Questions Only

Ask questions only.


Uh, who is this?

Is it me you’re looking for?

This is such a silly game, it’s going to get a bunch of posts on it and detract from the splendor of role-playing. In essence, it’s a spammy way to pass the time. I would much rather prefer to be formulating impressive narrative, interacting with other users and nations, observing the inner workings of TEP, heck, even perusing the library than play this. It’s such a time-waster. Thoughts?

What makes you think that role playing is in any way superior?

What are thoughts? Have you ever thought of that? You wouldn’t think that thinking that would help you think about it, would you?

Would you consider yourself a heavy thinker?

Would you?

Why so defensive?

Why not?

Why don’t you think about that for a minute?

It’s been more than a minute, hasn’t it? Or am I mistaken?

Which do you want me to answer?

Which do you want?

Would you get annoyed if I said you were mistaken?

What kind of question is that?

Which categories do you recognize?

Where am I?

У вас нет никакого смысла, или вы?

Ahem, my Russian isn’t very on-point, is it?

Which languages do you speak?