Foreign Office of the League of Novaris
Foreign Office of the League of Novaris
The League of Novaris, also known as the LN, is an intergovernmental organization of the nations of Novaris. It was founded in June of 2017 as a result of the Auroran-Pacific War, due to increased cooperation between Tretrid, Kuthernburg, and Nacata during the conflict. The League’s mission statement is to promote peace and cooperation between the nations of Novaris.

The current Secretary-General of the League of Novaris is Æthelwine Heardson, and the current Deputy Secretary-General of the League is Adira Mar Arroyo.

There are three tiers of participation within the League of Novaris, each with different requirements:

Must be able to handle its own foreign affairs.
Must have a sufficient geopolitical interest in Novaris.
Must have application approved by simple majority of the Novaran Council.
All of the requirements of observership, as well as…
Must be located on Novaris, control a dependent territory on Novaris, or be in close proximity to Novaris.
All of the requirements of association, as well as…
Must be fully sovereign, and cannot be a province, dependent territory, protectorate, or colony of another state.
Cannot be a government-in-exile.

The core deliberative assembly of the League of Novaris, the Novaran Council, receives representatives from all observers, associates, and members, and all representatives are welcome to participate in the deliberative process. However, only representatives from Member-States are allowed to vote.

The League of Novaris, other than the Secretariat (the administrative apparatus that keeps the system running) and the Novaran Council, also consists of several sub-organizations. Participation in these sub-organizations is limited to Associates and Members, and it is through these organizations that the various benefits of participation in the League of Novaris are made manifest.

This foreign office is intended to receive communiques from sovereign governments, and will also be used to make various announcements, especially of resolutions of the Novaran Council.


Älemsi Negdel

Confederated Provinces of Aponivia

Crowned Republic of Antora

Confederated Northern Trade League

Kingdom of Cryria

Miner’s Republic of Durakia

Socialist Federal Republic of Ekvatora

Federation of Endertopias

Kingdom of Gamlevinland

Holy Peasants’ Republic of Gräntierik

Queendom of Iboma

Kingdom of Kuthernburg

Most Serene Republic of Lapinumbia

Holy Empire of Lunaeria

Secular Republic of Meagharia

Royal Protectorate of Nacata

People of the Peaceful Friendship

Sarvian Federative Socialist Worker’s Republic

Federal Republic of Seccera

Great Imperial Confederation of Taiyō

Crown Domain of Transnalpia

Kingdom of Tretrid

Grand-Duchy of Varletia

Vesienvällic Worker’s State

Volscine Empire


Asendavian Empire

Grand Duchy of Dvalheim

United Kingdom of Great Morstaybishlia and Justelvard

Kingdom of Tavaris


Official Statement by the Secretary-General of the League of Novaris

The League of Novaris has recently voted 8/0/4 to CONDEMN the recent actions of the Confederated State of Rodenia. The League of Novaris has also voted to apply the following sanctions:

  • No goods or services may be exchanged between the Confederated State of Rodenia and any Member State of the League.

  • Individuals and organizations from a Member State of the League are forbidden from carrying out business in the Confederated State of Rodenia, and individuals and organizations from Rodenia are forbidden from carrying out business in a Member State of the League.

We believe that such drastic actions are required to preserve international peace and such blatant aggression cannot stand unanswered. We also encourage our observer nations to follow our lead in these actions.

Æthelwine Heardson


Official Application for Membership of the League of Novaris

Nation in Question: The Empire of Arkalarius
National Statistics:
• Gross GDP: ~2,415,565,000,000
• GDP Per Capita: ~23,500
• Population: ~102,790,000
National Information:
• Head of State: Empress Ilse Erika von Freyaelv
• Chancellor: Ludwig Noske
• Form of Government: Semi-Constitutional Senatorial Electoral Monarchy

Written Application: In the years since the Arkian civil war (2002-2005), our nation has experienced immense economic and national recovery from the events that left the Arkian peninsula a war-torn battlefield. And now, 15 years later, we apply to join the League of Novaris, as we seek to take our place in this organization, which is majorly led by our old friends in the Kingdom of Tretrid. As a nation, we pledge to serve the LN’s interests both economically and diplomatically, and we only seek to bring further peace and prosperity to Novaris and the world as a whole. To all of the wonderful countries already a part of this organization, we thank you for entertaining our application.

Signed, Ludwig Noske
Chancellor and Head of the Reichssenat
Empire of Arkalarius

Official Transmission from the League of Novaris

Dear Mr. Noske:

The League has vote 5/2/5 to APPROVE the application of the Arkian Empire to join the League.

We hope this will lead to better cooperation between the Arkian empire and the other nations of Novaris.

Æthelwine Heardson
League of Novaris


Dear Mr. Æthelwine:

Transnalpia, one of Tretrid’s dominions, has decided to apply for observer status in the League.

Due to Transnalpia’s dominion status, it does not have autonomy over its foreign affairs, which is why this message is being sent from Tretrid.

Transnalpia will not be applying for full membership due to concerns within the League that it would lead to Tretrid having excessive power in the League.

Prime Minister
Kingdom of Tretrid

Official Transmission from the League of Novaris

Dear Mr. Eoforwine:

The League has vote 5/2/4 to give Transnalpia observer status in the League.

We would recommend that Transnalpia start sending an ambassador to represent Transnalpia to the League, preferably independently from Tretrid.

ᚫᚦᛖᛚᚹᛁᚾᛖ ᚻᛖᚪᚱᛞᛋᚩᚾ
Æthelwine Heardson
League of Novaris

Dear Mr. Æthelwine:

Following their recent unjustified invasionvand their continued mistreatment of their people, the Miner’s Republic of Durakia formally requests the League of Novaris issue a condemnation of the Martovist Federation of Vakarastan.

I wish you all the best,

Horis Adley,
Leader of the Durakan Government

Official Statement by the Secretary-General of the League of Novaris

The League of Novaris has recently voted 13/0/1 to CONDEMN the Martovist Federation of Vakarastan and their unjustified aggression against their neighbors.

ᚫᚦᛖᛚᚹᛁᚾᛖ ᚻᛖᚪᚱᛞᛋᚩᚾ
Æthelwine Heardson

18 August 2020

To the Secretariat of the League of Novaris:

I hope this communication finds you well. I reach out to you today in the name and under the authority of His Majesty King Mital II to apply for Acronian membership in the League of Novaris.

Acronis has been a part of Novaris for 400 years. We have a long and proud tradition of relations with the various member-states of the League, and it is our sincere hope that we will be able to foster a new and stronger relationship as part of this esteemed body. Today, Capital News Service - News from Acronis - The East Pacific - Tapatalk, the Rodoka Act (2020) took effect, meaning that Rodoka has been incorporated as a province of the Acronian Empire. Under our law, Rodoka is no longer a dependency or territory of the Empire - it is the Empire, in just the same way that King’s Island or the city of Dravai are.

We understand that there may be some concerns regarding Acronian eligibility for membership, most notably the following sections of the LN Charter:

 1.1.1. The State must be located on the Continent of Novaris, or be in close proximity.

 1.1.2. The State cannot be a province, dependent territory, protectorate, or colony of another State, and must maintain complete sovereignty over its government.

Our answer to these points is simple. The Acronian Empire is applying for membership in the League of Novaris. In regard to section 1.1.2, the Acronian Empire is not “a province, dependent territory, protectorate, or colony of another State.” The Acronian Empire is an independent and sovereign nation that exists across two continents: Novaris and Gondwana. The Novari components of the Empire are just as fundamental and integral to the Acronian state as the Gondwanan components, and vice versa.

While it is our hope that we be accepted into the League as a member-state, we respect the internal deliberations of the League and understand that the League and the League alone is the arbiter of who can or cannot join. We have made our case for a vote in favor in this letter. We now gladly place the question in your hands and will honor and respect whatever decision the League decides to make. In the event of a denied application for membership, we would seek to have the status of Observer instead.

Please let me know if my office can be of any assistance to you in regard to this or any other matter.

Most Sincerely,

Atra Lanaš Metravar
Minister of External Affairs
The Acronian Empire

Official Transmission from the League of Novaris

Dear Mr. Metravar:

The Novaran Council has voted 0-11 (with 3 abstentions) to deny Acronis’s application to become a Member-State. However, the Council has voted 6-3 (with 5 abstentions) to give Acronis observer status within the League.

Acronis may now opt to send a representative to the council to represent Acronian interests.

We hope that this may lead to a future of Novaran cooperation.

ᚫᚦᛖᛚᚹᛁᚾᛖ ᚻᛖᚪᚱᛞᛋᚩᚾ
Æthelwine Heardson
League of Novaris

28 November 2020

To the Secretariat of the League of Novaris:

In the interests of furthering our relations with our neighbors on the Novaran continent, and hopefully in building bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood amongst all of our peoples, the Vesienvällic Worker’s State hereby applies for membership in the League of Novaris.

Warm Regards,
Armas Kallilo
Minister of Foreign Relations

December 1, 2020

Official Dispatch from the Kingdom of Cryria

To the Office of the Secretary-General and all others concerned,

In the interests of promoting common ties and development with our neighbors on the continent, and in recognition of our longstanding geographic and political membership within the wider Novaran community, the Kingdom of Cryria hereby formally requests accession to member status within the League of Novaris.

With appreciation,
Ulrika Leidensen
Queen of Cryria etc. etc.

November 28, 2020

Official Transmission from the League of Novaris

Dear Mr. Kallilo:

The Novaran Council has voted 7-4 (with 2 abstentions) to accept the Vesienväl’s application to become a Member-State.

We hope that this may act as a basis for further cooperation with the other members of the Novaran community.

ᚫᚦᛖᛚᚹᛁᚾᛖ ᚻᛖᚪᚱᛞᛋᚩᚾ
Æthelwine Heardson
League of Novaris

Official Dispatch from the Republic of Schlesia

To the office of the Secretary-General,

Our humble greetings to the beneficent members of the League of Novaris. As our nation has recently obtained independence from the Kingdom of Tretrid, the very state which is now helping us to rebuild our economy, we have decided to seek admittance to the League of Novaris, in order to cement ourselves as one of the beacons of democracy and freedom in the world.

On behalf of Acting President George Gray and the Schlesian Bundesregierung, we request permission to join the League. This decision has been unanimously agreed upon by both houses of the Schlesian legislature, and was submitted by the Acting President. Hopefully, as a member of the League, we shall be able to go forward with our upcoming elections without needing to worry about any outside threats.

Erika Voss,
Bundesminister des Auswärtigen,
Schleschen Auswärtiges Amt,
Bundesrepublik Schleschreich

Sent from my TI-84 Plus CE using Tapatalk

From the Office of Foreign Secretary of The Republic of Tivot

Greetings from the Republic of Tivot!

Acknowledging the growing influence of Novaris on the world stage, I have been instructed by our Chief Executive to pursue closer relations with Novaran nations! As such, I would like to formally request a discussion on special economic relations between Tivot and the League of Novaris.

Please feel free to reach back for any questions or comments, I will reply as promplty as I am able!

Best Regards,

Ivan Trikolovich
Foreign Secretary
The Republic of Tivot

Gransmer Foreign Affairs Ministry

Dear Representitive of the League of Novais,

Greetings, I hope all is well amongst the League despite the recent sources of tension in the region. While we have mpstly elected to keep to ourselves during the exsistance of the Holy Peasents’ Republic, we now believe our best course of action is to embrace the regional unity the LN attempts to foster as we undergo a process of adaptation to modernity.

It would not be in good conscious fir us to not at least give mention to our historical disputes with the Federal Republic of Veria, however we hope that through the LN we can reconcile these issues with our southern neighbor.

May Ademar look up you all kindly,

Willzhon Paul Freidavoder,
Minister of Novari Foreign Affairs of the Holy Peasents’ Republic of Gransrik



To whom it may concern,
To the Office of the Secretary-General, held by Æthelwine Heardson,
Whereby to the Office of the Deputy Secretary-General, held by Isis Gay,

the above-named Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as of now administred by the Grand-Duchy of Varleuteiche, is glad to, on this day of February 15th 2021, after an unanimous and collegial decision, officially apply for membership inside the hereby international organisation under the name of “League of Novaris”, addressing the details to the aforementioned secretaries in office.

We believe the Grand-Duchy of Varleuteiche has by now validated all the requirements presented by the League of Novaris to integrate the union. There shall not be any contra-indication which would oppose said application as every detail had been washed under thorough examinations. Our duty as appliants is to assure the League of Novaris of our intent and will to keep Varleuteiche as a durable and loyal member. Maintaining our promises to the organisation must, first and foremost, be our everlasting goal.

We acknowledge any doubt from the Office about the Varleuteicher submission would be legitimate, nonetheless we declare ourselves grateful for the time whoever the officer in charge to dismiss our application has taken for us.

Sincerely yours,

Signed, Poleitt Keinomeunn,
Minister of Foreign and External Affairs,
Grand-Duchy of Varleuteiche

With respect to the Bologian government decree of FA/3/01/2 about the international community policy, and after fulfill its requirement needed for validation, the Great Kingdom of Bologia hereby apply for a full membership within the League of Novaris. This final decision is taken by the government and legalized by the Majesty by Royal Decree no. 4474 as the sign of Bologian contribution to regional and global peace and cooperation. The administrative requirement are included on a separate file and its authentification have been verified by the goverment. The Great Kingdom of Bologia hope for an acceptance and full cooperation in the future.

Marcos Maciavello
Minister of Foreign Affairs


To the Secretary-General of the League of Novaris,

Acknowledging the importance of such a intercontinental organization based in Novaris as well as fitting the eligibility requirements outlined in your charter, I, Resurgent Emperor, Akira Zetta, on behalf of the Resurgent Empire of Celannica, apply for membership in the League of Novaris on the basis of ensuring peace amongst the nations of Novaris as well as sharing a equal voice regards internal regional matters. it is with my hope that this will be a start of a brighter future of cooperation and alignment of mutual interests.

Akira Zetta
Resurgent Emperor of Celannica
Resurgent Empire of Celannica

Official Communication of the Queendom of Iboma

Greetings to the League of Novaris,

The Queendom of Iboma and the Miner’s Republic of Durakia have been in extensive negotiations to send a delegation comprised of several nations to Durakia to assess the state and nature of their nuclear program and nuclear defence strategy with a view to appraising their willingness to ensure that peace and stability remain despite their possession of a nuclear deterrent.

Thus, this letter serves as a formal notification of our plans in this regard. We believe that it is necessary to keep the League of Novaris abreast of our negotiations in light of the impact that Durakia’s announcement of the successful development of nuclear warheads might have. We hope that the findings of our report will stymie any animosity or geopolitical brinkmanship that may arise from Durakia’s announcement. Encouraged, by the League’s pursuit of peace on Urth, we also seek the League’s blessing and cooperation with the team compiling this report. We state that we are acting in good faith, and that this report will be completely neutral and impartial.

To keep the inspection team as diverse and as independent as possible, Iboma and Durakia have agreed to invite the following nations to send representatives to the inspection team:

  • Kingdom of Cryria

  • The Most Serene Republic of Lapinumbia

  • Royal Protectorate of Nacata

  • Republic of Veria

  • Vesienvällic Worker’s State

The terms of reference of the report are as follows:

Determining the type, amount and force-yield of the nuclear warheads.

  • Determining the type of delivery mechanisms used by Durakia

  • Determining the strategic focus of Durakia’s nuclear strategy

  • Determining the nuclear combat policy of Durakia

  • Determining the environmental impact of testing and development and potential issues that may spread to other nations and relevant mitigating strategies put in place

  • Appraising Durakia’s willingness not to use its nuclear capabilities for unscrupulous negotiating tactics

The itinerary includes meetings with state officials, military officials and research scientists as well as inspections of labs and test sites from 10 to 15 May 2021. We note that Durakia reserves the right not to disclose information that would compromise their national security. And we further emphasize the lengths that Durakia has gone to accommodate this request and trust that the League will receive this matter in the same way.

Warm regards,
Queen Rutendo III of Iboma