Notification of Leave of Absence

Members of the Magisterium:

This thread shall serve as the place where you can officially notify the Provost and your fellow Magisters that you are taking a Leave of Absence (LOA).

Please post when your leave will become effective and, if known, the date your leave will end. Please also post to notify the Magisterium that you have returned from leave.

The previous thread can be found here.

I, The Ambis, am taking an official leave of absence, probably for about three weeks or so.

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And I have returned!

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requesting a leave til the 21st of June. Camping trip <3

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I am ending my LOA stated here. Please confirm.

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Confirmed, welcome back

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On LoA effective immediately from 2023-06-29T14:00:00Zā†’2023-07-07T14:00:00Z.

Requesting an LOA starting now to July 22. Summer classes are ramping up and I need to focus on that + financial aid applications.

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This went longer than expected, but I am returned to Provost duties.

I am on LoA from 16th to 26th.

Will be on LoA until July 31st.

Iā€™m taking a Leave of Absence from now until 12/17/23 at 11:30 AM EST (16:30 UTC).

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Deputy Provost Dremaur has taken leave of absence until January 1st as per Discord.

This thread has been archived.

All further notifications of leave of absence should be directed to the Magisterium Administration Services.