Delegaltys - The end

Hi all,

It’s an expression I’ve used a lot towards the end of my two terms but time has for sure flown fast. It feels like it was only yesterday I was elected as Delegate; we had Gundam: The Witch from Mercury barely in its first episodes, Star Trek: Picard’s third season barely beginning, and two weeks into my term we had the first ever NDay hosted in February, NDay 8. Ironically, this term’s end also saw an iteration of NDay hosted two weeks prior to it.

When I first took office the region was running itself on autopilot, with little to no interference from the Executive outside of Foreign Affairs decisions, and Aurora’s work on EPNS. As I leave the position, I’m safe to say I’m proud of where the Executive went. From the austerity of my earlier months to the different recurring monthly projects, events, the new players I managed to enroll, the improvement of relations with Valsora, and much more; we went a long way.

To my successor, for who’s Government I will obviously continue to work for, I have one thing to say: keep what already exists. Keep what needs not change. For what has been built works well! Obviously you can adapt it to you, but do not fundamentally change something that has proven its worth. Many mistakes of our past Delegate transitions, as many past Delegates can themselves point to, include abandoning what your predecessors built. And with it their legacy, the work they and their staffers put into it.

However my Government definitely still has its flaws. Many have expanded on those from small talk to fully-fledged essays in EPNS, and for the most part I agree with them. The most flagrant example is how the current state of the Executive mostly came at the expense of the Ministry of Culture which currently stands with no MInister, and outside of the monhly Hunger Games, shows clear inconsistency in how and when small events (like the Civ 6 Game Night) are hosted. Of course not without attempts thanks to Chaos’ Gamer Days, but point stands nonetheless. As a former Minister of Culture myself it definitely is something I find disappointing coming from a Delegacy of mine.

As we close our chapter on Delegate Altys, I’d like to quote former Delegate Albrook(Aurora)'s farewell address as Delegate, which still apply to this day:

If you wish for something cool to happen, like an art competition you can design yourself, simply speak and we’ll listen. We’re always hiring, Serge present or not.

The Executive always needs more people and is always ready to listen to new ideas and projects to better the region. The Executive needs you!

Hail Pacificum Orientale,
-Altys Alteo, 27th Delegate of The East Pacific


Thank you for your service as Delegate.

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