The Galapagos Accords

The Galapagos Accords, between The East Pacific and The South Pacific, was ratified by the Magisterium at 1:23 AM UTC on June 28, 2020.

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The Galapagos Accords

Article I. Mutual Recognition

Section 1. Signatories recognize the Government of the East Pacific, as established by the Concordat, and the Coalition of the South Pacific, as established by the Charter, as the respective official governments of The East Pacific and the South Pacific.

Section 2. The signatories agree to recognize any legal successor to the above governments as the legitimate government of the signatories respective regions. This shall be done through the adoption of a memorandum of understanding recognizing the new government as the successor.

Article II. Diplomatic Relations

Section 1. To ensure continuing diplomatic relations the Signatories shall maintain in-game embassies on, off-site embassies on their respective regional forums, and diplomatic representatives within each other’s region, to the best of their abilities.

Section 2. The signatories will allow and encourage each other’s residents to participate in their social activities and cultural events, on or off the NationStates site, subject to their adherence to the rules of the region and of the relevant platform.

Article III. Prohibitions on Signatories

Section 1. Signatories are prohibited from engaging in any military hostilities against the home region of the other Signatory.

Section 2. Signatories are prohibited from engaging in any attempt directly or indirectly, or give any form of support to, a coup d’état or any other acts of subversion against the legitimate recognized government of the other Signatory;

Section 3. Signatories are prohibited from engaging in any acts of espionage, subterfuge, or other subversive operations against the other signatory

Article IV. Obligations of Signatories

Section 1. Signatories agree to provide military assistance in case of a military attack against the home region of the other Signatory.

Section 2. Signatories agree to provide each other intelligence, on a need-to-know basis, on the acts or intentions of any party engaging in military hostilities, a coup d’état, or any acts of subversion against the home region and legitimate government of either Signatory. This intelligence shall be shared with relevant security organization as laid out in the domestic laws of each region.

Section 3. Signatories agree to keep any shared intelligence confidential unless doing so would violate applicable laws, or the terms of service for NationStates or said signatory’s forum provider, or unduly compromise said signatory’s sources of information.

Section 4. Signatories agree to provide military assistance during lawful transitions of power between delegates if requested.

Article V. Resolution for Disputes, Suspension, and Termination

Section 1. Should a dispute between the two parties to this treaty arise, every effort shall be made to settle it peacefully with a mutually acceptable solution.

Section 2. Either signatory may unilaterally suspend the terms of the treaty for at most thirty days. During the suspension, every effort should be made to come to a mutually acceptable solution to the cause of suspension.

Section 3. Either Signatory can terminate this treaty in writing to the other signatory, providing at least three days advance notice to the other Signatory. Such termination will not constitute an act of war or hostility by the terminating region in and of itself. Termination of the treaty may occur without prior suspension of the treaty.

Article VI. Ratification, Deposit, and Clarification

Section 1. This treaty shall be ratified by the completion of the respective legal process in each region.

Section 2. Each Signatory shall publicly record the complete text of this treaty in its appropriate record-keeping place.

Section 3. At any time, the signatories may meet to clarify the terms of this treaty through memorandums of understanding, which shall be posted alongside the treaty.

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