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Hello and Welcome to the 8 O’clock news, I’m your host Adalgisio Trevisano.
Today in the News:

  • Rumours about the health of Prince Johannes
  • Possible Nuclear weapons on Blueacian soil
  • Casino’s make more money
  • Blueacia and Oan Isles getting closer
  • Blueacia to join the PK-FU

and in Sports

  • Blueacia and Furnifold making plans for a combined rally

Today rumours started on the island about the health of our beloved Prince. The rumours started when the Prince was seen entering the UMCLC. No one wanted to react to any reporters why the Prince went to the hospital. people say this might be the end of his reign.
we go live to our reporter on side Fabienne Leblanc. Fabienne do you have any news about the Prince?
Well, half an hour ago the Prince’s childeren all came to the hospital. Giovanni reacted that he thought it wasn’t urgent. He said this might just be a check up, and that he thought the Prince would be back in the palace in a few days
Thanks Fabienne, if anything happends we’ll here from you agian. lets hope its good news.

Now, Blueacia might have a few nuclear weapons. This came clear when a few people came across something in the wildernis, which looked like a lit to cover-up something in the ground. The goverment inmidiatly started to look for more of these thing. Secreatry of Defence Vivian Richerson called with her colleague in Staynes to ask them if they miss any nuclear weapons.

next, news came that the casino’s in Blueacia make more money, this is good news for the economy. The gambling industry is a good indication of how the economy is doing. When more tourists spend more money more money is in the hands of the Blueacians.

The Oan Isles and Blueacia are getting closer to each other. This came clear when Pearson Lagonus called the goverment of the Isles to ask if they wanted to have closer relations because the Isles are the closest neighbour of Blueacia. the countries are now talking about the terms.

Earlier today Blueacia wrote a letter to countries who are part of the PK-FU if Blueacia could become a member of the alliance. Some people argue that this is not a good idea and they want the goverment to withdraw the application the the PK-FU. Other people argue that this is brilliant idea, they say this is an way to ensure the safety of everyone who lives on Urth. When we know more we will ofcourse let you know.

and now sports. over to our sportreporter Alvisio Bellucci.
Alvisio, anything happend in the world of sports?
yes, Furnifold and Blueacia have plans to orginize a rally trough the desert of Furnifold. People say this is a very good thing to the car-brands, this offcourse because in this way thy can test their cars to the limits of heat and what not.
other news is that today the ice-skating season started for the youngguns, they did the 500 and the 1500 meters, tomorrow the 5000 meters for men and the 3000 meters for women and the 1000 meters will take place, and the day after that the longest distances will take place. the 10000 meters for men and the 5000 meters for the women. also that day both the female and the male mass-start will take place.
this weekend will also be the mark of the new season of the Blueacian Car Championship.
back to you Adalgisio.

quite some sport I see Alvisio. we’ll here from you after the weekend with all the results I guess.

and now the weather. Will the sporters have good weather this weekend Geraldino Esposito?

yes they will. it will be sunny all weekend. but let me first talk about tonight.
tonight we will have lots of rain for the season. but after that the whole weekend will be nice weather.
temperatures of around 30 degrees and sunny.

Thanks Geraldino.

I just hear we have some news about the Prince.
Fabienne come in.
Yes hello Adalgisio, the Prince just left the hospital and told us that it just was a check up because of his smoking habbit. But there was a little complication with it. And thats why his childeren came to the hospital to discuss what to next. But that we don’t have to worrie, if anything happend he would have told us.

thats nice to hear, lets hope the complications might not be dangerous to him.

This was the news for today. Hope to see you tomorrow agian.

Greetings from our team.
I was Adalgisio Trevisano and this was the NBF Journal

Good night.


Hello and welcome to the news. I’m your host Adalgisio Trevisano. And today in the news:

  • Massacre in Stratarin
  • Assasination on Kulthernburg royal family
  • The Urth Songfestival

Massacre in Stratarin:
in the town of Gorod something shocking happend, an insurgent group slaughterd the complete town. No one survived, at least 1000 people were killed by the group. The Blueacian goverment spoke out the support for the families of the victims and the goverment will support the Stratarin goverment with the measures they seen fit.

Assasination on the Kulthernburg royal family:
An other not so good story. There was an assasination taking place on the royal family of Kulthernburg. 1 victim was killed and 2 others were badly injured. The Royal family sent their condoleances to the Kultheenburg royal family with the lost of Laura Truden. Giovanni just left the airport with the royal plane to visit the hospital in which both Charlotte Robinson and Alderyn taking care of.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and families of both disasters.

Now for what its worth some nicer news.
The Urth Songfestival:
the first ever Urth Songfestival was a great succes. 13 countries participated. Due to a mistake made by the Blueacian promoters Kasmiyland wasnt able to participate but we hope to see them in the future.
Blueacia finished 8th position with 32 points. With the song Blueacian everywhere by John Left. The winner was Caltharus which send Carl Stonelake with the song Mirrors. He scored 79 points with the song. Blueacia scored the song 12 points too.

Hereby we conclude this newsbroadcast.

On behalf of the whole team. Goodnight and good news

Hello and Welcome to the 8 O’clock news, I’m your host Adalgisio Trevisano.

Today in the news we look back at the elections happening yesterday and the results.

Yesterday we had elections for the 12th time in Blueacian history, It was the th time cabinet staid in office for the full 5 years.
the elections were extra special because the seats slincked to the old amount of 85 seats. The new 100 seated parlement wasn´t to the liking of the most parties only PfdF voted agianst during the vote. The change had the effect the parlement wanted, because 95% percent of the almost 62,5 thousand eliable people voted which is a new record in Blueacian history.

Let´s look back on how the parties reacted when the results came in.
(tape starts with 7 screens showing the reactions simultaniously when the results came in. with some parties celebrating and some being quiet)
Now let’s hear the reactions of the leaders of the parties.

Mr. Lagonus, you’re the biggest party agian, and your partners of the last cabinet did good too, does this mean you don’t have to formate a new cabinet and just go trough with the same parties? First let me congratulate my collegues of the PfdA and GrienLinks who both won during this elections. now, we’ll lets get ahead of ourselfs, maybe no one wants to work with us and then we have to take a seat in the opposition, but it’s looks good for us and we’ll see who is going to make up the cabinet for the next 5 years.
Are you going for PM agian or will you let someone else in your party do the job for the next 5 years? Like I said we can’t go ahead of ourselfs lets see how the formations will go.

Charmaine Davignon, you staid the second party, does this mean you lost the elections? you constantly said you wanted to become the largest party so you could sent Pearson (finally) home. No we didn’t lose because we staid the second party I would say we lost because we lost percentage wise. But I want to congratulate the collegues who won especially GrienLinks seeing the are the only won who won seats during the elections. We have to see who’s going to be in office for the next 5 years.
Do have have any preferances who you would like to govern with? ofcourse I have but I won’t say it here and now, it might effect our position and the position of others.

<br />Ugo Trentino. From 4 to 2 seats in the twadde keamer, does this mean people don’t like your far right opinion on most things? NO. it means that people were afraid of voting on my party because all the other parties boycotted us saying they wouldn’t form a cabinet with us. But I will not let this be and I will go to court to fight this result and demand a re-election because of the boycot. Thats a bit extreme isn’t it? No it isn’t, we need to fight for our rights, and we don’t need to be afraid our vote won’t count. I allready suggested a businesscabinet with people from all parties so everyone gets there say in the cabinet for the next 5 years.<br /><br /><br />Well that were the reactions of the leaders. Now we have to wait and see how quick we’re going to get a cabinet.<br /><br />Hope to see you soon,<br /><br />My name is Adalgisio Trevisano and this was the news.<br />NSWiki - The NationStates Encyclopedia

hello viewers and good evening.
tonight we bring you some news about the formaasje for the new parlement. as you know 24th you could go to the stimhúske and cast your vote. the then current kabinet of the KristenUny, the FFD, and GrienLinks agian got a meaderheid and started talking about keeping kabinet together for a new term, with ofcourse some more positions for GrienLinks in parlement because they now have a lot more sitten in parlement. But today the talks between the 3 parties came to an end as it seems. This happend because of rumours about the leader of the FFD Charmaine Davignon having an affair, KristenUny immediately wanted to stop but GrienLinks wanted to work things out and talk it all out. But as for tonight the talks really stopped between the 3 parties and parlement was informed by the formator that talks were stopped and that he wanted to try form a kabinet still with KristenUny (being the biggest party) and Grienlinks (being the winner of the ferkiezings) and a third party. Logical candidates, and probably the only two would be either the PfdA (with 17 sitten) or the D87 (with 11 sitten). But the left parties also started with some talks to get a left oriented cabinet. With PfdA (17), GrienLinks, D87 (both 11) and SP (4)

We asked the Pearson (leader of KristenUny), Charmaine (FFD) and Maike (GrienLinks) for a reaction. Starting with Charmaine
Mrs. Davignon how did this rumor start? and why did the talks stop about it?
Well, I honestly wouldn’t know why or who this rumor started. but we need to find out as quickly as possible, and save what we can before not only the talks fall out because of this but also the party itself might break. and why did it stop, because the KristenUny didn’t want to talk with us anymore
tape shows Pearson
Mr. Lagonus, why you stopped the talks with your partners? you had 5 good years and everything looked like there were 5 more years coming.
Yes we stopped the talks. Our name ofcourse might give you an answer why we stopped the talks. But I can say this: Since we’re a Christian party having affiars isn’t something we want to be associated with. so we stopped the talks.
tape switches to Maike

Well Mrs. Adreasson what do you think of the whole situation? and what happens now?
I get both points of view, but I think it’s a shame that it went like this. We were almost ready to start the new parlement, but now we need to start all over agian.
And do you think you and the KristenUny might be coming back to the FFD if nothing works out?
We have to see, Pearson was very firm he didn’t want to talk with the FFD for some period of time.
tape switches back to Pearson
What are you going to do now?
First I want to talk with GrienLinks which of the 2 parties they want to have in the parlement prefferably. Then we’re going to see what happens.
Does this means the door to the FFD is completly shut?
That’s not the smartest thing to do in politics. Maybe we need them in the future. But we’re now going to start talking with some other parties and the FFD can work out thing in the mean time.
So what you’re saying is talking to the other parties is just for the show?
No, not at all. if things work out with an other party we’re going to form cabinet with them.
tape shows Charmaine
Mr. Lagonus told us he wants to give you and you’re party time to work things out, but he doesnt want to wait for you.
Well, we’ll see if the come back in the future. And maybe we found out the things we need to find out.
tape shows Maike
We also heard that the left parties started talking with eachother for a left goverment, wha can you tell us about that?
It’s normal those things happen. Never bit on 1 horse only. If you get invited to form a cabinet with more oppertunities you want to start talking with all of them.
It might happen you have to choose between de D87 and the PfdA for a cabinet with the KristenUny, who has your preferance?
I’m not going to react on that question if you don’t mind.
But if the KristenUny chooses one of them, which one do you want?
That’s the same question. And I’m not answering that, Both the D87 and the PfdA are equally good partners.

Well then we have to see what happens next in the formation of the cabinet

some translations from Blueacian (Frisian) to UK (english):
parlement = parliament
sitten = seats
kabinet = cabinet
formaasje = formation
(it) stimhúske = (the) votingbooth
mearderheid = majority
ferkiezings = elections


Hello and welcome to the news. My name is Adalgisio Trevisano, and today new formation news.

As we’ve shown you earlier FFD had to stop the talks because the KU didn’t want to talk to them anymore.
Well, the talks with a new party have finally begon. After some orientall talks with both the PfdA and D87, KristenUny and Grienlinks decided to get serious with the PfdA as a reaction both parties stated that a cabinet with a relative big majority was the best after these results. But they want to thank the D87 for the efforts they put in the talks up till now. Some say they also made a promise to the Demokraten that when the talks with the Party fan de Arbeid didn’t work out they were the first to get a chance for the cabinet.
formater Feike Sûnderlân said if these talks didn’t work out he would give his job back as the formater because that would be his second time it didn’t work out with him.
ofcourse we asked for reactions from the party members, but only Arnou Dumoulin gave a short statement. "he said he felt privilaged that they were able to talk for forming a cabinet, but that his party would’t come cheap with trowing away their priorities.

hopefully we get a new cabinet soon talks allready took almost 2 months, and as we know there arent done yet. Maybe we’ll even get close to the record of 4 months it took to formate the cabinet in 1990. Then FFD got 39 but couldn’t form a majority cabinet, and the PfdA and KU talked with eachother for several months and it almost looked they were ready for cabinet. but at the last moment talks still failed and FFD got to form a minority cabinet with almost having 46% of the votes. Which is also to this day the last minority cabinet.

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Hello, and welcome to the 8 O’clock news. my name is Adalgisio Trevisano.
Today we talk about the formations agian.

Yet agian talks have failed. This time between KristenUny, Grienlinks and Partij fan de Arbeid. This time it was Grienlinks to step out of the talking, officials say that the parties couldn’t agree on what to do, and how to preserve the enviroment of the island and maybe scale it up and try to get an international agreement. KU and PfdA said the goverment was doing everything they could to preserve the island and maybe even more. And that it couldn’t cost to much for the poor people to make the upgrades, and that they couldn’t punish people you could’t afford all the switches GL wanted to make. GL wanted to make a statement to the world that the enviroment is high on the agenda of Blueacia and that we could be a marketleader and help other countries to make the same chances. When the parties couldn’t deside what to do and how to get over this bump, the party leader left the formations and only wanted to give a written statement:

"I’m sorry for our voters we couldn’t get an agreement on this point.
But this point was, is and always will be a very important point on our agenda.
This ofcourse if why we started this party.
I want to wish all the best luck to the KU and the PfdA and the party they invite.
We are still going to fight for everything that is important for us, and you our voters.

Yours faithfully,

Maike Andreasson"

Well we can say that talks have started as promissed with D87, we have to see what will happen next in this formation. We are now a few weeks away from the record formation duration of 4 months. Some people start to get angry with the goverment and their unwillingness of forming cabinet.

Let’s just hope for everyone that we will have a cabinet soon not only because it takes a long time already, but the options are almost gone as well.

I was Adalgisio Trevisano, and this was the news.

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Hello and welcome to the 8 o’clock news. My name is Adalgisio Trevisano. And in today’s news:

Blueacian - Duallandi relations
Urthvision VII
And last again some politics.

Next week the President of Duelland will come to our lovely island to talk about the relationship between the countries and how they might get closer in the future. The company of Blue Ocean Cruises already said they renamed one of their ships to honor the relations and the President gets the honor of baptizing the ship. Work has begon to let everyone smooth for the arrival and stay of the Duellandi president. We hope that the relations will grow strong ofcourse. And welcome the president to Blueacia.

Now we go to the Urthvision. Blueacia ended the edition as 10th, the people of the NBF responsible for Lied and the Urthvision were disappointed that Blueacia finished this low. Some even went as far as saying if results kept this low Blueacia might drop out for a while. But ofcourse we want to thank everyone who voted for Blueacia. And we want to congratulate Marijke with this dream of her coming true.

Last we again have some talks aboit the formations. And this time the talks were finished quite early. After just 3 days KristenUny and D87 made known the differences between the two parties were to great to overcome. Some people we spoke now want to have new elections since the government still hasn’t got a new cabinet. But in a new twist we just found out KristenUny gave the formations back to the speaker and said maybe a cabinet can be formed with out them being part of it. PfdA inmidiatly jumped in the gap, and said they wanted to try it with themselves, D87, Grienlinks and De Sosjalistyske Partij. With the four left parties having 43 seats, just enough for a majority.

This was the news for today. Good evening to all our viewers. My name still is Adalgisio Trevisano and hope you tune in next time.

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Hello my name is Adalgisio Trevisano and this is a extra news bulletin.
The rumors about Charmaine having an affair weren’t true. It took the party and integrety agents a long time to found all the necessary and made sure Charmaine was indeed speaking the truth. Hearing this all the parties in the goverment (except for the PfdF) agreed that the KristenUny, FFD and GrienLinks got one more shot to form a cabinet. But some tongues claim these 3 parties got their last chance and they only get 2 weeks to agree on everything. If this time passes the left side parties will put a motion forward for new elections, this would be a first in Blueacian history.

This was the quick update. I was Adalgisio Trevisano.

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Hello everyone and welcome agian to the news, my name is Adalgisio Trevisano. Today after 189 days or 17 weeks of formations there is a new cabinet.
the cabinet exists out of the same three parties as the previous one. The KristenUny, the FFD and Grienlinks. The parties have a majority of 51 seats out of the 85.
In the new cabinet will be place for 9 secretaries. the old one had 11.
In the new cabinet there will be some familier faces, some faces will have changed position and ofcourse some new faces. Off the leaders of the parties only Pearson will be in the new cabinet which means 2 of the 3 people forming the cabinet won’t be in it and instaid be in the benches and monitor the cabinet.
The new cabinet will be filled with 4 people from KU, 3 people from FFD and 2 from GL
here is the list with who is at which department and which are changed:

Prime Minister will be agian be Pearson Lagonus of KU.
Secretary of State and first Vice Premier will be of Gabriel Zorita FFD
Secretary of Work and Tourism and second Vice Premier will be Frédérique Dieulafoy of GL
Secretary of Treasure Ympkje Fokkema of KU
Secretary of Foreign Affiars will be Harcourt Rousseau of FFD, he got a new psotion in trhe cabinet
Secretary of Housing and Enviroment Jérémie Dubos GL
This is a new name for the Secretary of Enviroment and they got the Housing from the Secretary of State.
Secretary of Education and Culture will be Mindert Nicolai of KU
This is the second new department formed out of the Secretary of Education and Secretary of Culture, History and Arts.
Secretary of Justice and Defence will be Vivian Richerson of KU is back at her own department, she is the secretary for as long as Pearson is PM
This is the new name for this department, as the cabinet combined the Secretary of Defence and Secretary of Safety and Justice
Secretary of Health, Wealth and Sport will be Michelle Boni of FFD, she staid in the cabinet but got a different deparment.

We hope that with these long formations the cabinet will make the 5 years. It might be difficult though, because as you know next year will be the elections for the Earste Keamer. and we only have to see if the cabinet will keep their majority in the senate.

This was the news. I was Adalgisio Trevisano and I hope to see you next time.

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Hello everyone and welcome agian to the news, my name is Adalgisio Trevisano.

Yesterday a new party formed, the Blauasia Nasjonale Party (Blueacian National Party). Not much is known yet about the party, the leader and founder of the party didn’t want to tell us much. He said we were only a source of fake-news and he told our reporter his party would only be in bad news as NBF was only on the hand of the three big parties and even more for the biggest at the moment of goverment, which in this time is the KristenUny. As far as our sources could find out the party was formed by populists and isolists who wanted to at least renegotiate most of the treaties. The party inmidiatly gained some popularity. This would be the results of the elections if they were held today:

FFD 18 - 16 (-2)
PfdA 17 - 14 (-3)
GL    11 - 13 (+2)
PfdF  2 - 12 (+10)
KU    22 - 9 (-13)
D87 11 - 9 (-2)
SP     4 -  7 (+3)
BNP  0 - 5 (+5)

With these results parties in cabinet would’t have a majority anymore. But the next elections are the senate elections in december and that will be the first time we’ll see what the new party will be able to do.

In other news, last weekend was the 63th edition of “Liet”. This marked a new record of foreign countries joining (Norgveldet, New Leganés, Caltharus, Tivot and Emberwood Coast) as some countries see the Blueacian music show to be the best way to see how their countries would preform in the Urthvision Songfestival. Which ofcourse finds it origins from Liet.
Here is a showcase of all the songs:

The winner was Laurens de Moor, he joined the competition as a way to get his diploma for his musician study.
Here is the performance: The Netherlands - LIVE - Duncan Laurence - Arcade - Grand Final - Eurovision 2019 - YouTube

That was it for tonight, I wish you all the best for today

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Hello and welcome to the news my name is Adalgisio Trevisano, Tonights news will be about the Kyrloth invasion of Kireitarenu’a.

The leader of Kyrloth, Sinter Tass told the people and the world in a press conference that the invasion was to liberate the people of Kireitarenu’a. He also said that Kyrloth forces didn’t use any violence and that the invasion was quite peacefully ofcourse there were some fights but not many. Although other reports tell different.
We are now going to our correspondent in the area Sjouke Koptelefoan.
Sjouke, how is the situation there? Is it as calm as mr. Tass says it is?
No Adalgisio, absolutly not. There’s a real chaos here. There are a lot of wounded and dead people, it really is a warzone here.
Ow. but that’s not how the Kyrloth news tells it to be.
That’s right, but the Kyrloth news is kinda a propaganda broadcaster of Tass. So he gets to decide what is broadcasted and how.
Could you tell us some more acurate things then.
Yes. For example, Kyrloth used Anti-Personnel Bombs. Those bombs are forbidden by the international commity. It are “normal” bombs but at the moment of impact an extra chamber in the bomb explodes releasing mustard gass. Hence why there are a lot of dead people here. You can’t see it, but from where I’m standing I can see people who were victim of such a bomb.
Ow dear, are you safe then Patrick?
Well sort off, fighting stopped for the most part. But the Kyrloth forces might not be to keen to have an other news broadcaster bring the real news.
We will return to you in a bit, but I just got word from our woman on the road who’s at the parlement building Guusje van Giesels

Guusje what’s the news?
Well, the Bluecian goverment has been talking about reactions for the actions of Kyrloth, and the goverment came with 3 points:
1: Freeze all assests of Kyrloth’s parlement members in Blueacia and on the LabiaTurtle Bank
2: Stop all trade (not that it was much) with Kyrloth, also stop all flights with Kyrloth and refuse all Kyrloth tourists for as long as deemed nessecary
3: Call the Blueacian embassedor and his workers in Kyrloth back, and the Kyrloth embassedor is summoned to PM Pearson Lagonus who’ll probably wants to know exactly what happend and then send him back to Kyrloth.
After this it is mentioned but not yet confirmed that Pearson will call for a Aurora leaders top and see if there’s a possibility that the UNAC or even all the Aurora countries react as one to make the message even stronger.
So, the goverment takes the inasion real serious then if the handle like this.
Yes, they take it really serious. As Pearson said during the debate “We might be most pacifist country on Urth, but that doesn’t mean we won’t confront a wrong regime”
Thanks for this.

Sjouke are you still there?
Yes I’m still here, I had to move a bit though. There was some shooting really close to where we were.
I hope you’re safe, and you weren’t hit…
No, we’re not hit and we’re in a building now as you can see. I hope we are safe.
Do you know if Tass plans on annexing the country or?
Well, the probability is there ofcourse and it wouldn’t suprise me.
And if the international community acts in reaction?
I would guess Tass will only backdown if there are coming forces his way.
Thanks for this talk, I think this wasn’t we had.

and this was the news for today, more as this story unfolds

My name is Adalgisio Trevisano and I hope to see you next time agian

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Hello and welcome to the news my name is Adalgisio Trevisano. In todays news the current cabinet is almost 10 months in office, during that time a new party formed and some other changes happend. Most of them not that major, but there ofcourse might be a big change now with talks going on for forming the AMF. some Blueacian parties endorse the forming, others are strictly agianst it.  The opinions are as followed:
PfdA - FOR
Forming or not, there will be parties that will be either happy or dissapointed.

Now that we are talking parties, lets see the latest polls if there were elections who would people vote for.
party - current seats - seats last poll - seats current poll - difference +/-
KU                22                             9                                10                          +1
FFD              18                             16                               15                           -1
PfdA            17                             14                               15                           +1
GL                11                             13                                13                            0
D87              11                              9                                10                          +1
SP                  4                             7                                  5                           -2
PfdF              2                             12                                10                          -2
BNP              0                              5                                  7                           +2

Lastly in todays news, eventhough “Prinsendei” Day-of-the-Prince is still a long way there are already discussions going on for september. Big fans know that Blue Ocean Cruises always plays it’s part by making sure all cruises are close to the island and then play “happy birthday to you” for the Prince. Some rumours go around that the company wants to stop that. They might have said that it costs then clients and money rerouting all cruises for 1 day. Some people called for the happening to be named cultural heritage and that the goverment must do everything to make sure BOC will keep playing the song around the island.

This was it for today, hope to see you next time agian.

my name was Adalgisio Trevisano, and this was the news

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Hello and welcome to the news my name is Adalgisio Trevisano.
Some breaking news today… A terrorist attack has happened against our Southern neighbour Caltharus. In the cities of Delgerdatter and Khouser. The terrorists attacked the police headquaters in both cities with deadly and heavy injured casualties as a consequence. Our reporter is close at the scene oft he Delgerdatter attack.

Hello Henrieke, first of all is everything safe?
Yeah Adalgisio, the police said everything should be safe now.
What do you see around you?
Well, what you expect from a terrorist attack, lots of debris. People crying and screaming and the police and millitary examining the scene.
Have you spoken with witnesses about what happend?
Peple say the tank just drove straight to the police headquaters and start opening fire
What does the military know at this point?
They don’t want to say more then is already known.
The Prime Minister is set to hold a statement about the attack, any idea what’s he going to say?
No, maybe his going to react with sactions. But to who do you react? Also is romoured that he will declare a state of emergency in Caltharus
Thank you for this report Henrieke.
See you agian Adalgisio.

The Blueacian government closed the border with Caltharus to make sure Blueacia staid out of trouble. “You don’t have to overreact, but you also don’t need to search for trouble.” Said Pearson. He also called with Barvata and give his support and that of the Blueacian people.

This was the news for this moment, if there is anything more happening we will come back to you as soon as possible

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Hello and welcome to the news my name is Adalgisio Trevisano.
Today after a closed vote the ThearistUny chose their new leader for the next elections. It’s quite a suprise result as the now party leader Kanne Jongsma was the most spoken about candidate and the one expected to win the vote. But during the voting rounds he said he prefered staying in the chamber instead of becoming the next PM. So during the third and final round Rutger Laviano gained a lot of support being the underdog, as he’s only been in the Twadde Keamer since the last elections in 2018. After he was chosen by the party members he said he had big shoes to fill after the Prime Ministership of Pearson. “We can’t look into the future if we forget the past.” Was a much quoted sentence in his winners speech, making sure people knew he went for the Prime Ministership but wouldn’t forget Pearson. The ThearistUny is the first of 4 parties to have chosen their new party leaders. D87, Grienlinks and the SP all choose their new leader closer to the elections in 2023, if the cabinet doesn’t fall sooner.

This was the extra news for this moment.
My name was Adalgisio Trevisano. Good day, and good news

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Hello and welcome to the news. My name is Adalgisio Trevisano, and in today’s news the senate elections.
As you all know the seats are halved from 40 to 20. This to cut expenses, and with the next elections for the goverment also having their seats lessend by a whole section again. The fights for the seats will only get harder and harder.
These also were the first elections in which the NPB participated. They surprised everyone, probably even themselves, with the result they got.
The results are as followed:

ThearistUny: 10 - 4
FFD:  9 - 4
PfdA: 8 - 3
D87: 6 - 1
SP: 4 - 2
PfdF: 2 - 1
GL: 1 - 2
NPB: 0 - 3

This means the current goverment has lost their majority in the senate. We are not sure yet sure if the goverment will fall because of this, or if they are willing to compromise on some points to get a majority on things again. And ofcourse we’ll see that the new party came third on their first elections. Branoc LeBlanc and his party has been torpedoed to a force to be recon with. He told in an interview right after the results came in that “This means the current cabinet should resign right away, they don’t have a majority anymore and it clearly shows that the old guard should move.”


I hope we can come back quickly with more reactions.
Thisw was the news for the moment, my name still is Adalgisio Trevisano and I wish you a good night.

Hello and welcome to the news, my name is Adalgisio Trevisano. In today’s news 2 political parties have decided their new leaders for the next elections in 2 years.
First of we go with the SP. Their new leader will be the daughter of Hidde Alma, Grace Alma. She was proud to get the chance to lead the party which her father lead between 2000 and 2010. She gave herself the goal to stop Blueacia continue going to the right wing. She said the left winged parties could be better for Blueacia again as they did in cabinet back in 2000. It is also time for Blueacia to finally get a female PM after all those males. And show the world a different side of Blueacia.


The PfdA also anounced a new leader for the next elections. This one is actually a shocker. Instead of going with a seasoned politician like they always do the PfdA now has picked a young up and coming politician. Lodewijk van Rensberg, he’s only 28 years old and doesn’t have much expierence yet in politics. He only has 2 years expierence in the Labia Cue local politics. In a shock closed election for party members only he was picked by a clear majority of 63% with 2 more candidates in the race. Lodewijk himself was surprised as well. He told the press he never expected this, but he will do everything to make sure to not damage the trust put into him.

This was the news thus far. My name is still Adalgisio Trevisano, and I hope to see you next time again

OCC: news of 9 March

Welcome to the news, my name is Adalgisio Trevisano. In todays news:
Attacks in New Leganés and Joralesia.
Elections in the MBE.
Blueacia to pull out of Urthvision?

Yesterday and the day before both New Leganés and Joralesia were hit by what look like terrorist attacks. The death toll might be in the hundreds for both attacks. PM Lagonus has said in a press conference that he called with the leaders of both nations Areuína Karnéias and Franklin Barvata to bring over the Blueacian condolences. Lagonus also had contact with the leader of the NFTB (Nasjonale Feiligens en Terrorisme Bestriding, National Security and Counter-Terrorism) if Blueacia should take any steps in raising the chance of a terrorist attack, it was determined that it wasn’t needed at this point. We’ll keep you updated if more news comes in.

After the attacks in Joralesia happened and the government couldn’t pass an anti-terrorist bill Barvata wrote out new elections for the whole of the MBE. Reactions have been mixed to this call for elections, one of the reactions is “why have elections? we need actions now and those don’t elections.” Another reaction was “We need elections to get a stronger government so bigger actions can follow.” The Green Party will get help from Maaike Andreasson. She left Blueacian politics last year after 19 years in politics. Her next goal is to grow the green way of life across Aurora. And the upcoming elections in the MBE are the perfect start she said herself. Maaike is expected to campaign in the green stronghold constituencies in Staynes the Kon-, Eldor- and Forenregion  for example. Also she’s expected to campaign in the neighboring constituencies of the “green belt” to let it grow further. Sources say we shouldn’t be surprised if Maaike also campaigned in Mesklar and Bishelmstrom this being the closest constituencies to Blueacia so those people might know Maaike and give her an “home advantage”.

Blueacia is the only nation to never miss an edition of Urthvision. And come 2nd a record 4 times. Last edition in New Leganés Blueacia ended a shameful tied 11th. Some say Blueacia should pull out for at least the next edition after this debacle. More so after Kyrloth won and
Urthvision probably will go to Kyrloth next edition. Some people say we shouldn’t go to nations who have nothing on their mind other than power. We have to see if Blueacia will really miss the next edition. Some people also said that the broadcaster wants to keep the streak alive and Urthvision isn’t a show where politics are allowed. We just have to wait and see if Blueacia will join or miss the next edition.

This was the news for today. My name still is Adalgisio Trevisano, and I hope to see you next time again.

OCC: news of 19 May 2020

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Welcome to the latened news of midnight. As you might have just seen Liet has ended with a win for Benne and Tanke with their song named “Say Yes”. Here is their winning song for the last time:

Surprise of the show was Vivancandatia coming second on their debute with the song Your lies. Other international participating nations were: Tivot, MBE, New Leganés, South Peragen, East and West Cerdani, Acronis, Vultuca and Valerica.
Here is a recap of all the songs from the 3 shows:

This was it for tonight. I wish a good night and see you tomorrow.
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Hello, and welcome to the news.
This year’s edition of Liet has just ended with Naomi Breckinridge winning. Her song was called “Map to you”. Here one more time the winning song:

Here a recap of all the 39 songs that we have seen in the past 3 shows:

The international participants this year were Valerica, Vivancatadia, New Leganés, South Peragen, Acronis, West Cerdani, Tawuse (debuting) and MBE. For the first time in a long time Tivot has not participated this edition.

I wish you a good night. And hopefully we see you tomorrow again.

Hello and welcome to this extra news. My name is Adalgisio Trevisano.
The situation in Hawa has turned bad real quick. Unconfirmed sources have told us that it starts to like a genocide what is happening, but we can’t be sure right now. Ofcourse we went to the government building for a reaction of the closest ministers, first off the minister of foreign affairs:
Harcourt Rousseau: “I can’t say much about the situation yet cause I don’t know much about it yet. What I do know is that at least 10 Kuthern peacekeeping forces have been killed and many more people are fearing for their lives. My department is now trying to get information if Blueacian citizens are in Hawa at the moment and we’ll see how the situation will unfold to determine if there any Blueacians if there is a need to evacuate them or if they can come back in the normal ways. I am now going into this extra cabinet meeting and see what we can do.”
And what about the minister of justice and defence
Vivian Richerson:" Yeah euhm… What is euhm… happening is euhm… not a good thing obviously but euhmm we really euhm… need to give support to those who are in need of it the most. I already called with some colleagues in the PKFU if we should get some boots on the ground. But I now have to go in this meeting and we’ll see what comes from it."
As you heard the cabinet is just starting their discussions about the situation in Hawa, if we have any important news about it we will come back with you and report it.
I am Adalgisio Trevisano and this was the news.