox and marked it as The protectorate of Rennen-Slovette

I’d like to request plot 85 for the Republic of Kohlandia, please. I don’t recall seeing a flag request on this thread but it was on the older thread, so I’ll link to that as well, just in case:

MikGonnia would like to request plot #48. If I can’t I would like 5, then If not that 89, or 75. Hopefully at least one of those is free.

(Because I swear I was on a post today that had a even more recent map but I cannot find that link). : Flag Link

Mark plot #58 as ‘Jomalia’ please, For a future RP.

Basically,see it as the Somalia of TEP.

Actually, I would prefer not to have 48, to stay out of the way of some people. 5, 89, 75, or any other 70 or 80 plot.


Seriously, Toehold. New Mexico Trailer Park. :frowning:

I wish to claim plot 19 for my nation, United Socialist Collective of Sophis (USCS).

I’m never cased to be amazed, how people don’t pay attention to things they read. Nowhere in my introduction I say, that you must supply a flag, yet a lot of you still diligently add a flag to your requests. So I amended to rules, so that now (hopefully) you’ll stop adding flags. Also I eliminated the “two months rule”, since let us be frank, it’s not much of an incentive to RP, and if I would strictly observe it, the map would be empty.

Speaking of the map, here’s the new one:
Also, Hobbes, I would rather not give a plot in credit, so for the time being, no “Jomalia”. On a different not, I see Saklias has been banned (I wonder why?), so does that mean, that I can remove him from the map?

Fair enough, and yes you can delete Skalias.