Welcome ashraf2525

Welcome ashraf2525

Please take a moment to get familiar with our Community Standards, Discourse New User Guide and be sure to join us on Discord!

My Discord username is ashraf2525 and I joined from NationStates .

The East Pacific

My NationStates nation is the lonely wolf I want to be contacted about getting involved! .

Get oriented with The East Pacific and NationStates with our STEP guide and these forum threads:


Yes - I want to be contacted.

Check out the VALSORA Dispatch and the RMB Cafeteria Discord which is different from our central Discord server.


Yes - I do wanted to be contacted.

Check out Nation Creation Starts Here and join the Urth Discord which is different from our central Discord server.

In the Interlude

A staff member will come around shortly and make sure you have the correct masking based on your responses above. In the meantime feel free to make an introduction post, take a look around, join the Discord Servers of your preference, and let us know if you need help with anything!

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@ashraf2525 I have given you masking for the roleplay and regional government categories!

Your post above gives you links to the basics. If you need any help feel free to @ me in this thread or on Discord @.emjay