Hello! I stand before you today to ask for your vote in the upcoming Delegate election.

Let me preface this platform by saying I’m a very “hands on” person. This behaviour stems from my will to help and activity. I’m ready to do tedious and repetitive work (i.e. manual recruitment, welcoming newcomers, etc.) many do not. If there’s an essential function not performed by anyone, it’s likely I will take it due to a sense of duty. This can sometimes be seen as undercutting or monopolising X tasks for myself, which is not the case.

Ironically this type of behaviour is one I’d like to erase. Relying on one person only for essential functions is prone to burnout and significant of an issue with the system. A comment I’ve recently heard many times about our region. Delegation is thus a key point of a prospective term of mine. The more people the merrier they say, but more importantly the more people, the less our few staffers and myself tire ourselves to keep the ship afloat.

Before moving on to ministry-specific sections I have some points I’d like to tackle:

Specific points

World Assembly Endorsements

It’s no secret our endorsement rate on our current Delegate is abysmal. Averaging 55% endorsements on Shadow, we see one of the lowest rates in all of NS. This is despite the existence of REWARD (on which I will touch later on) and Shadow’s “Endorse the Delegate” dispatches. Yet knowing Serge and Aurora were able to reach much higher rates in the past, it’s clear this is an issue of the individual and not the region. One possible explanation being Shadow’s relatively lacklustre will to endotart, but also other factors I’d like to explore may I be elected. For example Serge mentioned telegramming non-WA nations to join the body and endorse him when he was Delegate: something I’ve also done before (not as Delegate of course). Aurora also mentionned directly telegramming people she endorsed to get their endorsements back as well.

Accessibility of the Executive

I’ve advocated for months now how Regional Affairs need to be moved back to the main discord server. Keeping RA (and by extension UTEP) separate from it is an aberration when manpower is lacking and activity is dwindling. You create an unnecessary step to join the Government and participate in a section of the Executive whose main driver of activity is spontaneity.

We have #government-plaza on Discord where we can easily centralise all government discussions, while hiding other additional channels behind a role (“Executive Staffer” or the like) which can also double as a ping role for projects. We should also definitely use the new forums for bigger projects due to Discord being a cluttered mess all the time.


This one’s simple: we do not have manpower to do anything beyond the fundamental needs of the region. I intend on unilaterally ending unnecessary projects and systems to focus the Executive on areas the region actually needs. Because right now we often have new ideas (which are always welcome!) but no one to carry them. At best we’ll store them for later use.

Note that this point stays vague for its details will show in the ministry-specific sections:

Regional Affairs


What works best for this ministry is answered by what we want from a platform offered by the Government. Monthly updates are great for both regularly showcasing the various sides of the region to our own people and keeping our partners up to date. However they can also be stressful, unable to meet deadlines, see a lack of subjects to write on or just a lack of writers. On the other hand posting news articles as soon as they’re written offers more opportunities for live commentary and encourages taking the initiative; but on the flip side we may simply see less articles written overall due to no time (deadline) incentive.

Thus this ministry is a tossup to me. I see a lot of usefulness stemming from it, especially as a unification mechanism for our various communities to share their happenings. However it requires the Executive to do the first move and foster the motivation to do so. Unless someone is ready to take on the minister seat and do so, this is unlikely to happen at least early on in my term.


This ministry is the utmost priority area for me. Technically in charge of recruitment and welcoming, it also seems to oversee any adjacent projects and mechanisms to these functions. To keep it brief I will list what I believe is all that should be done. We do not have the manpower to do it as of now, but those are ways in which we can improve our numbers.

-Scrap REWARD. It doesn’t serve its original purpose (rewarding people for doing X action) and is too complex for what its primary function is: automatically welcomes new WA nations, and encourages people to become Hussars (those who endorse the Delegate and all Viziers). Replace it with another acronym, whatever name we come up with, as long as it does its primary function well.
-Make sure every newcomer is personally walked through. If they join the Discord you’re with them until they stop asking questions. If they don’t talk you send them a friend request and DM them: you never know why someone doesn’t talk on a server they’ve just joined. This is something I will myself do when I’m online on Discord.
-Telegram new WA nations. If they’re still in the region and joined the WA, it’s worth trying to reach out to them again. This is already partially being done and it should continue.

Personal preference but I’d also like for the ministry to be renamed to hospitality. To me it sounds nicer than outreach.


Similarly to News, Culture is a platform offered by the Government for anyone to host events. The task generally falls onto the minister (partially an effect of the Executive being secluded in another server) but they are definitely not the only person who’s capable or willing to do so: that’s something we should encourage more. People like games and they love sharing them with others, and playing multiplayer games is always fun: we only need to show them this is easily doable regionwide.

Otherwise past the events that work well and we’re already doing, I think bringing back the CYOAs gameside I ran when I was MoC would be a good idea. I remember being telegrammed about when was the next poll being ran so it definitely was a success! But I’m hopeful there is more we can do to play more with onsite people! For example I recently played collaborative (online ofc) Jigsaw after a random announcement in another NS server: no login needed, you just clicked on the link and gave yourself an username if you wanted to and played.

Also we should definitely try to host Paradox Games or other strategy games. I know TEPers play those, so surely we’ve got an audience for them! Looks at Aurora and Serge with AtWar

Foreign Affairs

This one’s probably the most contentious section of all, yet a very simple one: I want the diplomatic corps abolished. We don’t have the manpower nor the resources for what brings little to no returns. It doesn’t even train or get the diplomats interested in FA since they don’t even know much.

Instead I want to transfer non-sensitive discussions from the FA Council to a channel open to all dismissed diplomats by the above and any additional person interested in FA. We’re better off getting people genuinely interested in FA to learn about it through us than to send them on some useless administrative work. This can later be revisited though not on a scale as we have now.

Barring the structural changes, I want us to review all current relations we have: it’s a repetitive point said in nearly all campaigns for the Delegate seat, yet it never happens.

Finally I also want us to focus on our relations with our close friends. Our diplomatic network is huge, and many of our partners already have their own spheres and interests: so do we. Of course this doesn’t mean I’m against cooperation past our close circles, but we need a hierarchy in how we approach diplomacy.

East Pacific Sovereign Army

To put it bluntly: EPSA is weak (small). Its activity and ability to project power was in the past tied to how good its leader was, not anymore. Despite Vor being great at leading troops and displaying impressive activity levels he couldn’t summon new soldiers out of nowhere. In my opinion this issue stems from a lack of direction from the region, and a complete failure in outreach. All are issues which can be fixed.

Ironically these two issues go in pairs. You want the army to be more visible by posting op reports visible to all, to advertise it more as a valid path to take alongside FA, etc. You want to reach out to civilians about whether or not they’d like to join a militia/reserve system. TEP was good at this in the past: we brought many civilians during the days of the civilian militia discord server. Unlike how RA can be improved by moving back to the main server here we need efforts from the branch to be more seen.

World Assembly Affairs

First off, an absolute: Delegate votes in the WA will always follow the results of WAA votes held in the main server.

Now I’d like to see more discussion around resolutions. We don’t do that much even though it’s the bare minimum. In the SC we can definitely get FA involved to educate people around points they might not know–or otherwise simply give their thoughts to spring up discussion. In the GA it’s definitely trickier given there is less interest–which does not prevent us from still trying. Remember that many newcomers first talk to us about their Nation’s statistics, issues and policies, meaning they could also take interest in discussions around the GA.

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Reserving that post

Should your administration send out updates, who will be responsible for sending them out??

What criteria will you utilize to determine when a discussion is sensitive versus not? Do you have any plans incase discussion engagement doesn’t really amount to much?

What would this heirarchy look like and what actions would we focus on for each level?

How do you plan to foster these discussions?

So by scrap do you mean just changing the acronym and wiping superfluous dispatches or do you want to design REWARD entirely as a whole? If its the latter, how would your proposed design be substantially different from what REWARD currently is?

Should your administration send out updates, who will be responsible for sending them out??

Either the MoFA, members of the FA Council or myself.

What criteria will you utilize to determine when a discussion is sensitive versus not? Do you have any plans incase discussion engagement doesn’t really amount to much?

Pretty much anything that can be publicly accessed is what I’d call non-sensitive.

What would this heirarchy look like and what actions would we focus on for each level?

The focus is on regions with whom we would take the initiative to interact. The hierarchy is a combination of my view of austerity and the close friends with whom we should prioritise interaction over our other partners. Think of it as adding another level to the Allies > Embassies > Consulates order, except that it is not based on the de jure status of relationships.

How do you plan to foster these discussions?

We barely initiate discussions right now, so we’d better off start with that. I’d prefer for my minister to do so themselves by posting the resolution and their opinion on it, but if necessary I can also do that myself.

So by scrap do you mean just changing the acronym and wiping superfluous dispatches or do you want to design REWARD entirely as a whole? If its the latter, how would your proposed design be substantially different from what REWARD currently is?

I do mean scrap REWARD because we’re effectively scrapping the rewarding part. Otherwise design-wise it wouldn’t change much from the “endorse X pls” tone.

One of your main things over in Thaecia is the army. This would require you being WA-locked, and possibly having to turn over operations there. I get this is not expressly TEP related, but as a citizen and former delegate of Thaecia, I want to look out for it

Could you give some general types of discussions the IC-FA has that’d you imagine would be commonly brought up in this FA-staffer space? “Types” being like opening relations, closing relations, ministry structure changes, etc. etc. - like what do you think can/should be generally brought about.

Additionally, how would you determine who to allow into IC-FA under this new structure?

On more structure-related things: would members of the FA council have any specialized duties or will the Council as a whole undertake any duties necessary? Beyond making FA decisions/writing statements/sending updates, is there anything else you imagine the FA council doing (whether in regards to continuing its current duties or how it will interact/guide these discussions you speak of).

What will be the MoFA’s role in your new structure?

I think it’s relatively possible for the types you’ve just mentionned to be discussed. Especially structural changes given they’d be the first people concerned. Opening relations can work too since there shouldn’t be anything needing to be kept secret with it. Closing relations is situational: you close them for a reason, and some require secrecy while others don’t.

Other types would just be those public happenings I mentionned. I often link dispatches or forum posts there and I could easily move them to the FA-staffer space.

Status-quo on this one.

Honestly specialised duties have never worked, so no. It’ll just be on a “who’s up to do X” basis.

Status-quo too. Their role woudln’t change at all from what they do currently past being the most likely person to post updates overseas.

Also @SiriusBlack8009 I’m not sure if you had a question or if this simply was a comment?

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Thank you for your answers.

I admire your expectation and drive to pull the weight yourself. You trouble me - this is the first time I’m not immediately sure who to vote first! :smiley:

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Can you talk about UTEP other than as an extension of RA?

I’m not saying UTEP is an extension of RA. My writing implies that what I say about RA could also apply by extension of my argument to UTEP.

Other than that I prefer not to propose anything specific to UTEP for I’m not well-versed enough about it.


I’ve seen a lot of blame being pointed at Shadow - for current state of things. Kindly note, that I am not saying you stand behind this - it’s just that seeing it provoked this message to appear. This itches me a lot, as it’s not The East Pacific I fought for pre- and during the coup. We were a team, we had one another’s backs - what happened to it?

  1. It’s easy to run for a Delegate, promise a new tomorrow and blame previous Delegate for the current state of things. But TEP differs - we are a community run by people for people. Let me ask this: For the last four months, what did you do to make TEP a better place?

  2. In a world where fuckups happen, how would you make sure, that The East Pacific remains a team, where we don’t just find a black sheep to put a blame on and move on?

  3. Say you are not elected the Delegate, but instead one of your candidates is.
    3A. What’s your plan for the next 4 months?
    3B. How will you help TEP fight the apathy and inactivity?
    3C. How will you help TEP become a team again?
    3D. How will you help fix WA issues?

  4. Say your Minister is underperforming. You know they can work real hard and have a resume of several impressive achievements. Yet their current life situation highly limited their ability to perform well. What do you do?

  5. Say your Minister is in a really bad mental state - high stress amount, lowered confidence, burnout. What do you do?

  6. You share ideas in this thread. Did you share them with the Delegate through last 4 months? If not, why?

  7. Lastly. Our current Delegate has a low amount of endorsements, compared to previous Delegates. I saw claims saying, that I spent days and nights endotarting and stuff. It’s false. I did do efforts (endotarting, REWARD, DMing people), but I also had a team of people working alongside me to increase our endocount (they were running REWARD, sending Telegrams, DMing people, running endo-campaigns, creating dispatches, welcoming newcomers and asking them to join WA). So the question is: how did you help the current Delegate increase their endorsement count?

What made you choose to run for delegate and how different of a delegate will you be from past delegates?

If you had to choose one delegate, which past delegate’s term will your term(if elected) be more similar to(if any)?

Thank you in advance!


Your argument confuses me. As a team we do indeed value unity, but that does not mean accountability is swept under the rug. Criticism exists, and I believe we all can make the difference between that and what you implies as an attack on X’s persona.

I also feel like we’ve relatively kept the unity going? As far as I’m concerned we did not see a rift form between two parts of the government over a specific issue.

A community run by for the people is the same as any other democracy. We’ve chosen to elect a Delegate and to have separations of powers, a legislature, a judiciary: you name it. We simply do not carry the explosive poltiics some, but not all, democracies have.

In the last four months I’ve mostly helped TEP in the foreign affairs and military department. Representing the region in various situations, directly assisting Shadow for that matter. Joining every EPSA operations held on minor update and some on major. I’ve offered my help for some culture events too.

There’s a difference between blame and criticism. The former is useless, the latter is necessary. In a world where fuckups happen, all can do so. What matters is we make sure they understand how it came to be and how to prevent it from repeating. You do not achieve this by silencing accountability in the name of unity. Especially because this is the type of behaviour that makes people believe any form of criticism becomes attack on one’s persona, which again it is not.

I want to be told when I misstep because I want to improve . I want to tell someone when I believe they’ve done a mistake because I want to help them improve.

3A:: Continue with what I’ve been currently doing, welcoming on Discord and helping more in RA ministries. Depending on circumstances I can put my name forward to take on the OO seat as Vor is not seeking a second term.

3B: Welcoming on Discord as the above says, but also with RA ministries and especially culture events. And just being more present on the main Discord.

3C: Stop fearmongering please, this never stopped being the case.

3D: Continue with what I’ve been doing to help the Delegate. I’ve already been doing most of what’s possible for a third party besides individually reaching out to people.

I confront them. They’re the one that know their situation best. If they deem it a temporary problem I can either try to relieve them myself or find help to do so, but if they deem it long-term then a replacement could be needed.

It depends on the situation. I’m either capable of helping them or not. However in either case they should simply put their minister duties on hold. Real life comes first.

I’ve shared many of the ideas I describe here before. I’ve nearly spammed we should move RA back to main, kept repeating we should abolish the diplomatic corps saying I made this work in Thaecia. The same goes for my hierarchy point about FA and you even were part of that discussion.

The list goes on, but for what I did not share before is simply either I did not need to for it was not my area of competence (as in helping carrying out the duties) and I did not have the time to help, or that I came up with their more polished version now.

I’ll preface my answer here by saying that if we take issue with criticising the Delegate for fairing poorly in their primary job the system we currently bolster imposed on them, then we’re better off changing that system.

We elect a Delegate. Their first duty is to represent our region in the World Assembly and ensure we are pulling our weight influencing its dealings. Yes we can help them with this duty. I’ve myself done so with Shadow by giving them dispatch code for the “Endorse the Delegate” dispatches every other week, as well as having given them a list of nations to endotart every other day. However this primarily stays their duty: we all know endotarting daily is the fastest and best way to get endorsements. My nation in TEP (Altys) currently proves this.

At the end of the day it remains the Delegate’s duty. We elect them with the expectation they will carry it. And while I will gladly accept any help in this area, I also know this is a tedious work and we are better off spending third parties’ energy on the such in other areas of our Government.

I’ve been contemplating leading region for a while but always been put off by having to be WA locked. As a R/Der this was a huge block to me.

I first decided to run when backchannel discussions seemed to tend towards the “we have no serious candidate” conclusion. They were wrong, but who could expect Em to run or Shadow to attempt a second term after saying they did not want to?

I’m very hands on to the point people call me a control freak. I see this more as my will to help coupled with my activity enabling such behaviour, which is why I’ve maintained my attempt to run for the seat as a serious one. I believe I can help with several issues we face, and I’ve already proven my ability to successfully lead de facto all parts of a government, both in and outside of TEP.

I can’t say who I’d be equal to or different from because I simply don’t know. We’re in different times [from Covid] now, and I’ve only known so many Delegates. I also believe comparing myself would set expectations I might not be able to meet while also not truly painting what type of Delegate I would be. Something I feel like my platform, answers, and overall behaviour and past achievements do a better job at.

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RMB Community is a home to several Delegates - Marrabuk, Zukchiva, Aivintis or me. It was also a home to several famous Ministers, like Virgolia or Angel of Charity. They also were amongst the first ones to respond to coup - where they even created their own discord server for coordination. Back before coup, Ministry of Information had around ~20 staffers, of which most were RMBers.

Today barely any RMBer socializes with wider community via Discord. We have close to no RMBers in the Government. But the Government doesn’t care about the RMB either. There was an invisible wall built between RMB and rest of the Community. We’ve also had instances of RMBers storming Forum RP server to further cause distancing between communities.

Forum RP on the other hand kinda became its own entity - independent from NS TEP to a huge extent. I even heard of them intending to become fully independent from NS and TEP and becoming it’s own little community. They, for most cases, couldn’t care less about whatever’s happening with TEP.

Yet a few years ago, Forum RPers who don’t join regional events (these days) were amongst organizers. Forum RPers who don’t give a damn about the Government were amongst the best of Magisters, Executive Staffers etc. They helped us run TEP, as it was theirs just like it was ours.

Several previous Delegates attempted to bring RMB, Government, Discord and Forum Communities closer together. To make us all one big family and make TEP a perfectly functioning organism once again.

So I’ll just reply with your own reply:

If I’m fearmongering, then what are all those examples above? If I’m fearmongering, why people like me, Aivintis, Virgolia, Zukchiva, EM, AMOM, Em (the one from RMB) and several other people were attempting to bring communities closer together for past 3 years?

Were we trying to fix an issue that does not exist?

Thank you for your answers! A few more questions.

  1. You said you’re very hands on to the point of people calling you a “control freak”. TEP is one of the largest region in NS and the executive branch itself has many different departments/ministries. Are you going to be very hands on in all of them? What happens when you’re stretched too thin? What happens when you get busy irl? Will the executive be at a standstill since you’re very hands on and therefore they can’t function when you’re not around? What happens when you’re burned out?

  2. I’m breaking it down to 2 parts since the first part is already quite long. Since you mentioned you’re very hands on to the point of being called a “control freak”, how do you cultivate new and future leaders of the region?

  3. I understand that you still serve major roles in different regions. How does TEP know that you’ll be giving TEP your 100% if you’re elected? This is not saying you won’t give your 100% if you’re elected. I just want to understand your plans and goals if you’re elected as our delegate.

  4. Lastly I’ll break into 2 parts.
    a) Your WA currently isn’t in TEP, what is your plan to gain t he delegate seat in game if you’re elected?

b) You mentioned you enjoyed R/D aspects of the game hence why you don’t want to be WA locked in certain roles elsewhere. If you’re elected delegate and will be WA locked. It will definitely not let you enjoy the R/D aspect of the game and how do you satisfy your interest in R/D after your WA locked?

Thank you in advance!

We may be large but our Government is far from being the largest on NS in terms of actual projects. Not anymore at least.

Past that I think I’ll ask the question in reverse: what is happening right now without a hands on Delegate? Are all ministries working properly? Are all main functions of the Executive operational? I’ve been called a control freak before for being so eager and capable to help I was threatening my superiors’ own authority. In other words because I was doing more than them to help [Thaeca] and they were feeling guilty about it. Not because I wanted to do everything.

Just like I’ve been doing in Thaecia for months, I intend on puttng my weigth in departments that did not have it before. Examples there mainly included manual recruitment (which I did on my own up to 17 hours a day), welcoming new arrivals, getting non-WA members to join the WA and endorse our Delegate, reforming the army and leading military operations, hosting Paradox Games, and many more.

My wish is for the Executive to get all its essential functions running without any head or one person pouring their all into it. But if I want this to happen I first need to set the example. I will gladly accept any help and will actively try to seek it, but at the same time I know this isn’t for everyone.

I know this isn’t your argument, but I want to add that criticising hands on behaviour as malevolent when it targets abandoned part of Government is a bad thing. We’re better off with that than nothing, which is exactly what I’m offering.

Just like I have time to take on the tasks others don’t want, I have time to train people and help them understand X area of the Executive. I’ve done so in Thaecia for manual recruitment, welcoming, trained officers for the army, helped new ministers with their job and more. Ironically this type of behaviour would also apply to a control freak: I’m still the one cultivating new and future leaders just like you ask.

I’m a very lazy person, so you can bet that if I find someone who can take over me or a duty I carry I will gladly do it outside of specific cases (i.e. I loved my job as MoFA in Thaecia and could’ve likely spent many more terms on that seat).

That said I also think getting new and future leaders is easier than you imply. Outside of a new Delegate at least. You don’t need an impressive person to lead a ministry. Someone that’s active and willing to carry on the duties of their ministry nearly alone is the standard post-covid. Obviously the specifics of each ministries affect this (i.e. News/Media needs writers to get varied stories) making us expect less than that from some minister seats.

The only other major roles I serve outside of TEP are in Thaecia. And it is my understanding that my succession there as Minister of Defence is secure: one of the soldiers I’ve trained as an officer having expressed the envy to take on the same seat in the next term (starting early/mid March). Otherwise my activity and involvement in Government over there has already lowered overall.

I can’t promise I’ll be giving my 100% because I don’t know what might happen in my life may I be elected to serve. However I can promise that I’m very averse to guilt and I would 100% feel guilty if I wasn’t doing as much as I could for the region.

a) My WA is actually in TEP, sitting at around 170 endorsements which I’ve gotten in about a week, only from endotarting. No dispatch pinging nations, nothing.

b) By endotarting everyday and trying to reach the highest endorsement count ever in TEP! And endjoying not having to wake up at 5:30am for an operation on major update. I already miss half of the ones I’m supposed to join anyway.

I have no idea how to not be annoyed at being WA locked, but I also know I’m having a lot of classes that overlap with minor update this semester + other scheduled stuff that overlap with it too. So in the end it shouldn’t be much of an issue either way.

This is not what I’ve thought you’d implied about the team issue given what I’ve seen you talk about before regarding just that. However I’ll reverse it: are we trying to bring people to do what they do not want to anymore? What you’ve described is not a “team” problem when you take this angle. The times you’re describing could be gone for a reason too.

Past that, how is the Executive different from those communities? Disunity in a confederal country can be expected, but this phenomenon is only amplified when we the Government and its members have chosen to isolate ourselves in a separate official discord server from the main one: some of us don’t even interact on the main server, so why should we expect the members of the Forum and RMB RPs to do so? They’re all on their separate islands as well!

If we want to fix the problem you describe then the best way to start off is just find and host events that get people from all our communities together. You want peeps to know each others first, and that’s the best (and only?) way to start out. Bringing back the Executive to the main server would also mean the Government is closer to everyone too. And easier to join.

We’ve done all that in Thaecia and got roleplayers normally uninterested with our main server because it had Government and politics to interact there thanks to culture events and the fact we the Government people were active there and not on some separate server. Some of these even joined the Executive!

There’s a reason I’ve called for abolishing the diplomatic corps, for bringing back RA to the main server, for having a hierarchy in how we approach diplomacy, for wanting to start WA discussions again, for saying we should resume holding events on and with gameside, for branching out to more culture events, etc. Not all are based solely upon the problem you describe, but all share the same undertone of focusing ourselves on domestic matters which is directly linked to that.

I know of the current state of the unity of our region (to me “team” refers to as the Government-Magisterium-Conclave parts of the region due to your recent workshop proposal) and I do want for it to be reinforced. But just like Zuk’s argument about giving newcomers a reason for staying in TEP, we need to give our people a reason to interact in the main server. Some of them joining the Government down the road is a slim hope we should have, anything else would be hubris on our part.

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Hello Altys!! I’ve given a quick read to your campaign (I’ll read it fully when I’m able to) but one important question arises in my mind, one that I see you’ve spoken a bit around in your other conversations here but that you haven’t treated specifically on your campaign text. What will be your approach to both our RPs and RP communities? Your power wouldn’t reach those realms, but I’d like to know if there’s any cooperation plans you have in mind with them and how would communications with them work under your delegacy. Thanks for the time and good luck with what is left!!

Hi Sammy!

I haven’t touched on the subject a lot because I don’t think I need to in such a direct manner. I do want for the Executive to be closer to those communities yes, but this comes through ways first aimed at the betterment of the Government and the community as a whole. I’ve said it above: to me the top priority is just getting peeps to know each others and this goes through the Government being on the main server and many culture events. I’ve also spoken a bit about how news/media could get roleplayers to talk about their worlds, so there’s also that on the table for grassroot improvements!

So yeah I don’t have any grand plan in that sector.

As for communications I’ll either renew the current system or ask the current people in Government (because they won’t change right after the election) how to do. Some people are definitely better with this than me.

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What are your plans for the WA Ministry, if you have any at all? How will you work with the minister to promote WA activity within The East Pacific?