[PROPOSAL] [AMENDMENT] Culture and Identity Act


1.1. This act shall be known and cited as the “Culture and Identity Act”.


2.1. The official name of the government of the East Pacific shall be the “Confederated East Pacific”. “The Confederacy of the East Pacific” or “The Confederated States of the East Pacific” may be used interchangeably with the East Pacific’s official name.

2.2. The city of Rillanon shall be the capital city of the East Pacific, and the island it resides on shall be named as “Christie Island”. The Capitol District of Rillanon shall be the location of the Magisterium, the Conclave, the Praesidium, and the Executive, including the University of The East Pacific and the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army.

2.3. The official regional symbol of the East Pacific shall be the square and compass. The regional colors shall be green and yellow, of any shade. These design elements shall be used in the official regional flag of The East Pacific as established by the Delegate. Alternate regional flags, such as holiday flags and event flags, are not required to display these design elements.

2.5. The official regional motto shall be “Ex Oriente Lux”. This phrase, translated from Latin, means “From the East, Light”. The unofficial regional motto shall be “Hail Pacificum Orientalem”.

2.6. The demonym of The East Pacific shall be “East Pacifican”.


3.1. The regional animal shall be the Fridge Owl. This bird is notable for hiding in the fridges of The East Pacific and stealing food.

3.2. The regional food shall be the grape. This fruit is notable for making East Pacificans go “haha.”

3.3. The regional founder shall be 1 Infinite Loop, the founder of the modern East Pacifican government.

3.4. There shall be no official regional religions. The religions of Ademarism and Violetism shall be recognized as unofficial religions within The East Pacific. The non-denominational Patron Saint of The East Pacific shall be Elvis Presley.


4.1. January 8 shall be Saint Elvis Day, celebrating the birthday of the East Pacifican Patron Saint.

4.2. January 25 shall be Fark Day, celebrating the linking of NationStates on Fark, inspiring the birth of 1 Infinite Loop.

4.3. May 19 shall be TEP Day. May 25 shall be Loop Day, honoring the delegacy of 1 Infinite Loop. The week in between shall be the Week of Celebrations of Delegates, celebrating the rich history of The East Pacific.

4.4. May 27 shall be East Malaysia Day, celebrating one of The East Pacific’s most notable leaders.

4.5. August 13 shall be East Pacifican Independence Day, celebrating the liberation of the region from corruption.

4.6. October 30 shall be the Day of Confederation, celebrating the ratification of the Articles of Confederation, the first governing document of The East Pacific.

4.7. November 18 shall be the Day of the Pax, celebrating all things Hive in the historic nation of Packilvania.

4.8. The enumeration of certain holidays within this Act does not preclude the celebration of other holidays. The celebration of holidays which are recognized beyond the scope of the region, but not within this Act, is encouraged.


5.1. The passage of this Act by the Magisterium constitutes the passing of a Concordat Amendment, which shall be taken to referendum, eliminating Article H: Regional Name and Emblem from the Concordat and renaming Article I: Enactment and Amendment to Article H: Enactment and Amendment.

I love it, gives us a lot of cultural days to build around

I don’t mind fun acts and this is cool, but there are somethings I’m a bit askew on.

First, I’m not sure we should be making Loop’s official colors and symbols as official alternates to the default designs. I do understand Loop founded modern TEP, but he did play a role in slowly democratizing it and it feels a bit weird to hold up one private citizen above everyone else in such a potent way (even if said private citizen did the most for this region than any of us).

Where is the Elvis Presley thing from?

I’m opposed to legislating holidays, namely because the purpose of these holidays is that we celebrate them and then we never celebrate the ones we currently culturally have (namely the Week of Delegates, probably others Em remembers). I’m supportive of legislating cultural norms that do currently exist primarily because its fun but also it helps show off distinct parts of our culture, but I don’t believe it makes sense for us to try and create new cultural norms (like these holidays) via legislation because we probably just arn’t going to do much with them.

On the first point, alright, will remove. On the second, that was something pulled entirely from the holidays calendar (tep.one/calendar) but I thought it was funny so I implemented it without even checking historical background.

Should the holidays be a resolution then? Perhaps there is a clause in this act encouraging Magisterial resolutions to declare holidays? And then I’ll propose a separate resolution declaring the listed holidays as holidays? Idk, just brainstorming. That’s the way I know a lot of regions do it, like SLU for example. I do note that there is no single “new” holiday. They’re all taken from the calendar, and most were once made holidays by Magisterial resolutions in the past.

Despite conflicting responses to the holidays section, I hereby motion this Bill and corresponding Concordat Amendment to a Magisterial vote.

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Seconded and Acknowledged

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