Prohibited Nations

This thread shall be for the purposes of recording all prohibited nations from The East Pacific.

Prohibition is set by law under Section V of the Citizenship Act.


…5.1- Any non-Citizen can be declared prohibited from entering The East Pacific.

…5.2- Any Vizier can nominate any eligible Nation for prohibition to The Praesidium for reasons of regional security, which can declare prohibition by a 2 / 3 majority vote. By the same majority the Praesidium can lift or amend any prohibition.

…5.3- The Magisterium shall be notified by the Grand Vizier or appointee thereof whenever a Vizier nominates an eligible nation for prohibition.

…5.4- The Praesidium shall maintain a public list of prohibited groups and nations on The East Pacific’s forum.

…5.5- The Conclave can reverse a prohibition, or decrease its length, upon appeal by a prohibited nation[/quote]

Jrug / Ancapstannds has been prohibited from TEP here.

Is there a reason why the link to the prohibition of Jrug / Ancapstannds is restricted? I would expect citizens of TEP could see the rationale for the prohibition. When I click on the link, I get this message, “You are not authorised to read this forum.”

Likewise. Likewise. Likewise. Likewise.