Embassy Application Thread

Hello there, Foreign Diplomat. I see, that you are interested in opening an in-game Embassy with The East Pacific. In order to do so, firstly make sure, that your region has had a Consulate with The East Pacific for at least 45 days. If you don’t have one, make sure to visit this thread. If you have a Consulate, make sure that you meet requirements and apply for Embassy below.


  1. Had a Consulate for 45 days or so.
  2. Maintaing 35+ WA Members.
  3. Not at war or in any other hostile actions with allies of The East Pacific (namely, Balder, 10000 Islands, The South Pacific, The North Pacific, New Pacific Order, The Rejected Realms, Europeia and Thaecia).
  4. Maintain off-site service (discord, website or forum).
  5. Have a Consul sent to TEP.
  6. Supported militarily, if there was a request.


  1. What is your region name (please include NS region link or use region command)?
  2. Does your region meet all of the requirements?
  3. How many WA Members are there in your region?

Maintaining Embassy:

In order to maintain the Embassy, your region needs to keep it active. Lack of Ambassador for more than 30 days and inactivity of region may cause closure of the Embassy.

Carcasonne and The Black Hawks were granted embassies in June/July 2023.