I hereby propose that we grant the Order of the Golden Ocelot, the highest order in the region, to Eastern Alksearia:

For their unwavering commitment to the sovereignty and neutrality of The East Pacific as Delegate and Foreign Affairs Councilor, their tireless efforts to protect community stability and legal continuance as Arbiter and Viceroy, their revival and rebranding of the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army as Overseeing Officer, their contributions to the Magisterium as an active Provost and the author of ten major legislative proposals, their dedication to regional security as one of our trusted Viziers, and their national storytelling prowess as a member of the Urth roleplay community, where the death of King Eldras VI shocked the international community, the Church of Xathos attracts a following as one of the unique religions of Urth, and their nations of Alksearia, Balistria, and Gamlevinland serve as prominent actors in the world stage.


Edited to pay tribute to their time as Magister, Provost, and Vizier as well.

I’ll wait for when I have time to make further comments and suggestions, but definitely I see nothing wrong with that

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Update: Aiv has now summarised most to all I can think of. If something else comes to mind I’ll make sure to tell

I have learned since I joined TEP in November of the many things that Shadow has done for and in our region, and it’s nice to see them summarized here. I think Shadow sounds more than deserving of this award.


I move this to a vote

I second this