Clown Town Resolution

The Magisterium passed the VOTE: Clown Town Resolution - Page 2 - The East Pacific - Tapatalk on October 11th, 2020.

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BE IT RESOLVED by the Magisterium of the East Pacific:


This resolution shall be known and cited as the “Clown Town Resolution.”


For the purposes of this resolution,

(1) “Clown Town Magisterium” is defined as a tongue-in-cheek legislative body, wholly unrelated to the legal government of The East Pacific.

(2) “Clown Town Legislation” is defined as any act, resolution, amendment, or referendum proposed within the “Clown Town Magisterium”.

(3) “Clown Townsfolk” is defined as any group of people who commented on a particular thread within the “Clown Town Magisterium”.


(a) A subforum shall be opened within the Plaza called “Clown Town Magisterium”, for the purposes of proposing, voting on, and enacting satirical, humorous, or otherwise unserious Clown Town Legislation.

(b) Anyone, citizen or not, can propose Clown Town Legislation, which will be discussed by the Clown Townsfolk of that particular piece of legislation until the original author motions to a vote.

(c) All Clown Townsfolk will vote either AYE, NAY, or ABSTAIN for a period of 72 hours, after which the original author shall declare the legislation either enacted or denied. Denied Clown Town Legislation may be edited and reintroduced to the Clown Town Magisterium as many times as the original author sees fit. Enacted Clown Town Legislation shall be pinned.

(d) Enacted Clown Town Legislation shall not be considered legally binding by the Magisterium of The East Pacific, or the Government of The East Pacific

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