Treaty of the Waxing Moon

The Treaty of the Waxing Moon, between The East Pacific and 10000 Islands, was ratified by the Magisterium at 6:04 PM UTC on June 1, 2020.

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Treaty of the Waxing Moon

Article I: Mutual Recognition

Signatories recognize the Government of The East Pacific, as established by the Concordat, and the Council of Nine as the respective official governments of The East Pacific and 10000 Islands.

Article II: Diplomatic Relations

To ensure continuing diplomatic relations the Signatories shall maintain in-game embassies on, off-site embassies on their respective regional forums, and diplomatic representatives within each other’s region, to the best of their abilities.

Article III. Non-Aggression, Mutual Defense and Intelligence

Section 1. Signatories shall not:

(a) engage in any military hostilities against the home region of the other Signatory;

(b) engage in any military hostilities against an embassy region of the other Signatory, including providing military assistance to another military doing so, unless said embassy region has declared a state of war or engaged in hostilities against either Signatory or an embassy region thereof;

(c) attempt directly or indirectly, or give any form of support to, a coup d’état or any other acts of subversion against the legitimate recognized government of the other Signatory;

(d) in any way commit acts of espionage, subterfuge or other subversive operations against the legitimate recognized government of the other Signatory, or any of the other Signatory’s off-site properties.

Section 2. Signatories shall:

(a) provide military assistance in case of a military attack against the home region of the other Signatory;

(b) provide to each other intelligence, on a need-to-know basis, on any of the hostilities or actions, or potential hostilities or actions, including by third parties, as listed under Section I of this Article, unless doing so would violate applicable laws, or the terms of service for NationStates or said Signatory’s forum provider, or unduly compromise said signatory’s sources of information. If this intelligence relates to actions of the other Signatory’s Delegate, then it will be provided to the Viziers of The East Pacific or the Chief Executive of 10000 Islands;

(c) keep any shared intelligence confidential on a need-to-know basis within the signatory’s government and make public intelligence on terms mutually agreed upon by the other signatory.

Article IV: Ratification and Termination

Section 1. This treaty shall be ratified by completion of the respective legal process in each region, and each Signatory shall record the complete text of this treaty in its appropriate record-keeping place.

Section 2. Either Signatory can terminate this treaty in writing to the other Signatory, providing at least three days advance notice to the other Signatory, such termination not constituting an act of war or a hostility by the terminating region.

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