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Conclave Order: BAN OF MONEYNESS
Via a majority vote of the Conclave

NOTING that on December 8th, 2017, then-Delegate Yuno filed charges for the committing of Treason-Espionage and Being a Public Nuisance against Citizen Moneyness.

FURTHER NOTING that on December 20th, 2017, the Conclave elevated the case from a pre-trial to a full criminal trial.

FURTHER NOTING that on January 7th, 2018, Presiding Arbiter Aelitia started the trial, and gave fair notice to all involved parties to state their presence to that the trial may commence.

FURTHER NOTING that on January 11th, 2018, Presiding Arbiter Aelitia set out a Warrant of Arrest for the capture of Moneyness, who failed to appear for trial.

REALIZING that it has been more than two years since the issuing of the Arrest Warrant, and that Moneyness has failed to appear for trial.

BELIEVING that there is just cause to charge the accused with “FAILURE TO APPEAR”, as following the Conclave’s official opinion in the “Question on Admission” Judicial Review, which ruled on the matter of Citizen Unibot failing to appear for trial.
For being found guilty of the charge of “FAILURE TO APPEAR”, the accused, known as Moneyness, is hereby banned from the East Pacific for a sentence of a permanent ban.

Representing the Conclave,
Zukchiva Yura

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