Urthvision XVIII

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From this moment and until, approximately, October (exact dates will be provided later on), the submission period is open. Any roleplayer is welcome to participate in the contest with one or two nations and their respective entries, via a link to YouTube or the video platform where the video is posted. The entries shall be preferably live and less than five minutes and a half long, while the name of the song and artist, as well as a brief info about them, shall be indicated. The entries and the required info about them must be sent to the host of this edition (AKA myself) via Discord PM to #Sámmy1112. I will revise them with the Urthvision Songfestival Rules Commission (URC) and check they fit with the requirements. If there’s any problem with the entry, I will inform about it. More detailed info is provided below:

OOC Rules of Urthvision

Songs Not for Reuse (SNFR):

  • Winning Songs.
  • Songs sent by nations still active on the map.

Songs for Reuse (SFR):

  1. Must be a nation removed from the map.
  2. 10 editions must have passed.
  3. The same video nor venue can be sent.

Players can submit a performance from 2 of their nations/territories but they will not be able to give each other a top 3 vote or 8, 10 or 12 points.

Artists sent by existing countries can be sent by another existing country with permission of the player of the original country, UVSF Rules Commission (URC) or International Events Committee (IEC).

Your submission cannot exceed five and a half minutes. If your song is part of a larger video, please indicate the timecode of where it starts.

Songs from any year are acceptable. A preface video is not necessary.

The video you submit must be of a musical work. Preferably a live performance to allow voting players to understand the dynamic of the music when being performed on a stage, but a music video or the composition alone is also permitted.

Your submission must contain a link to a YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo video of your musical act, the name of the song and the performer, and some information about the artist and/or the song.

Submit your content by a forum PM or by a Discord DM to the host. Any questions can be asked to the hosts or in general on TEP Roleplay Centre.

Winning songs from nations that have been removed on the map are still SNFR and the nation is considered existing in the white space of the map.

Announcements from the Cukish organization of Urthvision XVIII

Get to know all the winners of the Urthvision Songfestival



Urthvision XVIII Semi-final 1

Click below to watch the official transmission from Livá Leganéasle Nafiólle Televisión (AKA the video of what Urthvision would look like)

(Gamlevinland, song number 10, is missing, you can find its entry here)

The voting period is open until Monday 12th December. Only if one of your nations is participating on this semi, please cast your votes on this Google Form, not here. Votes on semi-finals are secret.

You can find below each country’s entry description plus the original submitted video below. Please note descriptions have been modified in order to simulate they’re being narrated by the Cukish broadcaster: additional parts are indicated between “[]”. This semifinal has 18 participants: if you’re watching the contest’s transmission, note that what comes after Mercorea’s entry are intervals, so they can’t be voted.

I Found the Right One at the Wrong Time by Cecilia Dejardins

[Corseau opens Urthvision XVIII with] Cecilia Dejardins, Corseau’s biggest new artist! With her song “I Found the Right One at the Wrong Time”, she sings about a true love found[, as the song title clearly states]… not at the right time. [It’s not only this edition’s opening, but also the first time Corseau participates on Urthvision!! Considering how this edition has reached the highest number of participants ever, get ready to see several debuts tonight. And now, please welcome Cecilia Dejardins from Corseau, opening the third Urthvision hosted in our Commonwealth!!]

Cure For Me by Aurora

[Now it’s the turn of the previous Urthvision winner, Tawuse!! Their artist,] Aurora, [comes] from the Copescan Fjordlands, the southernmost point in Arcturia, [and she] is representing Tawuse on her song based on individuality. Basing the song on experiences going to boarding school in Carris, Aurora was bullied for her family’s connection to ancient Tawusian spiritual tradition. The song represents her want to maintain her traditions in an increasingly urbanised Tawuse. [Now, Aurora is ready perform on the Porósin stage. This is Tawuse!!]

The Oan Isles
Bird Flying High by Gracie Lektrik

[And now The Oan Isles is here!! They were one of the countries participating on the first Urthvision edition, and after a long retirement, they returned a couple of editions ago. We can see now their artist, Gracie Lektrik, in a gorgeous painting together with her sister. She has some ability with the yo-yo, even when she seems surprised about it, and she can sing and dance impressively. Now, she brings all her ability up to the Porósin stage, with “Bird Flying High”!!]

Acronis by Euchoann Casteulit

This song is about the nation of Acronis through the perspective of a young Varletian (he is just 18 years old) who has always been interested in that part of the world. This song is kinda like a tribute to Acronian people all over the world. [Something you will hear me say a couple of times tonight is how many of these countries debuted on the second edition hosted in the Commonwealth: Urthvision XIV. Varletia is the first of these countries to appear now: they did not qualify from the semifinals back then, and I am sure Euchoann will try his best to not repeat history.]

Life’s Too Short by The Old Giant

[We move on now to Tarelia!!] The Old Giant is a band from the coast of Tarelia. They became popular from their songs talking about the state of society. Their song Life’s Too Short is about not conforming with society and being the person you want to be. [Life has been long enough to see Tarelia rising to the Urthvision stage for the first time. Now, dear audience, please enjoy The Old Giant’s song.]

Meiakuyaku by MARIUM

Next up, please welcome the entry from Satō, performed by a band with as many acclamations as their namesake has titles! Well, not quite, but when you’re called MARIUM that’s hardly a low bar. [Disclaimer: this was a joke made by Satō’s delegation, not by myself.] Here after their tour in Vistaraland with the blessings of the See of Supremacy, MARIUM is here to deliver Satō’s entry in the form of a new single called Meiakuyaku (“The Great Villain”). Hold on to your clogs and prepare to be dazzled, because this Urthvision debut is sure to be spectacular.

North Ethalria
Unmöglich by Wendelin Authaus

[And next up, North Ethalria!! NE debuted in this same stadium back in Urthvision XIV, with Amala Rose Ovascar, singer, politician and cousin of former PM Clauzia Sarohart. Now,] one of the joys coming out of postwar Ethalria, this is the first time in history any of the Ethalrian nations have sent a male singer to any international or continental competitions. Without further ado, here’s North Ethalria’s rising star, Wendelin Authaus sings Unmöglich!

Sakhlshi by Ioseb Mamai

[As Varletia and North Ethalria, this Auroran country debuted on Urthvision XIV, and has been a regular contestant ever since. Now, the former Salovian country brings one of the most atmospheric yet upbeat proposals of tonight. Next Tuvalt target: the Grand Final on Saturday. Will Ioseb’s song make it? Let’s check it out!!]

Rivers in the Desert by Lyn

“Rivers in the Desert” by Nagatoian singer and politician Lyn Kelly-Kazumi (known professional as Lyn) is a Urthwide smash hit that dominated the Nagcon charts in 2017. Growing up with familial ties with revolutionist Robert Kelly as her grandfather, Lyn made a name for herself by singing as far back as the third grade. In her senior year of high school, she performed in the Castella Children’s Choir for the Grand Duke and the rest of the Royal Family of Nagato. After high school, Lyn went to the Royal Academy of Nagato on a Music Scholarship and started to fulfill her dreams of cutting ties with her Grandfather. However, while at the academy, she was introduced to a small club of anti-establishment students who persuaded her to embrace her family’s past and to go into politics. With a desire to continue into politics, she became an assistant in the Nagatoian Socialists Workers’ Party. As the years went on, she rose through the ranks, and in 2019, she became the party’s leader. She never forgot her musical talent and regularly sings in front of huge crowds with her band, “Lyn and Her Personas”. “Rivers in the Desert” was written and composed by Lyn and her friend Shoji Meguro and produced by Nate Silver and Gloria Victor of Yuki Labels, Nagato’s most prominent music recording label. The single reached number one on the Nagcon Hot 100 of 2017 [and Lyn is now rising to the stage to continue that success tonight in Porósin]

Penance by Olav

Olav is famous for taking modern songs and singing them in older languages. [A clear evidence of his passion for ancient stuff is how he speaks in forgotten languages on the literal streets, and makes educational videos like this one, where he’s reading a text all my friends in Ancient Studies seem to hate for some reason.] This time, Olav takes a modern Alkari song and sings it in its time-period appropriate proto-Alkari. The lyrics were changed slightly from the original version, but the meaning stays the same. The song[, according to its description and also in my honest opinion,] is spine chilling and powerful. [Olav now has their feet on the stage and their eyes on the goal: Saturday].

Før Døden by Sorg

Før Døden is a song, made by the band Sorg, about how much expectations we place upon each other. In which anxiety created from it, makes people want to be far away from their responsibilities. As such we will gladly welcome Sorg into the stage!

The Crimson Comet by Juan Carlos Gálvez

[Turn for Antora!! According to the Antoran delegation, this song can be defined as] “la máxima expresión de la emoción antorana en girogía trestíempos”[, which, for our Staynish-speaking audience, could be translated as “the highest expression of Antoran girogía in three times”. Quite an interesting entry, if you ask me. Now it is your turn to find out.]

False Confidence by Norav Kahia

From Auravas comes False Confidence by Norav Kahia. Kahia was born and grew up in the forests of southern Auravas, and his music artfully combines pop and the folk music he grew up with. He skillfully weaves a tale of someone who has lost themselves to a person that someone else wants them to be, and now they want to return to who they are. Kahia’s unique twist on the idea of being yourself raised False Confidence to the top of Auravasi charts and now represents Auravas in its first Urthvision entry!

Federation of the Southern Coast
Hail to the Prince by Mandagot

[The longest country name appears now on the contest!! Their artists, Mandagot, are a] metal band coming from the Federation of the Southern Coast, [a country that takes the Porósin stage for the first time tonight]. The human band [is also] taking it’s first international appearance at Urthvision. The song was written about Gustaf the Third, or known more commonally his nickname, the Red Prince. The song was used and written for the hit film, “Red Prince” of 2018.

It’s the Fear by No Tears for Tomorrow

[Here we go with another debuting country: Cryria!!] No Tears for Tomorrow is an Elven/Part-Elven band in Cryria, which should say a great deal on its own for anyone familiar with the historic treatment of elves in the Kingdom. [Once again, disclaimer: I’m just reading the Cryria delegation’s description:] its name is an ironic twist on the Tomorrow Ministry slogan, “No Tears for Tomorrow,” which was used to advocate for the destruction of nonhuman communities among other things - Now of course, it implies that no tears were indeed shed for the Tomorrow Ministry when it was finally dismantled. Though the band’s music is primarily in Staynish and focuses heavily on nonhuman experiences in the Kingdom, it has become surprisingly popular particularly among younger and increasingly more tolerant audiences. [I’m sure PríTau will tolerate and even enjoy their performance. Cryria will perform now!!]

Rata de Dos Patas by Paquita del Barrio

[Now, it is the turn of Cameria, also making its debut tonight. Cameria and their singer Paquita del Barrio are easily bringing the most cursed entry Urthvision has ever seen. Why do I say that? Because the song’s lyrics are all different ways of cursing, but without using words that would need to be censored. Will this cursing play a bad or a good role in Cameria’s qualification? Who knows!! Good luck now to Paquita with her song “Rata de Dos Patas”, “Two-Legged Rat”.]

Hard Times by Taralora

[From Borea comes our next entry, from Aduraszna!!] After some controversies in the rehearsals, the URC has made it clear that the footage we’re now watching from the Underwater Town in PríTau does not constitute any reference to the tragic tsunami Aduraszna suffered recently. These hard times haven’t stopped Aduraszna from sending quite an enjoyable entry that will make the Porósin audience dance for the first time to an Adurasznan song. Now, please welcome Hard Times by Taralora, from Aduraszna!!]

Faccio Quello Che Voglio by Jubert Miller

Mercorea [will be represented in its debut by] Jubert Miller, a renowned songwriter and DJ. [A good evidence of Jubert’s fame is this interview carried by no other than Samminel Johannes, journalist and son of former Morstaybishlian PM Walter Johannes. Jubert Miller made his name known broadly after his debut single in 2016, which we are hearing now: this is his fourth single, but he has performed well in some other areas, such as voice acting and the entertainment industry. This is the 18th entry tonight, which means that the Mercorean celebrity and three fellow singers will close this semifinal. But that will happen after their performance, which now begins!!]


The video is more exciting than this

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Urthvision XVIII Semi-final 2

Official transmission video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qqZx0btZXq60EKG0n68NRU_VQJVrWJ34/view?usp=sharing

Recap of all the 19 entries: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O0npjQG0qtuzqTB4OFsJhaZqUdVfz5Zb/view?usp=drivesdk

OOC: Voting is open until Friday 27th January 2023. Please cast your votes on this form: https://forms.gle/vupqmKVgxidA46156

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The video is more exciting than this


Official transmission video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x3mmFtsiUDStYSYlmj8bk3HjzwGVQ7i6/view?usp=sharing

YouTube playlist, containing all the individual songs: Urthvision XVIII final - YouTube

Recap of all the 25 entries: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zxl_-zF7oj91AnMO-sfNhV82zsY1CdhX/view?usp=sharing

FINAL VOTES AFTER THIS POST. Deadline for voting: 19th March

To be filled with the contest’s post


12 - Kuduk
10 - Sayyed
8 - Korcetta
7 - Wed Shams
6 - Cryria
5 - Tawuse
4 - Jarisven
3 - Aivintis
2 - Norgsveldet
1 - Oan

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12 - Aivintis
10 - Norgsveldet
8 - Mirihame
7 - Tawuse
6 - Nagato
5 - North Ethalria
4 - Sayyed
3 - Wed Shams
2 - Corseau
1 - WBF


Norgsveldet’s votes:

12 - Nystatiszna
10 - Jarisven
8 - Kuduk
7 - Korcetta
6 - Gamlevinland
5 - Tawuse
4 - Nagato
3 - Alksearia
2 - Corseau
1 - Mirhaime


Eyjaria’s votes:

12 - Kuduk
10 - Nystatiszna
8 - Gamlevinland
7 - Jarisven
6 - Alksearia
5 - Nagato
4 - Tawuse
3 - Norgsveldet
2 - Mirhaime
1 - Corseau


Kuduk’s votes:

12 - Tuvaltastan
10 - Tivot
8 - Nagato
7 - The Oan Isles
6 - Norgsveldet
5 - Blueacia
4 - Korćetta
3 - Morstaybishlia
2 - Alksearia
1 - Corseau


[broadcast 1348-ll-06-23.13.12]

An intern in an off-the-shelf supermarket suit and tie walks onto the screen. He stands in front of a greenscreen. The greenscreen has been edited out and replaced with a plain background that’s a slightly different shade of green - the reasons for this decision are known only to the broadcasters at ASGTV. The intern has clearly not had any further media training for announcing anything since the last time he presented the nation’s points. He clears his throat, and begins speaking in a heavily accented nasal monotone so potent that it ressurects the meme that had gone viral two times previously on Staynish-language Pigeon.

Good evening, Urth. Thank you for concert amaze. Despite we not qualify for qualification in final, we all enjoy this night, from Faisluns to Raszeran to Trusdzhra. We wish all the best blessings to everybody. And now, the points from Aduraszna of Federal Republic. Congratulation on Magnus Ny’Kala.