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Federal Prime Minister New-Year Speech

In the République C.D, the Federal Prime Minister held a New Year’s Speech at the Vorvick Dinner. For our non-Frakanic readers, a Codexian transcript of the speech will be provided.

“[Côtois], I have had the honor to be your Federal Prime Minister for almost 5 years. Instead of the previous tradition of highlighting government success this year. I would like to speak of our past and our present.

Before we were colonized by Norgsveldet, we were disunified states drawn on purely ethnic grounds. Waging war on each other for little more than petty squabbles and committing barbarism in the name of old rivalries. Despite the majority of the states being filled with Akuanists, we committed violence in the name of preemptive defense. We commit acts that cannot be described in enough words while keeping it to the age limit on one another.

Now look around, we have people from every ethnic group in the Federation sitting next to one and another. Showing respect instead of knives to one another, to accept and understand each other’s differences. Sitting at the same table, sharing food with one another. Our ancestors would think us to be treasonous, that we betrayed them in our peace. It is not us who are wrong but them. It has been over 100 years since the Great Unification Wars, 80 years for the last large scale attempt by one group to genocide the other and 45 years since the last large clash between religions.

Under our Federation, we have known peace with one and another. It would have been unthinkable within an elven lifespan to have a multicultural neighborhood. When the Federation’s great project started, we was ridiculed for attempting to create harmony among so many different religious, ethnic, species and languages. They claimed we would fall into tyranny or we would fall into anarchy and disbandment. Yet, we are and they are not. There is not a soul on Urth besides the delusional to claim that the Federation is a failed state.

We went from herding goats and collecting coal from the mountains. To producing automobiles and aerospace used all over the Urth. We went from wooden walled towns to urban complexes. From having to walk to one point to another to having trains and trams take us there. From swords to tractors being sold to other nations. From iron mines to steel fabrication plants. From needing candles to light our homes to electric lights powered by nuclear plants.

Our military went from being blunt instruments as weapons to complex aircraft and tanks. Military not drawn on any lines other than capability of oneself and the desire to succeed. We have brave people in our armed forces who are more concerned with their duty rather than the ethnicity of the person next to them.

Our people who once had no voice to demand their natural rights as workers. Now they are unionized and hold shares in the very companies they are in. From the cooperatives of the fisheries, to the capitalist holdings and state companies. They not only have a voice but to demand negotiations for their benefits and rights. All without needing the iron hand of the government to enforcement.

Our people went from having on average 10,000 Red Krone (100 SHD; 200 UKR) in their savings bank accounts in a year to having 1,000,000 Red Krone (10,000 SHD; 20,000 UKR). That’s just for young people, people under 35. I see some elves in this hall, I want you to think back how hard it was to get 1,000,000 Red Krone when you were young. It was unthinkable right, unbelieve life changing amount of money in your savings. You would call them rich!

When the Federation was united in Monarcho-Socialism, no one would even look at us. Not socialist nations, not capitalist nations and not even Norgsveldet. Now, people are forced to recognize us, for our economic power, our model of government that works for the people and now we are the closest ally to Norgsveldet. We are co-leaders in the Crown Realms, we forge our own geo-political organization separate from Norgsveldet when we were turned away from the NCEF and UCA.

Elves in the room, I want you to remember when you were embarrassed to say you’re from the Federation of the Southern Coast. When we were mocked for Monarcho-Socialism, that we’re just a trendy fad that goes away. Now when you say that you are from the Federation, their first thought is not of our ideology but our cars, airplanes, our goods sold world wide. We can all say we are from the Federation with pride in our hearts, we can say that we are proud Monarcho-Socialists. Instead of receiving snarky comments and being ridiculed. We only get confused looks! That is a [expletive] good improvement all things considered.

I want to leave you with these final words, no matter what your religion is, your ethnic background, your history or your species. The Federation has a place for you and all of us. I will be [expletive] if any single one of us would dare to try to change that. We are diverse and we are united.

Thank you for your time. For Worker and Crown!”


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News from across the RCEU

21st April 2023

Federal Prime Minister Pierre meets with the President of Dvergerland, Durin Førui

Marie-Noëlle Baumé

Dvergerland’s relationship with the RCEU was the topic of discussion between Pierre and Førui as a diplomatic conference was held in the Dvergian capital of Duribi early this morning. With the Dvergian president having been open in the past about his nation’s issue with accessing the international market as a result of several nations refusing to recognise it. With Førui having for years attempted to get Dvergerland to join the NCEF to gain larger access to the international market. However with little success as its application was continuously blocked by Atlalandr and Vistaraland over political and economic concerns.

The president having stated in a press conference days prior proclaiming that: “Unless the current stance of certain member states in the NCEF changes in the near future then the possibility of us joining the NCEF is slim. It is not our fault they do not want us there.”

The Federal Prime Minister spoke before the conference as well longside the president: “The RCEU will always have its doors open to those who had every door shut on them. We will meet them where they are at, and together we will uplift all of us by working together.”

Though the idea of Dvergerland’s application to the RCEU has met with support from several parts of the public, especially among the supporters of the social democratic party of the Dvergian Democrats, it has met with some opposition. With the Dvergian Frontierists party having held pro-NCEF protests, which was met with counter protesters from the Dvergian Democrats. With the capital having almost 60k protesters gathered in the street by both pro-NCEF and pro-RCEU members. Tcevky Romini, leader of the Frontierists and Secretary General of Dvergerland has yet to comment about the meeting but has stated his sympathy to the pro-NCEF protesters.

It has been speculated that another reason why the President is seeking a meeting with Pierre is over the possibility for further security guarantees against Tiervan which still claims that Dvergerland is a part of them. With Dvergerland being forced to spend nearly 5% of its GDP on the military to feel safe from its neighbor. President Førui has stated he wants to decrease so extra spending could be used to ensure investments.

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News from across the RCEU

8st June 2023

Live Streamer receives a 1.5 Billion RKR Fine

Alexis Dupont

Famous Norgsveltian Streamer, Asbjørn Axelsen received a 1.5 billion Red Krone (15 million in SHD) fine for excessive luxurious floundering, luxury-good tax avoidance, public rudeness and champagnism. Champagnism, for our readers outside of the Federation, is the public display of champagne socialism, or more simply explained as the act of a person who displays extravagant wealth, raised in a peppy environment or otherwise living beyond the means of the majority of the population while espousing socialist ideals but not providing proportional support to their beliefs. The Federal Tax Service rarely hands such heavy fines to foreign tourists and rarely gives a fine for Champagnism, the latter requiring the FTS to prove it in court. According to the FTS office, the streamer acted in such a way that was disrespectful not only to the Federation but to the greater socialist movement in the world by his repulsive displays of wealth. Citing numerous streams where he shown off his wealth with Valkyr brand name clothing while talking about how much it all cost, his luxury sports truck that he had brought over to the country which did not meet the Federation road and safety requirements for urban driving, which he openly talked about it being illegal on the road and stating he would just pay the fine to keep driving his truck; Stopping and asking several kemonomimi if they are from Nystatiszna, then offering to buy them a new wardrobe if they would sign a waiver to be on his channel; Climbing the memorial statue of the children that died in the Ymirland civil war for his stream; Sitting on a gravestone of Pépin Morel as well many other examples.

The fine was calculated based on the sales price of his clothing, truck, food he ate on stream and jewelry as well several other factors such as income of his streams during his month-long stay in the Federation. Additionally citing his avoidance of paying luxury sales taxes while in the Federation has been included into the fine.

The streamer released a statement with his lawyer while on stream:
“I would first like to apologize to the people of the Federation, I was unaware of the meaning of the memorial statue and I was unaware I was sitting on a gravestone of the first Federal Prime Minister of the Federation. I would like to say sorry to the kemonomimi I might have offended asking if they were from Nystatiszna, I am now aware Kemonomimi had always been the majority population of the country since the days of the Queendom. I would also like to apologize for assuming they were all refugees, and my comments about their wealth status on stream. It was incredi- Shut the fuck up you dumb fucking chatter, you will die alone and poor Gaylord420.”

The stream was turned off by his lawyer, who stated they will be seeking a haircut on the fine rather than fighting it in court.

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News from across the RCEU

17th June 2023

Dvergian government announces major military budget cuts and military aid to Sayyed

Marie-Noëlle Baumé

Dvergian President Durin Førui announced during a press conference in Duribi that his government will cut 80 billion RKR (800 million SHD) from the military budget which will include the Dvergian National Guard from 300k to 100k. Leaving the official Dvergian military budget for 2023 to be at 1,4 billion around 3,1% of Dvergerland’s gdp. This reform, though heavily celebrated among the Dvergian Unionists and Dvergian Democrats, is facing harsh criticism from members of the militaristic Dvergian Frontierists who are accusing the president for placing it vulnerable to an Tieresh attack. It is expected that the reform will be blocked by the Voyennsozu, largely made up of Frontierist representatives. Though the Secretary General Tcevky Romini has yet to announce his opposition to the reforms.

The President also announced an active support to Sayyed’s continued fight against invaders stating that his government is organizing a military aid package of worth 90 billion in RKR (900 million SHD) in military equipment from the Dvergian stockpile. Worth over 2% of Dvergerland’s entire gdp. Most equipment being weapons that the Dvergian partisans were supplied with during the Dvergian War of Independence. Being mostly of Meremain and Norgsveltian origin. When asked why the Dvergian government was sending so much the president simply stated that: “We had to fight for our independence, for our freedom. It would not be right for us to not take a stance. We will not ignore when other states think they have the right to violate other nations freedoms and sovereignty. We are a small nation so there is not much we can give, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t send anything. As such we must do something. Death to oppressors, death to tyrants.”

The Dvergian government has also not only sent military aid but is also organizing a small expeditionary force made up by volunteers that the government has stated reaching out to the Mirhaime government to be allowed to fight under Mirhaime command. With around 1k having already enlisted for the force that the government has nicknamed the Erezky’s Axes.

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News from across the RCEU

23th June 2023

RCEU Council overwhelmingly passes a new environmental bill to tackle environmental damage.

Liane Rousseau

The Red Crown Economic Union; Council of the Union passed a law to target and tackle the growing destruction of the environment, in particular targeting pre-existing damage in nature such as the Serpent forests in the Federation. The forests in the Federation have long been ignored, destroyed and otherwise chopped, all of which was primarily done by the previous Federal Prime Minister, Judith Ardouin of the Advancement Faction through her deregulation and mass industrialization of previously untouched areas of the Federation.

The Bill was met with internal concerns within the Royal Worker’s Party in the Federation, primarily driven by the Rocheforts and Advancement Factions of the party. In addition the the internal concerns, there was been a measure of larger support from the other two parties of the Federation; Queendom Restoration Party and the Straw-hat Coalition have announced their support for the bill, suggesting the Federation should take the lead in reclaiming destroyed forests as well pushing for a new bill to increasing funding to the Organization of Environmental Renewal.

The bill itself focuses on the establishment of breeding programs for native animals with special care going towards the endangered animals; creation of tree nurseries and specialized biodiversity facilities for native plants and insects. The bill additionally provides protection and regulates lumbar industry, citing a preference for selective clearing rather than clean-cutting. In addition the bill cites agricultural expansion as a source for deforestation, and to compensate for the loss of agricultural exports and farming. The bill put-forwards resources for farmers across the RCEU, to buy eco-friendly fertilizers, technology and equipment. Subsidies to farmers across the Union was seen as a massive bonus to the Federation’s own agricultural cooperatives, and was highlighted as one of the best parts of the bill by the Straw-hat Coalition, citing the general neglect by the Federal government towards farmers of the country.

For other members of the Union, Kuduk, Zemeprievadai and the newest member of the union Dvergerland proved to be the largest pushers of the bill. Especially Councilor Wahan Náasat of Kuduk, being one of the most aggressive councilors in favor of the bill, pushing for the selective clearing over clean-cutting. Councilor Žibute Bujauskaite of Zemeprievadai, citing the large experience the country has with the development of tree nurseries, as such Zemeprievadai will be taking the lead on the development of the biodiversity facilities across the Union. Dvergerland, despite lacking ability to contribute to the investment into the bill, claimed they will have plenty of volunteers for the program, already being the second largest amount of volunteer sign up for the program and the highest per capita for volunteer sign ups. The Counselor from Ymirland Simen Rise, pushing for inclusion of compensation of the lost profit for the farmers and technological aspects of the bill.

The bill will be on a volunteer basis for funding and recruiting volunteers. While the majority of the donations is coming from the Federation, it noted that all members are donating a ‘significant’ amount to the organization. Despite the Federation’s concerns of donating such an amount, suggesting the more developed nations to be the ones to donate a significant amount to the bill. Letting the developing nations should only contribute volunteers, despite that. The developing nations have announced their financial contributions.

Despite the bill being passed in through the RCEU rather than the parliament it represents the largest environmental protection and climate change effort the Federation has ever been a part of in the history of the country. With many activists and environmental experts suggesting further environmental bills should be passed through the RCEU council rather than the Federal parliament all together.


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News from across the RCEU

24th June 2023

Springtime for Naylorbrookisza; Urth’s most curious musical

Liane Rousseau

Springtime for Naylorbrookisza, a Nystatinne musical was performed at the Shano Tuvria

Memorial International Theater to a very confused audience. The musical was performed by native Nystatinne actors and was paid for by the RCEU Committee for Art, Media and Culture. The committee claims they trusted the Nystatinne delegates to the committee to ensure the appropriateness of the musical number. The delegates from Nystatiszna, and show producers said the musical is historically one of the most well received and popular plays throughout the country and in East Borea as a whole. While it was confirmed the musical is extremely popular in Nystatiszna, due to the nature of East Borea it couldn’t be confirmed. The musical was created in the 1980s by an ‘unknown screenwriter’ and played to a full house in Newport. Quickly becoming the top musical and theater play in the country. It was played in Newport eversense then and is considered to be a classic within the Borean country.

The musical had reviewers perplexed, with the majority of reviewers suggesting this might be some sort of joke or parody by the Nystatiszna government. However, the producers and actors of the musical assured reviewers the musical was completely straightforward with only slight liberties taking place for the theater itself. The musical was filled with slurs, offensive language, crude clothing and questionable historical accuracy in character personality and designs. With the Nystatinne Dictator, Naylorbrookisza being played by an ultra-macho woman who throughout kept stating they were straight and not a lesbian. Dotseth, a character in the musical (and a war criminal in real life), was displayed as a kemonomimi man dressed in a woman’s kimono, talking and singing in a woman’s tone. The main plot of the musical was about the Naylorbrookisza coup of the Nystatiszna government and later rule over the country, with a side plot of Dotseth and Naylorbrookisza wanting to spend time together to be manly and masculine coded ‘things.’

At many points it seemed like the two leads would form a romantic relationship together then it would immediately cut away to another act. In the musical, it deals with Dotseth’s family being killed in various methods by unknown forces and Dotseth throwing himself into his work and leaning on Naylorbrookisza for emotional support. All while Naylorbrookisza goes deeper into being sane by using various rituals to increase her mind powers and to become immortal, depending on Dotseth to gather the ingredients for the dictator. Which, according to audiences, confused them why Naylorbrookisza would need to be sane, when at no point she did anything insane. Several musical acts in the play reassured that Naylorbrookisza was completely sane, which led to mixed results among audience members, believing that the musical numbers are a quiet nod that she was insane.

The musical came under fire due to concerns that the special snacks being sold at the theater concession stand with several different types of eggs being sold that were coloured green. The producers of the musical claimed that the eggs have always been sold at the productions of the play and have no relevance to the namesake of the theater.

Reviews of the play have been heavily divided between giving the play a two out of five and five out of five. While all highlight the music, performance and the actors themselves was nothing less than spectacular. Reviewers highlight the plot to be deeply offensive and strange. Other more positive reviewers claim that the musical was made with a Nystatinne and East Borean mindset; claiming that not all forms of art or culture can transition into enjoyable experience for all peoples.


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News from across the RCEU

1st April 2022

Opinion Piece: Slavery in Modern Urth; Not just Nystatinne Interns and Pax Drones

Gaëlle Fabien

When you think of slavery, your first thought is Nystatiszna or East Borea in general. Maybe you first think about debt slavery in Packilvania. Now slavery in Nystatiszna is getting better, actually better with the recent slew of laws and policies being enforced by the NIB and Ingrid the Reclaimer. You can even make an argument that in Packilvania their version of slavery is getting better under the new Sultan Bedon. However, where slavery is not getting better, is everywhere else, if anything it is getting far worse.

The kind of slavery that isn’t run or backed by the government, the slavery that creeps into the developed world through organised crime. Now there have been efforts globally to counter this, namely the only one that truly has teeth is through the RCEU, however the planet lacks any decency to come together in anything but the most vague agreements and terms. You can have powers like the Great Morstaybishlia, Norgsveldet or United Confederation of Concordian States, make a push for being against slavery and scream about everyone stop doing it. However at the end of the day, only through actual international consensus and agreement to combat international sapient trafficking. It will continue even more so when it likes any teeth to enforce laws.

Slavery comes in many forms, government-forced labour or prison labour that catches the headlines. However it’s the quiet slavery run by criminal organisations or ‘businesses’ that often passes by unnoticed for the most part, bond slavery or debt slavery. Intrapping people in a debt designed to be never paid off fully. The price of modern slaves nowadays are 95% cheaper than it was in old days where it was common and lacked any of the protections they had, well at least in the Queendom era. This, of course, does not include the price of a Pax Drone or a Nystatinne Intern only in countries that list slavery or forced labour as illegal. Which does bring me to another topic but we will come to that soon enough.

The largest and most common form of slavery, more than debt slavery or government slavery is forced migrant labour. Through visa worker programs, undocumented immigrants or what happens more often, ‘immigrant services’ to be able to pay for immigrating to new countries in the first place. Coming from a dirt poor country like Ny’Natrotomi, Lapliszna, Syrtænzna and others to a developed world, is for the most part a dream or a fantasy. Travelling from one country to another is expensive, and chances are they won’t have the technical skills or degrees you find a developed country would need. They are not going to have computer science degrees or modern construction and trade skills. Meaning governments or agencies are going to have to fund education (for trade skills) for them, while that won’t be a big cost from a government perspective (factors vary.) It is a factor to consider, as a result even if a immigrant can somehow afford to go to a developed country, they run into the issue their market value is low and then toss ability to not speak the native language of the developed nation then you end up finding them having to do low-wage jobs or so forth.

That’s when criminals organisations or capitalists firms (also criminal organisations) step in, they can offer well paid jobs and the chance to immigrate to one of developed countries. For a cost, which they would be so politely charged extremist interests on. They smuggled them in and had them work those same low-wage jobs, but without any of the labour protections, overtime or actually getting paid.

You can point out all the open immigrant-friendly developed nations, asking why not just go to the police since they won’t get deported. To that, I would like you to imagine yourself in their shoes. You take their offer, maybe you want to send money to your family or something. You get sent to one of those developed nations, but now you work under threat of violence. If you go to the police, they know where your family lives and they know where all your friends live. Hell maybe you made some friends while working in bondage and they would be punished if you tried everything. So what if while you’re at work someone from the government comes by, maybe they suspect the company for slavery. Chances are, you do not have the inter strength to stand up and talk to them. You have that fear of punishment or that fear for your family. So you will lie to the official, you’re going to lie your ass off to them to protect yourself, even when they are pressuring or trying to show you support to tell them about the abuse but you’re going to end up keeping quiet and working.

Is what I said a little harsh? No, not even remotely harsh enough honestly.

Now I promise to talk about Packilvania, now at first you think of a Pax Drone and your first thought is disgust as any moral person should be. However I want you to keep in mind the slavery within the developed world and parts of the world where it is criminalised. Now there are billions of people in the land, it is a developing nation and for the most part quite poor. There is a huge wealth divide, and all of it seems to be ripe for a huge slavery problem. However rather than having a huge problem with the illegal slavery market, instead they organise it. They provide protections, structure and organise systems to their slavery. It is not the perfect system, not even remotely the perfect system given the complete control over the person including eating and hygiene. Even being able to beat (or in cases murder) the slaves with little recourse to the slave owner. However, this opens the system to change to actually enforce the laws on the books to protect the slave. Now this is still a horrid and criminal practice of course, but in comparison to other forms of slavery run by criminal organisations like the corporations that abuse visa worker programs. It provides a degree of honesty and transparency, which corporations and other forms criminal organisations lack. It also provides information about how slavery is operated within the country, information which could be used to counter and fix the issues that caused slavery in the first place.

Now chances are none of these issues would be ever fixed in Packilvania, they always used slavery and by this point they’re not going to get rid of it when they depend on slavery as an institution. They lack the moral character to challenge themselves to be rid of such a horrid system, and I doubt the Sultan’s heart is currently bleeding for his people in bondage when he still gains from it while sipping on his freshly slave-picked tea. However I like being able to look at the back of a package to see if it was made in Packilvania to know if I’m going to buy it or not. To clarify, I’m not buying anything made in Packilvania and neither should any truly morally upstanding person. It just saves time at the store.


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News from across the RCEU

24th July 2023

Ny’Dodo Cavern Explored; Despite pushback from Religious groups Protests

Alexis Dupont

The Ny’Dodo cavern is a small, sapient-made cave system in between the Miqo’te Akuan Republic and the Jarldom of Fiolett Himmel. It is considered to be a special place sacred by the Akuanists, Ulvriktru and various folk religions. As well a hotbed issue for the two petite-nations within the Federation arguing over the ownership of the cave system.

For a brief political history of the dispute between the petite-nations, the cave entrance originally laid in the edge of the original Jarldom of Fiolett Himmel-Ishva in the old Queendom. However after the Socialist victory in the Unification war, the Royal Workers’ Party redrew the internal borders of the country to better reflect ethnic populations. Dissolving the former duchy of Ishva and supplying the lands to the Akuan republic of Miqo’te. However in 1922, the Fiolett Himmel jarldom sued Miqo’te for ownership of the cave, citing cultural and historical importance of the site. With the Akuan Republic fighting on the grounds of its own cultural and religious importance of the cavern, with having a greater population nearby by the site as well.

The following court case verdict ruled in favour of the Miqo’te republic on population grounds. The capital of Fiolett Himmel, Blönverfi erupted in a riot lasting for a week until the Self Defence Forces was able to subdue the rioters. This didn’t end the tensions between the two petite-nations, with issues of destruction of property on the border and attacks by unarmed groups being widespread along the border.

The resulting tensions, the Federal government deployed additional SDF across the border and declared the Ny’Dodo cavern to be a Federal natural park, and thus under neither petite-nation’s control. While the solution ended up in several lawsuits against the federal government, it did decrease the tensions between the two. With being able to demobilise the SDF and allow business to continue business as usual.

Religious history, the Ulvriktru (specifically: Hjørdist Gustafism) view the cavern system as a holy place where Saint Félicité Fétique sealed away a family of dragons after slaying the mother dragon of Verneer. With the modern folk-lore believing entering the cavern would release the dragons. Akuanists have a similar view, with the belief of the cave system to be haunted by cruel spirits who kill those who enter into it. As such should not be entered at all.

The cavern was sealed with double fences made from steel in 1929, at the request of the two petite-nations to the Federal government and was not removed until 2023 when the research expedition into the cavern system removed the fences. When the expedition was announced, it was met with large protests across the two petite-nations.

The expedition itself was primarily done through a drone due to the concerns of the environment of the cave not being suited for sapient life. The expedition found a ‘treasure trove’ of artefacts, dating back to the early 1200s, and as far back to the 600s. Various metal pieces of art, axes, mirrors and bones. There were several skeletons of kemonomimi found, which is still under study in a university which did not wish to disclose its name to the RDM. There was notable discovery of various dead diseases being found on the remnants and on the artefacts themselves.

The removal of artefacts and skeletons triggered large backlash from the religious groups, accusing the Federal government of graverobbing. The largest two groups, the Akuanists and the Ulvriktrers claimed the remnants of the bodies as belonging to them, as proof that the cavern belonged to their own faith. Notably artefacts being pulled from the cavern system was an equal mixture of Ulvriktru and Akuan religious artefacts. The Ulvriktru side, suggesting that the Akuan artefacts are only there because vikings brought them with them. The Akuan side stated their only Ulvriktru artefacts because of Akuan merchants buying them.

To date, the Federal government has not issued a response about the situation.

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News from across the RCEU

24th July 2023

Ingrid the Reclaimer gives speech about abortion; Concerns have been raised about possible repercussions

Liane Rousseau

The Matriarch of Nystatiszna and Fyllikenkrasjlander, Ingrid the Reclaimer, has recently released a speech in front of the Scarlet Castle with the speech having been broadcasted by Pengu-1, one of two radio stations in Nystatiszna, for the entirety of Nystatiszna to listen too. In which she strongly condemned the rising pro-choice movements around the world and proclaimed the act of abortion as an inherent violence that cannot be allowed. Stating that: “It is within any Akuanist duty to act in defence of the defenceless.” Ingrid has announced that she will enact a new policy relating to abortion which would place anyone reported to perform abortion to be sent to a lifetime in prison in a NIB-ran facility rather than a state-ran facility. She went further on to proclaim that: “It is within the duty of any moral government to oppose these heinous acts of violence.”

When approached, Olav refused to comment about the Crown Princess and heir to the Norgsveltian monarchy speech. Matriarch Ingrid the Reclaimer’s mother, Wilhelmina offered a small statement, “I love my daughter very much.”

Esta the Protector the Jarlnja of Lapliszna released a comment about the speech on her social media accounts, stating her support of Ingrid’s speech. As well a new ruling to be enforced about carrying similar punishments in Lapliszna. Giving another statement as “Anti-Abortion is a shiny example of East Borean Unity and Morality.”

The Crown Prince of Blåskog, Wilan Carlsøn, wrote on Pigeon that: “My nation has its disagreements with Nystatiszna, but in this we stand united. Abortion is a sin that must be eradicated, I urge the Blåskovian parliament to take Ingrid’s words to heart.” According to recent reports members of the Blåskovian King’s Party have pushed for a motion to give doctors performing abortion five years imprisonment and having their medical licence revoked. A large increase from the earlier six month imprisonment that is in place today.

CEO of Gusanaszna, Kenddary Varinheart released his own statement on Pigeon, suggesting that instead of abortions, birth control drugs can be used in replace of such practice. Offering a discount on birth control medicines for their neighbouring countries as a way to avoid abortion. With several commenters replying that Akuanists in particular East Borean Akuanists, don’t believe in birth control due to religious belief.

The High Priestess of Noraida, Ava III, proclaimed in her own speech that: “Us faithful Duarists stand with our Akuan siblings against barbarity.” With Noraida abortion having been completely banned on the small island nation since 1989, with death penalty done towards any who dare perform abortion, including imprisonment to those seeking to get it. With it being known that children would be taken from their mothers to be raised by Priestesses in the Noraii Church. With the Duarist Church stating that: “Any mother who contemplate to murder their child has lost their right to have their child and must be raised by those who are faithful.”

In a joint statement by several Norgsveltian and Côtois pro-choice agencies; Norgsveltian and Côtois intelligence service agencies, released a statement condemning the speech and cited concern that it would increase violence towards medical professionals involved in the abortion process. However, the Federation government has made no comment about the speech, and Federal Prime Minister Pierre, when approached by reporters about the speech, stated: “No comment.”

The Norgsveltian Prime Minister, Wilhelm Kirkeland, made an statement during a press conference on the speech proclaiming it as an: “Lapse of judgement from the Matriarch of Nystatiszna and we cannot let heated emotions get in the way of progress.” The statement has gotten heated reactions from Norgsveldet’s Ulvriktru Democrats whose leader, Bjørn Varg, issued a demand to the Labour Prime Minister too: “Retract his statement if he wishes our coalition to continue.”


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News from across the RCEU

24th July 2023

Bill of Enforcing Solar Shingles; Committee of Green Industry Created; Pâturages Verts assigned special status

Alexis Dupont

It a party unanimous vote in the parliament the ‘Projet de loi sur l’application des bardeaux solaires aux logements résidentiels’ [Staynish: Bill of Enforcing Solar Shingles on residential housing] has passed with the detractors coming from the members of the Queendom Restoration Party. The bill will require all new housing to be built using photovoltaic shingles instead of regular roof tiling, and require all residential cooperatives and tenant unions to transition their roofs to solar shingles by 2040. The bill enforces residential complexes to include wall-batteries into their maintenance rooms and for individual housing units such as the ones found in pensioner villages, veteran districts or agricultural collectives to include wall-batteries into the homes.

The bill includes favourable credits to the individual housing units and is considered to be ‘essential’ for waiting list terms. Allowing them to be ahead of the queue for the waiting list for solar shingle and wall-batteries installation. Funding for the bill will in addition provide funds for mass remodelling of residential cooperatives roofing, with several of the petite-nations Miqo’te and Lalatina publicly stating they will be directing the states’ budget to assist in funding the remodelling and the construction cooperatives to assist with the Federal new law. Majority of the other petite-nations commenting they will follow suit in providing funds for remodelling and construction to follow the new law, with the largest commit of funding being Normand for their own Jarldom.

Sector Administrator of District-de-la-République-Capitale, Rébecca Souchon releasing a statement “C.D. has been working on including integrated photovoltaics into construction and remodels of buildings for almost a decade now, and we are glad to see the Federal government finally committing to real and substantial change to combat climate change.”

Environmentalist groups protested signing the bill, with spokesperson of ‘Tuer la planète’ [Staynish: Kill the Planet] Lance Hébert stating: “The bill is not actually fighting climate change, it is just an excuse to build more and new factories. The bill will promote and even go so far to protect mining operations that have been polluting the planet and stripping it of resources. I’m not against building with integrated photovoltaics in mind like with solar shingles but this will do nothing but further drive environmental harm through the increase of building new factories, mining operations and so forth.” The government did not respond to Red Dove requests to reply to this comment.

The Minister of Energy and the Minister of Economy & Finance came out with a joint statement promoting the bill. Stating it will massively decrease the cost of electricity and massively create new jobs in the manufactory, technology and other related sectors. With economy minister, Placide Fabre stating “This is one of the greatest jobs creating bills signed in the last 40 years. Jobs being created are not like the ones being provided by ‘Service National d’Emplois’ [Staynish: National Employment Service] but high-wage job opportunities.”

Several Norgsveltian companies have shown interest in the bill, Ørnsen & Etveren providing investments and loans to several green-energy firms with plans on expanding pre-existing factories, mines and processing facilities. As well plans with creating new facilities and mines all together within the Federation. Norgsveltian companies are not the only ones seeking to capitalise on the green energy push, with Federation own cooperative investment firms seeking opportunities within the RCEU and internally within the Federation for mining operations and processing facilities.

Federal Prime Minister of the Federation, Jeanne Pierre releasing a statement on approving the bill. “This bill is just the start of the green revolution. Through this bill we take the first step in making the Federation into the workshop of green technology and production. We’re leaping ahead of the capitalist nations, creating tens of thousands if not more new jobs, all while going green. The assigning of a Pâturages Verts as ‘special status’ and providing funding for it, will insure the Federation stays ahead of its peers with the technology curve. While the initial demand of the products will be high due to the scale of the project, I have been assured by my cabinet that prices of the products will quickly fall within the coming years. The new committee of Green Industry is made up of various experts, cooperative electors, Rochefort ceos and other important leaders in the sector, to ensure the Federation will be one of the leaders in green technology and its production on a truly large scale.”

Pâturages Verts (Staynish: Green Pastures) is a medium size port-city outside of Batkong, Normand. The city has been a hub of technology, primarily of environmental reclamation, recyclement and green technology. The city has long desired the rarely given special status, with several attempts at trying to receive it. Special status gives a city or a specific region several benefits; the most important two of the special status is an exception from Rochefort policies IE letting a traditional capitalist firm operate within the confined borders of the city and having to only pay city tax rather than any petite-nation or federal tax. In addition the Federal government provides incentives for businesses to operate within the district for foreign capital provided they meet the guidelines set out by the arrangement of the special status. This makes it one of three special status cities within the Federation.

In addition to the new bill and policies established. Concerns have been raised about potential of excessive energy production by the Federation nuclear power plants. Minister of Energy, Jean-Louis Pomeroy stated that the energy production of the power plants will not be slowed down by the new direction, rather they plan on exporting the excess energy to nations part of Together Lapérouse! at low cost in order to keep production going after the notable impact of the bill is felt. Already the Federation power grid is connected to the nations, offering a source of cheap power, however concerns have been raised by various energy experts that unless the TL! nations increase energy consumption that the nuclear power plants will still be overproducing for the region needs. Taking in the aspects of local power plants operated within the TL! nations, and other related factors. While nuclear power plants will still produce power during the downtime of solar power, there will still be excessive power being produced.

As such, high level meetings between Vistari officials and Federation officials have been underway to connect power grids sometime in the 2030, when the effects of the solar residential transition is felt massively. However it is currently unknown if the agreement will come to pass due to protests and the raised concerns from the provinces on the Guilder’s Strait.


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News from across the RCEU

2nd September 2023

Helslandrer refugees experience in the Federation

Marquite Bertrand

The war in Helslandr tore apart families, killed hundreds of thousands of people and broke a nation. The Fascists Front, attempted to outright genocide tielfing and kemonomimi minitories in their mission to cleanse the peninsula. The war is long over and the fascists are in a death rattle, what few are left that is. As such, a discussion about the return of Helslandrer to their country or should they stay in the Federation? The Federation took in 2,85 million refugees, all without the assistance of capitalist charity. Our country sustained them, and helped them. Students torn from their university classes were allowed to attend the Côtois universities, assimilation courses to help refugees better acclimatise to their new home and so many more.

The sudden culture shock from living in Helslandr to the Federation is known and has been a recent topic of study for sociologists. With many refugees reciting their initial impression when first arriving in the Federation. Among those being Vanisitir Tatere, a young Duarist tiefling who fled to the Federation after the Fascists Front destroyed his village. According to Mr. Tatere was the accommodation for tieflings in general stores, taking into account the clear physical difference between tieflings and non-tieflings when matters of clothing come to mind. Something which he recites as being extremely rare in Helslandr, limited to only tiefling run stores and regions in which such accommodations are even considered. Though stating his biggest relief being the openness within Federation society. Proclaiming that: “Even before the war there were still clear issues with specism in Helslandr. I was seen as a horned freak back home, I thought I would be safe in my village from such hatred….”

Another refugee, that of a kemonomimi Hjørdist by the name of Annette Gauthier, who was held prisoner of war by the Fascistic Terrorists until she was able to escape across the border also stated her experience. With her stating her admiration for the Federation’s military efforts, including the involvement of the Self Defense Forces (SDF) which gave her a temporary place to live. Mrs. Gauthier stated in an interview that she would have joined the SDF if it wasn’t for fact her balance been terminly weakened after weeks of torture by the NRRH terrorists. With her having proclaimed respect to the Liberation Heroine Ela Ymlaia, the current Helslandrer Minister of Labour and Social Inclusion. Stating that: “From what I’ve read of the news I can just state that it is an honour to know we can rely on her and the Federation for Helslandr’s future.”

With more money having been put into the Bassot Plan with 22,8 trillion RKR (228 billion SHD) having been given to Helslandr over the course of two years. With it being estimated in recent reports that large amount new housing being built in Helslandr for returning refugees, with the Minister of Children, Elderly and Families, James Ny’Chutte, having stated that hundred of thousands refugees in the Federation has been planning on returning back home. With the SDF playing a vital role in helping the returning refugees with it being a joint effort by the SDF and the Helslandrer Army in ensuring the security of it all.

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News from across the RCEU

5th November 2023

The inter-RCEU chess tournament to be held

Kalyáan Wasnei and jointly written with Félicité Sætre

The Red Crown Economic Union will be hosting its first ever internal chess tournament in District de la République-Capitale, with members across the RCEU sending in their grandmasters. The tournament was heavily pushed forward by Federation of the Southern Coast Lapérouse, and by Côtoise councilor Anette Dupont who hopes to promote more sports tournaments and games between member states in the future. Despite the general reluctance from the Federal government to guide or use it’s influence on the RCEU, outside of the absolute necessity due to the fear of inadvertently unjustly pushing its will onto the member states. The counselor is a strong proponent for internal cultural and sport events, being the strongest defender within the RCEU for ‘Springtime for Naylorbrookisza’ and other controversial plays, films and other art pieces on display across the RCEU.

The tournament will be hosted in the People’s Tournament Hall for Board Games, Chess Boxing and Combat Boardwalk. The tournament will be on 19th of November, and available on stream on Nordflix and Ruisseau.FCS. Residents of C.D. are requested to be polite to the incoming grandmasters and international master. The opening ceremony will be held by High Jarlnja Alexandra, who will give a short speech before the start of the tournament.

International master Deita Káan will be representing the Tribal Federation of Kuduk in the up-coming chess tournament. Born in the heart of the Foya Tribe, Káan has been interested in chess from a very young age. Ever since his mother gifted him a chess set, he’s played the game nonstop for just over a year now. He is considered one of Kuduk’s top chess players in the isles’ history. “I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to do,” said Káan in an interview, “but I’ll make sure to wear my lucky mask on the day of the tournament.”

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News from across the RCEU

10th November 2023

Tale of Sister-Cities; Clan Heads of Yinyin and Èzevann

Kalyáan Wasnei and jointly written with Félicité Sætre

Sister-cities are no stranger to the Federation, however for our fellow member-state in the RCEU Kuduk it’s a fresh idea similar to mixing ketchup and mustard sauce together. With recent modernization efforts in Yinyin, the mayor of Èzevann, an old small fishing town in Dragefjord, decided to offer a friendly challenge to the Representative Zai of Yinyin to see who can modernize first. Mayor Simone Roux of Èzevann published a picture on the town’s social media accounts of a small letter she wrote to the people of Yinyin.


“To the lovely people of Yinyin of Kuduk, words of your efforts to modernize and build your city. My own humble town of Èzevann is undergoing our own modernization process. As such, my fellow comrades and myself would like to challenge Yinyin. Whomst ever is considered to be the most ‘modernized’ by judgment of an equal and fair group of six judges selected by both our towns. Shall win this statue of a goat, and the grand title of ‘Fastest Modernization City’. In addition to the grandest of challenges, we would like to establish ties between our two cities as sister-cities in better ability to keep an eye on each other.”

The tongue-in-cheek letter was sent off and the Representative of Yinyin sent back a steaming reply.

“Dear Esteemed Mayor Simone Roux of Èzevann,

Your challenge has been seen and equally met! Our community is most excited to begin work on our town. In a year the judges will decide which of us most deserves to be called “modernized.” As we embark on this competition, we wish your town the best of luck in hiking up the slope of modernization. In order to better keep track of each other’s progress, we should indeed establish ties as sister-cities.

Best Regards, Representative Zai of Yinyin”

The Kuduk letter was published on Mrs. Roux social media accounts, and have been republished on other news sites.

Reportedly the Èzevann mascot and town’s pet a myotonic goat or more commonly referred to as a fainting goat online. When informed of the challenge between the two cities, fainted and was unable to be asked questions by the local reporters.

The Heads of several Clans in Yinyin were asked about what they thought of the competition and how they would contribute to it.

The Head of Yinyin’s Midnight Sun Clan said, “We will graciously accept the challenge. Building houses is our main focus in Yinyin, and we will continue to do so to help modernize our town. I’m sure I speak for more than my own Clan here when I say that we will help Yinyin grow into a prosperous city.”

The Head of the Waning Moons had this to say: “If it’s a challenge they want, it’s a challenge they’ll get! Our Clan will help with anything Yinyin needs in order to defeat Èzevann at the modernization game!”

The Head of the Kuiláan, Good Fortune Clan responded with: “We’ll do our best to grow this town faster than Èzevann can! We’ll provide the handiwork necessary to create hand-made goods for the town’s people.”

Èzevann, is an old fishing and farming village located around 70km from the capital of Dragefjord, Keratila. The village was settled sometime in the late 1200s, and was for the most part untouched by the Unification Wars. The village slipped through the cracks of Mending the Land projects, and other mass-constructions projects committed by the Federal government. As such, the buildings in the town tend to lack indoor plumbing and electricity in every housing unit. Most of the houses are still built with wood and clay roofing. Notably the village has a higher population of goats and sheep than to people. The town barely reaches a population over 1,000 and is totally outnumbered by the livestock to a 1-to-5 ratio. Historically, the town tended to opt- out of various renewal programs including Pierre’s 2019 ‘Agricultural and Rural Renewal Program.’ However with the recent election of Simone Roux, the humble town has opt-in into several modernisation and renewal programs pushed by the Federal government, though some critics from the town have raised concerns such as a elderly elven man who refused to go any other name than ‘Geitmann’ when questioned by reporters said that it would raise property prices around the village too much and far too noisy for the trolls under the bridge. Red Dove reporters found there were no trolls under the bridge nor are there any magical trolls existing on Urth. The mayor of the town became of great importance after the viral media post, with several Keratilans (residents of Keratila) stating their interest in moving into the town in order to win the challenge.

Yinyin is an old village town located on the southwestern coast of the Island of Sagut in Kuduk! It is located right on top of the Yinyin River Delta, which provides the town with most of its water and transportation. Yinyin was settled sometime in the beginning of the 12th century by the Asitasi Grand Lodge during the Kuxwéi Era. A Naa Sàati scholar named Wou Záai was the one who ordered that water canals be dug within the town in order to use the river delta as a means of transportation. In 1257, the town came under the rule of the Yevak tribe, which it has been under ever since. Today, Yinyin has 2,250 people and counting as modernization begins to draw people in from all over Kuduk!

In addition to the letters being exchanged, Roux sent a large plaque to Yinyin. The plaque is the longitude and latitude of Èzevann, with the name written above the coordinates. As well a large blanket made from the goat’s wool created by Mrs. Roux’s grandmother with the symbol of the town’s mascot stitched into it being sent along with the plaque. The Red Dove would like to note that the blanket was thoroughly cleaned and sealed in a plastic bag to avoid contamination.

In return, Yinyin sent a tapestry woven with the Taita Sun Drum, Yinyin’s official emblem, woven into it! It was created using sheep’s wool and traditional weaving methods from the western tribes.