Official Languages of TEP

Lets come together and draw out what our languages are, I will compile a list as people send me their languages and what they’re called.


Adumaran - German
Marion/Taikow Islander - Filipino
Leese - Dutch


Aelitian - English base with german and dutch influences


Uinotuin - Spanish mixed with Niuean
Codexian - English


Asendavian -Scandinavian & Russian mix
Codexian - English


Axdelian - Italian


Uinotuin - Spanish mixed with Niuean


Kostuvian - Ithkuil


Codexian - English


Dragonian - Roman/Latin mix
Codexian - English


Codexian - English

East Malaysia:

Codexian - English

East Polynesia:

Oalanu (Oan language) - Made up. (


Codexian - English

Eridani Theta:

Eridani Thetan: Italian with heavy influences from Unonian


Fortunan - Italian with heavy influences from Codexian (English)

Free Syllvin:

Avanian - Latin/Made up mix
Island Common - Peninsular Spanish


Codexian - English
Iasathi - Greek
Farci - Farsi
Thursian - Swedish
Spandard - Spanish
Reoa - Oan language

Gliat Shia:

Gliat Shian - Finnish
Asendavian - Scandinavian & Russian mix
Codexian - English

Greater Ardsland:

Ardlian - Serbian language


Iasathi - Greek
Staynish - English


Thursian - Swedish
Hegendrian - Norwegian


Oalanu (Oan language) - Made up. (

Kostuvian - Ithkuil


Laiatanese - Russian
Codexian - English


Russian - (Strataric?)
English - (Staynish)


Uinotuin - Spanish mixed with Niuean

Marilyn Manson:



Codexian - English
Codexian Latin - Latin

New Legeanes:


Oan Isles:

Oalanu (Oan language) - Made up. (

The United Kingdom of Great Morstaybishlia and Justelvard:

Staynish - English
Jubliakese - Manx language
Old Staynic - Old English
Horkalese - Norn language
Justelvardic - Scottish Gaelic
Calth - Vulgar Latin

The United Kingdom of Kuthernburg and Atlaesia:

Spandard - Spanish
Kuthern - Spanish & Welsh mix
Telsh - Welsh and Staynish (English) mix


Strataric - Russian
Bastardized Strataric - Fortunan and Strataric mix

[/big]The Atlae Isles:[/big]

Codexian - English


Codexian - English

Kostuvian - Ithkuil

Kostuvian- Basically Arabic with Slavic-sounding pronunciations

Adumaran(German): 80.3%, Marion/Taikow Islander(Filipino): 7%, Leese(Dutch): 5.4%, other: 7.3%

Asendavian-It’s like a combination of Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and a little bit of Russian. Overall the biggest would probably be Norwegian.

Gliat Shean-Basically Finnish.

Iasathi-Pretty much Greek, except for the town names being in Arabic.

Kaeliv has Iassathi, Gliat Shea has Gliat Shean and some people who speak Asendavian, and vice versa for Asendavia. Codexian is also spoken in Kaeliv. Gliat Shea and Asendavia don’t speak Codexian, except for the nobles.

The official language is Strataric (which is pretty much Russian). Most everyone knows Codexian. Some more rural areas of the country speak what’s known as Bastardized Strataric (Romanian), which is essentially Fortunan with some Strataric influences and development. Some few, especially among Vulpines, speak Unonian.

A thread of this was started before it was here:

The Grand Duchy of Dragonia national language is Dragonian. Spoken Dragonian is based off of the Roman/Latin languages.

The ancient written Dragonian Alphabet is a Font I have been using I found online it’s called Atlantean.

This is still taught in schools to this day.

The people of Dragonia also speak Codexian (English) as a second language that is taught in schools as well for the most part. In the big cities it is more prevalent for someone to fluently speak both. In the more rural areas, people still speak Codexian, just not as fluently.

The modern Dragonian written language uses the Codexian Alphabet.

The City-State of Oceansend national language is Codexian (English). Dragonian is popular to learn as well as the languages of the surrounding nations. By the time children graduate they know Codexian and one or even two additional languages.

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Celannica: 100% Codexian

Everybody is taught Latin and English, and some areas speak German as well.

Avannian is a mixture of Latin-style conventions with some of my own concepts
Island Common is Penninsular Spanish

Much like Tretrid, Mexregionans generally speak Latin, Codexian (English), or a combination of the two. Nearly everybody is fluent in both languages by the time they graduate from high school.

The official language of the USM is Codexian Latin.
The national language of the USM is Codexian.

Axdelian language is Italian


Minority Languages: English (Yes, it’s another language), German, Chinese.

Cukish, English and Spanish. Cukish is the first language in New Leganes and people use it in daily life, TV, national politics, etc. English is spoken by almost all Cukishes and it’s used in tourism industry, foreign affairs… And Spanish was the language spoken by the first settlers and it’s used by historians, professors and philologists to work with ancient texts; there are also some people who still speak it in daily life, but they don’t reach 4% of all Cukishes. The three languages are recognized by the Commonwealth Constitution as official.

Official languages of The Oan Isles:

  1. Oan – completely made up vocab with Maori similarities/influence and Isizulu language grammar.
  2. French (I dislike calling it Wachovian)
  3. English (I dislike calling it Codexian)

Please list the TEP equivalents of RL languages eg Columbian = Italian etc.

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So I’m unsure if anyone has seen this (which you guys probably have), but here is a past discussion concerning languages. You could probably add it to the list.

The Official Languages Of Kuthernburg is:

Kurtern-Mix Of Icelandic & British English
Hazboot: Puerto Rican Spanish

The Official Languages Of LatianBurg:


Aelitian is a language with a heavy English base with German and Dutch inspirations.

The Laiatanese language is more or less Russian. Codexian is pretty widespread, as is Unonian in vulpine populations.

The Federal Republic of Kohlandia has a number of languages of Germanic origin, the primary being Language proficiency amongst Kohlandians is as follows (all data according to the 2014 census):

Thursian (99% speak it)
Cuthrian (68% speak it to some degree)
English (52% speak it to some degree)
Hegendrian (12% speak it to some degree but it’s mostly mutually intelligible with Thursian* anyway)

  • Thursian and Hegendrian are as mutually intelligible as Swedish and Norwegian

There is no “official language” in Kohlandia but Thursian is the de facto language due to its prominence in Kohlandian culture.