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Starynwale–International Presence Act passes Skynesses’ Court.

The International Presence Act, aimed at accelerating Endertopias’ participation in world affairs, has been approved by the Skynesses’ Court with 116 votes for, 2 abstain, and 14 against.

The IPA legally obligates the Endertopian government to, “with all available efforts,” participate in International businesses.

It is believed that the government will first start with applying for memberships of organizations such as the League of Novaris or the International Forum.

“We will work hard to make sure that Endertopias serves to make life better, for both the Endertopian people and all other countries.” The Foreign Affairs Minister Rushiana said in a press conference earlier today.

With the act, Endertopias has opened the gate to the future where its people can have unprecedented access to foreign goods. Trade deals of infinite possibilities are now more likely than ever.

Tenshily–A80 Angel’s Highway voted favourite road of Endertopias

The popular automobile magazine Drive recently surveyed its readers about what they think is the most beautiful driving roads in Endertopias. The Autobahn A80 won the prestigious title for this time with an astounding 78.1% of votes favoring it.

The Automobile Broad Accommodation Highway System, or Autobahn, was proposed back in 1962. The A80 is one of the major east-west-running autobahns, stretching from the western starting point of Eyjafyalland to the city of Tenshily in the east.

The part of A80 from Kafkaland to Tenshily runs along the coast, overlooking waters of the Gulf of Tenshi. The section of road features gently winding curves that follows the coastline, shaped by the cliffs on the other side of the road. The “Angel’s Highway” has a speed limit of 110 km/h, but that doesn’t affect the fun and enjoyment of driving the road as you get to take in all the glorious views.

The Sunset Pavillion near Amina is perhaps the best-known
site of the route. As it’s name suggests, the pavillion is famous for its beautiful view of the setting sun.

If you’ve got nothing else better to do this weekend, maybe consider a road trip down the Angel’s Highway, you may just find a new favorite scenic spot!

Endertopias accepted into League of Novaris
Following the passing of the IPA (International Presence Act) last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs quickly sent in official applications to  the League of Novaris (LN).
As confirmed by Foreign Affairs Minister Rushiana Correia earlier today, the League of Novaris has officially voted to admit Endertopias as a member-state. The President and the PM issued a joint statement shortly after. “The Federation and all of its people thank everyone for their trust in our nation.”
The vote, held on May 13, was passed 9/1/2. When asked about the one NAY vote, Rushiana replied “we understand that as a relatively new nation on the world stage, some doubt is inevitable, but we hope that our devotion to international affairs can help clear up the questions and assumptions.”
Endertopias is the 19[sup]th[/sup] member of the League of Novaris, which was founded by five founder nations on June 13, 2017.

(Numbers are in real life order)
Dated October 16th, 2020
King confirmed dead, Alksearia in war against Balistria

The Arcturian situation has escalated further as the Alksearian state media announced the unfortunate death of King Eldras VI, who was publicly executed by the “rouge” Balistrian government.

One of the youngest kings of Alksearian history, Eldras’ reign lasted over 27 years, during which the Kingdom saw massive changes, turning away from isolationism and establishing impact in the region. King Eldras VI has been declared missing almost 2 months ago, after attending a meeting in Asendavia. The authority immediately issued a full lockdown and state of emergency. After 54 days of unrest, to everyone’s horror, the King made his final appearance in front of the Alksearian people earlier today, captured by the Balistrians. His Majesty King Eldras VI passed away at 3:51 pm local time,
according to ANT.

The Alksearian Parliament issued an ultimatum just 20 minutes before, which was for PM Matthias Barbet’s government to return Eldras. With the ultimatum and many Alksearian people’s hearts broken, the Kingdom of Alksearia has officially declared war on Balistria. The ANT also stated that Princess Dorothea will become the future Queen.

The Qifeiyan Palace has not yet issued an official statement. The Ministry of Defense stated that Endertopias will not be involved in any military operations, the Kassar Council will not be reinstated. The Travel Advisory, a government-run organization, has advised that citizens of Endertopias stay away from northern Arcturia.

Dated October 31st, 2020
Balistria explodes Alksearian border city of Roshal

An Alksearian News Today broadcast was once again interrupted by disturbing acts committed by Balistria. The “Grand Cezar of Balistria,” Yuk’kot’um Whit’chest, gave a speech in the city of Roshal, located on the border between Alksearia and Balistria. In the address, Whit’chest proclaimed the foundation of the new Empire of Balistria, aimed to restore perfection that the Alkari supposedly ruined. After the intense address, Whit’chest signaled a wide shot of the city, which then was engulfed by a giant ball of fire amidst a deafening explosion. The bomb has demolished almost the entirety of the city center, as seen from the hijacked broadcast before cutting out.

The town of Roshal, which Whit’chest claimed as “a show of the Balistrian might,” was conceded to Alksearia after the Great War.

The detonation has destroyed most of the city, though an exact figure on the damage and casualties is not yet known. It is also unknown whether the city has been evacuated before the demonstration. The International Forum is actively debating over this potential atrocity, and condemnation of Balistria is likely, said experts.

President John Bourke, in a rare move, gave a speech in the Qifeiyan Palace this morning. “We simply cannot believe that such atrocities can even happen in the modern days. The acts committed by Balistria and Whit’chest is a blatant middle finger to the international order that is built on the sacrifices of countless souls. The Federation hereby condemns the Empire of Balistria, and that’s all the recognition from us they can expect to have.” PM Lyme Luke also added, “while we will not be involved in the fight against this deplorable belligerent, we will, however, do our best to work with the civilians in need from both sides.”

Endertopian citizens currently in Alksearia are advised to return home as soon as possible, if you need help, contact the embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Dated November 2nd, 2020
Bar brawl in International Forum shocks ambassador

The esteemed International Forum has been in chaos recently over the war between Alkseria and Balistria, which had escalated even more, with more countries joining the fight. With more countries joining the fight on the frontline, even more countries are engaging in diplomatic debate battles in the General Council, including Endertopias.

The debate session over the motion of expelling Balistria from the IF was “very intense.” So intense, in fact, after the closure of the floor for voting, a physical fight broke out in the lounge area. The Balistrian deputy ambassador Tor’kum was injured, but he was reported to be able to leave the lounge by himself. The fight, involving at least 3 ambassadors, was so violent that the guards had to intervene.

The man fighting for Endertopias on the diplomatic battlefield is the recently appointed IF ambassador Venti Cent, who we’ve proudly interviewed below.

What happened yesterday?
Well, you all know, a fight, in the lounge. To be honest, he was just doing his job and defending his country, the way he did it was… questionable at best. I guess it’s a hard job when almost everyone disagrees with you, but he was being particularly unpleasant I must say. Take this as advice if you’re in the debate club or somehow want to take my place in the future: being a dick doesn’t make yours bigger, and it definitely doesn’t help your case, be it the bar running out of liquor or your nation committing war crimes.

Were you involved in the fight?
For all intents and purposes, no. Physical fights are not my style. Heh.

What’s the job usually like?
I’ve only been on this job for 2 months and I think I’ve seen all there is to see! But yeah, we, uh, I, at least, stay on Christie Island and talk about all this politic stuff that you won’t bother with. The lounge is where I spend most of my time though, away from the Council you can truly see the friendlier side of most people.

What’s your personal opinion on the war?
I think what should be happening is happening. You ask for something and you shall receive. That’s all.

Does all this make you regret taking your job?
Honestly, no. Physical fights may not be what I signed up for, but I still very much enjoy the social aspect of being an ambassador and serving my country. Now, if you will, I have a meeting with my Coffee Tea.

That concludes the interview. In other news, Tretridian bombers’ bombing runs on strategic targets “major success,” reports say.

Dated November 5th, 2020
A car bomb in International Forum kills 2 ambassadors

An explosive device hidden in a car has killed 2 and shocked many more at the International Forum.

At around 5 pm today, a bomb was detonated in the parking garage, killing the 2 Balistrian ambassadors leaving the building. The incident happened right after the General Council voted to expel the country the ambassadors represented, which has been plagued with accusations of war crimes. After the explosion, a lockdown of the building was issued, leaving dozens of ambassadors stuck inside the facility, confused and worried. The lockdown was lifted in an hour or so.

Investigations took place as soon as no further threats to the safety of the building and personnel were identified. The forensic team confirmed the death of two Ursine ex-ambassadors Alt’va and Tor’kum. The person or group responsible for this attack is currently unknown, and the hostile relationships between the Balistrian representatives and other members of the forum only make it harder to rule out potential suspects. The situation that Balistria is currently in certainly contributed to this terrifying incident. Other speculations state that the assassination may have been conducted by the Army of Progress, the Alksearian government, or even one of the other ambassadors in the super-governmental assembly.

Ambassadors reported being essentially “detained” in the heat of the moment. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded this morning, “our ambassador is not detained or suspected, nor is any other ambassadors. If anything were to occur, the Ministry will absolutely ensure the safety of our representatives.”

The Endertopian Daily, more at 10 pm.

Parliament fights over LN Secretary-General Election

After months of campaigning, the election for the Secretary-General of the League of Novaris is officially underway. The election utilizes the Condorcet voting system.

The voting system requires voters to rank the 4 candidates in order of preference, which sparked a fierce debate in the Parliament chambers. The 651-seat  assembly was almost perfectly split between candidates Isis and Æthelwine.

The current majority in the Endertopian Assembly, the Wind of Freedom Party, has expressed support for the Gay-Voss campaign. However, that did not translate into a victory for the Aponivian candidate, at least in the Endertopian Assembly.

After several interventions from the guards, the results were finally in.

Endertopian Assembly
Voting results - Jun 26, 2021
“To vote for the Secretary-General of League of Novaris”
Vote initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1 - Æthelwine Heardson: 271 votes (41.6%)
2 - Isis Gay: 269 votes (41.3%)
3 - Markus Kaufmann: 89 votes (13.7%)
4 - Wilhelmzhon Wolfgang: 14 votes (2.2%)
5 - Abstain: 7 votes (1.1%)
6 - Absent: 1 vote (0.2%)

The Skynesses’ Court has confirmed the result and it has been submitted to the LN office.

Viewers refuse to leave stadium amid scorching heat

The Endertopian National Weight-lifting Tournament took to the city of Ifriti this week at the Doco Stadium. The big game attracted upwards of 20,000 viewers.

The big name of the day is Andrei Grigorev from the northernmost town of Endertopias, Seastar Lagoon. Achieving a snatch of 175 kilograms, a clean and jerk lift of 222 kilos, for a total of 397 kilograms, beating the national record by 8 kg.

Grigorev noted after the game that the weather was rather harsher than the actual training and lifting. The highest temperature of the day was a scorching 37.9 degrees celsius, which is “almost unbearable” for the northern-born national. The heat also proved unbearable for the audience, some of whom refused to leave the sweet sweet air-conditioned space.

The last of the audience finally left 2 full hours after the games.

The Endertopian Meteorology Service says the heat would go on for at least a couple days more, with the majority of the country expecting highs of temperature around 35C.

Tenshi Strait Bridge “almost completed”

After years of construction, the engineering marvel that is the Tenshi Strait Bridge is finally near finished. The majestic sea-crossing bridge is scheduled to open to the public sometime early next year.

The head of the construction said in an interview that “we finished the construction ahead of schedule, we are now making all the final touches and checks and whatnot, to make sure the bridge is as functional as it is beautiful.”

The sea bridge spans over 26 kilometers of open water, making it the longest bridge in Endertopias. It features two levels, the top level will carry 6 lanes of A71 while the lower level will house 4 tracks of the Tenshi Gulf Line.

In other news, a candidate’s cat was elected member of the city council in Nortilus, more at 11.

Historical malfunction and delay strike Enderloop

The Flameflower Line from Ifriti to Eyjafyaland and the Nortilus Line from Eyjafyalland to Santisnow are now out of service due to “severe and sudden power failures”. All Enderloop train services between the three major cities have been terminated.

The malfunction affects over 1,500 km of railway lines servicing over 7 million people in western and northern Endertopias. According to Enderloop, the power was disrupted at 3:05 pm yesterday after a section of the overhead line was damaged. The damage caused a surge and unexpected collateral damage to the electrical system. The damage was so severe that it is estimated to take an extra 3 days to replace all the infrastructure.

Enderloop has dispatched its fleet of diesel locomotives to serve the currently unelectrified areas, but the trains will not be enough to handle the number of passengers traveling between the cities. Enderloop has never seen such a delay in over 80 years of its operation. The company is offering full refunds to anyone affected by the outage.

In related news, Nortilus Airport is now packed full of people who need to get places, but can’t due to the outage.

GCAT 2022 Application Closed

The General College Admittance Tests 2022 has closed its application process. The GCAT–colloquially known as the Good Cat–is run and managed by the aptly named CAT Foundation. The 2022 GCAT will have over 220,000 participants, making it the largest by number in history. The cat will commence on the 12th of January, 2022.

In other news, “astonishing” as man roams the streets with over 20 cats.

Law now allows all living creature civil rights

Somewhat surprisingly, both houses of the Enderhalls passed the bill with relatively little resistance, something that’s not happened in a long while due to the chaotic parties in the 650-seat house.

The bill would allow any animals, as long as they are represented by a human (like an owner of a cat), to legally contend for any seats of the government. Technically, they are also granted the rights to vote, provided they can fill in the ballot in accordance with voting regulations.

There will be no age restrictions for the animal candidates, neither. With that, you can adopt a cat right now and have it be your mayor, if you can convince the people that meows are the solution to all of their problems.

The Council of Nortilus has already a cat in one of its seats, but this law will provide job opportunities for animals countrywide. This also increases the eligible voter count dramatically.

Endertopias is a cultured nation, as seen from its city names.

“No more fun allowed” at the International Forum

The International Forum has not been fair seas recently. Following the recent incident where attackers open fired in the premise, the Forum has pushed for tighter regulations all across the board in hopes of bettering the safety of the establishment and everyone serving in it.

One of the recently passed bills, succinctly nicknamed “NOFUNALLOWED,” cracks down on the use and distribution of intoxicating substances in the IF premises. There have been several incidents in which drunk and/or exasperated ambassadors battle it out in the lounge in the past.

“I’ve always loved the lounge, except when it’s out of stock.” Says Venti, Endertopias’ ambassador to the International Forum. “While I fully understand the intent of this bill, I just can’t bring myself to vote yes for this. I think it would make this job slightly worse than it already is, which is to say a lot.” Venti is a renowned self-proclaimed “alcohol enjoyer,” having run a bar in the past, he sure has a passion for the controversial drink. “I have had problems with alcohol before and I know it can go wrong really quick, especially when you’re already dying from the politics.” He adds, “I guess I’ll just have to go along with it.”

The other bill also forbids anyone from entering the IF outside of work hours to prevent any sort of potential compromises of the security.

The Endertopian Daily advises you to drink responsibly.

Say hello to 2022

TED has been through several decades of delivering news of questionable quality but undoubtable authenticity. As the countdown to a new year starts, all of us here at the Endertopian Daily would like to extend our most sincere congratulations on surviving another year on this continent that is known as Novaris.

27 “non-people” attended the College Admittance Exam this year

The GCAT Foundation has published this year’s data about the 2022 General College Admittance Exam and a brand new section of the report was found dedicated to the “non-people” who attended the exams.

Last year’s law granted all living beings equal rights, whether they fit the general definition of “people” or not. The GCAT 2022 Report counted 2,036 applications where the examinee was not, in fact, members of any species that would be considered sentient, at least by other countries’ standards. In the end, only 27 of them showed up at the test sites, with 6 of them successfully completing the exams without complications.

The unusual examinees consisted mostly of cats and dogs, who were handled by the staff at each test site on a case-by-case basis. “We have taken extra care to make sure the special participants don’t mess with others, and vice versa. So the results will be completely fair and square.”

“What even is this?” Said one of the staff who overlooked a puppy take the mathematics exam; unfortunately, the dog did not finish the exam. “I think it was just too difficult,” he said.

It is Twosday!

The date is 22/02/22, and that means the much anticipated Twosday is here! This will never happen again, at least in your lifetime, so let us enjoy this slightly special workday.

To celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occurence, Enderloop has announced that all ticket prices shall be rounded down to the nearest multiple of 22 for the next 22 days.

A bill to recognize this one-of-a-kind Twosday as a national holiday, unfortunately, did not make it through the Houses on time, much to the disappointment of the editor currently working in the office.

Enderloop introduces new trainsets

After Twosday, it’s Pi day. In addition to several special sleeper trains circling the country in 7 days, which are still running right now, the national carrier also revealed a new trainset that will join service in the near future. The brand new trains, the ENR700, are able to reach a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour but will be limited to the lower line limits for the time being. The ENR700 will be seen in a configuration featuring 2 sets of 8 cars, and will be operating long haul services on the eastern line along the coast. The train would feature a premium class with lie-flat seats, a dining car, and other amenities crucial to a sightseeing trip around the country.

Enderloop has not yet revealed information about the pricing or the timetables of the new services, but you can expect to pay a pretty penny for essentially a first-class flight on the ground.

(OOC: The Androcat Zandovi RP went down when I was asleep. Damn timezones. I made a whole new character and he did get to say anything, so I’m giving him some presence (absence, really) here in hope that I might actually do things with my characters in the future.)

The time of this news report would be March 27th.

Ambassador Mey may be in danger, as fellow gamers say

Aside from his professional life as a diplomat, Endertopian ambassador to the League of Novaris, Mey Aethel, has another side as a proficient sim racer. Having shown off his racing rig before, Mey clearly takes this hobby seriously whenever he’s not at work.
Mey was to attend yet another sim racing event on the 25th when he mysteriously did not make it to the race.

“This has never happened before,” who would be his competitor said on social media, “Mey has impeccable discipline when it comes to things like this, he’s a professional.” He also claims to have been trying to contact Mey for the past hours to no avail. “I hope he’ll be alright, he has a direct drive wheel and some strong force feedback so he’s probably buff enough to defend himself.”

There have been no statements from any officials on the situation.

The last issue of TED has had the wrong timestamp attached, the correct time should be March 26th. TED apologizes for this error.

March 26th, Tenshily–
Diplomats in shock… once again

Being a diplomat isn’t exactly the most comfortable job out there, as was demonstrated by the Internation Forum last time around when a car bomb prompted a complete security overhaul of the IF site.

After disappearing from a sim-racing event yesterday, Mey, Endertopian ambassador to the League of Novaris, was confirmed to be fine today after it was made public that the League of Novaris was also targetted by a, fortunately slightly less sinister, disruption.

The Klippezackt Police Force sieged and secured the building hours after the incursion, most ambassadors, including Mey, got out without problems. The operation seemed to have political and religious reasons behind it.

Mey himself expressed that he was fine but did not elaborate further.

Parliament approves new energy bill

The latest Endertopian Energy Bill pushed by the ruling environmentalist Baileyi Party made its round in the Enderhalls this Friday. With the backing of the AFP, the biggest party in the Hall, the bill powered through the dissents with just over 400 votes.

The bill aims to further cement the country’s goal on reducing carbon emissions, by accelerating the adaptation of nuclear energy. The Baileyi Party spokesperson said their goal is to get at least 5 new nuclear plants approved by the end of 2025. The bill aims to increase the amount of electricity generated by nuclear power to at least 50% by 2030, and cut the share of fossil fuel to below 20%.

“Nuclear is cheap, reliable, safe, and relatively green. It is the clear way too go to ensure both affordability and sustainability of Endertopian energy.” Said the AFP backing the bill.

Though the initial cost of the new plants are of concern to much of the opposition, which claims this could mean a hefty price hike for the average electricity bill. The Endertopian Electricity Enterprise has not yet commented on the possibility.