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July 3rd 2021
Good evening from the newsroom here in Altomaré!

Tonight we’ve got an election special, our top stories are:

  • Vongolé clings to power despite loss of seats in congress.

  • Traditional Tawuse loses seats for the third consecutive election

  • Agricultural Alliance representatives push Liberal Tawuse out of Gratulto.

  • The GIP gains an additional seat in Vallentagne. Is nationalism on the rise?

President Lorenzo Vongolé celebrated this evening as election results cemented his third term. However with the Labourers of Tawuse losing three seats, one being a formerly safe seat of Vallentagne North, many are questioning his leadership within the party. Many within the LoT blame his government for its slow response to the 2019 Gratultan floods, leading to calls for autonomy flipping the constituency worst hit by flooding. The LoT maintained its 16 seats within the Risolveré.
Above. National Congressional election map of Tawuse
Below. National Risolveré election map of Tawuse
see more detailed results at Tawusian elections - TEPwiki

(Above.  President Vongolé talking to interviewers in Altomaré following election results.)

“This is another of many victories for not only the Labourers of Tawuse but every person within Tawusian borders. We will continue to push for a better nation for all that call it home, whether you’re from Centro or Gratulto- no Tawusian will be left behind.”

“Mr Vongolé, what can you say to the citizens of Vallentagne that clearly felt that your party abandoned them?”

“I’m currently in talks with representatives to draft a bill in Congress to quicken future relief efforts, I will ensure the tragic events of December 2019 will never occur again.”

Although maintaining two seats within the Risolveré, Traditional Tawuse have lost seats in congress for the third consecutive election, losing two seats to the Agricultural Alliance in Gratulto. Trad leader, Marcus Trentino called the results “concerning”.

The party now has only two seats outside of the Centro region, all being within Viverre where competition with the Northern Voice party is peaking. NV leader Alma Binachi declared victory within Viverre as the party managed to maintain their three seats, only being beaten by the Trads in Viverre within only 1% of the vote.

The Agricultural Alliance has beaten all major competition within the Gratultan farmlands, uprooting formerly safe seats for the Trads. Most noticeably, the party gained a seat in the National Risolveré, kicking Liberal Tawuse out of what little hold they had over Gratulto within the Central Mountains. However, this defeat was met with gains in Congress, leader Juliana Rossi hugged her peers as it was announced that the party had gained Altomaré West from the LoT.

Finally, this election and those before it have shown a trend in the Northwest of the nation. Are Gratultan voters losing confidence in the national parties? GIP leader Nicollo Brangio believes so.

(Above: GIP leader Nicollo Brangio at a press conference in Vallentagne this evening) 
“I would like to thank every Gratultan man and woman who support our cause. Today’s election victory in Vallentagne North will show the central government that Gratulto has had ENOUGH of the central government only caring about Centro. WE are the providers of their food, we deserve the respect. We will continue to push for greater autonomy for the Gratultan people. OUR people.”

Mr Brangio was met with cheers as he spoke within a leisure centre in Vallentagne this evening. The GIP blamed the LoT for the extensive damage and loss of livelihoods in central Gratulto during floods just over a year ago now with a slow response leading to the loss of crops, businesses and lives in the area. Many are saying that these claims were heard, as voters of Vallentagne North which was the worst hit area during the floods flipped from a historic LoT seat to the GIP.

That’s all for this evening, tune in to TawTV-7 at the same time tomorrow for whatever news the day brings.

This is a historical news post, aimed at creating context for the prior election results.

December 11th  2019

Tonight on TawNews at 10:

  • Intense flooding throughout the Gratultan heartlands.

  • Vallentagne declares a state of disaster.

  • The National Congress enters an emergency session.

Good evening, communities throughout the Gratultan valleys are being hit by intense flooding and landslides following unseasonable rainstorms in the region. Vallentage, worst hit by the flooding, has declared a state of disaster following the destruction of thousands of homes and businesses after a flash flood hit the city early this morning.

Meteorologists are describing the freak event as a cloudburst, where large volumes of rain fall within minutes. The sudden destruction of infrastructure on the entrances to affected areas halted aid workers hoping to rescue anyone trapped within dwellings. However, slow deployment of the national protectorate have caused frustrations within the city as no help appears to be approaching any time soon.

“I’m devastated. We’ve lived here all our lives, we’ve never had floods like these. My bakery is gone, and so’s the house. We’ve lost everything.” 
(Vincent Lisverne, local baker)

“I could hear people screaming for help for hours, the floodwater swept everything in its path away.”
(Lisa S, local teacher)

Locals affected by the floodwaters are being urged to take shelter in schools and leisure centres advertising refuge on social media. Meanwhile, the Axdelian government announced this afternoon that it’s sending aid workers to Gratulto on Thursday to aid rescue efforts in regions worst hit. Local opposition leader Nicollo Brangio was seen handing out blankets at a retrofitted shelter in Vallentagne. He described the action taken by the government so far as “subpar and a deadly act of negligence”.

(Brangio speaking at a local primary school this evening)

“The people of Gratulto shouldn’t have to rely on foreign powers to help. Don’t get me wrong, I think I represent everyone in saying that we are deeply grateful for all the Axdelian government is doing. However it should have been the politicians in Centro, and for that we will never forget. Given the proper powers, Gratulto could have been prepared for this disaster. We could have saved our loved ones. For that, Vallentagne will never forget the pain that has ripped the community apart. OUR FAMILIES, apart.”

Although workers are now on scene, flood levels are yet to fall. Unfortunately, 234 people have lost their lives in the flooding although this number is expected to rise as hundreds are missing and feared dead. Already, hospitals throughout Vallentagne are reaching a breaking point accommodating injured, with Vallentagne University Hospital running out of beds earlier this afternoon. Due to disruptions to power and water treatment, water treatment tablets are being handed out to those affected in order to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases.

The National Congress is in session this evening discussing ways to strengthen the support for affected communities with the leader of Liberal Tawuse, Juliana Rossi, urging representatives to support the Emergency Commercial Relief bill. The bill aims to grant local businesses affected by the flooding subsidies in construction and furlough pay for workers whilst businesses are closed. Congress is expected to continue discussions into the evening to hopefully pass the bill by morning.

(Rossi addressing the national congress)

“I’m hoping that representatives can come together to support this bill, regardless of political affiliation. The small businesses of Gratulto can’t be expected to rebuild on their own, and victims of future disasters shouldn’t either.”

The bill has been met with strong support from most representatives within the National Congress, if passed the bill could be voted on within the Risolveré by morning light.

That’s all for our programme here at TawTV and now onto the local spotlight. If you’re joining us from Gratulto or Copesca, you’ll be transferred back to TawTV Eastcountry. Goodnight.

August 7th 2021

Good evening and welcome to TawTV for the evening news. On tonight’s programme:

  • Tensions rising on Paradis between the indigenous peoples and military personnel.

  • Copescan fishing unions to enter a general strike.

  • Antiforre has a resident walrus, is he here to stay?

Representatives of the lupine tribes on the island of Paradis are calling for the dismantling of the Morstaybislian naval base in the settlement of Tenerre. Since its construction, it has been met by intense disapproval from local tribespeople. The lupine tribes of the island have historically been disinterested in events on the global stage, with the representation of the island within Tawusian politics only starting a few decades ago. Still, to this day many live their lives without leaving the island. The only settlement on the island with a human-majority, the walled city of Tenerre, is in a state of stagnation. This morning, the chief of the Tribù-dei-picchi people, who inhabit the mountainous heartland of the island, encouraged all indigenous people to make their voices heard.

President Vongolé addressed the rumours of protests by encouraging inhabitants to go through their congressional representatives rather than disrupt the livelihoods of Tenerre residents. However, his words have clearly fallen on deaf ears as up to five thousand lupines are projected to attend over the coming days- one seventh of Paradis’ population.

Fishing is a core component of Copescan communities. The Common Fisheries Act, which was initially passed as a means to protect dwindling cod and whiting stocks within Tawusian waters, has been met by increasing frustration within fishing communities throughout the nation due to new quotas and tariffs.

The Copescan Fishing Union today announced a general strike where an estimated 100,000 employees within the fishing industry of the province are due to halt their work. This strike, due to last 4 days starting on the 10th of August, impacts every sector of the fishing industry, from capture of seafood to processing. Already, prices of seafood are set to inflate by a drastic margin in order to prevent shortages.

Roberto Piscaterre, leader of the maritime party, gave a speech on a beach of his home constituency, Dito Frigido.

“The Maritime Party supports the people of Copesca during their general strike. The central government says protests are down to greed and exploitation when in reality the Common Fisheries Act puts the livelihoods of thousands in danger due to increased processing costs and lower catch volumes.

We recognise the importance of sustainable fishing, however to simply slap tariffs on fishing operations is careless and poorly thought through. This strike’s goal is to force Congress into providing an alternative to this bill, protecting jobs whilst maintaining sustainability.”

Finally, it seems Antiforre has its own pet walrus! The walrus, dubbed William, has been taking his time to explore the harbour of Ovestbrrina. He’s been met by an outpour of public support. It’s unknown how long he’s going to stay, however the spiritualist capital of the nation has no plans to force him on his way.

That’s all for tonight’s news programme. Thanks for tuning in to TawTV. Goodnight!

August 11th, 2021.

Good evening and welcome to TawTV for the evening news. On tonight’s programme:

  • Copescan strikes enter their second day.

  • Lupine protests intensify, Tenerre under curfew.

  • William the Walrus claims a pontoon as his own!

Copescan strikes have entered their second day, tens of thousands are still away from their workplaces as fishmongers throughout the country struggle to maintain stock. Many are trying to source seafood from other fishing ports unaffected by the strikes. However, this sharp decline in availability has caused prices to soar. 

Today boats have been seen gathering off the coast of Carris, seemingly far from Copesca. The fishermen in the area are planning to sail up to the capital within days as a show of solidarity to 
other maritime workers not involved in the strike, especially in the Maritime Party constituency of Spedziporto located on the shores of the capital. Although no disruptions to ferry services have been reported, the ferry company AltoHetto have advised travellers to Paradis to plan ahead of potential delays, especially with the ongoing protests on the island.

The protests on Paradis have entered their fourth day with no sign of rest. The indiginous peoples of the island are protesting the presence of a Morstaybishlian naval base within the walled city of Tenerre. The base, which has been the topic of scrutiny since Tawuse joined the IRSA in 2018, has been utilising the national protectorate to keep the gates secure. 
The protests have doubled in size since Monday with six thousand lupine tribespeople taking to the streets of Tenerre. With roads blocked and public transport at the point of inoperability near the docks of the city, President Vongolé has once again criticised the gatherings calling them a “nuisance and a disregard for others”. Mr Vongolé’s comments followed a speech from a spokesperson of the Tribù-dei-picchi.

“The people of Paradis say NO to the continued military presence on our island, the tribes were given no say in the construction of a military base for a foreign nation we are supposedly allied to, thousands of kilometers away. With this base comes the perpetual risk of war coming to us, the people who do not seek it.

Let’s say, for example, an incident similar to Puntalia happens once again. Since joining the IRSA, Paradis has been a target and its inhabitants are not willing to give their lives for something that does not concern them should war break out.”

Since their onset, the protests have gained international attention, with Johanna Svedrup addressing the situation at a press conference in Norgsveldet this afternoon.

“I think it’s a shame that the Tawusian government isn’t listening to its indigenous population. They have their right for self determination as any other people. I’d hardly say that a military base from a foreign nation like that of the MBE being built on Paradis, against the will of those people, would ever create any good will. Especially as MBE has shown what they, themselves, think of self determination with their actions in Puntalia, I doubt the indigenous people would feel their land is safe if you let your defence be given to them.”

Following Vongolé’s response to the protests, a city-wide curfew has been announced from 7pm-7am in order to avoid rioting. However, seventy have been arrested since the protests began with zero hospitalistions.

Now, what has Antiforre’s resident walrus been up to this week? Well it seems like a lot of damage to boats! With increasing fame, locals have been told to avoid feeding William as they fear he will feel the need to occupy the harbour longer than is needed. However, the local harbour master has commissioned the creation of a pontoon for the hunky mammal. Authorities say that with this, William will no longer feel the need to swamp small boats.

That’s all for this evening’s programme. Thank you for watching TawTV news! Goodnight.

August 13th 2021
Good evening and welcome to TawTV news! On tonight’s programme:

  • Copescan strikes end a day early.

  • National Protectorate clash with protestors after series of escalations

  • The Marium project reopens to the public after a year of renovations!

It seems the Maritime Party backed strikes in the province of Copesca are over a day early! The announcement from organisers followed an emergency amendment to the Common Fisheries Act which worked with regional maritime unions to come to a solution to the concerns raised during the initial drafting of the bill.

The amendment ensures subsidies for lower catch volumes alongside incentives for returning juvenile specimens to the sea. Maritime leader Roberto Piscaterre once again addressed the situation from his home constituency in Copesca.

“I think it’s wonderful that the voices of Copesca have been heard, this amendment solidifies Copesca’s future in not only fishing but all maritime activities that lie closely intertwined with the complex ecosystem the industry provides.

I’m hoping that going forward into the future, maritime workers-- workers of all industries for that matter, are approached so a better understanding of their needs are reached.”

Protests on Paradis have been growing for almost a week now, local tribespeople have been protesting the presence of Morstaybishlian military personnel at a naval base on the island. The walled city of Tenerre has been under curfew for several days now although the intensity of the protests have been increasing since their onset. Yesterday saw the first hospitalisations after the national protectorate tasked with guarding the facility were deployed in order to disperse the growing crowds at 11pm.

Although the vast majority of those injured and arrested were indigineous lupines, the reopening of the AltoHetto ferry service from the mainland has been associated with an increasing human presence amongst the protesters. Still, President Vongolé has little more to say on the situation. This rapid intensification follows a previous statement by the Norgsveltian Prime Minister Johanna Sverdrup who called the protests a show of self determination. Transport for Tenerre has since announced that services are being suspended indefinitely after a bus was set alight overnight during riots in the city.

The Marium Project was built as part of the Vistari embassy complex in Altomaré and was completed in 2015. After a year of renovations, the domes have reopened to the public.

The complex was built as a gesture of good will between Tawuse and Vistaraland after the Tawusian Centre for Pathogenic Diseases spent a decade aiding a co-ordinated project to provide a treatment for a fungal disease that posed a threat to the area. Attracting millions of visitors annually, the embassy turned tourist hotspot has been a popular destination in the capital since it opened.

That’s all for tonight’s news programme. Thanks for tuning in to TAWTV. Goodnight!

ATTENTION: This news post was made after the addition of the Cava species. Nicollo Brangio, formerly the human leader of the GIP, is now Cava. Nothing else about his character has changed.


Cyfarrchio and welcome to TawTV news update at 1, on this afternoon’s brief bulletin:

  • Tensions flare yet again on Paradis.

  • William the Walrus still in Ovestbrrina

After protests had been seen deescalating on the island of Paradis after weeks of rioting, they have seemingly reappeared overnight. Leaked CCTV footage of the presidential residence shows President Vongolé talking negatively of the indigenous lupines of the island. Audio from the clip shows the president laughing at what appears to be his aides asking him what would happen if the protests continued to intensify with him stating “Please, they wouldn’t even have electricity if it wasn’t for us. They’ll be quiet sooner or later”.

According to a whistleblower, this isn’t the first time the President has made remarks towards the people of the island with them saying that he’s made several speciest remarks in the past, some being “Do you think they’d be happy if we threw them a giant bone? They’re oversized dogs after all.” and “Who taught them to speak?”.

Mr Vongolé has yet to formally address these claims. However a spokesperson for Altomaré boulevard this morning said that security services are looking into the source of the leak and these further claims are fabricated. Needless to say, protests on the island have been rekindled.

The leader of the Gratultan Independence Party, Nicollo Brangio posted his thoughts on Pigeon yesterday, some saying his post is a jab at the union.

William the Walrus is still on holiday in Antiforre it seems, the one tonne creature has been swamping small boats in Ovestbrrina harbour for almost a month now, so much so that the local harbourmaster had put up a pontoon for the chonkster. Leading marine biologists are trying to figure out when William will be on his way, but for now they claim he has no need to move away from the area.

Antiforre’s anti-disturbance laws prohibit forced relocation of marine mammals, therefore local mariners will have to wait for him to make his way. However, experts are also advising the public to not feed Will to prevent him from never wanting to leave as larger animals tend to linger around places of food security.

That’s all for this programme. Thanks for tuning in to TAWTV.


This bulletin emergency unscheduled broadcast. TawTV has received information from the National Protectorate that there have been bombings in Altomaré and Carris.


We have yet to know those responsible for the attacks although we presume responsibility will be claimed soon.

The attack sites are both metro stations, the Altomaré attack being within a kilometre of Altomaré boulevard.

Emergency services are arriving at the scene, current casualties are unknown although estimated to be high due to the attacks taking place during peak time for commuters.

We will now return to regular programming, we aim to update viewers as soon as new information becomes available.

24th September 2021


Good evening and welcome to TawTV news. This broadcast is being dedicated to the events that unfolded in Centro today.

This afternoon, two explosives were detonated within the metro systems of Altomaré and Carris. The National Protectorate have determined these explosives to be homemade bombs, packed with shrapnel intended to maximise damage.

Unfortunately, these attacks have claimed upwards of 100 lives, with 200 more hospitalised with injuries ranging from minor to life threatening.

At 5pm this afternoon, the Paradis Island Liberation Front (PILF) released a statement claiming responsibility for the attacks. PILF is an organisation unknown to the Tawusian security services until recently, mainly composed of Lupine extremists who violently oppose the union.

President Vongolé was seen this evening at the site of the Altomaré metro explosion, laying a wreath for those lost in the attack. This visit was followed by a press conference with visibly heightened security.

“My thoughts are with the families of those lost in this cruel act of injustice. The barbarism of these extremists will not be met lightly. I promise, every Tawusian; Human, Cava or Lupine will have no reason to live in fear. Tawuse was founded on unity and in this dark time, we must come together to remember what we lost today and ask ourselves; what must we do to never lose it again? Thank you.”

The president’s statement was met with praise from leaders of every major political party, many are calling for the protectorate to be deployed to the island as a means to keep peace in this time of intense grief.

High Commander of the National Protectorate, Nigella Rivera, said in an interview today that a retaliation wouldn’t be as easy as it may seem.

“We of course understand the severity of the situation and the danger imposed by PILF on the island of Paradis. However, we simply can’t just deploy forces onto the island in a hope to take out these extremists. We suspect that PILF are hiding themselves in the Paradisian mountains, however finding them will be our first task.”

Train and bus services in major Tawusian cities are to remain suspended until further notice, with those still running implementing stricter surveillance measures as a way to protect passengers needing public transport to commute.


26th September 2021

Cyfarrchio and welcome to TawTV news, on tonight’s programme:

  • Metro attack death toll rises

  • National Protectorate deployed to Paradis

  • William the Walrus attacks bystander

Two days ago saw the largest terrorist attack in the history of our nation. As we come to terms with the atrocity the PILF committed, the death toll continues to rise. An additional eighty seven deaths have followed the hospitalisation of those injured by the metro blasts, dozens more families ripped apart. In wake of the 194 deaths, the streets of Altomaré and Carris are eerily quiet with public transport still closed to the public until further notice. However, TfT announced that national rail and bus services will resume within the next week.

Vigils around the country have taken place despite the national government advising against gathering in large groups as the terrorism threat level remains at critical, the highest its been in over fifty years. Liberal Tawuse leader Juliana Rossi was seen attending a vigil at Republic Square, Altomaré this evening with her wife.

Rossi addressing the crowd.

The Vongolé administration used its majority in the upper and lower houses to push a bill through Congress and the Risolveré, passing the Terrorism Response Act overnight. Following this being signed into law at 11am this morning by Vongolé himself, the National Protectorate has been deployed to Tenerre in response to growing uncertainty on the island. When asked if the people of Paradis should be worried with the additional personnel on the island, a spokesperson for Altomaré Boulevard claimed that “the peaceful people of Paradis have nothing to fear, only the PILF are the target of any military operation”. However, the deployment of troops to the island is a secondary objective for the protectorate with the surveillance of the mountainous region taking priority with the government announcing the addition of multiple remotely operable drones into the military arsenal sourced from Axdel.

Diego Corbinn held a press conference in Andel following the deployment to island;
“I am utterly shocked at the recent attacks in Altomare and Carris. Violence should have no place in democracy and my thoughts are with the friends and family of Victims. In this trying time Axdel stands with Tawuse in standing against terrorism, and will volunteer our support them in identifying and capturing the leaders of PILF to prevent further tragedy. I have been in contact with President Vongolé, and we will be coordinating in efforts to ensure stability is maintained on Paradis and that only peaceful protests occur.”

Although these drones do have the capacity to perform strikes on remote targets, the Axdelian president’s statement on the matter seems to have provided reassurance that their usage will, for now, be for surveillance and target location.

Lastly this evening, our first update on William the Walrus in a while. William has garnered himself quite a reputation this week with him biting a bystander in Ovestbrrina today. The victim was a local dock worker trying to take a bucket from his pontoon; being very territorial, William saw it as an encroachment on his territory.

(The incident has taken the internet by storm, with local teens turning William into what they call a “meme”)

Local authorities have reassured local wildlife watchers that William is going nowhere any time soon, with the incident being wholly blamed on the worker for getting into William’s personal space. William has been dubbed the “Antiforre Biter”.

That’s all for tonight’s news programme. Thanks for tuning in to TAWTV.

27th September 2021

Cyfarrchio and welcome to TawTV news, on tonight’s programme:

  • Ground forces engage PILF extremists

  • Evacuation of central Pardis

  • Heightened security on ferry services

Following deployment of drones on the island of Paradis, the national protectorate confirmed reports that ground forces have made contact with PILF extremists in the foothills of the mountains. Although fighting is still underway, the swift location of the settlement is the result of increased surveillance technology donated by the Axdelian government.

Although fighting has broken out in response to ground forces entering the area, President Vongolé reiterated in a press conference this afternoon that the nations main objective is to locate members of the PILF hierarchy and bring them to justice under Tawusian law.

Intense fighting has been met with concern and panic on the island, many communities within the Paradisian countryside have fled to the walled city of Tenerre where a refuge centre has been built in response to the evacuation orders given by the protectorate this morning. 1,000 people have been displaced so far, however that number is expected to climb as the PILF are thought to be spread out and hiding throughout the island.

For now however, it seems that local tribespeople are safe so long as they follow the evacuation route away from the central region. The choice to evacuate the region received praise from the Spiritual Greens, with the party leader Alfons Cecchetto speaking on the issue.

(Cecchetto, speaking from his office in Altomaré)

“Although we spiritualists oppose conflict where possible, we understand the extreme circumstances that hit our nation last week. I’m glad that the administration has chosen to preemptively evacuate the residents of the island before the fighting reaches them, protecting our nation from further loss of life must take priority.”

In light of recent events, the AltoHetto ferry service between Paradis and the mainland has scheduled an increased number of voyages to and from the island in order to cope with the increase in passengers wishing to travel to the mainland, mostly human workers wishing to proactively flee the island ahead of any further escalation.

Bag checks are in place for all passengers wishing to embark as the terror threat remains very high. However, so far the voluntary evacuation went off without a hitch.

That’s all for tonight’s broadcast, thank you for tuning in to TawTV news. Goodnight!

September 29th 2021
Cyfarrchio and welcome to TawTV news, on tonight’s programme:

  • Airstrikes in Paradis

  • Paradisian refugees arrive in mainland cities

  • Who are the Walrists and why have they taken the internet by storm?

Following a complete evacuation of civilians from the central mountains region, the National Protectorate began its bombing campaign in the Paradisian mountains early this morning. The evacuation, which saw the movement of 7,000 people from the region, intended to remove the threat of PILF using innocents as shielding in their barbaric campaign against Tawusian forces. This move is a consequence of the PILF being a widespread group of warmoungers that have no single headquarters. Since this morning, at least one stronghold has been hit by bombing.

The Protectorate also advised those living in villages in the surrounding areas to prepare an evacuation kit in case the fighting spreads, although the uncertainty of the situation has already been accredited to the exodus of lupine tribespeople from regions close to the fighting. So far, there have been no reports of civilian casualties since the operation began.

The people of Paradis are rightfully concerned about the future of their island, in the meantime mainland cities have been accepting refugees wishing to flee the conflict. So far, five hundred have settled in temporary shelters in Carris and Vallentagne with the Gratultan provincial council pledging to support any displaced by the conflict.

Nicollo Brangio once again used the conflict to make a jab at the union, his Pigeon was met with fierce ridicule from political leaders.
Although people throughout our nation are welcoming the islands onto the mainland, some see this as a way to force the lupines to abandon their tribal identity and assimilate into Tawusian culture. Being a part of the union since 1970, Paradis has had time to adjust to being a part of something larger than its borders. A government-backed upine civil rights group based in Altomaré praised the treatment of Paradisian refugees in Centro and Gratulto, saying that the mainland has a lot to learn from their unique culture.

On the other hand, Tawuse has been trending on Pigeon for a good reason recently. William the Walrus has taken the internet by storm, the Ovestbrrina harbourmaster made a Pigeon page for the chordated beanbag. The page have attracted fans from all over the globe, some calling themselves Walrists. The page has now been visited by hundreds of thousands of Pigeon users, all adorning William with their love. Some dedicated fans have gone far enough to create cultish images of him, weirdly resembling an actual religion.

What do you think of the Walrists? Let us know on Pigeon at @TawTV

That’s all for tonight’s broadcast, thank you for tuning in to TawTV news. Goodnight!

October 2nd 2021
Cyfarrchio and welcome to TawTV news, on tonight’s programme:

  • Clashes on Paradis claim the first civilian death.

‎ - Refugee crisis in Tenerre.

  • Pacifist protests in Gratulto.

Fighting on the island of Paradis has been ongoing for almost a week now, the islanders under siege by the PILF are fleeing from their homes to designated safe zones on the island. An initial bombing campaign in the mountainous region have proven ineffective as PILF operatives have surfaced in areas outside of the civilian exclusion zone. A man has died in crossfire between PILF and Tawusian forces during a PILF ambush on a convoy escorting busloads of evacuees to a safe area.

At 11am yesterday, the National Protectorate gave twenty four hour notice to residents of the Western coast to evacuate to the Tenerre evacuation zone. Airstrikes commenced early this morning, with an estimated 5,000 civilians fleeing from the coastal lowlands. A map released by the National Protectorate (@CenAmTawuse) on Pigeon shows the evacuation levels of the island, roughly two thirds of the island are under “mandatory evacuation”.
Ron Wehrasbi, the Morstaybishlian Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Overseas Territories gave a statement in support of the Tawusian government this morning.
“We stand by our allies in Southern Arcturia, our pledge to the IRSA stays as strong as ever. Tawuse’s commitment to restoring peace to the island of Paradis and bringing the PILF to justice has nothing but our full support.”
Ron Wehrasbi, SoSfFAaOT of MBE.

Mass evacuations are beginning to overwhelm relief efforts in Tenerre, say logistical workers within the lupine relief front.
“We had room to accommodate 3,000 evacuees at the most. Although there’s space on the mainland, people do not want to leave their home.”

Dangerously overcrowded, the camp has been rapidly expanding thanks to help from other nations wishing to aid the Paradisians. Axdel, Alksearia, Eyjaria and the Vistari have sent emergency supplies to the island, helping expand the camp to provide for more in need. Furthermore, Rusanru’a and Volkia have sent volunteers to aid in staffing. United Malordia also pledged to help, although what help is still unknown.

Vallentagne stole the spotlight today, however. A march against the unnecessary displacement of Paradisians flooded the city centre. Backed by the GIP, organisers claim that there could be a peaceful solution to the conflict rather than scorching the countryside with warfare. However, most outside of Gratulto are scoffing at the idea of conceding to terrorists. Once again, GIP leader Nicollo Brangio had something to say about it. (mic muffled-- this man is nothing but hot ai-)

Naturally, people are flocking to comment with some calling him a PILF sympathiser.

That’s all for tonight’s broadcast, thank you for tuning in to TawTV news. Goodnight!

October 5th 2021

Cyfarrchio and welcome to TawTV news, on tonight’s programme:

  • Protests in Congress following incorrect airstrike

  • Over half of Paradis displaced

  • William eats a birthday caek

Today saw the first airstrike-related death within the civilian population. Seven lupine farmers lost their lives after an airstrike hit their ranch in the western plains of Paradis, igniting debate over the necessity of airstrikes within the Tawusian campaign against the PILF. Juliana Rossi of Liberal Tawuse, Alfons Cecchetto of the Spiritual Greens and Nicollo Brangio of the GIP have signed an open letter to the government condemning airstrikes in the region. Alongside these three leaders, 32 cross-party signatures have been registered. Could this be signalling a shift in public opinion on the conflict?

Axdel’s President Corbinn has been on the receiving end of criticism for his role in supplying drones to the Tawusian government. LSA leader and current Federal Premier of Axdel, Marcos Aviolo, has warned the Vongolé administration to “not be overzealous” in their dealing with the PILF.

We sent an opinion poll out to our viewers asking if, given the current extent of the conflict, they support the Paradisian campaign. Majority voted no.

The fighting on the island has now, officially, displaced at least half of the Paradisian tribal population. Increased evacuation areas have left 15,000 of Paradis’ 25,000 lupine population in temporary shelter. Humanitarian groups have been working around the clock to accommodate the rapid increase in those seeking shelter. This morning, the Gratultan cities of Vallentagne, Estcollina and Norrdvasta pledged to accept more lupine refugees as they flee the conflict brought to them by the PILF.

(Re-commissioned barracks in Carris have the capacity to house a few hundred Paradisians)

Tawusians are welcoming those displaced by the conflict into their communities, regardless of species. 4,000 Paradisians have voluntarily resettled on the mainland with some sheltered better than others. Lupine Watch, a non-profit set up to aid lupines fleeing conflict said that temporary housing in Centro was “subpar” compared to the recently built social housing being used by the Gratultan authorities.

Meanwhile in Antiforré, William the Walrus has eaten a caek left by passersby wishing to get a glimpse of his most Voluptuous weightedness. The event took Pigeon by storm, the Antiforrean Maritime Authority used the platform to remind visitors not to feel William as any food groups not native to his diet could cause health issues. They were ignored.

That’s all for tonight’s broadcast, thank you for tuning in to TawTV news. Goodnight!

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Cyfarrchio and welcome to TawTV news, on tonight’s programme:

  • Following a year of infighting over the Paradis conflict, the Vongolé administration crumbles.
  • The ministry of defence issues a warning to those living along the Paradis strait
  • Waifus, what are they, and why is the government using them for propaganda?

Firstly, the new President of Tawuse.

Yesterday, a vote of no confidence within the Laborers of Tawuse led to the ousting of reigning president Vongolé. The position of party chair has been assumed by rising star, Hefin Rrhys, representing the Altomaré canal district.

Mr Rrhys built his campaign around diversifying the economy to include defensive contracts with other Arcturian nations and strengthening the defence of Centro airspace, having criticised the previous president in his “soft” approach on dealing with the PILF, claiming to bring an end to the war that has wrecked the lives of thousands of lupine that call the island home.

“Tawusians, good evening. I wish you all well on this lovely Winter evening. Winter is here, and in the cold brings unity. I look forward to serving you”

Mr Rrhys’ ascension comes after a leak from inside President Vongolé’s office revealed that his administration knew of the heightened threat of the subway bombings that caused the war, but had failed to act in a timely manor.

Do you know your assigned shelter?

The Rrhys administration has since confirmed plans to increase funding to build rocket defence systems around the capital, aiming to intercept PILF attacks launched from across the strait. The PILF launched a home made rocket attack against the capital, a mere 100km away, last month, with rockets landing within the strait between the mainland and Paradis. Of course, no one was injured but the ministry of defence has warned those living within 25km of the coast to know of their local shelters, and to keep mobile phones on to receive emergency alerts.

In retaliation of these attacks, the ministry of defence now under the directions of a new chair, have launched air raids on PILF territory. The counterattack utilised new mappings of the island, targeting the subterranean guerrilla hideouts used by the PILF which levelled 17 acres of boreal forest, angering the spiritual green representatives in congress.

The government has released a statement, admitting regret for the loss of ancient forest. However, the spokesperson also relayed that although this loss was unfortunate, it was a necessity in the extermination of extremism on the island.

Waifus. What are they and why are they everywhere at the moment?
We bet you’ve seen them. We have!

The ministry of defense is calling on Lupines from Paradis to come forward and join the Paradisian guard. Why you ask? The government believes that staffing military patrols with indigenous peoples will help ease tensions in areas almost exclusively lupine. So far, the campaign has recruited 200 guardsmen, all were fans of the posters.

“Unity! Lupines make Tawuse stronger” - In Tawusian, the poster has been criticized by some for infantilizing the conflict. What do you think?

That’s all from us this evening in Altomaré. Stay safe, and remember, report any suspicious activity to your local authorities.


You, an Altomaréan resident, turn on the radio on your lunch break. You seem to have missed the music segment.

“Haha! That was a tune from Urthvision XIV. What a lovely voice she had…”

“Wasn’t it just. Listen, Twm, why don’t we get some coffee whilst we play a few ads.”

“Perfect, see you in 5 folks!”

You were going to turn the radio off, but instead you decided to listen for just a second.
An announcement from the defense ministry is playing.


You walk down the street in Vallentagne.

The ministry of culture is experimenting with reviving Tawusian script, the traditional way to write in Tawusian. Centuries of neglect almost left it forgotten.

You smile, you never knew your mother tongue looked so beautiful expressed in its true form.

It reads,

“Stay local. Stay proud. Tawuse.”