Embassy of Assowolf


Federal Republic of Assowolf
The Federal Republic of Assowolf is a unitary parliamentary republic located in Acturia, neighboring Lokania and Calthrusian Acturia. Its Gross Domestic Product is currently $200 billion and has a population of 15 million. Formerly a colony/protectorate of the Xagrurgian Republic, it gained independence from Xagrurg but kept friendly ties with each other. The man who led the independence movement was called Johannes Nixberg, was also the first Chancellor of the fledgling nation. It has several large diamond and silver mines, resulting in a reasonably wealthy nation until the 1930’s when the Great Depression crashed its markets. It switched over to a post-industrial economy by the 1970’s and fought alongside the Morstablyisan Empire and Xagrurg in the Auroran Imperial War and was supported by Xagrurg in its civil conflict in the 1990’s against Islamic terrorists. However, relations were strained when Xagrurg went through a military coup and became involved in the Aurora-Pacific War, in which Assowolf remained neutral in. However, after the first democratic elections in Xagrurg after the APW, diplomatic relations were resumed with a mutual embassy exchange, nonaggression pact, and free trade agreement, albeit warily.
Capital City: Port Kharough
Gross Domestic Product: $200 Billion
Currency: Assowolfian Sterling
Major Beliefs: Roman Cathoclism (46%), Agnoticism (28%), Other
Chancellor: Theodora Quhencia
You May Request For:
-Diplomatic Recogntion
-Embassy Exchange
-Nonagression Pact
-Defensive/Military Alliance
-Visa Plan
-Trade Agreement (I.E something for something)
-Other (Please Specify)


Dear whom it may concern,

The United Kingdom of Great Morstaybishlia and Justelvard recognises Assowolf as a sovereign state.

We wish to grow our relationship by allowing residents of the United Kingdom to visit Assowolf and vise versa using a 45 day Visa Program. In the future, perhaps we can develop this onto a free workers movement. Furthermore, we believe erecting an Embassy building in your country to be the utmost importance for our citizens.

The UK wishes to use Assowolf as a base of operations for its military. We wish to purchase an area of land where we would expand to the extent of which the border would be drawn. Along with our presence in the nation, we could offer regional stability from foreign threats and the like. With our presence in the area, our militarises could cooperate in multiple ways, advancing our current relationships to a prosperous one in which a better society is created.

The United Kingdom wishes to open trade with your country. We can recommend both government owned and private companies. The biggest exports respectively from each of the four countries of the United Kingdom are cited below.

Refined Petroleum
Petroleum gas
Precious metals (Silver)
Luxury automobiles
Agricultural (Foodstuff (Seaweed, hobstiberry)
Beverages (Tea, wine, fruit cider, lagers))
Precious metals
Ice cubes/bottled water
Precious metals
Grain (Amaranth)[/spoiler]
Precious metals (Diamonds)
Palm oil
Fruit (Banana, Mango)
Spice (Vanilla, Jerk Spice)

The UK does produce other products; those listed are the major exports.

The UK requests that Staynish be an optional pathway when choosing a language for studies in secondary and post education. Being an extremely popular language taught, studied and spoken across multiple forums around the globe; we wish that we can allow more people to understand each other from language isolationism when abroad and in regions of higher Staynish speaking peoples.


Parliament of the United Kingdom and its respective administrations,

Walter Johannes
Prime Minister

Serving under His Majesty,

Lambertus VII


Official Communication of the Federal Republic of Assowolf
To: Prime Minister Walter Johannes
From: Chancellor Theodora Quhencia

The Assowolfian Parliament approves of the embassy exchange between Assowolf and the United Kingdom of Great Morstaybishlia and Justelvard and the visa program. We also thank you for our diplomatic recognition as a sovereign state. We also grant permission of the lease of land to the U.K. to construct a military base on Assowolfian soil, which can be discussed in depth further. We also have allowed the opening of trade between Assowolf and the U.K., of which can be also discussed further. As for Staynish becoming an optional language in secondary and post-secondary schooling, we have also granted permission for this as well. We hope that this will lead to greater relations between our two great nations.

A communique from the United Kingdom of Kuthernburg & Altaesia to the Federal Republic of Assowolf:


To whom it may concern


The United Kingdom of Kuthernburg & Altaesia would like to officially welcome you to the international stage and recognizes Assowolf as a sovereign country.

We will first like to start a 90 day visa program with Assowolf, and we wish to have a embassy built in your country and in return you build one in ours.

We will like to invest in the Assowolf economy, starting with kAE who would like to build there Acturia headquarters in main factories in Assowolf. Next we will like to further invest into the infrastructure and local corporations in the country.

We would like to have a Free Trade agreement with Assowolf, Kuthernburg main industries are Machinery, machine tools, metals and metal manufactures, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, automobiles, textiles and apparel (including footwear), food and beverages. Our main Exports items are Machinery, motor vehicles, chemicals, ships, foodstuffs, electronic devices, pharmaceuticals and medicines, other consumer goods.

We would like to rent land along the coast to build a Naval/Airforce station, with this we request to have joint military cooperation’s with Assowolf.

Lastly we would like to open up a joint medical research operations with Assowolf with the hope to find new medical cure.

We cant wait for a reply and wish to hear from you soon!!

Royal President
Rico Luaz


Dear whom it may concern,

We wish the base to inhabit an area on the coast, capable of housing ten thousand troops, a fully functional airbase with hangars and a port capable of housing up to twenty naval vessels.


Parliament of the United Kingdom and its respective administrations,

Walter Johannes
Prime Minister

Serving under His Majesty,

Lambertus VII

To: Royal President Rico Luaz
From: Chancellor Theodora Quhencia
Your request for a visa program is granted along with the embassy exchange and the free trade agreement. For the rent of the land for the military base, it will cost $5,000.
To: Walter Johannes, Prime Minister
From: Chancellor Theodora Quhencia
Your permission to construct your naval base is granted, but the terms for the lease is that the U.K. must pay $5,000 every year to the Assowolfian Government. Is this alright?


Dear whom it may concern,

We can agree on the terms.


Parliament of the United Kingdom and its respective administrations,

Walter Johannes
Prime Minister

Serving under His Majesty,

Lambertus VII

To whoever it may concern,

The Federal Republic of Adumara would be most pleased if the Federal Republic of Assowolf would consider our following requests:

  • Free Trade Agreement
  • Non-Aggression Pact
  • Exchange of Embassies
  • Exchange of Diplomatic Recognition

We thank you for your time.
Audin Raphael,
FRA Minister of Foreign Affairs


Official Communication of the Federal Republic of Assowolf
To: Audin Raphael,
FRA Minister of Foreign Affairs
From: Chancellor Theodora Quhencia
The Assowolfian Parliament has approved all of your requests.


Dear whom it may concern,

We recognise Assowolf as a sovereign state (c. 1978).
Being immediate neighbours and having a long, warm past, we wish to open trade once again with Assowolf.
We humbly request an embassy exchange, and wish to come to an agreement in trade.
It’s in Lokania’s best interests to establish a Non-Aggression Pact and further our ties with military cooperation, and a potential alliance.
Lastly, we see in the best interests of our countries to open our borders. As our cultures as already very mixed, we hope this will allow for the even distribution of peoples seeking skilled and unskilled jobs, and prevent the lack of said people in said field in said country.

Yours sincerely,

Arngrímur Sigurdarson
Lieutenant Governor


To: Arngrímur Sigurdarson, Lieutenant Governor
From: Theodora Quhencia, Chancellor
Wthe Assowolfian Senate approve of your embassy exchange, nonaggression pact, and joint-military cooperation. For this trade agreement and potential alliance, we can discuss this further. Your request for open borders is also granted.

please respond here: http://forum.theeastpacific.com/topic/7011865/1/

Official Message From Santa Clause To Assowolf

Ho Ho Ho Ho! Greetings to the UK,

On Behalf of myself and my happy elves stationed in the North Pole i have came to deliver my Christmas presents!

To:Theodora Quhencia, Chancellor , the time has come and you have been a okay person for the year regardless, it seems your loved by all! But most importantly your loved by your beautiful family, these gifts are from your extended family in Kuthernburg.

  • 1 Limited Edition Bugatti Veyron by Magnolia Bustask ( From: Princess Ebrill Edris Truden, Duchess of Carvania and Nacata)
  • 2 White and Wheat Timberland boots with 24 Carat Gold Shoe Strings
  • 1 Custom Ferrari (From: Crown Princess Aderyn Truden, Duchess of Latianburg)
  • 1 Super Yachts (From: Prince Cadwallen Mathias Truden, Duke of Altaesia)

Enjoy your Christmas and be blessed and full of jolly!!

To: My Extended Family in Kuthernburg
From: Chancellor Theodora Quhencia
To all of you who have gifted me these items, I am very gracious for them but I cannot accept them due to laws concerning bribery and similar matters. However, I appreciate the gesture. I can, however, donate the items to the common people of Assowolf, hoping they will enjoy my gifts. I hope all of you won’t take offense to this.

Email From World Trade Center Luthernburg

Invitation To The First Annual World Trade & Environmental Advancement Meetings.


I am sending you a invitation to join us in Luthernburg, at the World Trade Center. We hope to have you for talks at our first annual meeting, the topics range from Economical policies, Trade, Environmental agreements and world events. Some goals we have set at the meeting is to have the first International Environmental Betterment agreements and Agreements on Climate, it is a proven fact when our environments do better our Economy, Daily Lives, overall health and amount drinking water available. We also want to create the first International Trade Organization to increase trade cooperation, this will in return increase exports and imports as well as bring increased prosperity for each nation.

We hope that you take this into consideration and join us, your accommodations have already been compensated and you can stay in one of four 5 Star hotels around Luthernburg.

-Sublime Dawn Resort & Spa (2390 E Berrington Ave)

-Marina Park Resort (620 W Lake Shore Blvd)
-Oriental Canyon Resort (9010 S Nature Ave, Tedowa Natural Park & Canyon , Luthernburg)

-Double Meadows Resort (3100 W Victoria Blvd)

-Mirage Resort ( 3180 W Victoria Blvd)

There will be a state dinner hosted and the option to partake in a War Games at Boiling Field Joint Commander Center.

Jeff Walton, Director Of World Trade Building

To: Whomever this may concern
From: Chancellor Theodora Quhencia
I would be glad to attend to your conference and we will be participating in the war games. I will be staying at the Mirage Resort ( 3180 W Victoria Blvd).

A communique from the The Emirates Of Latianburg to Assowolf:

To: Foreign Affairs Ministers


The Commonwealth Of The Emirates Of Latianburg would like to request the following:


[li] Embassy’s Exchange


[li]Military development

[li]Cultural relations

[li]Intelligence exchange

[li]90 day Visa Exchange

[li]Student Exchange

[li] Joint Scientific Projects

[li] Non-Agression Pact

[li] Diplomatic Recognition


Cant wait to hear your reply!!

Prime Minister & Vice President
Alexander Harrison

To: Prime Minister & Vice President Alexander Harrison
From: Chancellor Theodora Quhencia
The Assowolfian Parliament has presided over your requests and has ruled that we will agree to all of them except the matters concerning intelligence exchanges as we do not feel comfortable sharing information critical to Assowolfian national security as of yet at this point of our relationship and the matter of “military development” is extremely vague and must be clarified further.

From the Foreign Ministry’s Office of The Republic of Tivot

Greetings from The Republic of Tivot!

We as a nation would like to request the following:

[li]Embassy Exchange
[li]Non-Aggression Pact
[li]Diplomatic Recognition
[li]Free Trade Agreement
[li]45-Day Visa Program[/li][/ul]

We understand if any of these requests are denied, and hope that our two nations may cooperate more closely in the future!

Humbly yours,
Ivan Trikolovich
Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Republic of Tivot