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Federal Prime Minister New-Year Speech

In the République C.D, the Federal Prime Minister held a New Year’s Speech at the Vorvick Dinner. For our non-Frakanic readers, a Codexian transcript of the speech will be provided.

“[Côtois], I have had the honor to be your Federal Prime Minister for almost 5 years. Instead of the previous tradition of highlighting government success this year. I would like to speak of our past and our present.

Before we were colonized by Norgsveldet, we were disunified states drawn on purely ethnic grounds. Waging war on each other for little more than petty squabbles and committing barbarism in the name of old rivalries. Despite the majority of the states being filled with Akuanists, we committed violence in the name of preemptive defense. We commit acts that cannot be described in enough words while keeping it to the age limit on one another.

Now look around, we have people from every ethnic group in the Federation sitting next to one and another. Showing respect instead of knives to one another, to accept and understand each other’s differences. Sitting at the same table, sharing food with one another. Our ancestors would think us to be treasonous, that we betrayed them in our peace. It is not us who are wrong but them. It has been over 100 years since the Great Unification Wars, 80 years for the last large scale attempt by one group to genocide the other and 45 years since the last large clash between religions.

Under our Federation, we have known peace with one and another. It would have been unthinkable within an elven lifespan to have a multicultural neighborhood. When the Federation’s great project started, we was ridiculed for attempting to create harmony among so many different religious, ethnic, species and languages. They claimed we would fall into tyranny or we would fall into anarchy and disbandment. Yet, we are and they are not. There is not a soul on Urth besides the delusional to claim that the Federation is a failed state.

We went from herding goats and collecting coal from the mountains. To producing automobiles and aerospace used all over the Urth. We went from wooden walled towns to urban complexes. From having to walk to one point to another to having trains and trams take us there. From swords to tractors being sold to other nations. From iron mines to steel fabrication plants. From needing candles to light our homes to electric lights powered by nuclear plants.

Our military went from being blunt instruments as weapons to complex aircraft and tanks. Military not drawn on any lines other than capability of oneself and the desire to succeed. We have brave people in our armed forces who are more concerned with their duty rather than the ethnicity of the person next to them.

Our people who once had no voice to demand their natural rights as workers. Now they are unionized and hold shares in the very companies they are in. From the cooperatives of the fisheries, to the capitalist holdings and state companies. They not only have a voice but to demand negotiations for their benefits and rights. All without needing the iron hand of the government to enforcement.

Our people went from having on average 10,000 Red Krone (100 SHD; 200 UKR) in their savings bank accounts in a year to having 1,000,000 Red Krone (10,000 SHD; 20,000 UKR). That’s just for young people, people under 35. I see some elves in this hall, I want you to think back how hard it was to get 1,000,000 Red Krone when you were young. It was unthinkable right, unbelieve life changing amount of money in your savings. You would call them rich!

When the Federation was united in Monarcho-Socialism, no one would even look at us. Not socialist nations, not capitalist nations and not even Norgsveldet. Now, people are forced to recognize us, for our economic power, our model of government that works for the people and now we are the closest ally to Norgsveldet. We are co-leaders in the Crown Realms, we forge our own geo-political organization separate from Norgsveldet when we were turned away from the NCEF and UCA.

Elves in the room, I want you to remember when you were embarrassed to say you’re from the Federation of the Southern Coast. When we were mocked for Monarcho-Socialism, that we’re just a trendy fad that goes away. Now when you say that you are from the Federation, their first thought is not of our ideology but our cars, airplanes, our goods sold world wide. We can all say we are from the Federation with pride in our hearts, we can say that we are proud Monarcho-Socialists. Instead of receiving snarky comments and being ridiculed. We only get confused looks! That is a [expletive] good improvement all things considered.

I want to leave you with these final words, no matter what your religion is, your ethnic background, your history or your species. The Federation has a place for you and all of us. I will be [expletive] if any single one of us would dare to try to change that. We are diverse and we are united.

Thank you for your time. For Worker and Crown!”


Red Dove

News from across the RCEU

21st April 2023

Federal Prime Minister Pierre meets with the President of Dvergerland, Durin Førui

Marie-Noëlle Baumé

Dvergerland’s relationship with the RCEU was the topic of discussion between Pierre and Førui as a diplomatic conference was held in the Dvergian capital of Duribi early this morning. With the Dvergian president having been open in the past about his nation’s issue with accessing the international market as a result of several nations refusing to recognise it. With Førui having for years attempted to get Dvergerland to join the NCEF to gain larger access to the international market. However with little success as its application was continuously blocked by Atlalandr and Vistaraland over political and economic concerns.

The president having stated in a press conference days prior proclaiming that: “Unless the current stance of certain member states in the NCEF changes in the near future then the possibility of us joining the NCEF is slim. It is not our fault they do not want us there.”

The Federal Prime Minister spoke before the conference as well longside the president: “The RCEU will always have its doors open to those who had every door shut on them. We will meet them where they are at, and together we will uplift all of us by working together.”

Though the idea of Dvergerland’s application to the RCEU has met with support from several parts of the public, especially among the supporters of the social democratic party of the Dvergian Democrats, it has met with some opposition. With the Dvergian Frontierists party having held pro-NCEF protests, which was met with counter protesters from the Dvergian Democrats. With the capital having almost 60k protesters gathered in the street by both pro-NCEF and pro-RCEU members. Tcevky Romini, leader of the Frontierists and Secretary General of Dvergerland has yet to comment about the meeting but has stated his sympathy to the pro-NCEF protesters.

It has been speculated that another reason why the President is seeking a meeting with Pierre is over the possibility for further security guarantees against Tiervan which still claims that Dvergerland is a part of them. With Dvergerland being forced to spend nearly 5% of its GDP on the military to feel safe from its neighbor. President Førui has stated he wants to decrease so extra spending could be used to ensure investments.

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