[NOMINATIONS] February 2024 Delegate Elections

Delegate Nominations are now open for February 2024. Read the below for instructions on how to proceed.

  1. In order to be Delegate, you must be a Citizen (as verified by this list).
  2. You can nominate yourself or a fellow Residents. Only Residents can make a nomination or seconds to such.
  3. Self-Nominations require a second.
  4. You can ACCEPT or DECLINE your nominations.
    4.a. If you do not accept or decline your nomination, or you do not receive a second by the close of nomination, your nomination is null and void.
  5. When your Nomination has been found to be valid (i.e. the Nomination is found here), you may open your Campaign post in the Delegate Elections subforum. Only one Campaign per nominee.
  6. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU ALLOWED TO CAMPAIGN ANYWHERE EXCEPT THE DELEGATE ELECTIONS SUBFORUM AND THE DELEGATE ELECTIONS CHANNEL IN DISCORD. Breaking of this rule shall result of a warning on your first offense. On your second offense, a removal of your vote for this and the next Delegate Elections shall be performed. Any further offenses will remove your ability to vote AND be an election candidate.

The nominations will be open for exactly 1 week, ending on February 8, 2024 8:24 PM UTC

I nominate Merlovich and Pax (for Dictator)

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I nominate myself

I second Merlovich, Pax, and EvanRikuta

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Nah I’m ok chief

I third the nominations given.

I nominate myself for Delegate as well.

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I second Shadow’s nomination, but angrily remind them that thirds are superfluous.

I fourth Merlo’s nomination, third Shadow’s, and would like to politely ask @Dylan to reconsider as I renominate him :rofl:

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I nominate Soramra and Eidelund.

I nominate Merlo

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I nominate Myehn

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Can you read


Okay. Now accept the nomination


I love bullying. It always works.


transaction denied

I sixth Merlovich

Glory to Australian (or New Zealandian) Provincial Government of TEP

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I seventh Merlovich

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