RP Awards - January 2024 Nominations

Best Wiki:
Kanor VII (Self-Nomination)
Tavari Money Honour (Self-Nomination)
Pariah (Gonggong)
Royal Foxes (Cowlass)
Saintmagnus (Aivintis/Lerasi/Mangegneithe)
Votive Way (CyR)
Thumim V (Oan)
Royalistic Populism (Norgs)
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Best Broadcaster:
Red Dove Media (Cowlass)
The Cynebury Herald (Tretrid)
Auroran Continental Press Organization (Oan)
The Crescent—News from Packilvania (Oan)

Best Roleplay:
The Crowning Moment (Multiple)
True Justice (Aivintis/Lerasi/Mangegneithe)
A Party for the Realm (Norgs and Cowlass)
Voyage of the Homebound (StyxPrincess)

Best Design:
Flag of the Avtovati Isles (Self-Nomination)
Logo of the New Tavari Communist Party (Self-Nomination)
Seal of the Imperial Academy (Tretrid)
Flag of Reijia (Gonggong)
Elden Ring-style Butterfly Projection Urth Map (Gonggong)

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