[PROPOSAL] Standing Orders of the Magisterium - Additional Reforms

A few wide-sweeping changes to the SOM.

  • Explictly allows the denial of incomplete applications that haven’t satisfied the procedural requirements
  • Incorporates part of the Legislative Procedures Resolution regarding motions to vote and seconds.
  • Allows Magisters to petition to change their current status as a WA/Non-WA member without needing to resign and invalidating any active votes.
  • Allows Magisters to be suspended for failing to vote in at least 50% of all votes conducted each month.

What exactly is a “legislative season”? Was this defined anywhere in the body of law? I assume its the date in which a Provost is elected/reelected, but It’d be nice for some clarification.

Overall, seems like a pretty good proposal, adding QOL changes to the law.

Legislative Session rather than season.

It’s not explicitly defined, but Section 7.2.2 of the Standing Orders also make reference to a “Magisterial Term”.
But essentially yes, Magisterial Term/Legislative Session is de facto the same period as each Provost term.

Which is also historically the case, as per the Record of Magisters

I like legislative session better, but should we not keep it Magisterial Term for consistency’s sake?

I think legislative session would generally work better than Magisterial Term, I’m inclined to also amend that reference as well.

This is mainly because Magisters don’t really serve a term on the Magisterium, they are there until removed or resign, whereas the Provost would be serving a term.

Each term of the Provost coincides with a session of the Magisterium, hence 56th, 57th Magisterium etc.

If we’re going to keep legislative session, I think we should amend it elsewhere.

How soon does a second have to be made after the waiting period?

It can definitely be worded better for sure.

The intent is that after 2 failed motions, the Sponsor(s) need to wait out the 72 hours (view it as additional mandatory debating time) before they can attempt the 3rd motion for the Bill.

All motion attempts would be subject to the 48 hours timer as defined by Section 2.4.1

Bump on this.

Also added a new clause

…2.7 Should a Bill fail for reasons other than lack of quorum, the Bill is considered defeated and may not be brought back for the remainder of the legislative session.

I dont see why this new clause is nessecary, considering sometimes bills fail with a margin kf one to two votes and it may just need to be put to vote again to pass.

My rmb voting omnibus failed by a one vote margin, for example. Probably wouldve passed if i had reproposes it.

I’m just throwing it in to see if it sticks to be honest.

Would you be more amenable if it was closer to like a 2/3 majority voting no to nix it for the remainder of the session?

I don’t hate that idea, or another vote during the same session requires a larger majority.