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Date: 10th December 2022

Breaking News: Norgsveltian made submarine becomes an UCA favorite.

The Norgsveltian made Havfrue-class submarine has reached headlines in several allied countries after it became known that several members of the UCA have decided to modernize their submarine fleet by ordering the Havfrue submarine. With it being equipped with lithium-ion batteries making it able to stay submerged for longer and at higher speeds compared to other conventional diesel-electric submarines. Which has made it a mainstay in both the Norgsveltian and Côtois navies.

After meeting in Nuvrenon held yesterday between the minister of foreign affairs, Bjørn Varg and the Tavari prime minister, Zaris Nevran Alandar, it was agreed that the Royal Tavari Armed Forces will be ordering 6 Havfrue-class submarines. When asked to comment about the meeting Bjørn Varg stated that “Tavaris is a crucial ally and partner for Norgsveldet, in which they serve as an important member for the UCA and for security and stability in West Gondwana”. Varg is said to be visiting New Leganes next for a meeting with Areuina Karnéias in which it is rumored that the Cukish also have been looking towards modernizing their submarine fleet.

The minister of defense, Ive Ervenlen, has stated in a press conference that the navy is also ordering the submarine type with 10 of them being placed as an order from the arms company Ragsberg. Having stated the order is to replace the last 10 Havdjevel class submarines still being operated by the navy. Once the submarines have been delivered, the entire navy diesel-electric submarines will be of the Havfrue type. Some defense experts even suggested decommissioning some of the nuclear submarines being operated by the Norgsveltian navy in favor of a larger submarine fleet made up of the new submarine class. With it being recently discovered that Tavaris is rich in lithium reserves that the batteries of the future submarines will be powered by batteries whose lithium has been mined in Tavaris.

A Havfrue Class submarine stationed in Vakrestrender

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Date: 22nd December 2022

Breaking News: A year with the Royal Family

In a special interview hosted by Jørgen Bjørn of Vakrestrender, we will be talking with His Majesty about all the events and activities that the Royal Family was involved in during 2022. As such we hope everyone at home will enjoy this!

Camera shows clip of the king waving to the camera before fixing his tie, then showing clip of Jørgen Bjørn opening the door to the king’s office much to the surprise of the king

Olav: “Jørgen! What are you doing here? The interview is about to start.”

Jørgen: “Ah, I was around and decided to pop in for a quick chat.”

Olav: “Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt, though it can’t be too long, since well.” gestures to cameras behind Jørgen

Jørgen: “Well it has been a little while indeed. Seems as if you grew more as a person.” Jørgen’s eyes flicker down to Olav’s stomach then back at the king.

Olav: “Oh hush it.” He rolls his eyes but lightly chuckles

Jørgen: “Quite a busy year for the royal family. So many things happened this year, if you had to decide. Which one do you think caused the most gray hairs?”

Olav: He chuckles “I see you’re the one asking the questions, well, it has to be the constitutional crisis. Happened while I was on vacation as well.” He shook his head in amusement

Jørgen: “I do suppose that caused quite a stir indeed.”
Cut to Olav giving the speech in Vakrestrender

Jørgen: “Well, now you say it, I do see a few small gray hairs.” He gives a smile. “What would you suppose was your highlight of the year? Besides visiting Vakrestrender of course.”

Olav: Thinks about it for a moment before a small smile formed on his lips “While my wife’s birthday celebration in Vakrestrender was a big one, I think I have to say the Royal Tour she and I had was a big one. Experiencing all the different cultures of the Crown Realm, and seeing what makes all of them unique is perhaps the most important highlight I’ve had.”

Montage of various clips from Olav spending time in nations from around the Crown Realm.

Jørgen: “So many countries, so much time spent overseas. It feels good to be back home right?”

Olav: “Home is where the family is afterall, though not as many of my children are at home anymore.” King shook his head in amusement

The sounds of a door opening are heard, as well as tiny footsteps being heard. Ny’Kandenor running into view. All while Jørgen simply stares and smiles at Olav. Few moments later, Wilhelmina runs in chasing the tiny kemonomimi around the office trying to get a hold of the child with a distressed look on her face. Meanwhile Ny’Kandenor is smiling ear, dodging and weaving Wilhelmina. Finally the Queen was able to grab onto the child, lifting her up and giving a small sorry to the pair with Ny’Kandenor trying to wiggle out of her gasp.

Jørgen: “Most but not all.” The elf gives a charming smile.

Olav gives a hearty laugh as he stands up and pats Ny’Kandenor rubbing the little kemonomimi’s ears before giving his wife a kiss on forehead. Whispering something into the Ny’Kandenor’s ears which made the little kemonomimi nodded her head excitedly and stopped wiggling. Giving an excited wave to the camera crew before Wilhelmina carries her out.

Olav: Sat down again still chuckling “Sorry about that, she is a little trouble maker.”

Jørgen: Gives a chuckle of his own. “Oh, I am more than aware. She ruined a suit or two, hasn’t she?” He looks at the child with a playful look as the prisoner is escorted away.

Olav: “She Indeed has, she reminds me of Ingrid when she was at her age.”

Picture of pre-transition Jørgen carrying Alexandra and Ingrid when the two kemonomimi children when they were nine and ten.

Jørgen: “I don’t quite remember Ingrid being so troublesome towards me.”

Olav: “That’s because you made them direct it at me.” He says with a small smirk

Jørgen: "Allegedly directed them towards you.” He says with a innocent expression “Speaking of Ingrid, her coronation in Nystatiszna was one to remember was it not?”

Olav: The king sighed at that but smiled non the less “Certainly was one way to start 2022 at atleast! Hardly finished celebrating the renewal year before she got crowned as Matriarch there.”

Footage of her coronation was played, as well some behind the scenes footage recorded by Jørgen himself during the event.

Jørgen: “Well I certainly hoped she packed a good coat with her when she left the nest.” He gives a smile.

Olav: Chuckled “She certainly will need it.”

Jørgen: “Speaking of coronations, there was a second coronation this year as well. Queen Astrid of Helslandr.”

Footage plays of Astrid’s coronation.

Olav: “Seems like becoming a trend among my family that someone is going out to find thrones to fill. Though I am happy for my little sister, I think Helslandr got a great queen to lead them.”

Jørgen: “Your family taking over the thrones, should I be worried for mine?” He gives a chuckle.

Olav: Chuckled “You’re already our Royal Protector for Vakrestrender, so nothing to fear there.”

Jørgen: “Ah, thank the spirits then. Though I suspect Ny’Kandenor would make a great Jarl of Vakrestrender.”

A social media post of Ny’Kandenor being dressed up in one of Jørgen’s suits.

Jørgen: “Alexandra became the High Jarl of the Federation of Tax Collectors." He gives a laugh before quickly stopping to look at the camera with a serious expression. “To the people of the Federation, that was a joke. Please don’t tax my suits again when I come to visit.”

Olav: Chuckles “Not sure that will work, they don’t have any mercy boy.”

Jørgen: Sigh “No, no they don’t. Alexandra has a lot of paperwork in her future.”

Olav: “Indeed she does, though I think she be a good High Jarl. Haven’t gotten any complains from Pierre at least!”

Jørgen: “Speaking of which.” He pulls out several pieces of paper out of his suit’s jacket. “I have a series of complaints from the royal family about the tax service in the Federation. Let’s play a little game, if you don’t mind. I’m going to read off some quotes and you have to guess the king or queen that made them.”

Olav: “Certainly new and didn’t expect that but sure, let’s go.” He clapped his hands together and chuckled

Jørgen: Giving a smirk. “You could give a man a fish and he would eat for a day. You teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Have that man start a company and he be back on the streets asking for fish. Which monarch said that?”

Olav: Ponders for a few seconds before speaking up “Magrete I?”

Jørgen: “Correct! Next one is… You could give them a coat, and they would charge you a sales tax on it.” He looks up at Olav. “I have a bet with Wilhemina that you would not get this one.”

Olav: “Gustaf III.”

Jørgen: Look of disappointment appears on his face. “You are a hundred percent correct.” He claps his hands. “Now this next one, you can probably figure it out quickly.” He gives a smirk “We had to really dig for this one. ‘Federal Tax Service is less of a tax service and more a pack of wolves. They even growl if you deny them.’ Which monarch said that?”

Olav: “Ah, one of his less angrier complaints. It’s Harald III, my father.”

Jørgen: “Would it surprise you that was the only quote from him about the FTS that was appropriate for television?”

Olav: Laugh warmly at that “It would not.”

Jørgen: “Truly a wonderful and friendly tax service they have.” He claps his hands. “So a besides hiding from the tax service, how would you describe your visit to the Federation?”

Olav: "Oh, I loved it! Though I do wish I could have spent more time there to see every corner of it. Unfortunate part of diplomatic and Royal visits is one mainly gets to just see the capital or the largest cities.” He said shaking his head “At some point I might be lucky enough to see every province there, from largest to the smallest.”

Jørgen: “Truly is a shame, I spent time in the Federation. Mostly in C.D, which reminds me. I believe we have a few photos of you during your visit there.”

Cut to a photoshopped image of Olav hiding under a desk with Federal Tax Service officials looking for him. Causing the king to give a hearty laugh including some laughter from behind the camera

Jørgen: “Now let’s change the topic before they start writing me letters again. I have a question, one that has been given to me by several prime ministers, former and current. Who in the Crown Realm makes the best coffee?”

Olav: “That would have to be Eyjaria’s, as much as I like one here in Norgsveldet and in the Federation, Eyjaria’s just can’t be beat.”

Jørgen: “Ah, I am sure you are going to be causing a riot and a fine for that. Speaking of visiting countries, your wife visited her old stomping grounds in Osjford.”

Olav: “Ah she didn’t she? I remember she told me she ate some Borean Seafood at one of the restaurants in the district there.”

Jørgen: “She did, as well, visited her old family’s apartment and her parent’s bakery.”

Video clip showing Wilhelmina’s mother giving her a hug as she entered the bakery with a wide smile on her face

Olav: Chuckled lightly “She has said she missed her mother’s baking.”

Another clip came up showing the queen spending some time with her mother

Olav: “I think she told me that she was doing it as preparation to check which places to visit on Hel’s Day with our youngest. Though I personally am certain she did it because she missed it there.”

Jørgen: “The tides wash across the ocean, but the waves will always carry us home. Quite a loving pair are they not?”

Olav: Chuckled warmly “They certainly are.”

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Date: 8th January 2023

Breaking News: Backlash against the PWP after leaked speciest comments

Heavy public criticism has been thrown towards the PWP after a leaked recording of Deputy Leader, Ivir Enles, making several speciest comments towards the kemonomimi Akuanist minority at a Renewal Year Party. While there is no knowledge of who filmed the recording, the recording itself was sent on Pigeon this morning with a caption saying: ‘I think mister Enles has had a little too many drinks’.

The video showed Enles slurring on his words as he started speaking: ‘Look I have nothing against kemonomimi, I think Akuanism is a great religion. But ones who live here are so fucking brainwashed like they are in Nystat- Nystatiz the fucking place where they are all from…’

The recording showed a friend of Enles trying to calm him down and telling him to not go on with their comments, but Enles continued on with what they were saying earlier: ‘Look from a purely spiritual and moral level Akuanists here should be voting for us socialists! Instead they vote for the UD, that doesn’t make sense!’

Recording ended with Enles becoming agitated by their friend taking away his vodka bottle and telling him to stop making those comments. In which the agitated Enles saying he was correct before calling members of the Royal Family a speciest slur.

Said comments had led to huge backlash online but also among the general public. With protests in Osfjord calling for the PWP to kick Enles out of their party.

Åsmund Ny’Elsen, the leader of the Akuan wing of the UD, came out on pigeon to speak on the situation. ‘I am incredibly disappointed in Enles and the PWP for tolerating such a culture to foster in the first place. Such hateful comments do not fit a man of his station and we will pray for his heart to turn aways from vile anger.’

Merli Cirivele, leader of PWP, has stated she will talk about the comments with Enles himself in private and states: ’We oppose all kinds of speciesm and we are a party for everyone. These comments stand against everything our party stands for’.

We tried to reach out to Enles for a comment about the comments but none were given. We will update about the situation as new information is given.

Deputy Leader of the People’s Workers Party, Ivir Enles



Date: 21st November 2022

Breaking News: Corrupt Former Prime Minister Sverdrup dating the Jarl of Vakrestrender

The ex-prime minister Johanna Sverdrup has recently caught up in another major controversy when leaked pictures of her being intimate with the Jarl of Vakrestrender was seen on social media. While there have been previous pictures of the two being close, those were disregarded as being typical Akuan customs. With the leaked pictures being of a far more intimate level. This led to a major uproar on social media demanding the end of the relationship, with some being dismayed by the fact that the Jarl was dating anyone.

It is not yet known who leaked the pictures with the source being anonymous. Previously it was thought the Jarl was dating the ex-prime minister’s little sister, Eve Sverdrup. With the pair being seen having a close moment at a mini-golf course in October. Despite our best efforts to reach out for a comment Eve Sverdrup has refused to answer them.

Our reporters also requested the Jarl to comment on the topic. He refused to answer questions and only had this on the matter.
“It is not in the public interest of who I am or am not currently dating, and I would greatly appreciate to have questions not centered on my personal life.”

Similar results have been faced with attempting to get in contact with the disgraced prime minister. Despite the heavy criticism and outrage directed her way especially for the relatively large age gap between the two with Sverdrup being nine years older then the Jarl. Concerns have been raised that the young jarl is breaking his family tradition of only dating and marrying elves. A tradition dating back to the founding of Vakrestrender proper.

Users on social media living in Vakrestrender have made the claim that Valkyr news as well other news agencies operating in Vakrestrender have not reported on the topic. Having to learn the news online or having to use a VPN to visit the Norgsveldet NNN website rather than using the Valkyr NNN website instead.

The NNN office, releasing a statement that the story is in on the NNN website in Vakrestrender and will launch an internal investigation on why the story is not appearing for a small number of users.

The journalist for this story requested to have their name not published on the article.

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Date: 20th January 2023

Breaking News: Large Crown Realm military exercise in Eyjaria

A large Crown Realm led military exercise is being held in Eyjaria has started morning which will last until 10th February. The exercise being the largest ever held among the Crown Realm with over 100k personnel from across the Crown Realm and the participating nations of Kaldrbuth and Atlalandr. With it being mainly focused on naval and air warfare. The exercise being nicknamed the Thunder Response, which is an bi-annual exercise held between Norgsveldet, Eyjaria and the Federation for the defense of Eyjaria in case of a full scale war. This being the first time the exercise has invited so many other nations to participate.

With over 50 submarines being part of the exercise with 5 being nuclear powered submarines coming either from Norgsveldet or the Federation, rest of the submarines coming from a diverse number of nations. 40 frigates were also part of the exercise mainly coming from Norgsveltian, Eyjarian and Federation navies but with a good portion coming from Kaldrbuth, Atlalandr and Tangrland. Destroyers making smaller part of the number with only 19 being a part of the exercise coming mostly from Norgsveldet, Federation and Atlalandr. Several patrol ships were a part of the exercise coming mainly from the Eyjarian Naval Defence. Two carries were a part of the exercise with each coming from Norgsveldet and Federation respectfully. In which Norgsveldet sent the IRN Olav I and the Federation sent the FNS Pépin.

In the air the exercise had almost 1k fighters being a part of the exercise with several hundreds of attack helicopters and helicopters being a part of it. In which the HK 45 was the main fighter jet having become a mainstay in the air forces of Norgsveldet, Federation, Eyjaria and Kaldrbuth. Though the HK 22 was still a large part of it with it still being the main jet for every other participant. On the ground it was mostly dominated by Eyjarian Army and Home Guard which took main role there. Though an army group made up of elite marines was part of the exercise with Norgsveltian and Federation marines being part of it. With the two nations having been well known for the cooperation their two marine forces have.

IRN Olav I during the naval exercise

Picture of an HK-45 taking off from IRN Olav I

But it wasn’t just generals and officers that were participating in the event either, as the military got a surprise visit from His Majesty Olav I, with Princess Joan and Princess Alexandra being part to observe the exercise as well. With the princesses serving as Royal Protectors for Eyjaria and the Federation respectively, as such is observing the militaries of their respective nations as well. Though the king took time to meet the soldiers from every Crown Realm nation, with some soldiers asking to take pictures of him in front of the Aircraft Carrier named after him.

When asked about the king’s and his daughters visit the chiefs of defense that was part of the meeting all agreed it was good to see them participating in the exercise. With Norgsveltian chief of defense Njord Yrkedal, stating: “It was a pleasant surprise seeing the king again, he has always been dutyfull for his role in the military and I know our troops always gets more motivated and happy seeing their monarch being involved in the exercise.”

The Eyjarian Chief of Defense stated similar pleasantries about Princess Joan saying that “Her Highness role as High Jarlnya of Eyjaria has always been respected loved by our military I am certain you couldn’t find anyone in our country who loves the Crown and the Royal Protector as much as our soldiers does.”

The Côtoise Ministry of Defense and Veteran Affairs, Émilien Lefurgey gave a statement about the military exercise as well. “The military exercise is showing a commitment to the defense of the region by all parties involved. The Federation will always stand at the ready for the defense of its neighbors.”

Princess Alexandra, High Jarlnya of the Federation

Date: 30th January 2023

Breaking News: Tangrland gains independence and a new constitution

After his Majesty’s speech in the Tangrian capital of Mærhalen it has officially been established as an independent nation. One which the king and the government also was faced with the dilemma of deciding for the country who shall lead Tangrland. As a result of Tangrland’s unique constitution that was established back in 1925, the Tangrian constitution could only be changed by approval of the Norgsveltian Crown. During the independence talks both the High Maiden of Tangrland, Sigrid X and High Lord Feirleik VI brought up the issue of replacing the old constitution with a new one. But with two wildly different drafts.

Feirleik’s proposal was based around establishing Tangrland as an independent centralized kingdom, in which the High Lord would take the position of king away from the Norgsveltian Crown. According to Feirleik the constitution would give a lot of power to the new king, and give the military more power. Which he argued was needed to deal with Tangrland’s separatist insurgency in the interior and finally get rid of the left wing INLF. Claiming federalism and decentralization would weaken the nation and bring instability. He has been condemned by the clergy for his autocratic positions and his connections to the foreign corporations stationed in Tangrland.

Sigrid’s proposal was on the other hand completely opposite. Which wanted to create an independent but federalist and democratic nation which would still be in the Crown Realm. According to her the constitution would be built around tolerance, federalism and democracy. A process that would be led and protected by the religious clergy which was under her leadership. The diarchy would be replaced with an elected position which would be called Minister-President. She also proclaimed that she will attempt to negotiate with the moderate members of the INLF, a position she has been condemned by the High Lord and nationalists for holding.

It was during his Majesty’s speech that he announced to the world that he and his government had decided that Sigrid’s proposal would be the Tangrian nation’s new constitution. After which the High Maiden held a press conference in which she would ensure her public for what Tangrland will go through under her leadership. Promising a rapid transformation of Tangrland and end of the “oligarchy” within the nation.

With Tangrland’s independence having shrunk the Imperial Realm’s land territory and population by almost 50%, with gdp shrinking by 15,6%. With some experts wondering how much Tangrland’s independence might affect the feeling of independence movement in Vakrestrender. Though it is expected that the Norgsveltian government might try to invest more into Vakrestrender with them and Norgsveldet being the only Crown States in the Imperial Realm.

Sigrid Ariti, Minister-President of Tangrland and High Maiden of the Tangrian Faith

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Date: 23rd February 2023

Breaking News: Deputy Leader of the Fatherland Party Defends Blåskog

Deputy Leader of the Fatherland Party, Rosia Sannadatur, has recently stated her disapproval of an NCEF council vote held recently this week. The vote had an almost unanimous support on jointly condemning Blåskog’s treatment and negligence of minority species and its speciest immigration policies that specifically benefits elves. With the council also agreeing on placing limited joint travel restrictions to make it harder for nationals from Ulvrikia to migrate to Blåskog. In which the NCEF president, Mæra Saradatur, had held a speech proclaiming that: “Our organization stands in support of democracy, equality and the rule of International Law. We in the strongest possible words condemn the Blåskovian government continued treatment of minorities and will limit amount of elven settlers migrating to Blåskog”

While other parties like the PWP, have criticized the vote for not going far enough, it had a different reaction from the FP. With Miss Sannadatur having stated that it treats Blåskog “unfairly” and that the vote is going to hurt “elven and ulvriktru unity”.

She received harsh criticism from other parties with the leader of the Ulvriktru Democrats and current minister of foreign affairs, Bjørn Varg, having stated on Pigeon that: “The vote is a vote in opposition to crimes against sapient kind and speciesm. It is the only morally rightful action that can be taken. Miss Sannadatur’s statements of excusing the hate and the autocratic tendencies of Blåskog, is clearest example of what she’d want to replicate in Nyveldet.”

Miss Sannadatur was quick to respond to the message proclaiming that: “Mister Varg is too busy kissing the asses of the Brewmasters to actually stand up for our Ulvriktru brothers. Go and convert to Akuanism instead!”

The highly insensitive comment was met with clear push back with UD voters on the mainland actively voicing their displeasure against the comment. With the Akuanist Wing of UD, Åsmund Ny’Elsen, having stated that: “We are dismayed by Miss Sannadatur’s comments, and we hope she reconsiders her words as well her actions. We will pray for her heart that it grows into one of understanding for all of Akua’s children, rather than only one.”

Despite calls for her to apologize she has stated on the Pigeon that she won’t let herself be “silenced”. Her comments have earned her a large degree of support among the radical members of the FP with the woman wing of the party giving their full support behind their leader. Some wondered if her comments were an act of strengthening her position in the party before the party meeting in May.

Rosia Sannadatur, Deputy Leader of the Fatherland Party and a Nyveldian noble



Date: 28th February 2023

Breaking News: East Atlalandr and UCCS sign military agreement after tensions over Crown Realm military exercise.

After a meeting between leaders of East Atlalandr and the UCCS it was revealed that an extensive military agreement has been formed between the two countries. The East Atlalandr prime minister, Sanna Vakrela, has revealed the agreement will further training and cooperation between both nation’s militaries. With pilots from the Atlalandian Republican Forces now going to be trained by UCCS’s pilots. The agreement included increased military aid to East Atlalandr going from 2,5 billion to 5 billion, which would increase the total military budget from 16 billion to 18,5 billion. Which the prime minister has reassured will go to modernizing the military with importation of military equipment from the UCCS.

The agreement came after the East Atlalandr president complained about the Crown Realm military exercise that finished two weeks ago. The exercise was criticized by the East Atlalandrer President, Ørn Gerjikdal, who called it an overly militarized and claiming participant nations being involved in a “Cold War mentality”. Gerjikdal has suggested in recent years that a Concordian Conference should be held to lower the militarization of the continent that he proclaims should have ended after the Cold War. Having recently stated in an interview done by the far left Eina’s Star (Eyjarian Newspaper) that:

“I thought that we were done with this mentality of threats and geopolitical grand stranding. Can we not build a continent committed to peace? I understand our people and everybody else on this continent that we are suspicious of our neighbors. But I think if we all took a moment to just think about a better future. Some say that is impossible, but people thought the same about us becoming a democracy back in the 90s. If I was able to change that? Well, I think we all can look towards each other as neighbors and not enemies.”

The interview was criticized by Einarist and Nationalist parties in the East Atlalandr parliament. Proclaiming it as “naive and traitorous thinking”, despite that it was received positively by every other party and by the East Atlalandian people at large. With the president being massively popular in East Atlalandr. Gerjikdal has won the mostly ceremonial presidency time and time again since 2001, with him having won the recent presidential election in 2022 with over 63% of the vote. The lowest Gerjikdal ever got.

Ørn Gerjikdal, President of East Atlalandr since 2001

Date: 1st March 2023

Breaking News: Anti-Socialist bill passed through the Nyveldian Council

The Administrative Council of Nyveldet passed a bill this Wednesday that has been heavily criticized by the local left wing parties for what is perceived as an anti-socialist law. The new law would require foreign left wing media to be approved by a joint council of concerned parents organizations. This was pushed by largely religious and parental organizations after controversy of an elementary school teacher distributing the Federation made children book series, The Adventures of Little Comrade, to her students. Which has been heavily criticized for its socialist message aimed at children. With Kåre Hegna, a children author and president of ‘Parents for Childhood Reading’ having heavily criticized the book series for promoting a political ideology in a children’s book.

The bill was supported by the Fatherland Party and the Ulvriktru Democrats. With the Administrative President of Nyveldet, Ragnar Torsteinson, having stated his active support to the bill. Proclaiming it as a victory for family values. It is yet known if the bill affects foreign left wing news organizations like Eina’s Star which has become more popular in Nyveldet in recent years especially among tiefling teenagers living in the interior counties. Leader of the PWP, Merli Cirivele, has condemned the bill as an “attack on the freedom of the media” and claiming that the Fatherland Party is specifically targeting the tiefling minority.

With passing of the bill hundreds of bookstores in Nyveldet has canceled their orders of left wing children books and movies mainly coming from the Federation. It is also yet to know if this bill would be considered legal by the Norgsveltian High Court, with fact that the national law on foreign media only banning contents if said contents are “made with the distinct purpose of spreading propaganda which is either authoritarian, hateful or harmful to Norgsveltian values”. With the national foreign media law reflecting Norgsveldet’s previous bans against Einarist, Hirdist and Martovist media. According to one High Court Judge, Martina Maritsdatur, the regional bill would not be accepted by the constitution.



Date: 15th March 2023

Breaking News: Federation blocks Norgsveltian-Durakian arms deal

An arms deal between the Norgsveltian Armed Forces and the Durakan Armed Forces was blocked by the Federation which stated their disapproval of the arms deal and stated a concern about its content. This having been announced this morning by the Federal Prime Minister, Jeanne Pierre, who stated that: “With our nation’s arms industries being so intertwined with Norgsveldet’s own industry, as such our two nations arms exports has to be a unanimous decision. As such I will state our nation cannot trust our joint military products being sent to a nation we have less than optimal relations with.”

This was revealed a day after a statement by the foreign affairs department that the Norgsveltian Air Force was going to sell twenty of its HK-22s, which were being replaced by the HK-45, for 410 million UKR (205 million SHD). The agreement happened after a diplomatic conference between Bjørn Varg, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Durakan leader, Tarov Hyla. With it having been a long awaited agreement by the latter to modernize its air force. With the Federation’s decision to block the decision having been met with pushback from Norgsveldet with Wilhelma Kirkeland having stated his “disappointment” and “disapproval” by the decision. With him later stating in a press conference he was determined to supply the Durakia with the fighters, stating: “They are a vital member of the UCA and a trusted ally, we will not change our stance.”

The dispute between the two major geopolitical powers has put into question the Federation’s own arms agreement with nations that are friendly to them. With many now wondering how Jeanne Pierre’s diplomatic meeting in Bana next week is going to go with this new diplomatic backdrop.

Jeanne Pierre, Federal Prime Minister of the Federation of the Southern Coast

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Date: 25th March 2023

Opinion Piece: Hakonffee’s inherent moral failure

While I know my title would certainly provoke some folks I do suggest reading through this post to understand what I mean by it. Sure, on a first glance it seemed like this company is the ideal worker cooperative people might think about. An company led by the workers that shows the world it can not only survive but compete with large business conglomerates like Månfjord. With the workers being honest, hardworking and trustworthy. Take that with the company’s Akuan nature and it almost looks like you got the whole package. A company led by workers from a religious minority striving in the very heart of Norgsveldet, despite the nation’s utterly horrific treatment of said minority a little more than a century prior. It is an inspiring tale I am sure.

But that is the issue, it’s a tale. This nice little story tells you nothing of the company’s inherent major moral failure. That being its very name sake, Haakon III. The company strives on its Royalistic propaganda, it strives on a glorified view of said past king and strives by allying itself with political powers that are determined to hold up said glorified image. There is no secret why the company actively supports the UD, and why local UD politicians defend them from criticism. They both prosper from ignoring the actual fact that Haakon III was an utter failure of a king. He failed to stop the Akuan Atrocities and did nothing for the tiefling population in Nyveldet. Many have forgotten that it wasn’t just Akuanists that were massacred during the Imperial War, hundreds of thousands of tieflings from across the Norgsveltian Empire were massacred for their demands of self determination. What did Haakon ever do for them? Absolutely fucking nothing. Closest our tiefling siblings got as an compensation from him was his nephew Gustaf III stated how “horrified” he was of the cruelty the Norgsveltian army did in Nyveldet.

As such I must ask a simple question. Why can’t we try to move away from glorifying past kings? Why must we honor leaders who deserve no honor? The glorification of Haakon that Hakonffee and their UD allies do is inherently problematic. It is no better than picking cultural and religious favorites among the diverse people that make our nation. With the decision to honor Haakon rather than let his image rot and be forgotten, all we have done as a society is give one large middle finger to our tiefling brothers and sisters.

Until Hakonoffee learns that lesson and apologizes to our tiefling minority, it is our duty as moral folk to boycott their company.


Written by Eli Enitedatur, MP for the People’s Workers Party (PWP).

*The NNN will make it perfectly clear this does not represent the views of the NNN, this is written by the author’s entirely private opinions which does not by any means reflect the NNN’s own views.

*Editorial note: The NNN does not approve of the comparison between the Akuan Atrocities and the Tiefling Massacres, both horrid actions done by the Norgsveltian government at the time. In light of this comparison we see it worth reminding our readers that between 6 and 7 million Akuanists were killed by the Norgsveltian Army during the Akuan Atrocities. Estimates about the amount of tieflings killed by the Tiefling Massacres varies, the highest number being estimated to be in between 800k and 900k, according to the Royal University of Osfjord.

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Date: 8th April 2023

Breaking News: Reparation Bill fails to pass the parliament

After a week of discussion in the parliament the vote of the government’s Reparations and Repatriation Bill was finally held this morning, in which it failed to pass. With 266 voting in favor coming from the government’s parties of LP and UD, with support from the PWP. While 314 members of the parliament voted against the bill, those coming mostly from the NCP, LNP and FP. With 20 members abstaining. This bill has been a long awaited one with it being a matter of heavy discussion within the government since October of last year. The bill’s proposal was to make the government obliged to use 0,5% of the nation’s GDP over the course of several decades to nations and communities affected by the Norgsveltian government’s atrocities during the Imperial War and colonization of Akuan and Tiefling lands. It was expected that half of the sum would be sent to Ymirland, as reparations for the Ymirland Genocide. The bill also included extra economic payment to help the repatriation of people to Norgsveldet, on the wishes of the ‘Returning to the Homeland’ movement. Though the amount which this would include has different calculations it has been estimated that up to two million people would be repatriated to Norgsveldet if the bill was passed and enforced.

Despite the large public support to the bill it was heavily outvoted in the parliament as a result of opposition from most opposition members. With the Fatherland Party having been the biggest critic against the bill, with their Deputy Leader Rosia Sannadatur having criticized the bill’s proposal of giving reparations to the tiefling in Nyveldet. Stating it is being “nonsensical” and stating that the Autonomous Communities in Nyveldet already getting enough money from the state. When asked if her party would vote in favor of the proposal if that was removed she stated that “it certainly increases the possibility”.

The parties of NCP and LNP have stated their disagreement on the amount being spent and stated that they will only change their vote if the government cuts the amount. With the leader of the LNP, Carl Agnar, proclaiming in a Pigeon post that: “The amount the government has proposed to spend could be used on far more important topics such as the physical and mental care for our LGBTQ communities. The injustice previous governments like ones led by the UD has done to our queer citizens must be corrected first before we can talk about reparations to other nations.”

The proposal has been criticized by other nations for its specific focus on Akuanist and tiefling communities, the loudest being of the Tieresh government. Which condemned the bill for ignoring the colonial crimes done by Norgsveldet, and demanded the Norgsveltian government to spend a similar amount to Tiervan as reparations. This has been completely rejected by Bjørn Varg, Minister of Foreign Affairs who when asked said: “We won’t give a single penny until the Hirdist government of Twain Aukusti is toppled, only when that day happens can we start talking about reparations.”

The bill was extremely controversial in Nyveldet with many citizens there condemning it, though it was largely supported in the majority tiefling communities in Ånslan and Duarlan. The bill was largely supported in Wergby as well with the city’s Akuan District having been one most vocal proponents for the bill in Nyveldet. The controversy has mostly come over the issue of reparation to the local tiefling community. It has been known that far right groups like the Nyveldian National Front have been known to threaten local politicians that supported the bill. Though the bill was mostly unpopular among far right members it has faced criticism from the left with Eli Enitedatur from the PWP having voted in favor of the proposal but criticized the smaller amount tiefling communities would be given. With only 10% of the money suggested to go to the tiefling community.

The government has announced they will continue discussion of the topic within the parliament, though some ministers have suggested asking the king to hold a new election. With many pointing towards opinion polls showing that the majority of people actively supports the bill.


Date: 9th April 2023

Breaking News: Nyveldian Council bans gay marriage

The Administrative Council of Nyveldet has just passed a bill that would ban gay marriage in Nyveldet, this having been done right before the Constitution Day that will be held tomorrow. The decision by the Council has met with outrage, even among UD politicians in Nyveldet which has stated the bill is unconstitutional. The bill had been pushed forward by the Fatherland Party with the Administrative President Ragnar Torsteinson stating his support for the bill. With Torsteinson also proclaiming his heavy opposition to any “mainland attempts to reverse the decision.” The Norgsveltian high court has stated their disapproval of the bill stating it goes directly against the Gay Marriage Act of 1989, which made gay marriage a constitutional right.

There been a matter of some concern if the Nyveldian government would enforce this law on Akuan community within Wergby as such one of our reporters asked about the topic to Torsteinson who simply responded: “Akuanist aren’t gay they are Akuanist, and Akuan Marriages will be defended like any other traditional marriage.”

The Jarl of Vakrestrender, Jørgen Bjørn spoke out against the Nyveldian bill in one of his rare public statements; “One would believe in this day and age, we have moved past such primitive beliefs and hatred. One can only hope that the Nyveldian government will not go through with this constitutional violation.”

In addition to his statement, the Bjørn trust has paused construction of the amusement park; ‘Jotunland’ and the board will be considering the sustainability of current and future investments and companies within the region. With a leak proposal of decreasing the amount of staff at ‘Family Focus Entertainment’ a film and television studio service in Nyveldet. To add to the concerns made by the Bjørn trust, the firm has openly stated they are reconsidering buying from Nyveldian farmers for food at their hotels and resorts, stating that they are open to new partnerships for supplying foodstuffs to their tourist facilities.

In Vakrestrender proper, concerns have been raised about continuing to order agriculture produce from Nyveldet. With one restaurant owner in the country, stating that he is no longer going to continue to order imports coming from Nyveldet and will be buying ingredients from more local Auroran sources.

With large numbers of pro-LGBTQ protests having been staged in all the major cities of Nyveldet, with LGBTQ organizations in Norgsveldet actively condemning the Nyveldian decision and urging the national government to help the region’s queer community.

Pro-LGBTQ protest held in Wergby, Nyveldet