Shiro Academy

OOC: This is a mostly non-national character RP based off the lives of a number of students attending TEP’s premier university, Shiro Academy. The thread is open to anyone who wishes to join, so long as their main character is a student (though they may also introduce secondary adult characters). Students of any type (non-human, children of national leaders, regular old kids) are accepted.

It should be noted that Shiro Academy is a multi-level educational institution. It includes a boarding high school, undergraduate college, graduate school, and military academy. Your student may be attending any of these…the choice is entirely yours! Regardless of which school they are attending, though, it is highly recommended that they live in the same dorm as the rest of the Shiro characters, as this will facilitate RP.

Setting Note: Shiro Academy continues to be temporarily operating out of the abandoned Tilden Territorial University in the Free Pacific States. The Academy was originally forced to move due to the Korean/1IL War, and has been prevented from returning since that time due to the destruction of the old campus in 1 Infinite Loop.

Below is the diagram of Wachin Dormitory (Official Name C-10), where all active characters happen to be residing.

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Wachin was definitely better than C-10. But knowing the FPSians, Jordan would have been really surprised, hadn’t they classified the building with some strange alphanumeric code of some sort. A code which had probably a three-inches thick manual to be properly identified throughout the whole East Pacific… and its huge behemoth-like bureaucracy. Closing the door of the room right behind his back, he sighed. Just as he had been pre-warned, the day had been weary. The opening speeches had been long… looooong. And pointless. The best minds of the region, the leaders of the future, exploit the chance, the most respected and renowned school of TEP… the first time could have well been an interesting thing to hear… but when the fourth speaker had proudly welcomed them all to this great Academy the thing had begun to be a bit boring.

At the end, when they had regretted President Terrus himself hadn’t be able to reach the Academy to welcome them… well, it hadn’t been such a tragic news at all. He would have surely been an interesting speaker to hear… but another dose of you’re here to become the leaders would have definitely been too much. Above all after having crossed half the region to reach Garneldo.

Turning back towards the door, he verified the number. 434. You know… just to avoid knocking at someone else’s door on the very first day at Shiro. And about the room… well, as soon as he would have found a computer, he would have mailed the little bugger. Rooms large enough. Sure. They were just a cubicle… a cubicle to be shared with two more people. Chuckling, he walked down the still empty hallway, towards the commons. It seemed he had been the first one to flee from the post-speech meeting. It probably meant the others had far more patience than him. Oh well… it didn’t matter. He would have met his roommates pretty soon. For now… the commons. And then, a computer.

“Oh, please, what am I going to tell Anna?” Pacing the lounge, Matt tried not to let his anger get the best of him, but it was a difficult fight. “She’s been looking forward to hearing you give a non-scripted…oh, no, I didn’t know you had an important job. I’m sorry. One of those…”

The young man trailed off as he heard someone enter the lounge. Turning, he watched an apparent student entered the room, muttering to himself about computers. Staring for a moment, Matt quickly said a “good bye I love you” into the phone, before flipping it shut and pocketing it.

Taking a breath, the young man smiled, and offered his hand. “Hi. I’m Matt…I’m a student here.” It seemed an obvious statement to Terrus (as well as an awkward one), but, he knew that it was something he had to specify. Otherwise, people tended to get the idea that he was someone’s kid brother, and that wasn’t an impression he wanted people to have.

As the boy’s voice dragged him back from his own thoughts, Jordan stared. The guy who had spoken was… short. Yes. That had been the very first impression. Immediately after, the seventeen-years old realized the other wasn’t short. He was just young. Terribly young. Which immediately made him thinking.

«Wait a minute… have you said Matt? Chances for you to be Young Matt? I mean… Anna’s friend, the one playing Starcraft the whole night…?»

Matt blinked. Had he met this man? Searching his memory, he tried to draw up some recollection, but, after a few moments, gave up. If he had ever met this person…he didn’t remember. Which would make sense, given what the man knew of him.

“Uh…yea. Young Matt, as some like to call me.” The boy clearly wasn’t very fond of the name. “And the person who tends to spend hours at a time playing Starcraft in the lounge.” He paused. “Pardon me for asking, but, have we met?”

Jordan smiled, his dark blue eyes flashing in amusement at the boy’s surprise.

«Oh… do not worry. I’m not a spy or a medium… but I was looking for you. You know, Arian told me to greet you on his behalf. He would have…» stopping, Jordan grinned.

«You know, Matt… considering Second Lieutenant De Corde’s personality, I should have probably said something more epic than ‘he has told me to greet you’… but well… that’s it. After all, he is the fearless knight. I’m just a student, no?»

The boy immediately brightened at the mention of his former room mate. “You know Arian?” He asked, grinning widly. “How’s he been? He just…disappeared while we were in Liberty City, and I haven’t seen him since.” Matt focused on the rank reference. “Was he called to service to fight in Airbus?” The thought seemed to excite Terrus more than worry him, though he did also seem a bit concerned. “When did you last see him?”

Room 413 was just as she had left it. Flipping on the lights, Anna took in the familiarity of it all. The smell of must and dust and that spilled bottle of soda that nobody had ever managed to locate. The sound of her alarm clock ticking and a sea breeze making the window creak. The poster of Mount Dannistaan, the little glass sculpture on the desk, and a pile of dirty clothing on the top bunk. From the latter, she could tell that Karen had gotten here first, but the Kangarawan girl was nowhere to be seen. Katara’s bunk was bare. Perhaps a new roommate was coming. Perhaps not.

After the end of Spring semester, she’d immediately hopped on a ‘plane’ and returned to Malev. Malev was just as she had left it. The City was just as timeless, just as beautiful in its eternal night as it was when she’d first laid eyes on it. She had spent the time with her aunt at the Foreign Ministry, and with her father on the Vendetta.

And, for a few weeks at the end of August, with what had once been her other family. At a shuttered-down laboratory so familiar to her, that housed ‘Phase Two’. What there was of it, anyway. Anna had hated what was going on. She had told them so. But in the end, after much convincing, she had agreed.

Always the experiment, never the control. Dumping her bags on the lower bunk, she unzipped one, a small and heavy case marked with all manner of diplomatic immunities. She cracked it open and peered inside. “C’mere. You can come out now.” Nothing stirred inside. “It’s okay. Come on.” Again, there was silence.

Anna rolled her eyes and switched from English to a rapid stream of hisses, clicks and short, high-pitched tones. Immediately, a small creature slid itself out of the bag. It was about one meter long, slender and serpentine. The resemblence to any terrestrial creature ended there. About half of its body was given over to several segments of differing size, and the other half to a long, barbed tail. It was mostly covered in armored plating, black and shiny like obsidian and clearly hard as diamond. What little was not armored was smooth, slimy-looking flesh that glowed faintly with a sickly greenish light. Each segment was flanked by a pair of short, clawed appendages, and its eyes were a dull red. Its head sported a row of at least three compound jaws lined with vicious-looking teeth.

“See?” Anna knew it couldn’t understand, but that was not the point. She offered the creature a hand. Immediately, it began climbing her arm, grappling onto her sleeve and moving with a disconcerting rapidity. It settled its head and highest segment onto a comfortable vantage point on Anna’s shoulder, wrapping the rest around her in the manner of a very affectionate pet. She smiled and patted the creature’s head. “Now, I don’t have to tell you to behave.”

For a brief moment, Jordan simply observed the younger’s enthusiasm. It was exactly as Arian had told him: some kind of young supergenius… but a youngster before anything else. And his obvious enthusiasm hearing his old mate’s name was definitely a good proof of that.

«Oh well… surely a lot of questions, but luckily Arian had warned me» he winked «Let’s see… yes. I do know him. We’ve met some six months ago during a football match. We’ve had… uhm… I would call it an argument. You know… he was with thesecurity while I was… yes… with some friends having a bit too much fun, if you understand what I mean. However… after some clarifications it has come out the Second Lieutenant isn’t that bad»

«However… yes, I’ve heard about his disappearance from LC. I’ve tried asking him, but he has muttered something about confidential info and not being authorized to tell anything. It seems not even daddy knows what has actually happened… and that is honestly a bit surprising. And… what else? Oh yes… Airbus»

Shaking his head, Jordan smiled.

«No. He has requested to be assigned over there, obviously. Twice, if I’m not wrong. Application denied. Now… I’ve met him three days ago, at Solanthus International. I was embarking for Rillanon, while he had to take a copter directed towards Terasu. It seems he has been assigned to a scouting mission on this island the Terasians are going to rent to the Rezielans for a naval base of some kind. Obviously… no further details. Classified info… and you probably know how seriously those Iremians take this kind of things»

“Heh…who would’ve thought it?” Nee’la remarked sarcastically as she found Sha’la hiding under a duvet on the floor.
“Urrgh…” Sha’la gave off a ghostly moan. Her head emerged from the white mound of a blanket, revealing a pale face, two bloodshot eyes, a mass of hair in disarray and two slightly bruised cat ears.
“Out drinking again?” Nee’la asked with a slightly smug grin on her face.
“Shadup…” Sha’la was only able to moan before sinking back into a heap on the floor.
“C’mon, sleeping beauty,” Nee’la remarked, tugging the duvet off Sha’la, “You can’t stay there forever. We need to fix yourself up.”

Nee’la raised an eyebrow. Sha’la was still wearing her maid cosplay outfit from last night.

“Please don’t tell me you wore that last night.”
“What’s it to you(?)” Sha’la slurred slightly. She then tried to get up, only to almost fall over, Nee’la’s quick reflexes being the only thing that stopped her falling over.
“OK. I think I’ve seen enough. Let’s go to the bathroom and sort ourselves out…”

10 minutes later

“Well, now you look a lot better now,” Nee’la grinned while tying the ribbon and bells decoration around her tail. Sha’la sat on the bed and yawned, having been cleaned up and changed into her usual officers uniform with Nee’la’s help.
“Yeah, well I would’ve eventually cleaned myself up without your help,” Sha’la said in an annoyed tone.
“I’m not so sure. Besides, putting aside the fact that your liver will not thank you in later life, you really need to act a bit more professional now you are a full ranked Lieutenant as opposed to an Officer Cadet.”
“Heh…just because you don’t know how to have fun…” Sha’la remarked in her agravating sing-song tone, “Besides, I remember a time when we were younger and you could drink with the best of them. What happened anyway?”
“People change,” Nee’la remarked, “Besides, you’ll be amazed how some of the medical textbooks quickly put you off hard drinking.”

Nee’la adjusted her brown hair in the mirror before turning back to Sha’la. She proceeded to rumage around in her bag, bringing out a packet of effervescent painkillers.

“Here. Don’t say your nurse friend was never kind to you,” Nee’la said with a smile. At first Sha’la looked annoyed before taking the packet.
“Domo Arigato, Nakamura-sama,” Sha’la said before taking a glass, filling it with cold water from a canteen in her bag and dropping the tablets in. She then drank the resulting solution.
“That should reduce the effects of your hangover for the rest of the day. Just remember to take another dose before bedtime.”
“Yes mom,” Sha’la replied in an annoyed tone. Nee’la shrugged it off.
“Well, I hear Li will be showing up shortly, so we better hurry to the front door,” Nee’la proceded to exit the room. Sha’la followed, locking the door behind them.
“Why did Li leave after the ball in the first place those many months ago? He also ended up not attending for a few months.” asked Sha’la as they headed to the lift (elevator).
“He had to sit his final exams to gain his rank of Flying Officer,” Nee’la explained.
“Oh…right…I forgot about that,” Sha’la replied as they both stepped into the elevator. Nee’la’s tail swayed slowly, causing the bells in her ribbon decoration to jingle softly.
“You had to do the same thing as well, albeit on a front line as opposed to in the classroom,” Nee’la reminded her brain addled friend.
“Oh…I remember now…although it still hurts to think so early in the morning…”
“We are almost at lunch time…”

The lift doors opened and the two nekomimi exited.
“Try not to make too much of a fool of yourself,” Nee’la sighed as Sha’la stumbled slightly out of the main lobby.
“Err…hic…yes ma’am…” Sha’la replied jokingly. Nee’la sighed again. They stood and waited, looking for Li.
“Come to think of it,” Sha’la spoke up, “Didn’t Kah’lad leave as well for the term break?”
“Yeah. He went back home to see his sister. He should be arrived with Li and a new Shiro Transfer.”
“A new Shiro transfer?”
“That’s right. Some NCO from the Navy. Not sure who she is. Just got told that this morning. Last minute addition.”
“Geez. They sending out more people here then?”
“That’s the plan.”

The two continued to wait at the front entrance. In the distance a taxi pulled up to the doors.
“Looks like our comrades are back,” Nee’la remarked. She waved to the taxi as three figures ladden with suitcases exited…

A sleek black Tucker Torpedo slid to a stop outside the dorms, two men steped out each wearing the oh so stereotypical uniform of a national security force, they each looked about then out stepped three figures, a man, of perhaps his late thirties, wearing the uniform of the Infinite Loop Navy, a woman in a lite spring Kimono and a young girl perhaps eleven or so, wearing the uniform of one of thousands of Il Elementary Schools (Il Primary is 1-6, with K1 and K2 as seperate schools, 7, 8 and 9 are a seperate school, and 10 -12 are highschool)
she carried a pink bag,
The Father spoke, “Ellen, please reconsider, just one military class is all I ask”
Ellen stamped her foot, “Papa, I dont want to take any, I dont want to be a military kid.”
her mother laughed, “Shuu, dont force her, let her decide on her own the courses of study she will follow.”
Shuu nodded and knelt beside Ellen, “do you want us to go in with you”
Ellen shook her head, “no, I have to start being a self reliant woman now, I will do this myself.” she kissed her father on teh cheek, and then hugged her mother,
and grabbed her bag luckily it has wheels as it is almost as big as her,
she pauses fifteen feet or so away, turns and bows, “Ill be off then” and continues to the front door, and enters, rolling her bag to the desk she stands on her tip toes,
“excuse me, I am here to pick up my room assignment”
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In one of the rooms László was sitting in a chair, reading a book titled “The History of the Lazlowian Red Army”.The room was empty, and László found it very ugly.

“-These rooms are like crypts.”-he thought-“Grey walls, metal furniture. There era no life in these.”

László was used to the yellow walls and wooden furniture of the college at the Ittombol University. He shut the book and went out.

Hirohito rubbed his eyes with one hand as he typed furiously at the laptop with another. The room was dark, the curtains were heavy and blotted out any light from the outside, and the bright light of the screen hurt his eyes.

Thankfully he still had a room to himself, it was bad enough that he had been sent here. He had arrived months ago, mid term, but he had hardly spoken to anyone. He was sure that no one knew he even existed.

“Hungry…” he muttered as he slid the laptop off his knee onto the bed and stood up. He turned slowly to the door - on the otherside of the room, “Too far…” he sighed before crashing back onto the bed. Struggling back to his feet he reached out towards the curtains and prodded them open. Sighing he dragged his feet to a set of drawers and took out some clean clothes slowly got dressed.

Dragging his feet, Hiro made his way to the door and swung it open. “Food…”

“Sure thing!” Looking up from the article she was writing, Jill smiled warmly at the young girl standing in front of the front desk, and offered her hand. “Welcome to Shiro Academy! I’m Jill Ronin, one of your RAs. What’s your name; I’ll bring up your assigment?”

“Wow…a covert operation!” Matt stated with awe. “That’s so cool.”

For a moment, the boy seemed lost in thought about the matter, before he finally returned to reality. “So, what brings you to Shiro, if I might ask?” He laughed. “Well, no, I realize your studies, but, which program are you in? And do you have any idea what you wish to be your major?”

Front Entrance
Tilden University Campus

The mid-morning sun is rising over the island territory of Tilden. Meanwhile, a rusty old public motor coach sputters up to the front entrance of Tilden University, Shiro Academy’s temporary home. With great effort, the aged doors creak open and a petite dark-skinned figure clad in a fluttering sun dress and floppy straw hat steps out.

Masked behind thick-rimmed sunglasses, the young woman takes in her surroundings as the driver cuts the motor and drags out two huge black trunks that are so heavy that the two-tonne coach leans as they are brought down the steps. One the two trunks rest safely on the kerb, the old driver blushes as the young woman pecked him on his stubbled cheek. As the motor coach drove away, the young woman sits down on her trunks, doing her best to look positively radiant so some young man will offer to take them for her. Sure enough, some Free Pacifican lad with a forgettable face presents himself to her.

«Good morning, can I help carry your things?» the young man says.
«Why yes, thank you» replies the young woman.

The young man then proceeds to introduce himself, but the woman isn’t paying attention. Out of politeness, she introduces herself.

«My name is Nöêl-F’ana Nâhlö Föêrvâs. I’m a half-Tokan*, half-Dovakhanese from Âzûr**. It’s nice to meet you» she says.

Without further conversation, the pair make the trek to the dormitories. Nöêl opens the door to her room, allows the FPSian to place the trunks on her bed, then politely sends him away. She partially unpacks, then takes a shower. Renewed and refreshed, she walks out into the hall to schmooze with some of her new dorm mates.

  • Tokana (a.k.a Tokan Republic; formerly Dovakhanese Marian Sea) is a tropical archipelago nation in free association with the Republic-Khanates of Dovakhan, its former colonial master. The natives of this territory are descendants of a tribe originating in Dannistaan and speak a language related to Dannistrian.

** Alv’a-On (formerly Âzûr) is the capital of the Tokan Republic. It has a mixed Tokan/Dovakhanese character, a testament to the fact that Tokana was a Dovakhanese colony for over 70 years.

Justin sat up from where he was sleeping in the back of the shuttle cabin, as the noise of the shuttle landing had awoken him. He had only gotten a few hours of sleep since he had left Maxia Zeta from his trip to the Imperial University campus.

Rubbing his eyes he spoke tiredly, “Computer, where have we landed?” he asked

The computer responded in its usual dry and emotionless voice, “Tilden Territorial University in the Free Pacific States, current housing of Shiro Academy.”

By the time the computer had finished its response, Justin was already up on his feet, wide-awake, collecting his things.

He heard the cabin door behind him open but didn’t have to turn around to see who it was, it was his new bodyguard, Lt. Commander Derek Jones.

Derek spoke as he entered the cabin, “As I am sure you already know, we have arrived. I will help you take your things in and get you situated, then I will be going to Liberty City to meet with…Ambassador….Richards…at the embassy.”

Justin had to withhold his laughter as Derek spoke, “You mean Ambassador Richardson-Lyles?” he then turned to Derek and laughed, “I am going to send you some information on your PADD Mail, to help you get acquainted with The East Pacific and East Malaysia. South Malaysia must be different than here. Where did you say you came from again?”

Derek grinned, he couldn’t believe he forgot the ambassadors name, “I come from one of the largest northern cities of Amity Liberty.” he simply replied.

Justin picked up a few of his bags, which Derek had also grabbed some himself. “That all you have to tell me about your home…? I thought it was a place of power…”

Derek, with the bag he had replied as he turned towards the exit, which Justin followed. “Once many, many, many years ago my family controlled the area Amity Liberty is located at. Today my family has less power but have a strong influence. Mostly today Amity Liberty is a business center.”

Following Derek, Justin knew he was hiding something but didn’t want to push his new bodyguard on the first day too much, “So I am guessing you are somewhat of royalty if South Malaysia was Imperialized?”

Derek opened the shuttle door, “Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

After they left the shuttle, Derek helped Justin get settled before he left for his meeting. Meanwhile Justin was getting some of his things put away before he walked around to see if he was remembered by anyone or to see who is new since he has been gone for a while

It took only a few minutes to put everything away. Anna had simply left a lot of her things behind over the summer- everything but some clothes, her computer, and the sealed puzzle box. The arrangement she and Karen had on space was apparently still in effect, so Anna tidied up a little, stuffed some books into a drawer, and hung up her clothes, which were still mostly variants on her perpetual black and red full-length dress. Anna suspected she was settling into an apparel rut like her aunt Rachel, but at least, she told herself, it made getting ready for each day simple. A few unopened packages were stuffed into a corner of the closet.

Once she was certain everything was squared away, Anna left the room, closing the door gently behind her. The hallway was not entirely empty, thanks to the occasional hurried student rushing by, but it was sparse compared to its usual bustle. “Come on, let’s take a look and see who’s back.” Anna said to no one in particular, aware as she was that the creature on her shoulder spoke no English. She considered knocking on Jill or Matt’s door, but thought better of it. Instead, she went down the hall to check the commons. Perhaps, as always seemed to be the norm, someone was there.

Sitting on one of the armchairs, Jordan threw a quick glance down the hallway before focusing back on Matt.

«Uhm… not really a covert one, you know. I suppose they meant it to be… but in the end half of the Grand Duchy was already aware of what was going on. However… an interesting question, Matt. What brings me here… well… I’d say daddy’s foot right on my butt, to be extremely honest»

As the young man glanced interrogatively at him, Jordan nodded and smiled.

«Yep… daddy was a bit worried about seeing me… uhm… invited to find another college or so. Another time, I mean. So he has thought I would have had lesser… distractions… had he sent me to a school on the other side of TEP. Which in the end could even make sense. And… law, I fear. You know… you’ll continue the family’s tradition, Jordan. And that’s not a choice»

Jordan sighed quietly as a young girl reached the commons.

Uh, people… Hiro stood in the doorway scanning the room, he noticed a couple of people but most of them weren’t familiar. Unsure whether the others had noticed him or not, he slowly moved forwards looking for a good place to sit.

Quietly he sat down, reclining backwards so the chair was balancing on the back two legs. I wonder who they are. I wonder if they know who I am.

Nöêl was out walking out of the common room, singing her favourite song. «Être une femme libérée tu sais c’est pas si facile…»* she sang to herself. The first person that her eyes fell on was Hiro, so she tiptoed towards him.

She sneaked up on him and got his attention by pushing the chair forward so Hiro was sitting flat. «I see you’ve come without your man-sitter this time» she said with a smile and a bubbling laugh, «How was your summer?»

*French: «Being a liberated woman, you know it’s not so easy.»