Urthvision XVIII

Sayyed’s Votes
12 - Tivot
10 - Oan Isles
8 - Alksearia
7 - North Ethalria
6 - Mirhaime
5 - Cryria
4 - Corseau
3 - Blueacia
2 - Jarisven
1 - Aivintis

Corseau’s Votes

12 - Blueacia
10 - Celanora
8 - North Ethalria’
7 - Oan Isles
6 - Tawuse
5 - Wed Shams
4 - Mirhaime
3 - Gamlevinland
2 - WBF
1 - Morstaybishlia

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Tuvaltastan’s Votes:

12- Sato
10- The Oan Isles
8- Sayyed
7- Tawuse
6- Great Morstybishlia
5- Kuduk
4- Aivintis
3- Korcetta
2- Corseau
1- WBF

Tivot’s Votes:

12- Mirhaime
10- New Leganes
8- Alksearia
7- Sayyed
6- The Oan Isles
5- Blueacia
4- Kuduk
3- Jarisven
2- Wed Shams
1- Tawuse

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[broadcast 1348-ll-06-23.25.20]

Tesara Nira
Sund! Hello New Leganés! My name is Tesara Nira and I’m coming to your screens live from the West Borean Federation! Votes from all three nations have been tallied by the third year Statistics and Mathematics students at AZU [Azmarin/Zlovskavaar University], who have been hard at work making sure everything’s counted and accounted for!

(The camera pans to a group of university students who, for the first time since they were put in charge of this operation, actually appear to be looking at the votes. They let out a collective sigh as they realise that West Borea’s two points to Morstaybishlia has just put their own country in stone dead last.)

Tesara Nira
And without further ado, the results from West Borea!

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A tall Z’rei with suit with clearly visible shoulder pads flickers on screen. Next to them is a short kemonomimi in suit of much lesser quality. Standing close together and lacking any that foreign concept of personal space between the two. The Z’rei spoke first,

“Good Ev-”
He was cut off by the kemonomimi who thrusted her arms up, smacking him in the face. The second time it has happened. “Good evening Urthvision! Spirits watch over all of the artists, your music was shared all across the country through state TV watching centers and the radio.”

The Z’rei looking more than upset than he was before, fixed his tie. “Ah, yes. We wish our special blessings on Magnus Ny’Kala make the state proud.” He withdrawn a envelope from his suit jacket. “Now, let us give the points.” He handed the envelope to the overly joyful kemonomimi next to him. She read off the points in a bubbling tone.

12 - Kuduk
10 - Jarisven
8 - North Ethalria
7 - Korcetta
6 - Norgsveldet
5 - Web Shams
4 - Gamlevinland
3 - Nation Formally known as Kyrloth (WBF)
2 - New Leganes
1 - Tuvaltastan


Federation of the Southern Coast

12 - Norgsveldet
10 - Nagato
8 - Cryria
7 - Nystatiszna
6 - Aivintis
5 - The Oan Isles
4 - Wed Shams
3 - Sato
2 - WBF
1 - Kuduk


Hello this is Labia Cue calling for the votes of Blueacia. Good to see you again Pétra. I hope you didn’t forget your best friend ME, Marijke.
I am delighted to see you again. We should meet again soon. But now on to serious business. Here are the Blueacian points.

1 point goes to Morstaybishlia, our neighbour.
2 points go to Oan Isles
3 points go to Tawuse
4 points go to Sayyed
5 points go to a nation you might like: New Léganes
6 points go to Korcetta
7 points go North Ethalria
And now the top 3 according to the Blueacian voter. Which ofcourse are the only right voters.

8 points go to our other neighbour, Tivot.

10 points go to the nation who with this song ended second in Liet last year as well, Corseau.

12 points go to you Pétra. Applause… WHOOOOOOOO. Hm? Wha? Yes but I don’t want to give the votes as they were Pétra deserves it more. So? I don’t care she didn’t sing in the contest. Why haven’t changed the system yet that I can’t vote for for who I want… Well then Then the 12 points go to Celanora.

Hope to see you soon again Pétra. But then I will be presenting and you will give the points :wink:

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4-New Leganés

6-Wed Shams



12: Alksearia
10: Tivot
8: Sayyed
7: Cryria
6: Celanora
5: West Borean Federation
4: Wed Shams
3: Mirhaime
2: New Leganes
1: Jarisven


12: Mirhaime
10: Kuduk
8: Norgsveldet
7: Tawuse
6: Nystatiszna
5: Sayyed
4: Tivot
3: Nagato
2: Celanora
1: West Borean Federation


12: Cryria
10: Tawuse
8: Korcetta
7: Nystatisnza
6: Aivintis
5: Satō
4: Norgsveldet
3: Kuduk
2: Galmevinland
1: New Leganes


Unovian Broadcasting Company presents…

A special broadcast sponsored by Odyssey Airlines…

Intro card and music

Announcer: From UBC News Headquarters in Castella, this is a special Urthvision broadcast with Charles Gilbert and Vanessa Evergarden.

Charles Gilbert: Good evening, and welcome to this special news broadcast of the Urthvision XVIII finals. I’m Charles Gilbert.

Vanessa Evergarden: And I’m Vanessa Evergarden. Our broadcast tonight is the results of the Urthvision finals from the Commonwealth.

Gilbert: That’s right, Vanessa. Augustia and Nagato participated in this year’s Urthvision Song Festival, and the voters of both nations have spoken. Nagato held on and made it into the finals, while Augustia could not.

Evergarden: Even so, Nagato’s entry, “Rivers in the Desert” by singer and politician Lyn Kelly-Kazumi, has sure been a top hit in the Commonwealth since 2017 and has no plans of leaving. Let’s hope the rest of the world sees that too.

Gilbert: In any case, let’s get to the results.

Evergarden: Indeed. The voting in Augustia and Nagato was conducted using the traditional Urthvision scoring system, with 12 points being the highest and 1 point being the lowest, skipping scores 9 and 11. Let’s start with Augustia’s votes.

Gilbert: From 1 to 12, the first country to receive 1 point from Augustia goes to Mirhaime.

Evergarden: Next up was the nation of Tawuse, which received 2 points from Augustia.

Gilbert: The third country to receive votes from Augustia was North Ethalria. North Ethalria received 3 points from Augustia.

Evergarden: Fourth was the nation of Corseau, which received 4 points from Augustia.

Gilbert: The fifth country to receive votes from Augustia was the host country for this year’s Urthvison Song Festival, New Leganés, with 5 points.

Evergarden: Next up was the nation of Tivot, which received 6 points from Augustia.

Gilbert: The seventh country to receive votes from Augustia was our very own Commonwealth nation, Nagato, with 7 points. As Nagato and Augustia are part of the same Commonwealth, Urthvision rules state that two nations in the same political organization, like the Unovian Commonwealth, may only give a maximum of 7 points from one non-competing or competing country to the other competing country. This is why you never see a Commonwealth nation any higher than a 7.

Evergarden: Moving on. The eighth nation to receive 8 points is Sayyed.

Gilbert: The ninth country to receive votes from Augustia was The Oan Isles. The Oan Isles received 10 points from Augustia.

Evergarden: Now, for the tenth and final nation to receive votes from Augustia, drumroll please… was the West Borea Federation! The West Borea Federation received 12 points from Augustia!

Gilbert: That was a good entry from the West Borea Federation. Anyways, now for Nagato’s votes.

Evergarden: The first country to receive 1 point from Nagato goes to North Ethalria.

Gilbert: Next up was the nation of Mirhaime, which received 2 points from Nagato.

Evergarden: The third country to receive votes from Nagatoia was Tawuse. Tawuse received 3 points from Nagato.

Gilbert: Fourth was the nation of Corseau, which received 4 points from Nagato.

Evergarden: The fifth country to receive votes from Nagato was Satō, with 5 points.

Gilbert: Next up was the nation of Sayyed, which received 6 points from Nagato.

Evergarden: The seventh country to receive votes from Nagato was Tivot, with 7 points.

Gilbert: The eighth nation to receive 8 points is the West Borea Federation.

Evergarden: The ninth country to receive votes from Nagato was The Oan Isles. The Oan Isles received 10 points from Nagato.

Gilbert: And now, for the tenth and final nation to receive votes from Nagato, drumroll please… was Cryria! Cryria received 12 points from Nagato!

Evergarden: I did enjoy that song from the Cryria contestant.

Gilbert: So, there you have it, folks. The votes are in from Augustia and Nagato; both nations have spoken.

Evergarden: Augustia’s and Nagato’s votes could prove decisive in determining the winner of this year’s Urthvision Song Festival.

Gilbert: That’s right, Vanessa. The competition is fierce this year, and every point counts.

Evergarden: It will be interesting to see how the other nations voted and who comes out on top.

Gilbert: Indeed it will be, Vanessa. We’ll have more on the Urthvision Song Festival as the results continue to roll in.

Evergarden: For now, though, that’s all from us. Thank you for joining us for this special Urthvision XVIII broadcast. I’m Vanessa Evergarden.

Gilbert: And I’m Charles Gilbert. Goodnight, and we’ll see you next time.

Outro card and music

Announcer: This has been a UBC News special Urthvision broadcast. Sponsored by Odyssey Airlines: the journey that stirs you now is only a fly away!

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جمعية واد الشمس للاتصالات
Jam3ait Wed ash-Shams Lilaitiṣalat
ⵜⵚⴰⵍⵜ ⵙⵓⵜⵉⴻⴷⴰⴷ ⵏ ⵉⴵⵥⴰⵔ ⵛⴰⵎⵙ
Tṣalt Sutiedad n Iğẓar Shams

The Society of Telecommunications of Wed Shams and Jamila ben Saida have the pleasure to present the audience the Shamsian votes on Urthvision XVIII

Tuṣbiḥ 3ala khaer, timnsiwin, good evening Cukish friends, greetings Urth!! This is Jamila ben Saida, and, once again, my task tonight is to bring you all the votes from this place, Tiziri, the river Shams’s capital. The Society of Telecommunications of Wed Shams wishes to congratulate the Cukish organization and all the contestants tonight in Privétia Tauríllien.

Tonight, the country is enjoying this contest as if we were hosting: Lórien was born in the Wed Shams, and she’s the only artist to have won the contest twice. A honour for our people, to have a Shamsian winner and to earn a direct qualification in the first edition we took place in, with Shakimpe’s entry.

Now, we wish to enlarge the previous Shamsian successes with a victory for Wed Shams!! Best of lucks to DJ Ifigr and Fahd, we hope Urth appreciates the Shamsian party music of ElvishcoTec as much as we do. But, for now, the Shamsian votes have been casted, and they look as follows:

1 point for Tawuse
2 points for Gamlevinland
3 points for Alksearia
4 points for Jarisven
5 points for New Leganés
6 points for Nystatiszna
7 points for Korćetta
8 points for Sayyed
10 points for Tuvaltastan
And the highest score, 12 points, is awarded to… Kuduk!!!

Congratulations!! May joy be with all the countries on this day.

Barkamanfik, Jamila!! That makes 23 out of the 42 countries voting tonight.”


Pétra looks at the camera with a smile: "So now, let’s see what’s going on with the votes. Time for you people at home to make your own calculations and theories, because this voting graph is looking interesting, and I’m sure it will make Oscrelians wake up at last:

Seems like people are missing William the Walrus after just an edition: Tawuse is on the lead, with the impressive amount of 95 points. However, that’s only 5 points away from Kuduk, who has just received 12 points. Sayyed, Nystatiszna and Mirhaime complete the top 5, and, as of now, they would be automatically qualified to the Urthvision XIX final. However, even when we can observe trends, everything is yet to be decided. But we’re only a few minutes away from that!!

For now, here we go with our next country… Hello!!"

Cryrian Votes

12 - Kuduk
10 - Sayyed
8 - Oan
7 - Korcetta
6 - Tawuse
5 - Jarisven
4 - North Etharlia
3 - Aivintis
2 - Mirhaime
1 - Nagato


Mirhaimian votes

12 - Alksearia
10 - Sayyed
8 - Tivot
7 - Jarisven
6- Nagato
5 - Tawuse
4 - Corseau
3 - Norgsveldet
2 - Oan
1 - Morstaybishlia


Phoenixia’s vote:

Sayyed - 12
Mirhaime - 10
Great Morstaybishlia - 8
Corseau - 7
Nagato - 6
New Leganés - 5
Kuduk - 4
Oan Isles - 3
Jarisven - 2
Galmevinland - 1

Mercorea’s vote:

Oan Isles - 12
New Leganés - 10
Mirhaime - 8
Corseau - 7
WBF - 6
Kuduk - 5
Great Morstaybishlia - 4
Galmevinland - 3
Sayyed - 2
Tivot - 1


“Haha! Good evening Petra!”, Laura Les of 100 gecs, last edition’s Tawusian contestant, graced the screen.

“Seems like William will be welcoming the world back to Tawuse! Very exciting indeed.”

"without further adieu, 12 points from the Tawusian Jury go to… "

12 - Norgs
10 - Wed Shams
8 - MBE
7 - Oan
6 - West Borea
5 - New Leganes
4 - Blueacia
3 -Nystatiszna
2 - Tivot
1 - Aivintis


Good evening from far and wide, this is your Urthvision host Lucia Akeron for Great Morstaybishlia! The votes have been rigorously counted and double checked, and they are in!

Blueacia - 1 point…
Norgsveldet - 2 points!
The Oan Isles - 3 points…
Sayyed - 4 points!
New Leganes (and props to the host, what an amazing show) - 5 points!!
Aivintis - 6 points!
North Ethalria - 7 points…
Korcetta - 8 points!
Kuduk - 10 points…


Tawuse is our favourite, with 12 points! Congratulations for the top score

-~- commentary box change -~-

My name is Edwin Feltz of North Ethalria! Thank you Lucia Averon, for your commentary (Edwin says with a thick Ethalrian accent).

Likewise, scoring has come in for North Ethalria as the evening kicks in. And they are as follows…

1 point for Mirhaime
2 points for Morstaybishlia!
3 for Tawuse
4 points for Alksearia!
5 for Cryria
6 for Celanora!
7 points for Norgsveldet
8 for Tivot!
10 for Jarisven…
And 12 for Nystatiszna!! Well done to the Boreans for their masterclass. It helps that the genre is enjoyed here in Ethalria in recent years!

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The votes of the Ayaupian jury:

Satō: 1
Kuduk: 2
Tawuse: 3
Blueacia: 4
Wed Shams: 5
Celanora: 6
Korćetta: 7
Nagato: 8
Tivot: 10
Sayyed: 12

The votes of the Varletian jury:

Blueacia: 1
North Ethalria: 2
Alksearia: 3
The Oan Isles: 4
Celanora: 5
Cryria: 6
Corseau: 7
Nagato: 8
Tawuse: 10
Great Morstaybishlia: 12


Votes from the Cooperative Commonwealth of New Leganés, the Oblivion Islands and Shoneria:

1 point: Norgsveldet
2 points: Mirhaime
3 points: Tawuse
4 points: Kuduk
5 points: Wed Shams
6 points: West Borean Federation
7 points: Tuvaltastan
8 points: Sayyed
10 points: Korćetta
12 points: Alksearia

Brought to you by… Lórien Talháwi!! (Full post soon)

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