VOTE : The Regional Officers Act - Amendment

The following Bill was proposed by Magister ToddMcCloud :

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BE IT ENACTED by the Magisterium of the East Pacific:


This act shall be known and cited as the “The Regional Officers Act”


The Magisterium finds that –
(1) Many in-game features are not currently defined by our compendium of laws.
(2) Said features, outlined in the admin section of The East Pacific Regional Page, provide various powers not currently defined by our laws.
(3) Many nations are assigned these features.


For the purposes of this act –
(1) Concordat is the main set of laws defined as The Concordat of The East Pacific
(2) Delegate as it is defined in Section A of the Concordat
(3) Viziers as they are defined in Section D of the Concordat
(4) Citizen as it is defined in Section E of the Concordat
(5) Regional Officers as they are defined, one-by-one, by their in-game characteristics and regional powers. These are not to be confused with minister or cabinet positions; rather, they can utilize the below powers ascribed to each particular position. <font color=“#9900FF”>Only citizens may be Regional Officers.</font>
…(a) World Assembly administers regional voting power on World Assembly resolutions, reserved exclusively to the delegate.
…(b) Appearance may change the regions flag/world factbook entry.
…(c) Border Control may eject or eject/ban a nation from the region, following provisions outlined in Section F of the Concordat or decree by the Conclave
…(d) Embassies may accept requests, close, and make requests with other regions for embassies.
…(e) Communications may send regional TG’s without stamps and may suppress RMB messages.
…(f) Polls can routinely set polls on the regional page of The East Pacific.
(6) Authority is the in-game ability of an Officer to wield said power defined by the particular Officer title.
(7) Standing Orders of the Magisterium is the defined set of protocols and procedures followed by the Magisterium to conduct routine business.
(8) Non-Vizier Officer are any citizens promoted as officers that do not relate to the Vizier role defined by this document.
(9) Regional Page is the in-game location where Regional Officers are denoted.
(10) New Delegate is a delegate who has either been elected or is a Vizier acting as a Delegate as defined in the Concordat of The East Pacific.
(11) Former Delegate is an ex-delegate that still possesses the in-game Delegate title.


(a) By merit, the Delegate shall have authority in the World Assembly, Appearance, Border Control, Embassies, Communications, and Polls Regional Officer positions. This grouping shall only be referred to as “WA Delegate” on the Regional Page.

(b) Viziers shall, by merit of being a Vizier of The East Pacific, have authority in at least Border Control and Communications Regional Officer positions. This grouping shall only be referred to as “Vizier” on the Regional Page. The amount of Viziers that have Border Control and its implementation may be further defined in law.

(c) All other titles not defined in the Concordat (Non-Vizier Officers) must be disclosed by the Delegate or a citizen appointed by the delegate to the Magisterium prior to implementation. This disclosure must outline the position title and description, the Regional Officer position(s) requested, and which citizen the delegate wishes to appoint to this position.
…(i) Magisterium will discuss and vote on said appointments as outlined in the Standing Orders of the Magisterium
…(ii) If appointment passes, the Delegate may immediately instate the appointee
…(iii) If appointment fails, the Delegate may amend the Regional Officer position(s) requested and/or citizen, beginning process IV(c) over again.
…(iv) Later changes to the particular office may be rejected by the Magisterium by simple majority vote as outlined in the Standing Orders of the Magisterium.

(d) The Conclave may dismiss a Non-Vizier Officer in a manner to be determined by The Concordat of The East Pacific. If no protocol exists, the Conclave may dismiss a Non-Vizier Officer by simple majority vote.

(e) The Delegate may dismiss a Non-Vizier Officer at any time.

(f) The Delegate may dismiss a Vizier Officer only as it is defined in law.

(g) At the start of a new delegate tenure, all Non-Vizier Officers may be dismissed by the Delegate, leaving only the Delegate and Viziers as Regional Officers.

(h) A New Delegate shall assume the Delegate authority and shall only be referred to as “Incoming Delegate” (or another title requested by the incoming delegate) on the Regional Page. The Former Delegate will also have the Delegate authority by merit of the in-game position until they are overtaken or resign. The Former Delegate may not exercise any Delegate Regional Officer power unless instructed by the New Delegate.


(a) This bill shall be enacted upon its signature by the Delegate, except if the Magisterium votes to override a veto of this bill by the Delegate.

(b) All Non-Vizier Officer citizens will be subjected to a vote as outlined in Section IV, c. If after five calendar days the position remains unconfirmed, the Non-Vizier Officer citizen will be dismissed and the Regional Officer position will be removed. Procedure outlined in Section IV, c may be followed thereafter.

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The proposal was debated [BILL - VOTED] The Regional Officers Act - The East Pacific - Tapatalk. On December 19th, the proposal was motioned to a vote, and seconded.

The bill requires a normal majority.

Voting shall begin on December 21st, and shall last a period of 168 hours. It will end on December 28th.

Voting Choices:

  1. Vote AYE or FOR if you are in favor.
  2. Vote NAY or AGAINST if you are against.
  3. Vote ABSTAIN or PRESENT if you cannot make a decision in good conscience.

SPECIFY if you can vote AYE on some repeals, and NAY on other repeals.

It is required that you supply both your nation residing in the East Pacific and its World Assembly Status. Only Magisters whose nation both resides in the East Pacific and is in the World Assembly will have their vote counted as legitimate. If you are currently an active member of EPSA, then you are exempted from this rule.

Eligible Magisters (13):
Algerstonian Leader
Danelaw Scandinavia
East Malaysia
Todd McCloud
Angel of Charity

WA/TEP: The Atlae Isles


Brotherlandprez1 (WA/TEP: Brotherland) votes FOR.

East Malaysia (TEP\WA)


TEP/WA : VW53Aland



TEP|WA: Ramaeus

Trretrid (WA/TEP: Tretrid) votes AYE.

Encurage TEP/EPSA


Todd McCloud (TEP / WA Nation: Todd McCloud)


TEP+WA: Great Algerstonia


Bachtendekuppen (TEP/WA) votes AYE.

This vote is now closed.

Eligible Magisters : 13.
Magisters voting or abstaining : 10.

FOR: 10.
Present/Abstain: 0.
Not Voting: 3.

Quorum (1/2) was met. A majority of votes (more than 50%) approves the proposed Amendment to the Regional Officers Act.