[PROPOSAL] To repeal the Punishment Documentation Act

Hello Magisters. For the first time in 2 years, I come to bring you all… holy Coca-Cola! Is that a proposal??? No way!

All jokes aside; the Punishment Documentation Act, last amended by this fair Magisterium over two years ago in June of 2020, has fallen into disregulation as the prescribed methodology has not been used by any RO for over a month; usage of the prescribed thread had been down significantly since the autumn months of 2022. TEP’s Emjay bot was tasked with reporting the amount of ejections there were every day - it ceased doing this job in November of that year. The Discourse-hosted thread is empty; the Tapatalk-hosted thread’s last post is January 4th, 2023.

The East Pacific Police Service is not upholding its duties as the body is charged with by the PDA (the Punishment Documentation Act, not public displays of affection which I’m sure you’ll all be witnessing a lot of today), being that it is supposed to hand down the consequences for disobeying the guidelines set by said PDA. Never has happened. Not once. I guess some of that falls on me as an EPPS member, but oh well. The EPPS itself, as far as I can tell, has done nothing since November anyway.

So, we have 2 options.

A. repeal the act.

B. face the bigger problem - as the outgoing Delegate Shadow put it:

“…we already have a manpower shortage. TEP needs to work on itself internally…”

Alas, such action would be beyond the purview of this particular proposal and the forum thread thereof.

All in all, I believe what is necessary, at least in the short term, is to repeal the Punishment Documentation Act.

Comments/questions/concerns appreciated.

I don’t oppose a repeal.

I drafted this upon AMOM suggesting the idea (IIRC?) because I felt it would just be a generally good thing to register our bans. And I still think it is. However, if this region has no appetite to properly follow and enforce it, then it’s probably best to get rid of a law that (at worst) could be used for nefarious reasons I won’t elaborate on here.

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Record keeping still seems advisable. If the issue is manpower, the Act could be amended to remove any penalties (eliminating the need for manpower to impose penalties). That leaves the act, admittedly, more toothless. But it seems to be toothless anyway.

The record keeping itself could be streamlined and/or automated (again) to reduce the need for manpower as much as possible.

Yeah, that’s true. I’d support such a course of action

This is the better long-term course of action…not sure about the advisability of the act being toothless

I sorta see where you’re coming from here

if we make the act toothless then at best it encourages ban records and at worst its useless until we start egging people to do ban records

its a win win i think, imo anyways

Yeah let’s not have toothless acts. Doesn’t make us look good as a legislative body and definitely puts us on shaky ground. Exactly why I want to get rid of the PDA; at least for now

Honestly we could make it a resolution

Resolution is okay to me, but I really think that all we need for this to work is getting that bot back up and running. Could be nice to do it in a public channel, as well, so that even if we forgor, an eagle eyed citizen can shout at us to do our job. With no bot, however, repealing it is the best course of action IMO, and with it repealed, making it a resolution is also the best course of action IMO. The principle is good and it’s important, but if we can’t do it practically, we shouldn’t make it legally binding to do so. And if we can’t make it legally binding to do so, we should definitely keep the principle alive anyway.

Moving this to vote.