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Welcome to the official embassy page of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent! This is where you can apply for membership, observer status, or other diplomatic requests you wish to seek with our faction!

The United Nations of the Auroran Continent was founded on December 3, 2017 by the founding nations of Sarentria, Durentrus, Oan Isles, Kostoria-Obertonia, Great Morstaybishlia, Dragonia, Emberwood Coast, Tuvaltastan, Axdel, Vothetria, Absurdistan, Kothalria, Faethalria, and Oceansend. Albeit relatively new, the UNAC’s political, economic, military, and cultural reach expands far and wide, rivaling the League of Novaris and Council of Gondwana’s size and influence.


The current ratified charter of the U.N.A.C. can be viewed UNAC Final Draft - Google Docs.

Statistics of UNAC Member Nations:

The population, gross domestic product, and land area of the current members of the UNAC (which may be modified at any time) can be viewed UNAC Stats Spreadsheet - Google Tabellen.

If you have any questions about the United Nations of the Auroran Continent, please speak to one of our representatives at www.unac.org for more information.

Official Announcement from the UNAC Commission President

In an effort to better protect the Auroran continent from foreign threats or otherwise, and after a majority vote in favor of the motion, The Auroran Security Agency is officially established. The following is a description of the newly-formed Agency:

The Auroran Security Agency shall be helmed by the Commissioner who shall be charged with the oversight and administration thereof.

The Auroran Security Agency shall be charged with

  • Facilitating communication between the intelligence, law enforcement and military organizations of the member states of the UNAC.
  • Facilitate the coordination of and cooperation on cross border operations.
  • Facilitate for the sharing of expertise, knowledge and intelligence by voluntary participation of the member nations.
  • Shall have the right to enforce an arrest warrant issued by the Auroran Court of Justice.
  • Shall protect the assets and buildings of the UNAC.

Nations shall voluntarily contribute resources to the UNAC. The UNAC shall be housed in a city to be determined by vote. The Oan Isles proposes Weyrcliff, Dragonia.

The ASA shall have jurisdiction in all of the UNAC.

It is our hope that the ASA will be a positive step towards a brighter, more peaceful future for Aurora.

Humbly yours,
Lara Tarasovna
UNAC Commission President
United Nations of the Auroran Continent

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Official Announcement from the UNAC Commission President

After being nomination by the Oan Isles, accepting the nomination, and after a majority vote in favor of the motion, Trent Gomez of Xagrurg Sarentria is officially made Head of the Auroran Security Agency.

We hope that Trent Gomez may effectively manage and lead the Auroran Security Agency in its investigations and operations; we wish him a successful career.

Humbly yours,
Lara Tarasovna
UNAC Commission President
United Nations of the Auroran Continent

— Begin quote from ____

From: The Admiralty, the Oan Isles
To: Auroran Security Agency
Subject: Request for aid on search for missing oil tanker
Date: 20 July 2018[hr]The Head of the ASA
Trent Gomez

The office of the Admiralty of the Oan Isles hereby formally and cordially request the aid of the Auroran Security Agency in the search for the oil tanker Lady Amphitrite, owned by Embask PLC.

The ship disappeared on 18 July 2018 and we have been unable to make contact. It disappeared near the Baykalian Islands. We have already begun search operations with the Royal Coast Guard of the United Kingdom. Given the magnitude of the case we need the aid of the agency and whatever aid it can marshal from other UNAC member states to help find the ship, and rescue its cargo and crew if necessary.

Our office will be in contact with yours.

Chief of the Navy
The Admiralty
The Oan Isles

— End quote

To: The Admiralty, the Oan Isles
From: Auroran Security Agency
Subject: Request for aid on search for missing oil tanker
Date: 22 July 2018

The Auroran Security Agency is obligated by duty to assist the search and rescue of any Auroran citizens. We will launch awareness campaigns on all forms of media and divert several helicopters and police corvettes and drones from our resources to assist in the search of Lady Amphitrite. We request any information you may have be sent to your local ASA office in the Oan Isles or directly send it to our headquarters in Laona, Xagrurg so we may pinpoint its present location.

-Xagrurg has volunteered to send several of their own helicopters and even permitted us special access to one of their spy satellites in orbit (its coordinates of course are classified) to help spot the oil tanker.

-Thalria is unable to send any aid to assist in the search but their government offers their condolences for the crew and wish them safety and luck.

Official Announcement from the UNAC Commission President

(OOC: This announcement was made ICly on July 25, 2018)

After being nominated by myself, and after being voted in by the Auroran Council, the following individuals are hereby appointed to the position of UNAC Commissioners:

Name: Veronique da Sangello
Age: 30
Sex: Female
From: Blueacia
Job Prior to Commissioner: Professional Racer

Name: Peter Marley
Age: 39 Years
Sex: Male
From: United Kingdom
Job prior to Commissioner: MP for Toransloe, UK

Yor Isles:
Name: Maral Daurenova
Age: 29
Sex: Female
From: Yor Isles
Job prior to Commissioner: Member of the Yor Pirate Party

Name: Polly Newman
Age: 45
Sex: Female
From: Axdel
Job prior to Commissioner: Ambassador to Xagrurg

Name: Zoe Stadler
Age: 53
Sex: Female
From: Faethalria
Job prior to Commissioner: Faethalrian Minister of Justice

Name: Rorik Rectilius
Age: 37
Sex: Male
From: Tivot
Job Prior to Commissioner: Tivotian Praetor for the Villa Internum

Name: Anna Vasilov
Age: 30
Sex: Female
From: Kostromastan
Job Prior to Commissioner: Mayor of Astrakhan

Name: Igor Korlov
Age: 71
Sex: Male
From: Tuvaltastan
Job Prior to Commissioner: Former Vice-Minister of Tuvaltastan

Age: 51
Sex: Female
From: Kothalria
Job Prior to Commissioner: Member of the Kothalrian Parliament

We wish the above individuals good luck as the first UNAC Commissioners of their respective nations.

Humbly yours,
Lara Tarasovna
Commission President
United Nations of the Auroran Continent

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To: Lara Tarasovna
Commission President
United Nations of the Auroran Continent


The NSTO has been watching the UNAC under your wing grow and prosper with the effects trickling down in a shared common nation, The Realm Of Yor Isles. We have recently found the need to work more closely with UNAC, this comes as the tensions in the region have decreased drastically since the Auroran War. The NSTO has maintained our presence in the region as a deterrence to any foreign aggressors against the Yor Isles, now comes the time where we need to work closely to continue to increase peace and security in the region. With Yor being a member of the council and Observer State in NSTO we will like to officially request the following:

•Intelligence Sharing between the NSTO Member states, (Kasmiyland, Nacata, Duelland, Kuthernburg, Lessau, and Latianburg) and UNAC members.

•NSTO Consulate in Aurora & UNAC Consulate in Pollok

•Joint Anti-Terrorism/Counter-Piracy in the ever increasing ocean area near Yor and Southern Oceans.

•Joint Interoperability training session three times a year to maintain a strong bond between NSTO & UNAC Security forces, as well as increase the ability to work together to swiftly end situations.

We do hope that you all look over and come to some kind of agreement we all can agree to.

General Secretary
Larissa Cohen

Official Announcement from the UNAC Commission President

To General Secretary Larissa Cohen,

After a discussion among members of the Commission regarding your request, we are happy to inform you that we accept your request in its entirety!

May our two organizations foster peace and prosperity on Urth.

Humbly yours,
Lara Tarasovna
UNAC Commission President
United Nations of the Auroran Continent


As the United Nations of the Auroran Continent is well aware via ongoing diplomatic communications with the Great Morstaybishlian Government, the MBE is facing its worse series of terror related attacks in a generation. It began with a co-ordinated terrorist attacks that took place on 24 July 2020 in Barbarus and Jomsgord Provinces, Caltharus, Great Morstaybishlia. Beginning at 08:36, one Khadgar tank operated by terrorists alongside 37 terrorists shot and blew up the side of the Barbarus police headquarters building before committing a mass shooting. At 9:06 another tank and gunmen committed a second mass shooting on the Khauser police headquarters. Both mass shootings resulted in a standoff with police.

I set immediately to work formulating an action plan with my Cabinet. We implemented a state of emergency across Great Morstaybishlia to help fight terrorism, which involved the banning of public demonstrations, and allowing the police to carry out searches without a warrant, put anyone under house arrest without trial and block websites that encouraged acts of terrorism. The Caltharusian provinces of Calthia, Laulia, Aurus, Barbarus, Jomsgord and Nocturne were put on Black Alert with a curfew of 21:00, football matches and pubs were also closed and non-essential travel became prohibited. Unfortunately, despite these implementation there was public displays and peaceful rioting that became violent. After one day the army which had been deployed to enforce Black Alert engaged against an armed militia in the streets of Fort Nocturne and there were deaths on both sides. This escalated from civil unrest to guerrilla warfare.

For several weeks the armed forces did a fantastic job in quelling the terrorists and for some time there was no street fighting and rioting, arson, looting, and property damage had declined to a stable point. Unfortunately yesterday re-ignited the flames. A drone bomb attack commenced in a meeting of chief constables in Kola House, Nocturne provincial police headquarters. It happened at 14:05 and claimed the lives of six chief constables, one deputy chief constable and one site engineer. This sort of senseless attack is damaging to our country. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack although in my nation address I made it clear that the government believe that a funded militia is acting in the shadows and committing these barbaric attacks in the name of Nocturnian independence.

I am reaching out to the President of the UNAC to organise a meeting of all member states. The Morstaybishlian government is doing all it can on its own to crack down on this problem, but it continues to grow. We must find the root of this evil and destroy it. We must convene as honest nation states and cooperate in terms of border checks and restrictions, total shared intelligence and transparency and police and forensic support. We must unite as a continent to condemn this terrorist group and destroy it before it spreads to other nations.


Parliament of Great Morstaybishlia and its respective administrations,

Franklin Barvata
Prime Minister

Serving under His Majesty,

Lambertus VII

Dear Representitive of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent,

With the consent of the Imperial Advisory Council, and the urging of both the Zetian Representitive Assembaly and Peperan Federal Assembaly, I would officially like to request Observer Status for the Ducal Federation of Vistaraland and any successor states that may represent the territories of K’undzeti and the Peper Isles.

I would like to cite our historical cooperation with Great Morstaybishlia, as well as the economic and cultutal relations between the islands and the states of Tivot and Tuvaltastan, which we would be happy to see similar positive opportunities with other Auroran Nations.

Best Wishes,

Adelbert Wilhelmzoon of the House of Aisera, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Her Highness Marium I of the House of Milba, Empress of the Vistara, Archduchess of Vierbak and Duchess of Milba.

His Excellency, the Honourable and Loyal Governor-General Levan Giorgizoon Dekker of the Vistari West Pacific Territories of K’undzeti and the Peper Isles

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Official Announcement of the Oan Isles
From: His Serene Majesty’s Government, The Oan Isles
To: President of the UNAC Commission
Topic: Appointment of a Commissioner and Council Representative for the Oan Isles

Dear President of The Commission,

I trust that you are well. As the Minister of the Crown for Foreign Affairs for the Serene Realm of the Oan Isles, I, Arana Marana, hereby announce that His Serene Majesty, the Emperor of Polynesia, acting in right of The Oan Isles and with the advice of his ministers hereby appoints the following individuals as Council Representative and Commissioner for the Oan Isles:
For the Commission:

  • Name: Ahera Oka

  • Age: 45

  • Sex: Female

  • Job Prior to Commissioner: Director of Trade Relations at the Oan Embassy to Great Morstaybishlia

For the Council of the UNAC

  • Name: Iparema Huinga

  • Age: 40

  • Sex: Female

  • Job Prior to Council: Director for Immigration and Refugees at the Oan Embassy to Tivot

We trust you will find the above in order.

With Respect, 
Arana Marama, 
Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Oan Isles

[spoiler]Geopolitical Threat Assessment
Cognizant of the glaring challenges and sensitive to the foreboding events on mainland Aurora, the Cabinet of the Oan Isles has instructed the Oan Department of Foreign Affairs to prepare a geopolitical threat assessment report (GTA) to aid the member states and policymakers of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent (UNAC) to mitigate against what we believe are imminent threats to the UNAC. The Oan government wanted to share this information with UNAC member states because our government believes that this threat affects all of us. We have worked with the Oan intelligence community and we would like to thank them for their assistance and support in preparing this report.
Kia Ora,
Arana Marama
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Tipene Rahua
Director of the Oan Intelligence Bureau

In simple terms, we believe that another major war is imminent in Aurora. The terrorist attack in East Caltharus, Great Morstaybishlia displays the political, security, economic and social issues that will threaten the stability of UNAC and its member states. This incident among others indicates that our existing security protocols need to be reassessed and new mechanisms to deal with and prevent these threats need to be developed. State and non-state actors are using longstanding political disputes, ethnic and religious differences, and economic inequality to foment insurgencies that lead to the fragmentation of the UNAC. The dangers cannot be overstated.
Aims of the Report
·         To gain a full picture of the geopolitical threats facing the UNAC.
·         To provide solutions which policymakers can implement quickly.
·         To provide long-term strategies that will prevent security threats in the future.
In this report we used the following techniques to collate data:
·         Economic and demographic statistics
·         Geographical conditions and environmental issues
·         Legislation and policy, political systems, and current affairs

Relevant Events
As we are all familiar with the events in Great Morstaybishlia, we will not go into details, but highlight relevant points.
There are sectarian tensions along ethnic lines in Great Morstaybishlia. The emergence of separatist political movements whether within or out of mainstream politics such as the Valerian labour faction (calling for the secession of Aegis in particular and South Staynes more broadly) and the Nocturne Independence Party (which is pushing for Nocturne to have more autonomy and even independence) is worrying.

Secondly, the terrorist attack which led to deaths - while not specifically linked to the aforementioned political parties and movements - shows that anti-Morstaybishlian organisations are able to operate with impunity, procure highly restricted military-grade weapons and have the logistical capacity to organize large operations. The arrest of Schneider and Jordanes indicates that ideological and psychological tools are being used to foment sectarian tensions and legitimize secessionist or anti-Morstaybishlian sentiments.

Socio-economic Issues
The most populous and prosperous region of Great Morstaybishlia is Staynes. The presence of oil and fertile land has enabled this region to outpace other Morstaybishlian constituent countries. We would argue, that the presence of high-paying jobs and business opportunities in Staynes is causing the young educated population to leave South Staynes and East Caltharus for Staynes. We would argue that the less educated workers left behind in South Staynes are frustrated by the poor economic situation and neglect they are faced with. Moreover, the fragmentation of families due to internal migration is creating a sense of panic and loss in the remaining population.

A second point is that Ethalrian and Salovian minorities in the Nocturne and greater East Caltharusian regions have wildly different ideas about how a country should be run. This stems from a combination of highly community-driven and somewhat aggressive ideals. These conditions are ripe for state and non-state actors to exploit. Potential actors could be religious organisations, ethnocentric civic organizations and political parties, and populist movements. Great Morstaybishlia has many historic enemies and its economy is too closely linked with other states, thus the effect of issues there will damage all of us.

Supranational Issues
Free travel has been very useful in creating economic prosperity by creating cross-border job opportunities and technical and intellectual exchanged. On the other hand, ports of entry have been left dangerously under-protected and migration controls are poor. The fact that a faction of terrorists was able to import military-grade weapons into Nocturne and carry out a terrorist attack of the scale and nature that we saw, indicates the poor controls in place and the susceptibility of public officials to corruption. We would also argue that tools to monitor financial transactions are poor as this organization was able to access and use cash to fund their operations.

The fact that there was no warning from the Auroran Security Agency indicates that the broader Auroran intelligence community is not adequately integrated. Information is not being adequately shared and analysed and the ASA lacks the expertise, resources and leadership to mitigate these intense threats. Moreover, the UNAC does not have the financial tools to provide member states with the financial support required to alleviate poverty and address economic inequality.

In light of these findings, we recommend the following:
·         The leadership of the ASA must be changed. A new director must be appointed, and we must explore moving the headquarters of the ASA to a more secure country.
·         Data on goods and people entering a nation’s borders must be shared with the ASA. Increased measures such as biometric scanning at points of entry must be used to track the identity of people moving across borders.
·         Financial transactions above 100,000 KRB or at least 3 successive transactions of 10,000 KRB must be reported to the ASA
·         Critical infrastructure such as power plants, government buildings and water reservoirs must-have emergency military deployments such as anti-aircraft systems and infantry to defend them.
·         Baykalia and Thalria must be required to allow the ASA to conduct investigations on the circulation of anti-UNAC and anti-Morstaybishlian propaganda and movement of illicit money and goods.
·         The proposal on the Auroran Monetary Fund must be adopted urgently to leverage the funding required to provide development assistance, especially to violent-prone areas.
·         Emergency protocols must be implemented so that the Auroran Standing Force can be deployed quickly. Moreover, we would suggest that nations increase their personnel deployments.

In conclusion, if Great Morstaybishlia falls, we all follow. The events in that country are too convenient to be coincidental and we need to watch it carefully. We need to protect critical infrastructure, share information and reform the ASA. The future of the UNAC is very fragile and we need to be ready.

Official Communication of the Oan Isles
To: President of the UNAC Commission
From: Prime Minister of the Oan Isles
Subject: Geopolitical Threat Assessment

Kia ora Lara Tarasovna

The Oan Isles humbly requests that the above report is circulated to member states and that an emergency virtual session is held to adopt its provisions. This report is top secret and only for the eyes of the Council, Commission President and Commissioner for Peace and Security.

With respect,
Maui Uye-Ahua


To: President of the UNAC Commission
From: Prime Minister of Sarentria
Subject: Disputed maritime borders
2021-06-21, 14:00 PM

To Lara Tarasovna,

The government of Sarentria requests the UNAC supports its position on its disputed maritime borders with its southern neighbour Asilica.

Historically this water has been a point of contention between Sarentria and Asilica. It has historically been property of the Grand Matriarchy of Ethalria, and then the Republic of Ethalria where an international commission of the sea tried to determine which nation owned the strip, but it failed because of overlapping possessions both nations claim there.

This morning, Asilican and Rosalican warships combined in this strip of water, which we claim as ours and they claim as theirs. Their reasoning was of national security purposes following the heinous terrorist attacks in Asilica city, Asilica. However, there was no justification for this action as threat levels in this region remain low.

We have requested Asilican forces withdraw within twenty four hours. Our own nation holds the position that this strip should remain neutral, and so far in our nations history of four years we have not asserted our naval presence there. If Asilica does not comply, we will be deploying our own naval detachment to monitor and deter any threat the Asilican naval presence may have over Sarentrian possessions, as well as remove them from proximity of our possessions.

If this happens, we request the UNAC backs us as a member state in protecting our possessions in the Azure Sea with accordance to Article C, Section 1 of the UNAC Charter, over Asilica, who is not a member state of the UNAC.

I hope to hear from you shortly,


Ositha Boracova
PM of Sarentria


For several years now, the Republic of Asilica has enjoyed a close diplomatic relationship with the United Nations of the Auroran Continent, including most prominently our membership in the Single Auroran Market. As you know, Asilica has never before pursued membership in the organization, having stated a preference to remain independent, neutral, and as we say, “un-entangled in international diplomacy.” As you also know, two days ago our country suffered the most devastating attack we have ever known, leaving out government broken and our hearts and souls shattered. It is only by the grace of our fellow countries of the international community that Asilica has been able to re-establish even a modicum of safety and security. Indeed, one must think of what might have gone differently had we been in a position to engage with our peers before the attack, rather than after.

I am writing to you today, on behalf of the Republic of Asilica, to apply for membership in the United Nations of the Auroran Continent. I know that this will not be easy. There are complicated legal questions regarding the legal authority our provisional government has, and UNAC membership has long been a controversial, even tense, topic of political debate in our country. Asilica is, at least in the present moment, essentially unable to consider such complex questions as what our currency will be, what changes will need to be made to our tax code, or even such things as where our maritime border lies. But the simple fact is that Asilica needs help. We thought ourselves invincible. We are not, and we can no longer justify the isolationist stances we have taken in the past.

Asilica can no longer stand alone. It is our hope that we will be able to build a closer relationship with you so that our country can survive, but also so that our country can thrive. So that our country can not just restore what was lost, but become something better than what came before. And it is our hope that we will be able to help your countries thrive and develop as well. In this time of great chaos and uncertainty, Asilica believes that peace is more important than neutrality, that safety is more important than pride, and that we are all more powerful together than we are alone.

Most Sincerely,

Teresa Armbrüster
Provisional Chancellor of the Republic of Asilica


Jörg Renatsch
President of the Republic of Asilica

Official Announcement from the President of the UNAC Commission

22 June, 2021

I have been informed by my constituents in Sarentria that the Asilican government deployed naval forces into a segment of the Azure Sea that which both nations claim, and which the Sarentrian government has asked for action regarding the issue. All our member states have the right to their administered territory guaranteed to them by our Charter, and I believe sovereignty is of the utmost vitality in the strength of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent. As such, it is up to each sovereign nation to determine their own response to the dispute. This recent conflict between our own Sarentria and SAM member Asilica shows the importance of resolving issues diplomatically, and I hope that the dispute may be reconciled promptly.

In addition: In light of the recent attack on Asilica, I believe it prudent to express my regrets and condolences to those devastated by this horrendous attack; I would not wish such death and sadness on anyone. Those that have perished in this attack will always be remembered in our hearts, but I find it equally saddening to know that this is not the first terror attack to ravage our continent; we all unfortunately have seen this before: the death, the suffering, the ruin. These kinds of acts are cowardly and low-minded, and action needs to be taken to prevent further tragedies like these and those found across the globe. As such, I implore the Auroran parliament and the Auroran council to begin exploring the avenues by which we can more effectively tackle this sickness on our continent. I myself intend to open a portfolio dedicated towards tackling the issue. I hope that we may some day be free of such dreadful suffering, and my heart goes out to those who have been forced to experience the loss of a loved one; I know it well. I hope that you may find solace in knowing that, though they may no longer be here in the physical world, they are still with us in our memories and hearts.

Aurorans are Stronger Together,
Lara Tarasovna
President, UNAC Commission

Official Announcement from the President of the UNAC Commission

23 June, 2021

I am pleased to inform the international community that, after decades of close political ties, the Republic of Asilica, after a vote of 11 AYE, 1 NAY, and 4 Abstentions, has become the newest member of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent!

Aurorans are Stronger Together,
Lara Tarasovna
President, UNAC Commission

Official Announcement from the President of the UNAC Commission

24 June, 2021

With a vote unanimously casting 13 AYE’s, the United Nations of the Auroran Continent officially condemns the actions taken by the perpetrators of the attacks in Asilica. These kinds of attacks, though horrendous, often show the strength of those who survive and persevere. The attackers choose cowardly methods of doing harm, hiding in the shadows to do their dirty work. We as a continent must show unity against those who would do harm to us and our kin. I once again call on the other branches of the UNAC to take actions to better prevent and deal with terrible events like these.

Aurorans are Stronger Together,
Lara Tarasovna
President, UNAC Commission

Official Communication from the Oan Isles
From: Government of the Oan Isles
To: President of the Commission of the UNAC
Subject: Attacks on Asilica
Dear President Lara Tarasovna

The Oan government welcomes the recent decision by the UNAC to condemn the attacks on Asilica. We however believe that the situation is of such a magnitude and presents such a broad existential threat to the UNAC that we believe that military intervention is required to ensure stability and root out the perpetrators.

Furthermore, we call upon the Auroran Security Agency to conduct an investigation to find out how this attack could be perpetrated. Moreover, we believe that we must be careful about allowing this incident to open an opportunity for a foreign military presence in Aurora without UNAC approval.

We have consulted with President Renasch of Asilica and are awaiting his response. However, we believe that the UNAC must prepare mechanisms and undertake discussions about military intervention in Asilica. We await your response on the matter.

With respect,
Maui Uye-Ahua

125 Kororia Road, Tokapa, The Oan Isles
Dear Esteemed Member States of the UNAC,

On behalf of the AMF, I hereby submit to your consideration the formation of the Emergency Response Facility (ERF), and the Disaster Reconstruction Facility (DRF). Firstly, the ERF is proposed as a form of zero interest rate loans for nations to deal with emergency response and disaster relief for nations affected by humanitarian crises. Secondly, the DRF is proposed as an economic growth rate aligned interest rate source of funding for member states reconstructing their nation after a disaster such as these. We propose that 10 billion and 40 billion KRB, respectively, are redirected from unused and saved funds. We request that member states approve our proposal urgently to grant nations such as Asilica access to funding as soon as possible.

With respect,
Locklyn Le Roy,
President of the Auroran Monetary Fund

Official Communiqué from the
Independant Commonwealth of
K’undzeti and P’almistrand


As a representative of the, as of the 1st of March this year, the Independent nation of K’undzeti as elected by it’s people, I wish to formally request the application of my nation to develop further ties with it’s forefathers in Aurora by becoming a member-state of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent. It is the intent of my people, as represented through the Constituent Government in which I was voted to lead, that K’undzeti join alongside it’s fellow ethnic, cultural and geographic Aurorans and have the ability to speak for itself, rather than being spoken for by the Imperial Vistari Confederation. To do so full cooperation on our end to accommodate ourselves within your community is a promise I intend to uphold, as a proud K’undzetian and Salovian. Should you require any further details, information or agreement from us, please contact us through this channel of communication. I thank you for your time and hope we may see ourselves cooperate long into the distant future.


Mikhail Zetali,
Provisional Chancellor of the Independent Commonwealth of K’undzeti and P’almistrand