Welcome to the Conclave (Confused? Click here.)

Welcome to Conclave

Welcome to the Conclave! The Conclave is the East Pacific’s court. We are responsible for interpreting the law and making judgments.

This thread serves as a starting place for whatever matter you need addressed.

The Conclave has three kinds of procedures: Advisory Questions (wherein Arbiters give non-binding opinions to legal questions), Judicial Reviews (binding Conclave decisions that set official interpretation of the law), and trials. Use the resources in the table below to learn more, including all information to help you bring a matter to the Conclave.

If you need help, you can contact our current Viceroy, Zukchiva (NationStates nation: Zukchiva, Discord: @imsotiredofthisapp). The Conclave’s other Arbiters (click here) may also be of assistance.

Any of the below resources may be outdated in some manner. Questions or requests for up-to-date information should be made to the Viceroy.

Basic Resources - Materials to generate basic Conclave applications

Resource Name Description
Conclave Standing Orders and Rules The Standing Orders of the Conclave are the Conclave’s main procedures. The Conclave’s Administrative Rules are official Conclave rules inferior to the SOC and elaborate on certain proceedure. If you wish to understand Conclave procedure indepth, read these.
Conclave Action Applications Official applications for Conclave actions; use these templates to bring a matter up to the court. Usage of these templates are not required for advisory questions.
Index of the Conclave A useful index linking to many previous Conclave rulings.

Additional Resources - Guides and records.

Resource Name
Guide to Conclave Trials A guide to Conclave trial procedure and expected decorum.
The East Pacific Attorney Office The East Pacific’s defense attorney agency. View all currently serving defense attorneys here.
Table of Conclave Precedent An unofficial table of some Conclave precedents as interpreted from judicial reviews. Do not use as an official source.
Memoranda of the Viceroy Informal rules the Viceroy sets up and follows to conduct their duties.
Hall of Arbiters A record of previous Arbiters in the Conclave’s history.
Banned Persons A list of all individuals who have been banned from the East Pacific following a trial or Conclave order.
Conclave FAQ Some common questions answered by the Conclave’s first Viceroy, Barb.
What’s the Conclave An alternate explanation of what the Conclave is, made by Viceroy Barb in 2011. (Note: “Citizens” mentioned by Barb are called “Registered Voters” now.)