Consulate Application Thread

Hello there, Foreign Diplomat. I see, that you are interested in starting relations with The East Pacific. The first step you want to make, is to apply for the Consulate below. Once your Consulate request is accepted, you should apply for diplomatic status here and contact the Delegate (Eastern Alksearia / Shadow110#6385 on Discord) to get an invite to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Discord Server. Your Consulate thread and discord channel will be set up shortly after Consulate request is accepted.


  1. What is your region name (please include NS region link or use region command)?
  2. How many WA Members are there in your region?
  3. Does your region have a stable government?
  4. Is your region in hostile relations with any regions, resulting in hostile actions? If so, please state what regions are those.
  5. Does your region use an off-site service (discord, website, forum)? If so, please link it / them.
  6. Who is going to serve as a Diplomat (Consul) of your region to The East Pacific?
  7. What kind of cooperation are you interested in?
  8. Does your region have a negative reputation due to OOC events? [Be honest, it will be checked anyways]

Maintaining Consulate:

In order to maintain the Consulate, you should keep your Consulate thread active. Inactivity for 45 days or so may cause closure of the Consulate.

If you are considering possible Embassy in future, go here to see the requirements.

  1. Algerheaven. NationStates | Algerheaven

  2. Three.

  3. Yes.

  4. I wouldn’t say so, no.

  5. Nope, region only for now, need help setting up offsite stuff.

  6. Myself.

  7. The works

  8. No.

Declined for the time being. Sending you a DM shortly.