[RP]War of Eternity

Imperial Palace
Empress Office

“Ma’am I have the book you requested from Tau Cygna Central Archives,” said her most trusted aide as she walked into her office holding the oldest history book in East Malaysia.

“Why thank you June,” said Glendale standing up and taking the book from her aide and sitting it on her desk. “I feel honored having this book in my presents and able to read it.” She sat down and mentioned her aide to do the same

June did as mentioned, “Why is this book so important, if I may ask?”

“This book holds everything that is sacred to us and the rest of Malay Prime descendants… This book also holds the key to our survival against what is our destine war to come I fear. Have you ever heard of the legends of Enara and Ux-Mal, or, Lysia, Carraya, Loval, and Kesprytt?” asked Glendale in a curious tone

“I’m afraid not…how are these legends important?”

Opening up the book, “Enara and Ux-Mal are the creators or the Malaysian race that was split between their daughters and sons. Enara and Ux-Mal are believed to be ancient beings that created us. Lysia, a daughter, is the keeper of East Malaysian ethnic group. Carraya, a daughter, is South Malaysia’s; Loval, a son, is North Malaysia’s; Kesprytt is West Malaysia’s.” she said while finally turning to the first page

“This is very interesting and I’m a history major…I didn’t know any of this…” said June with a very attentive look

Glendale sighed, “It’s a pity that we don’t hold our traditions like they where back on Malay Prime along time ago. I plan to have this book published to reveal what we’ve missed by the Bishop’s corruption,” she flipped to a page and started to read out loud. “…For we will come back with vengeance against East Malaysians. They have betrayed us through not helping us prevail since they are all that stands in our way to power. We will prepare for the year twenty-nine fifty and we will get what is ours…the death of East Malaysia.”

The Empress was quite after she read that, “Ma’am, What’s wrong? The year-“

“That’s in Malaysian Republics’ years June…” said Glendale with a sad look
“Oh…What year is it by ancient standard?” said June with a worried look

“Twenty-nine fifty.” Said Glendale as she yet again started flipping though pages obviously looking for something

June knew something was up and decided to ask, “How bad is it?”

Glendale paused and looked up, “It’s pretty bad…they will come for us it’s only a matter of how soon and I think we can keep this on the down-low and fight them off.”

“But what happens if they are more powerful than us?”

“Prayer might be good… you can start with the god we’ve adopted here, or Enara and Ux-Mal; maybe Lysia too. The key here is to find Malay Prime and there we will find the key to defeating them and what has been lost.” Glendale said looking over at an ancient key that hung on a chain in a glass cabinet.

June followed her eyes to what she was looking at, “Is that the key to it all?”

“Yes… When Malay Prime is found I must go there with this book and that key and… literally save my people and restore us to long life. Also help our race survive by sharing with the other Malaysia’s.” said Glendale not taking her eyes off the key until she was done speaking, then she looked at June, “I’m dispatching a division to find Malay Prime and organizing our fleet for fast action. Now this may be obvious to some that something is going on, but there’s not much I can do.”

“Yeah I understand, Ma’am.” Said June standing up

Smiling Glendale handed her a PADD, “Take this to S.A. Mary Jo Juneburg at ASN Command, I’ll also be sending it from here.”

June started to walk out but stopped, “One last thing Ma’am…How soon?” asked June ready to go out the door

“They are upon us like a pack of hungry rabid wolfs ready to strike. The question is not when, but where…” said Glendale then she sat back in her chair closing her eyes

June walked out knowing that it was time to leave and prepare.


Council of War
West Malay Prime, Great Kesprytt City

“Councilmen of the Great Empire of West Malaysia, I stand here today informing you that the year twenty-nine fifty is here and our glory will soon follow. The time is here to fulfill our ancestors’ betrayal by defeating East Malaysia. Our inelegance reports show that East Malaysia is a worthy appoint for space battle, but they lack our advanced technology that we still have from the ancient days and have advanced from. We will mobilize our fleet and invade a border system of there’s known as Ventax and find where East Malaysia’s main territory is and take there land by force.” He looked around of a moment then raised his left arm; “Glory is Victory!” said the Prominent one

The Councilmen followed suit and the only thing that was heard was “Glory is Victory!” until one man walked down from his seat into the center circle

“This is crazy if I must say so! Wasting our time on-“

The Prominent one pulled out a dagger and threw it at the man. It hit him in the center of his forehead, killing him instantly. He walked over to the man pulling out his dagger and holding it up said, “This is what happens to traitors of our glory! Now hurry, hurry and get ready for war!”

Everyone cheered then exited the chamber while the Prominent one stood there smiling thinking to himself, there will only be me now… no one standing in my way.

East Malaysia system


“What’s that about, anyway?” the captain muttered at the note. It was pointless; the instruction was four hours old, and there had been no follow-ups. And so his ship, an eight-million-ton ore hauler under the Kandarin flag, had along with about thirty others of different nationalities been shuffled from the queue to warp to Sol into a zone of space located behind a gas giant in the outer system. Why, it wasn’t clear. Disruptions like this were not uncommon, but he had a deadline to keep.

“Warp footprint, sir!” the navigator’s voice rang out over the bridge, as a large, amorphous energy signal appeared on the ship’s limited sensors in roughly the area where the cargo ships had been originally designated to warp out, indicating arriving ships.

“How many?”

“I can’t tell. We’re not in line for sensor upgrades. Besides, the planet’s blocking a lot of things. I don’t think they want us looking at it. Thirty? Fifty? A hundred? Two hundred? I can’t tell. It’s a lot.”

The captain nodded. “I think some people back home will want to know about this.”

Several hours later, shipping in and out of the East Malaysia system was renewed as if nothing had happened.

Dovakhanese Directorate of Security
Division of Espionage

A meeting was in the works 100m under the surface of the earth:
«So, our mole in the East Malaysian imperial household sent us a report today, something about the Malay having fits over some book» said the Sub-Director of Espionage

The room chuckles a little at the thought of a modern civilisation being controlled by myths concocted by cave people

«Supposedly it’s a prophecy year. Magora!» he called «Have someone pull that microfilm of the old Malaysian history book from the Dovakhanese Biblioteca» he yelled

Dovakhanese Bibliotheca
Vault A321

A pencil-necked bibliotecien filed through the microfilm collection, the request from the «government» was hard to come by.

E.A.N. Day

“Commander, I have a strange sensor reading from the edge of the Ventax system…actually about a light-year out, Ma’am.” Said Lt. Commander Claiborne from his post

Standing up from the center chair and waking over to his station to see the reading herself, Commander Reed was quickly worried. “These reading look like jamming signals, or sensor scatter signals. The Armstrong and us are the only ships in this system and I don’t like this…the rest of our division is not here yet. Claiborne, inform the Armstrong of this and tell them to stay nearby.” Walking back to the center chair, “Dyson, set a course for the outer Ventax system, warp 8.” Pressing a button on the chair, “Captain to the bridge.”

“Our ETA is 3 minuets Commander, but I’m having problems navigating due to sensor issues…” said Dyson looking back at her

“Aye. Yellow Alert, Ensign drop us out of warp.” Said Reed as she stood up and walked over to tactical

“Aye, Ma’am.” Said Dyson as he eased the ship back to impulse

“Report!” said the captain as he entered from the turbolift

“We have unknown readings outside of the Ventax system, Sir.” Said Reed

“Captain, I’m showing a large number of ships ahead…unknown type.” Said the Tactical officer

“Aye…Helm set a course and Comm sent out a friendly greeting” said the captain as her mover to his chair


E.A.N. Henshaw

“Okay, our mission is to find Malay Prime as you know from the earlier briefing as quickly as we can. From ancient astronomical markers Lt. Commander Lindi has narrowed it down to 3 systems. Long distant scans tell us that only 1 of the systems has planets, but it will take us at least 4 days to get there. We are to maintain radio silence until then and only break it if we find Malay Prime. Am I understood?” said Captain Richard in a rough tone.

“Yes sir” said every one of his officers at once.


Imperial Palace
Office of the Empress

“Admiral Juneburg is everything in order?” asked Glendale just as the Admiral walked in

“Yes Ma’am, but the Ventax system only has two ships and their division is being delayed due to a simple mistake and mix up in orders. We’ve tried to raise the ships, but there’s a lot of static in the Ventax system, but Ventax itself we can get and are relaying a message now, but it’s taking some time.” Said Juneburg while standing up

“Hummm…Keep me informed on this situation… Now I understand that the 200-ship fleet is standing by awaiting orders?” asked Glendale while signing something

“Yes the fleet is, Ma’am.” Juneburg said while still standing

“Good, that’s good to hear… Now the grouped divisions in the Sol System and the ones close by that make up the 150-ship fleet for this sector are not very noticeable are they?” asked Glendale standing up and moving to a file cabinet

“I have to say…yes for the high tech nations and lower tech nations may realize that our ships only buildup like this when something major happens, or is about to happen…” said Juneburg

Glendale paused and looked back at Juneburg, “Tell me MJ on a personal level, am I doing the right thing?”

“Glendale I think you’re doing the thing you feel is best keeping a huge issue like this quiet, but if things happen and go in the wrong direction you know what is needed to be done. Now keep that in mind, but for now I have to go and checkup on the Ventax problem.” With out another word she left Glendale’s office.

Flag office, KFS Vendetta, flagship Home Fleet, holding orbit above Kandarin

Amos Tversky, newly appointed adjutant to Vire Khaz, Lord Primary of Damis and commander of Kandarin’s armed forces, looked awkwardly around his employer’s office. Mostly, it tended to the macabre. A large broadsword was displayed above the desk, above two crossed blades shaped in manners that would make wielding them…awkward, and a well-worn shuriken rifle. The stuffed heads of several animals he didn’t recognize were also on the walls, along with a severed arm of something large and reptilian with several recent shuriken rounds in it, which was arranged between two of the red-and-black banners that seemed to be the theme around here. The desk was just as bad; Sharpened, ruby-tipped daggers and misshaped obsidian artwork were strewn around it. A small holographic portrait of a pretty little girl, presumably a relative, smiled at him from the desk, but even she was wearing a blood-red dress, and so to Tversky’s dismay still matched the decor.

“You didn’t come here to admire my office, Amos.” Lord Khaz said, tirning his chair around.

“No, I didn’t. We’ve had an interesting report from the East Malaysia system. Admiral Howe wished for you to see it.” He plugged a disc into the desk’s holopool. It flickered to life, showing a rudimendtary map of the East Malaysia system.

“What am I looking at here?” the elf gave Tversky puzzled look.

“We received this readout from a cargo ship, the Wayfarer. As of 0000 two days ago, the EM-Sol route was closed for four hours and all shipping was escorted to a naturally sensor-nullified zone - similar to the Jovian disruption, mind you - and during that time a large force”- here the vague energy signature of the fleet flickered into place- “of unknown strength appeared. After it had passed, traffic was resumed.”

“I presume Lord Howe has also reached the conclusion that they are East Malaysian ships?” The adjutant nodded as his employer continued. “Good. This is puzzling. There are several possibilities, of course.” He held out some fingers. “One, they’re reshuffling their fleet. They have borders, perhaps one is less secure than usual and they want a neighbor to know who runs things around there. But that doesn’t explain the secrecy as the point of a show of strength is to be shown.”

“Two, they’re running exercises. We did a similar thing a while back, you recall the Eta Ceta wargames we ran two years ago. It would explain the secrecy, and would explain why they’re also running enough electronic warfare pods on this side of the conduit that we don’t know about it.”

“Three, they’re at war, which would explain both the movements and the secrecy involved. But Jung’s not making war noises, and we’d expect to hear something; a request for assistance, perhaps.” Khaz paused and spun one of the daggers on the desk, watching it for a moment. “I’ll take it up with the Cabinet, but if they want to keep it a secret odds are it’s none of our business.”

WM Destroyer

The Prominent one stood looking at the approaching ship and wondered if this would be what they have been searching for…a East Malaysian ship.

“They are sending us communications requesting who we are, Sir.” said the tactical officer

“Fine open a channel and lets lead them on.” said the Prominent one standing up


E.A.N. Day

Captain Fandango stood as the channel was opened, “Greetings, I’m Captain Greg Fandango of the East Malaysian starship Day; may i ask what you’re doing here outside of a system of ours?”

“We are travelers from a distant system that’s on a mission for a new homeland, we are nearly resting out ships before we have to leave and continue our journey.” said the Prominent one thinking, It’s about time victory is near!]

“Ah, you have no need to worry then you can stay for a short time longer but-”

“Sir we have a priority encoded message from Vantex.” cut in Claiborne

Captain Fandango looked at her then back at the view screen, “Please excuse me,” he said as the view screen was put on mute, “Lets have it.”

“Aye, it’s a voice message.”

“Starship Day and Armstrong your division has been delayed and there is a invasion force nearby one of our systems. Get back to Vantax ASAP.”]

“Lee! Scan those ships and what do you read?” said the captain while looking at the screen where the man was still on mute

“Aye, scanning… These are battleships sir… heavily armed with troops.” said Lee worried

The XO went right to business, “Claiborne! send encoded message to the Armstrong to get back to Ventax and warn them. Dyson prepare to get us out of here quickly. Captain, what…”


WM Destroyer

“They are taking way too long… They must know…” said the Prominent one

“They have scanned us…we should attack now…”


E.A.N. Day

“Okay… Now!” barked the captain

“Battle station!” said the XO

|the ship turned quickly and warped before the ship could fire and the WM ships moved after the Day|

“They are following us! The Armstrong is already in the range of Vantax.” said Claiborne quickly pressing controls, “Subspace is very hectic… Commercial ships what’s following us and are quickly moving outta the system.”

“They are gaining on us!” Yelled Dyson

“Brace for impact!” barked Lee

Dyson fell out of his chair and quickly got back up, “Warp drive is offline! Where are full impulse.”

“Understood! Fire phasers and torpedoes!” said Fandango

“Aye, but sir where out numbered by a fleet… shields are failing!” Yelled Lee as the light dimmed from the weapons fire

"Helm controls our offline! Where out of control! Yelled Dyson trying to get the ship under control

“Try and-” Fandango tried to say something but the hull collapsed and bridge exploded


E.A.N. Armstrong

“Sir! The Day’s power signature has disappeared…” said the communications officer

The captain turned and look at him, “On screen!”

“Oh my god…” was all the captain said

“They are headed in our direction!” barked the tactical officer

“Vantex doesn’t have planetary defense… Try and get us out of here!” said the captain moving to his seat

“What about Vantex?” asked his XO

“They know what’s coming and we can do-” the captain was saying before the West Malaysian fleet open fire on the ship

“Damn it! They have knocked out our engines, our shields our not powerful enough to with handle that much fire power… Crap! Vantex’s gravitational pull is pulling us in, where crash landing, sir!” said the Helm officer

“Understood! All hand to the escape pods! Atmospheric crash landing!” Said the captain as everyone filed out of the bridge to the turbolifts



Vantex Government Complex
Vantex City

“They are landing troops in the city!” yelled people in the complex running around

“Let them come… we are peaceful people, East Malaysia will come and liberate us.” said the Territory government leader on a loudspeaker


The Empress entered ASN Command and heard the communication that where scrambled, but still understandable.

“Vantex… invaded… Day and Armstrong destroyed… Request assistance…” she heard and knew it was about to all be known

“Cut subspace communication in and out of the Ventax system… Mobilize the fleet and move them into Ventax system ASAP!”


Ok Next will be Battle/Malay Prime/More :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: heheheehehe

Directorate of Security
Division of Espionage

A quiet secretary handed the sub-director the microfilm reel. He inserted it in the big projector and the whole meeting look through thousands of copied pages in old Malay.

«As you can see, colleagues, we’ve got a prophecy here» he said
The room chuckles

Then, the secretary re-enters and whispers some news in the sub-directors ear

«It seems there is a situation developing in the cosmos. I don’t see how we can do anything without a space programme, but I’ll bring it up in the emergancy Directorate meeting I’m calling right now. Meeting ajourned»

Meeting atendees leave

E.A.N. Henshaw

“Commander, we are five hours away from the system. I would suspect the it would take about five days to get back to Earth when we are on our way back at a lower warp speed. If this is Malay Prime we can send a message to Tau Cygna thru the relay system to Earth, but that would give away Earth’s position.” said a night shift officer

“Understood…could you give more information on the sensor information you recorded?” asked the Commander

“It all very confusing… static communiques, over lapping communications, even some jamming, right now I don’t have the time to figure it all out, but maybe when I’m off duty I’ll look at it sir.” she said

“Okay, thanks.” said the Commander


E.A.N. Flagship

E.A.N. Flagship under the command of Fleet Admiral James B. Pittman. This is the first major battle that East Malaysia has been in. I just hope we are successful in fighting off these invaders…West Malaysians command says who they are…

Admiral Pittman entered the main part of the bridge from the ready room, “Report.”

“We are all in place just awaiting your orders, sir.” said Captain Gray

Walking over to his set then pressed a button on the center chair, “This is Flagship… All ships move to mobile position one. Battle stations.” then he sat down, “Ensign, engage!”

“Aye, sir and will be there very soon” said the helm officer


Vantex Government Complex
Vantex City

The Prominent one was asking the Ventex Territorial Leader, V’Las, a series of questions

“You are the leader of this planet?”

“In a way yes I am.” said V’Lass


“I am the territorial leader of Vantex under East Malaysian supervision.” said V’Lass

“What is your plan for Vantex?”

“My plan? I have no plan but to on day a future leader will be able to see Vantex become a planet-state of East Malaysia.” said V’Lass

“Who is your leader?”

“Empress Jung” said V’Lass

“A woman? Interesting… Why have your computer banks been wiped?”

“To prevent you finding where East Malaysia’s is located at.” said V’Lass

“Is it a whole planet owned by East Malaysia?”

“No.” said V’Lass

“Thank you for your time Mr. V’Las…”

“Can me and my staff leave now?” said V’Lass

“Yes, but not in the way you would like to…I’m sorry but this is now a West Malaysian planet and you are traitors to your new government.” he pulled out a sword and so did the people with him

“This is how it must be… LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!” said V’Lass

They moved forward and started striking the officials and a few minuets later they exited the blood covered room with blood on them and went back to there ship in orbit and cleaned up.


E.A.N. Flagship

“We are here.” said Ensign Forester at the helm

“Drop us out, charge phasers and load torpedo bays.” said Pittman

“The West Malaysian ships are taking up positions I don’t understand… Sir! I’m reading micromines!” said tactical officer Kim

“Fire phasers to detonate the mines, Gamma movements.” said Pittman sitting more erect in his seat

“They are opening fire on the ships ahead of us” said Kim

“Understood, Mobile position 1 for those lead ships, fire at will!” Said Pittman looking over at him

“The West Malaysian ships are firing some unknown energy weapons… Disputers sir!” said Kim

“Fast charging weapons… Fire on the ships to the left they are firing more, target there weapons and engines, bring us about.” said Gray looking down at his mini console and Pittman

[20 minuets later]

“They have taken up a position around what’s left of our fleet sir!” yelled Kim

“Damn it! How and the hell did they do this in 30 minuets? I’ve never seen such fire power coming from the larger ships only if we had fired all of our fire power on those ships first then we would have made a difference… How many ships left?” said Pittman

“29… 28 ships our left in our fleet” said Kim then a few stations sparked as the ship was hit by more torpedoes.

“We cant hold them back when they still have 193 ships… All ships Erratic pack back to Earth at maximum warp. Engage.” said Pittman


ASN Command

“Out of 200 ships only 28 remain? Oh my…” Glendale said with a shocked look

“They are on there way back here and they are damaged, the Flagship itself has hull breaches and one of it’s nacelles are venting plasma. If nations havent already figured it out…they will now.” said Juneburg looking down

“I know… Put the nation on Red Alert… The Henshaw could send it’s message at anytime and I want to be ready because it will give away out position… Have support ships ready for when they get back, which will be?” Glendale said

Looking up the huge view screen, “They are due right now Ma’am.” said Juneburg working some controls ordering support ships out.

“Understood.” Glendale said in a sad tone

Liberty City - The Blue House
The Spherical Office
“We just got the images from the Gubble Space Telescope.” The FPIA Director stated as he sat down. “From what we can tell, EM’s fleet has taken part in a major engagement.”

“Did they win?” Terrus asked.

“Judging by the fact that EM only just now went to Red Alert, I’d guess not.”

“Any more information?”

“Sir, for the most part, we rely on sources within the EM Government for our information. During a Red Alert situation, those sources are too busy doing their jobs to try to get information to us.”

“So that’s all you got?”

“Yes, sir.”

Matt looked over at Chris. “Suggestions?”

“Go to DefCon 4. Can’t hurt.”

“Objections?” After a moment, Matt nodded. “Do it.”

Kandarin holding orbit- Home Fleet

Retreats are easier to hide than attacks. Down through history, all manner of subtlety has been employed to hide an assault up until the minute the guns open fire. To date, however, few commanders have been able to hide an escape from an engagement. Admiral Pittman was understandably unable to carry out this feat. The reaction of the Kandarin Government in the next several hours was one of sudden realization; As much as possible, fleet units were pulled to Home Fleet’s position, and an offer of assistance was sent to the Empress.

E.A.N. Henshaw

“Dr. Brown we are ready.” said Captain Richard

Pressing a few controls, “I’m going to scan this planet for BioGenic isotopes that we still have residue left in our DNA.” she study the results as they came in for about 10 solid minuets, “It’s a match… This planet is Malay Prime and looks like the original effects of the weapon has worn off and some vegetation has started to grow…it’s able to have humanoid life.” she said again and study the scans again

“That all i needed to know, Send to command that we have found Malay Prime, encode priority one.” said Richards

“Aye, message sent”


ASN Command

“Damn it! They gave our position away with that message…I’m sorry Ma’am and i assure you that this will be dealt with sw-” Juneburg was cut off by Glendale

“That wont be necessary because they where acting on my orders Admiral. Are they on there way here?” stated Glendale

“No… I ordered them to Tau Cygna after they sent us there information.” said Juneburg

“Are the West Malaysians on there way here?” asked Glendale walking around stations reading them

“Yes…they are on there way and will be here in a few hours.” said Juneburg handing Glendale a PADD with the report

“You know what to do Admiral… Please send all the information from the Henshaw to the Eastrovia and get me an emergency crew.” Said Glendale

Juneburg move to where only Glendale would hear her, “Glendale, what the hell are you about to do?”

“I’ll write a report on it when i get back and you can read it,” Glendale said sarcastically.

“Very well i cant wait to read it…but the emergency crew wont be there until the battle starts at least,” said Juneburg in a serious tone

“I understand MJ…i’ll try and have the ship back in one piece,” said Glendale as she turn towards the exit

That’s right you better, Juneburg thought, “Move in the local fleet, activate the city shields, and…issues orders to inform foreign citizens that we suggest they leave until current issues are over. Also get the General Greene and staff here on the double! Send to Kandarin’s Government that we accept there assistance.”

To: Kandarin
From: East Malaysia

We accept any assistance that you can give us against our enemies. We hate to have to draw you into this matter of our and are glad to have allies like you.

Mary Jo Juneburg
Commander of the Aerospace Navy


East Malaysian ships started warping in and taking up battle stance

Directorate of Security
General Meeting Room

«Colleagues, we’ve just gotten reports that East Malaysia is fighting with rebels in space, and that the rebels have already destroyed a lot of their fleet and captured the planet-colony Vantex» said the Sub-Director of Espionage.

The room is quiet

#«Sub-director, where did you get your information?» The Director of Security inquired.

«Our spy satellite. I was wondering if we should offer manpower»

#«I assume you mean to serve on EM ships; I disagree. Our soldiers are not trained for space combat»

##«How about ground support in East Malaysia?» said the Sub-Director of the Military.

#«I’ll send a telex to the Khagan-Chancellor. Meeting adjourned»

Message sent to the Office of the Empress Jung

Your Majesty Empress of East Malaysia:

The Dovakhanese Government would like to convey its sympathies on your immense loss. As you are a friend of the Republic-Khanates, we feel it is our duty to aid you whenever possible. Therefore, we offer to send our armed forces to help with the defence of terrestrial East Malaysia.

Darsi Kaar

Eastrovia - FPS Embassy to East Malyasia
“Sir, I need to calm down…”

“Mam, you are only a resident, not a citizen of FPS. As such, your going to have to purchase your own airfare…”

“I can assure you that those reports are exagerated…”

From the large staircase that opened into the lobby, the full extent of the chaos in the building was evident. Standing on that staircase, Erik Leffingwell, FPS’ Ambassador to East Malyasia, couldn’t help but smile. He was a friend of entropy. “How many people, again?”

“We’ve got about seven dozen down there, and another several hundred calling our location.” His aide replied, nonplussed by Erik’s happyness.

“Sounds good. Have we called everyone in?”

“All employees are either here, or on their way here. We’ll have them all out of country soon enough, sir.”


Vire Khaz couldn’t help but smile, overlooking the fleet. It was amazing what a time of relative peace at home could free up. Except for a few distant campaigns, the Space Navy had mostly been sitting in berth at home when the news arrived. the result of all this was that he had available forty squadrons of capital ships, and three times that number of escorts, while leaving enough behind that should the homeland come under attack from some other foe, they would, he calculated, be able to destroy the offending nation, destroy it twice, and destroy it on a Monday to boot.

— Begin quote from ____

Message sent to the Office of the Empress Jung

Your Majesty Empress of East Malaysia:

The Dovakhanese Government would like to convey its sympathies on your immense loss. As you are a friend of the Republic-Khanates, we feel it is our duty to aid you whenever possible. Therefore, we offer to send our armed forces to help with the defence of terrestrial East Malaysia.

Darsi Kaar

— End quote

The Star Empire of East Malaysia thanks The Dovakhanese Government for there offer of support, but we will have to not take that offer for we dont want to draw your government into this for West Malaysia could “take Dov off the map.” If things do not go in our favor we would like it to be possible for our citizens to flea to Dovakhan and other nations to save our culture, but we dont plan on that happening.


Glendale Jung

Empress of East Malaysia


Sensor Station XLW5
Orbiting Earth

[Warp signature - entering system]
[Match found…West Malaysian signatures - 175 ships - RA]


“Sir! SSXLW5 has sent us a RA! West Malaysian signature just entered the system, 175 ships, but we cant read them yet. They must have there deflectors set for refraction and that may have been what defeated the other fleet.” said Lt. Commander Greene

“Understood, signal the fleet. All hands to battle stations, inform ASN Command that we are about to engage the enemy. The medical and support ships are to drop back and hold off until needed.” said Admiral Wentz


Recorded Message
From: The Empress
To: All Broadcasting Network

The Empress was at her desk with a dark sky which indicated it was recorded lastnight or early in the morning

“Today our ships will fight a enemy that is more powerful than we have ever seen. We must be strong as they approach our homeland and prepare for the worst but always hope for the best. I will be leaving soon to find the key to destroy them and to save us. If things fail and I fail you must flea from our homelands and regroup in some other nation or territory and survive. To my son which i’m sure he will see this, you must one day bring your people back together and find a new home and change your national identity. I just pray that it will not come down to that…”

She pressed a button on her desk and the recording turned off


ASN Command

“They are here in the system!” yelled a Comm Officer

Juneburg looked up from the station she was working at, “Activate the ground torpedo launcher, city shields, and get mobilize the group troops thru Defense Command’s. How long till the Eastrovia will be lunched?”

“They are in pre-launch checks and it wont be much longer.” said one of her officers from behind her as she looked at the map of the system

Liberty City - The Blue House
The Spherical Office
As the short broadcast from East Malyasia came to an end, and FPSNN went to commercial, Matt sighed. “Their going to get their asses kicked, aren’t they?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who believes themself to have the slightest chance of victory warn their people to prepare for an exodus.” Boris stated flatly.

“So, we assume the worst?”

“Yes, sir.”

Taking a breath, Matt nodded. “Then I’m afraid that leaves me no choice.”

Charlie looked up. “What? You can’t be serious! We’re not nearly a high-tech nation! You can’t want to…”

“I don’t want to.” Terrus said, cutting Zimmers off. “But the fact is that we are bound by the EPTO Charter to support an allied nation should it be attacked.”

“And how are we going to do that?” Charlie asked.

Sighing, Matt reached up and broke off the necklace he had learned to hide so well under his clothing. Pulling it out from under his shirt, he broke off the keycard at the end, and threw away the string. Taking the keycard, he underlined the fifth number in pen, and handed it to Chris. “Thats the activation code for Code Attack Plan H. Activate the plan, target: fleet hostile to East Malyasia.”

The Secretary of Defense looked at the card for a moment, then at Terrus. “You sure?”

“No. But do it anyway.”

Liberty City - The Octagon
Nuclear Ordinance Control Room
“Bob, I’ve got an authorization code here.” Chris said to the CO of the large room as he entered.

“What for?”

“Code Attack Plan H.”

“WHAT?” The general put his hand over his mouth quickly to silence his scream, though by that point everyone in the room was looking. “Uhm…so…”

“DefCon 1, NucCon 5, prepare to activate the plan on fleet hostile to East Malyasia.”

“Uhm…you sure?”


OOC: Specifics of Code Attack Plan H to be revealed should the East Malyasian/Kandarinese fleets be destroyed or forced to retreat to planetary orbit. If not…:slight_smile:

Office of Khagan-Chancellor

Darsi was sipping a glass of Altean water when the telex came beeping in with the Empress’ response. The Khagan-Chancellor furrowed her brow as she read over Jung’s worrying message. She pulled the keyboard towards her and typed her brief reply:

— Begin quote from ____

It will be done…

Best of Luck,
Darsi Kaar

— End quote

Then, Darsi telexed the Directorate of Immigration to set aside amnesty measures for any East Malaysian refugees, including a rush on any residence visas.

An medium-sized orbital jet with Wachovian civil markings, broke the especially low ceiling an hour away from the East Malaysia border. “East Malaysian Air Command, Wachovian Air Transport Beta requests landing solution and permission for landing at airport nearest government headquarters.”

At the same moment, an encrypted electronic message arrived at the office of the President.

— Begin quote from ____

Empress Jung,
I have been directed by Commander Rainier, now acting head of the Wachovian Coalition Terran Territories, to land in your borders, if accepted and depart with any passengers that may request passage to the coalition lands in an acceptable time frame. I will leave it at your discretion as to how our offer of help is made use of.

More information available via on-board staff.

Lt. Commander Jimenez

— End quote

KFS Vendetta- Flag Bridge

“We’re picking up 172 signals. ASN’s picking up 175.” The holographic map of the outer Sol system was lit up with displays showing the various fleets in motion.

“The EM fleet is…152 at the moment, with more trickling in.” the commander pondered this. “That’s not an invasion fleet. It’s not enough to take out their orbitals. They’re hiding something. We’ll have to split the fleet. Besides,” he eyed a particularly distasteful piece of real estate back on Earth, “I want to be able to hit Site Alpha with a million railgun rounds a minute if they decide to cause trouble again.”

The display divided the Kandarin fleet into two evenly sized groups, one labeled Group Epsilon and the other Group Tau, which accelerated to join the EM fleet.

KNS Dagger of Justice

Kandarinese warships were each designed with state-of-the-art computers, but alone, the task of figuring out an entire space battle of this scale was beyond the capacity of any ship’s computer ever created. Most navies solved this by networking computers together, assigning specific tasks to the computers of specific ships.

In sensor work, the Dagger of Justice had gotten tasked with monitoring background radiation today. It was Lt. Commander Jordan’s first command, but he has already taken it on several tours of duty. He whistled to himself for a moment, monitoring the sensor streams, when a voice rang out from across the bridge. “Sir, we…”

“I can see it.” He stared at the display in distress. Several hundred faint signatures were floating, ghost-like, across the system’s hyper limit. “Mr. Chebychev, get me the Fleet and ASN. Pronto.”

MES Victorious Juggernaut

Eager as always at the breaking news, Grand Admiral Jason Voss of the Mechan Space Forces sent the message throughout the entirety of the Mechan Space Forces in and around Earth, “This is Grand Admiral Voss. I know you have all read the news, and know about the fight of the East Malaysians. Appearently, they are mobilizing here, which means we’ll have a fight on our hands. By the looks of things, the Kandarinese and the East Malaysians have this rebel fleet under control, but to make sure, I have spread our battle groups out in a vice on the flanks of the fleets. We’ll be spread relatively thin at first, but when they come in, we’ll act as a vice, hemming them in while the Kannie and Em juggernaut push through them. This is Voss, out.”

Admiral Rath Soom, Voss’ subordinate, asked in a whisper, “But Grand Admiral, did you let the East Malaysians know?”

Voss chuckled lightly, “Of course I did, but I didn’t send a request. I will not have our allies recieve the glory. We fight for Xim and the Emperor, and any fight which will bring us glory is a worthy fight for the Empire!” He raised his fist and shouted to the bustling bridge crew, “For Xim! May your bravery be true, and your aim ever truer!” A cheer went up as they prepared for battle.