A Bingolian Invitation: United Malordian State Visit to Packilvania

Bingol was looking to cultivate its economic relationship with the nations of the continent of Gondwana. For a long time, a lot of its focus was on the continent of Aurora as well as Novaris. Now that a new Prince was at the helm, there was an appetite and a vision to stretch the country’s economic might and links further afield. Although the overall vision was under Prince Thumim and now Regent, it was Prince Abuyin who would be responsible for handling the negotiations and for organizing the itinerary of the events.

Although an invitation had been sent months ago, a lot of time was needed to prepare the necessary logistics and security to ensure that the event ran smoothly. That few months had passed quickly as now the event was simply a day away. Prince Abuyin was seated in his room preparing his formal court attire: a long white robe and a flowing black and gold overcoat.

“Oh brother”, Princess Yadika said as she walked into his room, “you look so handsome in your formal attire”.

“I feel ridiculous”, Prince Abuyin said, “I have always despised these robes they make me look old”.

“Our older brother wears these robes often and he doesn’t look old”, Princess Yadika said.

“I think you must have become accustomed to his stuffy sensibilities if you don’t think that he looks old when he wears this”, Prince retorted.

Princess Yadika asked him, “are you excited to be leading this diplomatic endeavour on our country’s behalf?”

Prince Abuyin replied, “I am looking forward towards doing the kinds of things that I’d imagined Prince Abuyin would be doing; Things that really mattered and impacted the country”.

Princess Yadika replied, “well, forgive my impertinence, but I do not blame my older brother for being reticent. I am not saying that you are not capable or competent but you did have designs that were not necessarily in keeping with his goals”.

The prince rolled his eyes and said, “I would not call it having my own designs, I would call it implementing a vision his mind is not yet come to grasp”.

“If you say so”, Princess Yadika said, “What are the plans for the United Malordian visit?”

“Well,”, Prince said, “at first the president of United Malordia is going to arrive at the Bingol International Airport where he will be greeted by a guard of honour as well as the minister of foreign affairs and the Malordian ambassador. Following this, there will be a cavalcade to the Bingol royal palace where our older brother and I will greet him. They will be a 21-gun salute and the military band will play the national anthems of our respective nations. We will have a luncheon at the palace, and after that, we will begin discussions. Then, our guests will retire to the official guest house and then return in the evening for a state dinner. Shortly after, the president and I will continue with discussions. The following morning, we will have a state breakfast, then some cultural activities will take place and then there will be lunch and then discussions will continue again. There will be various activities followed by a dinner. The day after that, the president and I will have a joint press conference summarizing the details of our discussion and he will leave”.

Princess Yadika asked, “If you are going to be handling the discussions as well as the press conferences what role will our older brother play?”

The prince replied, “as the acting head of state of the country, Prince Thumim will be hosting the official dinners, luncheons etc. however the actual talks will be undertaken by me”.

United Malrodian Government wants to grow its economy further with talks about economic cooperation and trade with other cuntries and it’s one of the goverment’s priorities to cultivate growth for the average people and companies in the country, investment and establsh good deplomatic ties with foreign countries small and bit but primarily major countries the president plans to also visit the Great Morstabilya and South Hills for talks and visitation of respective countries.

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: “wears a formal suit and tie while this he looks to him self at the mirror your mom always says you are handsome and i think se is right.”

Vice President Boris Latupapua: “sir we will be arriving at  Bingol International Airport next few days while we prepare then after we arrive there will be our embassador and the prince, we will be guarded their foreign ministry and a embassador to our country we will also go with  our ministry of foreign affairs and we will have a 21 gun salute and their military band will play each of both respective nations anthems we will have a lunch at the palace in Bingol we will begin discussions of economic cooperation and trade. The guests will be acomodated and at the evening our guests will go to the official guest house(s) in the evening we will have a state dinner, then shortly after with the prince and you will continue with the discussions. in the morning we will have a breakfast they also said there will be cultural activities and other activities they prepared then lunch then continue discussions the day after that we will have a joint press conference summarizing the details of our discussions then we will leave after that motorcade back to the airport and come back home.”

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: “the press can get their cameras at us but i will answer their questions later once we outside of the airport and done discussing economic cooperation and trade with them (hmm i wonder what their food will taste and look like also gotta look good with the prince. prepares to bring black sunglasses).”

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: “Have the First Air Wing of the airforce, the official aircraft crew team, and the ministry.”

Vice President Boris Latupapua: “Yes Sir!, they are allready been notified! and preparing as we speak.”

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: “Alright then. (He goes to prepare his clothing for the next few days).”


Captain: “Alright all crews the president is going to go to packilvania for talks we will be flying there and guarded by the First Air Wing and their own respective air force. Let’s get moving!.”

The Entire Crew:" Yes sir!"

6 October 2022,
Arrival and welcome

Air traffic control officials at the Bingol International Airport cleared President Sudjawardia’s plane for landing. The wheels of the aircraft touched down as expected on the tarmac. The plane taxied towards the location where the guard of honour was waiting to welcome the President.

Prince Alawadun, the Minister of Foreign Affairs was waiting patiently while wearing a long white robe and flowing black overgarment (the formal attire that men especially in the Imperial Court of Packilvania - TEPwiki wore).

Formal court attire of Packilvania

The President came out of the plane and walked down the stairs. The two men exchanged handshakes.

They walked ceremoniously between soldiers who wore serious expressions and flamboyant military uniform.

https://tep.wiki/wiki/Prince Alawadun said in the only Codexian he had ever learnt, “Welcome to Packilvania!”

Translators would have to carry much of the load of facilitating communication because very few people in Packilvania actually spoke and understood Codexian.

They left the airport in stately Royal Redrugus - TEPwiki limousines. As they approached the Palace, people were lined up on either side of the processional route waving flags and cheering.

Eventually they made it to the Bingol Royal Palace. They arrived in the Southern Court where military personnel were waiting for them. At the steps leading to the entrance, Prince Thumim - TEPwiki and Prince Abuyin - TEPwiki were waiting. Prince Alawadun walked with the President towards the two men.

Prince Thumim, the Crown Prince of Packilvania - TEPwiki, shook his hand and gave him a kiss on the right cheek. Prince Abuyin did the same.

“Duhadearud lubenaan, leqalab awan leahmil leqabla lepajeer dun wedomin awan, muSheikh muRayeesgur”, Prince Thumim said. “Lukharavan welejahan weBakhilfaniya lubonoon lutarafar washarfal medusht duyaslam luyamarud” (“You being here is a blessing; our hearts are laden with joyful greetings for you to our country, Mr President. The journey across the sky to Packilvania is long therefore we are twice as honoured that you arrived today”).

He pointed to his brother with a graceful motion and said, “muWatarud muMamlukmne Abuyin, muMamlukmne muBas muDusht aBakhilfaniya, mushaqiq musageer amin. Dhudonhulpor lushahitiyat awan letamkamalayka leidaween luBakhilfaniya nadine luMulaard” (This man is Prince Abuyin, the Deputy Crown Prince of Packilvania, my younger brother. He will oversee the formal negotiations between Packilvania and Malordia on behalf of our government).

Prince Abuyin stated,“Mitaraqubul letamkamalayka letazawad lefakiha, muSheikh muRayeesgur”. (I look forward to productive negotiations, Mr President)

6 October 2022
Meeting tour beggining and of the talks

one of the formal attires of United Malordian Vice President and
President and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: he starts to handshakes and says “hello, i am honoured to be here this is my Ministry of Foreign affairs Eka Setiawan Cahyadi or you can just call him Mr.eka and this is my vice president Boris Latupapua you can just call him boris and ah this is your brother okay” he poses formality for the press with the princes.

prince Abuyin starts to handshakes with the United Malordian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the vice president.

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: kita disini untuk keliling dan pembicaraan tentang kooperasi ekonomi dan perdagangan antar negara kamu mempunyai negara yang bagus dan pemerintah United Malordia ingin berkerja sama dalam ekonomi (we are here for state visit and talks about economic cooperation and you have a great nation and the goverment of United Malordia wants to cooperate with packilvania in the economy ).

Vice President Boris Latupapua:“hello prince you are the brother, wow this is your royal palace .” hand shakes with him and the Ministry of Foreign affairs of United Malordia too.

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia:“i look forward to this” he smiles.

6 October 2022

The ceremonies and luncheon had gone according to plan. After the luncheon, the negotiations followed. The delegations representing Packilvania and Malordia were seated on opposing sides of a rectangular table in the Hall of Blissful Serenity on the Palace Grounds.

The hall was an outbuilding of the Grand Central Hall connected by a roofed walkway and surrounded by a garden of tulips and lilacs. The ceiling was domed and had intricate arabesque sculptures. A large crystal chandelier hanged from the zenith. Light poured in through large windows while the dome above them was supported by sturdy arches and pillars while a lattice pattern over the windows broke the natural light into beautiful patterns that scattered all over the walls and floor.

Prince Abuyin had entered a state of friendly and polite but business-like demeanor. He washed away other thoughts and brought his full attention to a smooth negotiation.

Prince Abuyin opened the negotiations with a speech as follows: “The people of Packilvania used to live under the oppressive and autarkic rule of the Communist Party. As such, trade and relations with the outside world were severely circumscribed to the detriment of our nation’s development. By the Beneficence of Noi, my great grandfather, Amhoud I, created the Carriers of Mercy which led a valiant war to usurp the Communists and put in place a monarchy that respected, understood and enthusiastically pursued openness to and relations with the outside world and fully capitalised on the incredible strengths provided by its geography, people and history. Packilvania has much to offer a nation such as United Malordia in areas of trade, investment, information sharing and policy coordination and we believe that your nation has the same. Furthermore, we are aligned in the recognition of the importance of trade in lifting our nations from developing to developed status. The voices of the developing world often go unnoticed but it is through working among each other that we can project our mutual interests onto the world stage to create just and fair systems that rightly enable our nations to accomplish the upward economic mobility that our people deserve”.

He took a sip of water and continued, “Predicated on these beliefs, I hereby present the terms of reference delineating the scope of these discussions as follows: These trade talks shall aim to address issues relating to tarrifs, quotas, non-trade barriers, investment, operation of each other’s entities in each other’s markets, exchangeability of each other’s currencies, sharing of information and monitoring, rules of origin, access to airspace and seaports, capital controls, management of travel and migration between our respective peoples, and rules of origin”.

He flipped the page on his prepared script, reading out the rest of the speech as follows: “We understand that these high level talks are high-level and non-binding but act to set the important points for and guide future discussions among staff in our respective foreign and trade departments. The aim of these talks is to sign a mutually agreed declaration that will guide future agreements on trade issues and that the details of ensuing lower-level and technical talks will be closed by end of year 2022 with a view to signing a fully functioning trade agreement”.

He continued, "For the first round of negotiations, I hereby present the high level interests of the Sultanate of Packilvania with respect to the items mentioned above: firstly, Packilvania would like trade tarrifs of goods such as chemicals, consumer products, construction sand, industrial steel and electronics to not exceed 20% when imported from us by your nation.

Secondly, we request that quotas imposed on the import of Packilvanian goods to United Malordia be lowered. Thirdly, we wish that non-trade barriers such as administrative processes and fees be streamlined and simplified to enable Packilvanian producers to work more easily for your nation. Fourthly, we would like United Malordia to reduce capital controls on the repatriation of profits generated by Packilvanian entities operating and investing in your nation to Packilvania as well as nativist requirements on shareholder demographics to allow for larger ownership of Packilvanian companies and individuals in businesses in United Malordia. Sixthly, we request the removal of the Standard Hawking dollar and the Kirib as Intermediating media of exchange in transactions between our nations. As such we request that the central bank of United Malordia maintain Packilvanian dinar-denominated liquidity on which traders and investors can draw to directly trade with our nation, and we will do the same at equivalent sums to be determined by specific rates, I.e., a currency swap arrangement".

He took a sip of water and continued, “Seventhly, we request that Packilvanian companies operating in your nation be permitted to hire Packilvanians at their discretion, to sell their goods and services at any price that they feel is necessary, to be exempt from nativist procurement requirements, to receive priority access to electricity for any factories and other facilities they may set up. Eighthly, we humbly request that Packilvanian airlines be granted unfettered access to your airspace except where restricted for military purposes. Ninethly, we request that Packilvanian vessels be allowed to moor at your ports and for fees to be negotiated at rates per container and agreed to annually by our respective governments and that Packilvanian sailors be allowed visa-free access to United Malordia of at least 30 days during stays between trips. Tenthly, we request that goods from Packilvania shall be recognised as originating from our country solely if they have a valid stamp or marker of origin. Eleventhly, we request that Packilvanians be granted visa free access to your country for 30-days for business and 90-days for touristic purposes. Twelfthly, we request that Packilvania be permitted to construct a military base in your nation with the status of an extraterritorial sovereign entity under the Packilvanian government to be fully financed by our nation and to pay local taxes as determined by your laws”.

He continued, “From our end, we would like to extend a 1.2 billion PXD (100 million KRB) aid package, a 120 billion PXD (1 billion KRB) no-strings attached loan to your government, at Packilvanian prime rates plus 3%, access to a 720 billion PXD (6 billion KRB) revolving credit facility with the Export-Import Bank for United Malordia companies who wish to buy goods and services from Packilvania, financing for 360 billion PXD (3 billion KRB) of infrastructure projects of which the Malordian government is required to provide a third in guarantees and to grant Packilvanian companies 30% of the value in construction contracts”.

He took his last sip of water and said, “I would like to open up the floor to you, Mr President or a dully appointed representative, to present the trade position of your nation and response to the aforementioned trade and investment requests”.

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: hmm… trade barriers are low such as you said trade tarrifs are non exitent towards major nations, we allow Kirib as Intermediating media of exchange in transactions, regulations are low we do tax and interest rate incentives for investment we allow visa free access for packilvanian tourists and businessmens packilvanian airliners are granted access to our airspace exept areas close and on military bases that currently exist in the country which is a lot we accept the investments you are giving import quotas are nonexistent  but nothing to worry such we have a large export ammount which exceedes imports but at a sustainable manner in terms of growth increase in competetiveness our corporation would like to invest heavily into pax such as our construction industry, they would like low regulations streamlined adminsitrative activities, we also have low capital control incentives for investments and operations in our country.

Chemicals, consumer products, construction sand, industrial steel and electronics will not exceed 20% trade tarrifs. currency swap arrangement are easy. we produce large ammounts of energies no problem if they built factories as such your corporations might setup on our country. your companies are allowed to hire really anyone in our country with no limitations as we are creating a large middle class to boost them to higher income status.

Construction contracts we’ve made it very easy for the decades of high growth, your companies theya re allowed to sell goods at any price but must not price gauge as prices effect inflation rate of a nation. gaining funding should be easier as previous president had setup a bank deregulation into effect.

For us our corporations want easier to setup factories and offices in your country, your investors have no problem in our thriving stock market. your vessels are allowed to moor at our ports only limited to non-military use.

Our companies would want easy access to credit for funding investments into packilvania easier to set prices at any level our companies would want them to be in and we would like low import quotas and trade tarrifs and taxes on trade for our products going into packilvania allow to mooring on your country we would also want easier access and purchasing of assets and easier purchases and cooperation with other companies in your country easier liquidity, and we accept your aid package you are allowed to build military bases for domestic security. but nothing big.

further talks we will continue later on. he sips a cup of water

6 October 2022
Bingol Royal Palace
Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Packilvania after the first round of negotiations

The Council of Ministers gathered in the Hall of Viziers at the Bingol Royal Palace for their weekly meetings. It was in these gatherings that they conferred on and adopted policy, updated each other of the programs and initiatives being undertaken by their departments and usually talked about lunch and family affairs for the last thirty minutes.

They stood around the table, chatting away with some staring at the view of the city offered from the Hall’s vantage point while others were having tea, as was customary before meetings. Prince Luwadeen had been delayed in a previous meeting and was five minutes late. Although unusual, it was hardly extraordinary.

He entered the room, greeted everyone and asked everyone to be seated.

“I hereby open this meeting of the Council of Ministers”, Prince Luwadeen stated, “Please find the printed version of the agenda in front of you. The first point of discussion is the trade negotiations with Malordia. Now, as many of you know, the government has been planning these talks for quite some time, Our hats go off to Prince Alawadun for overseeing the preparatory stages. Now, Prince Abuyin is responsible for administering the talks on our nation’s behalf”.

He turned to Abuyin and said, “Thus, your Highness, please update us on the progress of the talks thus far”.

Prince Abuyin replied, “Thank you, Prime Minister. The talks are going as well as expected. Their leaders seem to be calm and capable men with a sober-minded and clear-eyed view of the nature of our relationship. They’re not bogged down by inconsequential and frivolous ideological nonsense that poor Prince Alawadun has had to endure - with graciousness and self-restraint I might add - from our counterparts in Concordia and Novaris. The Malordians seem ready to and are focused on trade with our country. The luncheon and various ceremonies went remarkably well and no major issues were identified”.

Prince Luwadeen asked, “That sounds like great news and we’re all looking forward to the event going well. However, I must ask, are all possible security issues addressed, we cannot afford this going poorly because of that”.

Prince Abuyin replied, “My team assured me that security is tight. Based on their threat response readiness triage, they have no cause to identify any hazards that would affect the event”.

“Right”, Prince Luwadeen said, “Our hats off to you, once again”.

— Begin quote from ____

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: hmm… trade barriers are low such as you said trade tarrifs are non exitent towards major nations, we allow Kirib as Intermediating media of exchange in transactions, regulations are low we do tax and interest rate incentives for investment we allow visa free access for packilvanian tourists and businessmens packilvanian airliners are granted access to our airspace exept areas close and on military bases that currently exist in the country which is a lot we accept the investments you are giving import quotas are nonexistent  but nothing to worry such we have a large export ammount which exceedes imports but at a sustainable manner in terms of growth increase in competetiveness our corporation would like to invest heavily into pax such as our construction industry, they would like low regulations streamlined adminsitrative activities, we also have low capital control incentives for investments and operations in our country.

Chemicals, consumer products, construction sand, industrial steel and electronics will not exceed 20% trade tarrifs. currency swap arrangement are easy. we produce large ammounts of energies no problem if they built factories as such your corporations might setup on our country. your companies are allowed to hire really anyone in our country with no limitations as we are creating a large middle class to boost them to higher income status.

Construction contracts we’ve made it very easy for the decades of high growth, your companies theya re allowed to sell goods at any price but must not price gauge as prices effect inflation rate of a nation. gaining funding should be easier as previous president had setup a bank deregulation into effect.

For us our corporations want easier to setup factories and offices in your country, your investors have no problem in our thriving stock market. your vessels are allowed to moor at our ports only limited to non-military use.

Our companies would want easy access to credit for funding investments into packilvania easier to set prices at any level our companies would want them to be in and we would like low import quotas and trade tarrifs and taxes on trade for our products going into packilvania allow to mooring on your country we would also want easier access and purchasing of assets and easier purchases and cooperation with other companies in your country easier liquidity, and we accept your aid package you are allowed to build military bases for domestic security. but nothing big.

further talks we will continue later on. he sips a cup of water

— End quote

“Mr President”, https://tep.wiki/wiki/Prince_Abuyin replied, “We accept these terms. It is currently 12 hours and 30 minutes Packilvanian time (which is 15H00 in International Time)”.

“At our next meeting tomorrow”, he said, “We will discuss the matter of the military base in more depth. You are welcome to return to your guest house or explore the city as you please. Chief of Protocol, Kadrina Mahaldan will be there to assist you with anything you need”.

The Chief of Protocol, Kadrina Mahaldan said, “Thank you, sir. Mr President, I am at your service. Your itinerary for this evening will include an address to the https://tep.wiki/wiki/Parliament_of_Packilvania’s upper house the Legislative Council at 14 hours Pax time (16:00 International time), which is in 1 hour and 42 minutes followed by a State Dinner at the Bingol Royal Palace - TEPwiki hosted by His Imperial Highness, Thumim V - TEPwiki. Between now and the address to the Legislative Council you will have some time to freshen up and prepare”.

6 October 2022

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: “I understood” he starts to stand up and with the ministry of foreign affairs we’d walk to the assigned guest houses (his head) hm the first talks went well i hope there will be no problems in in the next few days"

6 October 2022
Palace of the Parliament

The Palace of the Parliament was abuzz with activity. The President of United Malordia, Susanto Sudjarwadia, and his delegation were ferried to the Palace of Parliament in a cavalcade that consisted of several vehicles including a police escort. They were flanked on either side by crowds of people and preceded by the fleet of their Packilvanian hosts.

Prince Thumim and Prince Abuyin shared a car with an open roof and stood together waving at the crowds. They held hands and reached the sky, symbolising their unity and strength in the face of their father’s illness. The procession moved at a medium speed to give the crowds a chance to snap pictures with the princes. The Packilvanian branches of Peepl, and Pigeon were abuzz with hashtags such as #memamlukmnemebas and people sent their relatives pictures through group chats on Chatter.

Because the princes were not ceremonial rulers but held meaningful power and jobs that demanded their time and attention, they rarely did public events (unlike their counterparts in constitutional monarchies), so for the public, it was a lovely sight. They arrived at the Palace of Parliament. A red carpet was laid which stretched to the door, flanked on either side by infantry in their ceremonial uniforms. The Mounted Guard were behind them. The crowds watched the procession from a distance. Members of the Legislative Council had already gone in, preceded by the Officer of the Black Rod who carried the Parliamentary Mace into the chamber and placed it on a table in front of the Chairperson’s dais.

Prince Thumim and President Susanto Sudjawardia walked beside each other, Prince Abuyin and Vice President Boris Latupapua walked behind them and so on. The arrival of the two leaders into the chamber was greeted with a chorus of trumpets played from the gallery by a military band. Members of the Legislative Council were already at their seats in standing ovation while the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers sat in their pews at the front which was reserved for the government while the Chairperson sat on a dais with some chairs behind him. The large and ornate one in the centre was the throne. It was flanked on either side by smaller chairs. Prince Thumim sat on the chair to the right of the Sultan while President Sudjawardia sat on the leftmost chair closest to the Sultana’s throne (which was on the Sultan’s left). The Sergeant-at-Arms carried the Imperial Crown and Scepter on a pillow case and placed it on the Throne, symbolising Sultan Namdun’s symbolic and continued presence.

Prince Abuyin, Vice President Latupapua and the rest of the delegation sat in chairs flanking the Imperial Throne. After all the delegations were seated, the Chairperson declared over the loud-speaker, “Ladies and gentlemen, I call for an order. I greet His Imperial Majesty, the Sultan of Packilvania in his absence, the Sultana Mebri, the Crown Prince Thumim, President of Malordia Susanto Sudjawardia, Deputy Crown Prince Abuyin, Vice President Boris Latupapua of United Malordia, the Prime Minister Prince Luwadeen and the Council of Ministers, our guests from United Malordia, assembled members of the house and the public. I hereby ask that we stand as Supreme Magister Tawak VI blesses this gathering with a reading from the Bas Magdamar and a prayer”.

Supreme Magister Tawak VI entered and prayed for the occasion as the assembled people closed their eyes and bowed their heads. Men had to ensure that they were not wearing hats and women had to ensure that their heads were covered. He then returned to his seat among the other members.

The Chairperson continued: “This gathering has been called by His Imperial Highness, Prince Thumim, as Regent of Packilvania, to hear the address of His Excellency, the President of United Malordia. We are deeply honoured to have you here, Mr President and await your words eagerly. I would to call for President Sudjawardia to take the lectern and address the house”.

Arrange of the Chamber

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: waves his hands to the officials (his head) this place is big huh not surprising nontheless (offical words) "I am glad to be here to represent my nation and progress for both nation in economic co-operation and trade the first talks went smoothly 2nd talks will start later on. This is an upportunnity for both of our goverment economy and people!. "

the officials at the seat listening on

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: “and i am here with my vice president took some hours to come here but it definetly worth the visit while talks are still ongoing but its going smoothly nothing to worry about. and i wish greatness for both of our nations! thank you chairperson.” he ends the speech addressing and he starts to leave professionally.

His mind: i think i did a good job painting a  good leader to the officials at packilvania and the 1,5B people there but i wonder about sh hmm… i’l visit MBE next year for state visit and economic co-operation.

6 October 2022
An abandoned warehouse in Bingol

Throughout the visit, the government of Packilvania attempted to portray their country as a blissfully harmonious place. The events had gone smoothly and the speech had transpired without a hitch. Politicians were feeling comfortable and getting excited to close off the rest of the visit tomorrow.

Security officials were restless and rarely closed their eyes to rest and with good reason. In an abandoned warehouse somewhere in Bingol, there was a small cabal of people with extreme political beliefs who wanted to use extreme measures to get their political message heard.

Four male Felines wore black clothes, polished, arranged and inspected bullets and sniper rifle barrels. They use high-tech radio equipment and laptops that looked like they were made in a movie. Their expressions were hard, seemingly unfamiliar with the notion of smiling.

From left to right: Thyfos, was the brains of the group and often handle the tech. He was a competent rifleman, but his strengths exhibited themselves most strongly on the computer screen and keyboard. Drakhnam was the third. He was large and burly, sharp, but better suited to close-quarter combat and situations that needed brute force and strength. The light bounced off the tight jacket that barely managed to remain in one piece under his extraordinary muscles.

The third member was Fareel. He was the most skilled rifleman. He was trusted to take out a target from 1000 yards. He was skilled and competent at the sniper rifle role that his former commander had thought he was born with a rifle in hand. Jafar seemed to have hands that could repair and retrofit any vehicle or device. He was in charge of ensuring that their equipment and cars were always in tip-top shape. He could tell you which part of the car was in need of repairs just by hearing the huffing and puffing of the exhaust.

Their leader, Ismos, opened the warehouse door and entered with a crate of drinks. The men had a proclivity for beer, especially before a big job. Some of them preferred something stronger which they kept tucked away in the sole of a shoe or the lining of a coat for emergencies.

Ismos was able to discern the contrivance of the mind from a quick glance at minor expressions and changes in body language. He was politically well-connected and seemed to have access to close doors and contacts with far-out-of-reach people. He had approached these four men one day when they were working in the Packilvanian Expeditionary Forces and offered them the prospect of money and adventure that dwarfed their salaries and career prospects working for the state. Facing personal and professional struggles and crossroads of their own, they acquiesced to his requests and slowly filtered out of the PEF.

Knowing that their skills were in demand and the government was wary of allowing trained assassins and competent soldiers to wander into the hands of some enemy force, they were subtle and slow in their exit. Their performance became deliberately deficient to the point where when the Commander overseeing them received their resignations, he gave a half-hearted gesture of appreciation for them and was all too happy to see them in retirement.

“I don’t like this”, Thyfos said as he drank the cold bubbling liquid. He continued, "You know very well that we have always agreed to maintain a safe distance from the Imperial Family and the government.

“Look”, Ismos said, “This client is legit and he’s paying a lot of money for this job, more than we are used to”.

“While Thyfos and I do not always see eye to eye”, Jafar said, “I must agree”.

“Look”, Ismos said, “We’ve gone over this. It’s not like the client has asked us to kill anyone, least of all anyone in the Imperial Family”.

“Right! He only wants us to plant a bomb on the processional route of the parade from the Palace of Parliament for laughs”, Fareel replied sarcastically.

“Look, gents”, Ismos said annoyed, “I don’t know where all these complaints are coming from. We already agreed to do this so why are you getting cold feet at the last second”.

“That’s right”, Jafar said, “Any doubt will threaten our operation long before it’s started”.

Ismos nodded in agreement and said, “Exactly. All of us here have debts to pay and problems to pay and this client has the means to set us free from this life of bounty hunting. I know I promised you the means to leave this life of banditry. Now, you finally have it”.

Drakhnam said, “I wonder if there’ll ever be a normal life for us. Once a killer. Always a killer”.

“That’s the spirit Drakhnam!” Ismos said, “Always the happy-go-lucky totally not ironic one. And besides, it’s not like we were ever meant to kill anyone. We’re just giving the Imperial Family a scare. They’ve sat on top of the gravy and mash Pax Fruits for too long”.

Thyfos interjected, “Ismos! You know that inspirational and political speeches are not your forté”.

“That’s true. That indeed is true”, Ismos said nodding his head profusely like a jumping jack in agreement. With the elegance and flourish of a magician’s hand, he opened the briefcase he had been carrying with Him, packed to the brim in cash.

Jafar proclaimed, “You can’t keep flashing the money in that briefcase at us and thinking that it’ll motivate us”.

“Oh really?” Ismos asked as he held the briefcase closer to Jafar’s face.

Jafar replied as he rolled his eyes, “Okay, maybe just a little”, as he took a single banknote with his colleagues staring at him.

“What?” he asked them, “I just wanna buy me a beer. That’s all. And you know we’re all getting a fair cut”.

“Take that 144 dinars off his cheque”, Drakhnam said.

“Laughs aside”, Ismos said, “We can do this and we’re gonna be fine. In and out like a flash”.

6 October 2022
Astlyon, Free Pax States

“How’s dinner, sir?” Sabine asked Prince Kujil as he sat at the head of a long table and ate his food.

He wiped the crumbs off his face with a white linen napkin and said, “Thank you, Sabine! The meal was lovely”.

“I’m glad to hear that sir”, Sabine replied with a small bow and a smile as he picked up the plates and cutlery he was using. “Your wife is calling you, sir”.

“Right”, he replied.

“Pass her here”, he said as Sabine handed him His Primrose tablet.

“My love!” Prince Kujil said, “How have you been, my sweet angel?”

“Don’t ask me that, you fiend of a man”, Wasalea screeched over the phone, her high-pitched sound prompting the speakers to buzz, “When are you coming home to me, the mother of your children! How much I miss you! It has been terrible without you”.

“Oh, my darling”, he said, “Soon enough, I will be reunited with you. You know how cruel and unjust my cousin can be”.

But, my love, you scoundrel", Wasalea said, “Why can’t the kids, that bucked-toothed mule you call your second wife, and I come live you in FPS”.

“My darling”, Prince Kujil said, “We have spoken about this. Prince Thumim can’t just scare us out of our own country”.

“Based on the fact that you’re in hiding like a quivering rat in that country of moral degenerates”, Wasalea screeched, “Is clear evidence that he can do what he wants! At the end of the day, this is his country. Just accept that and let us come live with you”.

“No, Wasalea”, Prince Kujl said, “You and Faziah, whom I might remind you is your sister’s wife and you should respect her, and the kids belong in Packilvania. That is our home and we must fight to stay there”.

“I suppose. Have you heard that he’s stripped so many Princes of their right to pass on their Imperial status to their children”, she asked him, “This whole business is dreadful!”

“Yes”, Prince Kujil replied, “This is exactly why you must trust me to do what I can. He is a danger to our country and our family”.

“Alright, my love. I trust you”, Wasalea, “We’ll chat later, my love, you useless spineless fish of a man!”

“I love you my delicate flower”, Prince Kujil said as he blew kisses at her, “Bye-bye, now”.

“Sabine”, he declared, “Tell the men to get into position”.

“Right away sir”, Sabine said as we went away.

Picking up the telephone in another room, she spoke into the receiver and said, “It’s go-time!”

6 October 2022
A dark and dingy pub in a dodgy part of town

Ismos and Thyfos were meeting a man whose identity had not been revealed to them but whom their client had found for them and put them in contact with.

“I don’t like this”, Thyfos said.

“Neither do I”, Ismos said, “But our client was confident that this man could be trusted”.

Thyfos’s legs were moving back and forth at a quick pace under the table and he bit his nails, chewing away at the keratin.

“Stop that!” Ismos demanded.

“What?” Thyfos asked annoyed.

“It’s a bad habit”, Ismos said, “Honestly, you’re gonna give us away if you continue acting like this”.

“Why did you bring me along”, Thyfos asked in a sharp whisper, “You know very well that this is not the kind of operation I’m suited for”.

“I know that”, Ismos said, “But you’ll need to be in case one of dies or gives us up”.

“Wait, what?” Thyfos asked, “Don’t you trust us?”

“I trust you to do your jobs and I trust that your circumstances will ensure that you do not fail, but I certainly put more faith in my ability to crush you if you betray me”.

Thyfos simply rolled his eyes and looked around for the man, “You’re just being dramatic, Ismos. Where is this guy?”

A man suddenly and forcefully put his hands on their shoulders and said, “Hello fellas!”

With reflexes sharpened by years of military and special forces training, Ismos and Thyfos grabbed the man’s hands and violently twisted them behind him, forcing him to his knees. Ismos put his boot on the man’s back and pulled. The man screamed from the sudden jolt of pain.

“Never sneak up on us”, Ismos said, “Who the heck are you?!”

“It’s me”, the man replied, winded and groaning with agony, “I’m the person you’re supposed to meet”.

A large man, presumably the bouncer, came towards them. Ismos and Thyfos released the man and helped him up. The bouncer’s weapon sat snuggly in a holster and he flashed it to them as he asked, “Is everything okay here?”

“Yeah”, the mystery man said, “All is well, just a bit of tussling among friends”.

He gave an awkward laugh. The bouncer was sceptical but left it at that and went away.

“Sorry for startling you, gents”, the man said, “I’m Khadun. Our client told you to meet me here”.

Ismos regained his composure and took charge of the discussion, “Yes. That is why we’re here”.

Khadun replied, “Okay, I have the parcel for you, but it’s not with me. It’s at a storage facility in Falkhaad”.

“I hate that place”, Thyfos said, “It smells like an open sewer and it’s covered in trash”.

Ismos simply took the key for the storage facility from the man, shook his hand and said to Thyfos, “Let’s get outta here”.


“Falkhaad might be a crime-ridden, polluted mess of a place, but it’s home”, Ismos said, “So respect it”.

Thyfos’s eyes widened and he said, “That’s the first personal thing you’ve told me”.

“Get over yourself” Ismos said annoyed, “Let’s get moving”.

They got in their vehicle, which was a modified Gyllir Motors SUV. It was armour-plated and had an unmarked numberplate. They drove into Falkhaad. The place was more filthy in person. Plumes of smoke and rivers of black fluid poured out of a factory where all the people in the slum worked. Many of them lived in tightly packed houses and apartments, some made from brick and mortar but others from corrugated metal sheets. Some families shared poorly maintained chemical toilets and a single tap with other households.

Men walked around covered in tattoos and scars, snearing at their vehicle as it passed by. They were probably part of a gang. The gangs demarcated Falkhaad into territories and often competed against each other in violent shows of force to expand against an enemy gang. They often terrorised the people and extorted them for money. The government officials who were in charge of the place, pocketed bribes from gangs and the chemical factory nearby to overlook the crime and flagrant abuse of worker’s rights and environmental regulations that the poor people of Falkhaad had to endure. Many of them consoled themselves by saying, “At least we’re not unemployed”.

Places like this were the dark side of Packilvanian capitalist expansion, the hidden engines that fueled its economic miracle and provided the world with cheap consumer goods, electronics and other knick-knacks to keep the liberal democratic nations materially wealthy and complacent. People wore masks to protect themselves and many people in Falkhaad died from lung damage.

Thyfos and Ismos made it to the storage facility. It was basically a bunch of abandoned shipping containers that a shrewd and unscrupulous businessman had turned into a storage site. He led them to their container, a large green corrugated metal box.

They opened the doors and stepped inside. In the massive hollow space there was a large box about the size of a large microwave. Grabbing both ends, Thyfos and Ismos silently lifted the device from the ground.

As they walked out and packed the box into the boot of their car, the owner of the storage facility called an unknown number. Speaking into his phone, he said, “They have the package”.

A voice on the other side simply said, “Good”.

6 October 2022.
Downtown Bingol.

The moment that they lay their hands on that microwave-sized box was the moment they sealed their fates. There was no turning back and no time to waste.

Drakhnam, Jafar and Fareel had packed their gear into their vehicle and were on their way to rendezvous with Ismos and Thyfos. They rode in silence. There was nothing else to say and do. They had run over their plan hundreds of times, synchronised their watches and cut all communication. The plan relied on their perfect execution. There was to be no leak that would point to them. The eyes and ears of the Sultan hovered like a shadow over every signal transmitted in the air or through a cable, waiting to catch anyone who misbehaved. Thus, they were required to say nothing until all was over.

Planting a device of that nature and size in the middle of the procession from the Palace of Parliament to the Bingol Royal Palace was impossible. So instead they decided to use a logistics and support vehicle, plant the bomb in there and send the vehicle careening towards a bridge, which would collapse on the detonation of the payload and crush their intended targets under the weight of the debris.

The processional route had been well known in advance so the public was able to line up so that they could greet the dignitaries when they passed by. This created a massive security headache for the Secret Services and Security Forces. To prevent threats, all unauthorised vehicles were cleared from the processional route in advance and rerouted around town. Police and military police and others had checked the route in advance using dogs and other detectors to find any potential threats. Police and military police had checkpoints where they checked people. The cybersecurity agency of the state used public cameras to monitor potential threats.

In summary, the area was airtight. All possible preparations had been made to intercept and prevent threats. Communications were monitored for keywords to ensure that enemies could be thwarted in the planning phase. All these tools are great and extremely helpful and make the route one of the safest in the world until it wasn’t.

Weapons and processes are great, but when institutional mechanisms are still weak even the most well-thought-out plan and a well-equipped team may struggle. One specific Achilles’ heel in Packilvania’s security arsenal was its struggle to ensure discipline and incorruptibility among its troops. The reality is that when the Packilvanian Communist Party left power, they had hollowed out state institutions and built-in arbitrary regulations and a culture of impunity that enabled unscrupulous actors to escape consequences or circumvent legitimate channels through bribery and the like.

The Carriers of Mercy were not immune to this as they had to generate income from alternative sources due to the restrictions imposed on them by their war with the Communists. Further, they needed to leverage patronage to show that they were the better alternative to the Communist party. As such, millions of people were put into government jobs and won government contracts and started shady businesses simply because they once served in the Carriers.

The consequence of this is that a culture susceptible to corruption developed. Packilvania was especially susceptible to this because early on, the Bedonite dynasty had recognised that patronage and financial exchanges could be exploited for economic prosperity by carefully circumscribing regulations to make business more efficient. Despite years of reform and institution-building, even the security forces were not immune from the influence of corruption despite being less inclined than most.

Now, petty corruption in the form of simple or gratuitous financial transactions was not good enough in the world of secret services. Obfuscation was the name of the game. Ismos and his client had leveraged a combination of stick and carrot through both threats and rewards to develop financial structures and enable unwitting intermediaries to get someone somewhere to drop the ball and open the pathway to their scheme.

The logistics and support vehicle was marked with military insignia, assigned military codes and added to the support vehicles’ schedule prescribed for the entire procession. What was left to the team was to have one of them drive the vehicle to its intended spot on Behayeen Bridge which was above Gurion Bedon Road which linked Parliament and the Royal Palace. To do this they drew straws at random.

Fingers crossed and eyes clutched, Drakhnam had walked up to Ismos who held the straws upright in his hand. Drakhnam had the displeasure of choosing the shortest straw. He had wanted to scream and shout but all he could do was accept the horrendous job that had been placed upon his shoulders.

Two checkpoints were present on either side of the Behayeen Bridge and carefully controlled the entry and exit of vehicles. Drakhnam knew that he had only moments to trigger the detonator for the device and run once the explosive was armed and ready.

He had practised and prepared to the point that he got scabs on his knuckles. Ismos had tried to calm him down, saying, “Drakh. You might be the big guy on the team, but we know that even you have your doubts. It’s okay to be afraid. But you can do this”.

His words had done little to encourage Drakhnam. Rather it was the words from the Bas Magdamar that his wife had said to him when he left his family many years ago to seek a better life in the military, “For She that does a good work in me will finish and perfect it”.

He clung to these words. He clung to the hope that he was an unfinished work that the Goddess Noi was carefully crafting into a final being worthy of Assimilation into the Hive. He had faced enough loss and danger on military campaigns and being an assassin in the Packilvanian Expeditionary Forces both from within and without that he did not fear death. But he feared dying before making peace with Noi.

And as far as he was concerned, he had not made peace with Her. The reality was that just as much as he had faced trauma and danger, so too did he inflict loss and grief on others. He had shot from a high vantage point an enemy of the state who was probably a father and husband just as he was. He had bludgeoned a foe to the end of his life after losing his weapon. He had shown merciless brutality in the name of obedience to the state and devotion to and love for his family.

Poverty had not been kind to his family, with disease that needed specialised treatments assailing his wife. Without a formal education and with the gift of strength and a keen eye, there were not many places for him to go. The quagmire of the slums he had come from had been fertile ground for gangs and he had been destined to be among them, but he escaped that cycle of violence to enter a different cycle of violence.

As they rendezvoused with Ismos and Thyfos, Drakhnam took the warhead out of their vehicle and transferred it to the one that he would be driving. Thyfos configured the device and set the trigger to start the detonation sequence when Drakhnam clicked a button on a remote control device. Drakhnam simply shook the hands of his teammates, a ritual he did before going solo to remind them of their shared commitment and purpose regardless of the shadiness of their conspirings or their differences in circumstances and origins.

Turning the key, deactivating the kill switch and adjusting the mirror, he reversed and turned away, his colleagues disappearing like ants into the horizon as the rest of the plan was unfolding.

6 October 2022
Near Behayeen Bridge, Bingol, Packilvania

“I can do this! I can do this!” Drakhnam said as he drove the vehicle into a checkpoint.

The officers at the checkpoint circled the vehicle with dogs. The dogs were silent at first, but at some point one began barking. Drakhnam showed them the papers he had identifying his vehicle.

“May you please step outside?” One of the officers asked him, “We just need to check your vehicle and your papers”.

Drakhnam remained calm. After years of military services and being an assassin, he had trained his body to show no outward signs of distress when faced with adverse situations (although dealing with an angry Packilvanian mom after eating all the pudding at a family gathering was likely to instill the same self-control).

The officer was taking unusually long. One of the dogs started barking more intensely as it approached the back of the vehicle.

He heard one of the officers say, “I think we should open the back and have a look”.

Drakhnam immediately started looking for potential exits and sizing up these officers for a potential fight. He slowly and surreptitiously moved his hands to the holster around his belt where his revolver sat snuggly waiting to be used. He began to count to ten where if at 10, the officer had not returned with his papers, he would shoot them all and run like hell.





Five. Still nothing.

Six. The dogs get louder.

Seven. The officers start shaking their heads and gathering at the door to the back of his vehicle.

Eight. Drakhnam puts his hands on the handle of his gun.

Nine. One of the officers flings the rear doors open.


The officer comes back and loudly declares, “Okay boys! All looks good. We can let the man pass through”.

One of the officers comes towards, him and they whisper to each other.

“Oh no!” the first one says, “It’s all fine. The paperwork checks out. Headquarters says that the material is sensitive and is likely to trigger dogs. False alarm”.

Turning to Drakhnam, he says, “You’re free to go, sir”.

The other officers look unconvinced and begin to approach Drakhnam. One of them orders him to lift his hands for inspection. They begin padding him up and down and the dogs bare their teeth him. He’s not out of the woods yet.

An officer finds the bizzare device that he was supposed to use to trigger the detonation and asks, “What the hell is this?”

The other officers surround him, showing him the holsters of the revolvers while another one casually cleans his rifle with a microfiber cloth while looking at him menacingly.

Drakhnam replies, “It’s a device to track my blood pressure”.

“Hmm”, the man says, “These kinds of devices are not authorised for use on military installations outside of regulations and this does not meet the regulation criteria”.

“I didn’t realise”, Drakhnam said.

“You didn’t realise?” The officer asks sarcastically, “I’m gonna ask you again. What is this device for?”

“It’s for measuring my blood pressure”, Drakhnam said.

The man pointed the gun at him and said calmly, “I am not going to repeat myself”.

Drakhnam lifted his hands up and said, “I am Drakhnam Yahad, registration number 2T39R01, rank Captain, of the special operations: special materials division. I have been assigned to administer the safe transportation of the vehicle. I reiterate my stance that the device of which the officer before me is questioning is in indeed a blood pressure monitoring device authorised by my doctor as per the Regulations for Medical Treatments under section 10 subsection 98. I formally state my protest at the unlawful seizure of my medical device and demand to speak to your commanding officer. Furthermore, I demand to know what your officer number is, and assignment”.

The man was surprised by Drakhmam’s eloquence and his invocation of a formal military procedure. The man stepped back and consulted with his colleagues and came back and stated.

“My officer number is 1S78K10 and my name is Umadin Axoriad, rank Lieutenant. My commanding officer is Major Shameel Ubrahan and my assignment is the 789th Regiment. I recognise your challenge in terms of the military regulations”, he laughed and said, “I will confer with my commanding officer and get back to you”.

“You cannot do that”, Drakhnam declared firmly, “Military law states that I am entitled to levy a complaint invoked under a violation of my status, rank and right directly to your commanding officer”.

The man began to weigh his options. He could either risk being accused of an unlawful threat of force on an authorised officer of the military and an unlawful and disproportionate obstruction of his work, or avert a potential crisis.

The man turned back to Drakham and said, “I will let you go through. But as the officer posted to this checkpoint, I reserve the right to commandeer your blood pressure measuring device until your return from depositing the goods which you have been assigned, sir”.

“Fine, but note”, Drakhnam said, “Your behaviour will make it’s way to a military tribunal if you don’t hand me my device”.

“You’re welcome to take your complaint to my commanding officer”, the man said smugly, “Oi! Get me on the line with Major Ubrahan”.

“It’s fine”, Drakhnam said annoyed, “We can leave this here”.

The man nodded and replied, “You’re free to go, sir”.

There was an arrogant attitude with which he said what he said that Drakhnam would have reported him, had he actually been an active serving member of the armed forces. He entered his vehicle and got moving. He kept the vehicle moving towards the Behayeen Bridge. Before he could let out a sigh of relief, he had to figure out how to trigger the bomb manually while allowing himself enough time to escape from its blast radius when it exploded.

The plan they had drawn up, had never deeply considered what would happen if he needed to trigger the bomb’s detonation sequence without the device. They’d briefly touched on it, but not to the extent that Drakhnam could summon it easily. He would have to take a risk and fill in the blanks using information from a lesson he had had in officer training over 7 years ago on detonating mines.

However, this device was more complex. The Behayeen Bridge was an extremely strong bridge and so a mediocre bomb that low tier terrorists tended to use was not going to do much damage. The warhead he had with him was immensely powerful and the extent of the danger was so great that these device were extremely rare. They were so rare that one was more likely to win the lottery than to find one outside of a military facility and yet here it was.

Realising this, Drakhnam said to himself, “Our client must be powerful, really powerful. And all of this bullshit had better be worth it”.

He parked his vehicle within view of the bridge with a clear path to it. He got to the back and proceeded with the risky job of figuring out how to trigger the bomb. He began going through the steps that Thyfos had laid out. He was flipping switches and crossing wires. In his mind he asked himself, “Was it the blue or red?!”

As he pondered his decision, the officers back at the checkpoint were getting restless. The expected time of completion for a simple delivery had lapsed. Even if Drakhnam had added a sit-down stop to the water closet on his itinerary, his detour would not have waylaid him for as long as he had been gone. The lieutenant from the check point said, “He should have been back by now”, and instructed one of his colleagues to go and look at the situation.

Drakhnam heard a vehicle approach him from behind. He saw the military markings and knew that this was the officers coming to see him. With his bomb uncovered and his hands tinkering with the trigger mechanism, he had basically been caught red handed. Cognisant of this, he knew his only option was a first strike, so he shot the tyre of the incomer’s wheel. He got out his submachine gun as the vehicle skidded of the path and opened fire. The officers inside were able to send out a call for distress in time.

Drakhnam had managed to impale the officer with a bullet in the right arm but he saw from the beaping of a small red button on the dashboard that the other officers had already been alerted and were on their way.

Drakhnam quickly and temporarily relieved the officer of his consciousness and returned to the vehicle. He desperately tried to figure out the trigger mechanism. In the background, he heard the roar of vehicles approach him. The vehicles skidded along the road as they came to a screeching halt. One officer ran to their fallen comrade while the rest approach Drakhnam.

Suddenly the bomb began to beep. Drakhnam was relieved but only for a moment as he realised that he had triggered the bomb to override the time-based detonation sequence and had set it to explode immediately. He simply closed his eyes and said to himself, “I’m sor…”

Before he could finish the word, the bomb exploded in an incredible boom. Light and heat came from it like a star being born from nothing, contorting the matter around it, turning it from its expected stable form to small pieces violently burning. Debris from the explosion was scattered in all directions and Drakhnam… Well. One can guess the rest.


Palace of the Parliament

President Sudjawardia’s speech had gone swimmingly and the members of the Legislative Council gave him a standing ovation. The Chairperson called the session to a close and the men made their way to their cars and the procession back to the Bingol Royal Palace was under way.

Abuyin and Thumim were seated in the same car.

“That went well”, Abuyin said.

“I agree”, Thumim said. “I don’t know why you seemed nervous. Did you expect him to transform into some creature and dance on the podium? There was very little that could have gone wrong”.

“I supp…”, before Abuyin could finish his sentence, the car turned violently.

The driver lowered the partition and the body guarding riding shotgun in the car turned around and said, “Sir, we are changing the route. There has been an attack near Behayeen Bridge”.

“Alert President Sudjawardia’s bodyguard immediately”, Prince Thumim commanded.

“Already on it, sir”, the bodyguard said.

“I hope they get the message in time”, Abuyin whispered.


One of the Presidential Security Force devision guards: “there have been what?!.. well i guess could have been worse and the president had wore a vest.” he starts to spread the information given by the officials of paackilvania to his co-workers whilse also running to get the president

the Presidential Security Force devision arrived to the guest houses: “Sir there have been an a change in the route because on oe of the bridge there was an attempt at assasination of a bomb and a van!. we need to move you to a descreet and more secure place now.”

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: “What? oh my god okay alright get the vice president too tell the packilvanian officials to delay the talks and tell them initiate full investigation until the new route is safe and all who is invovled are arrested. and tell HQ of the devision there had been an attempt at assasination and delay them an the other tour car thing needs to be delayed until everythings fully safe, latter on i need to call my wife i almost got killed for the first time.”

one of the soldiers of the special division: “Yes Sir!, Hope City Hope City! this is Tiger !there had been a car bomb its an attempt at assasination of  the car bomb has exploded early on near the Behayeen Bridge! the president the president is secure! we are moving him to a more secure and descreet place now! Code 2 Yellow!” and he starts to send emergency alarm to the police and politicians of packilvania to delay the talks until al terrorists are aprehended and gets Air Wing 1 on emergency automated call to the secure the route and the place.

they start to move the president to the heavly armoured car

Doddy Purnama Iskandar:“Cmon Lets go! quick! contact them we heard their message and we’re moving the president and vice president to a more secure and descreet place and local authorities have been notified!”

Claudius Kaban: “Yes Sir!” Send a message to the palace that says we’re moving the president in the armoured car to a secure and descreet place far from bingol and delayed the car tour thing (ooc: i forgot lmao) and the local

Tires Screech they start to quickly move at the checkpoint of the road to go out the guard of the guest houses Doddy Purnama Iskandar says: “Code 2 yellow” the soldiers of the checkpoint understands and lets them go and the first air wing starts to move to secure the route and bingol police starts to tight secure the route, and  the president with the division to move out to a more descreet and secure place.

6 October 2022,
Bingol, Packilvania

The cars came screeching into the Exalted Porte. Tourists visiting the Bingol Royal Palace had already been evacuated and the complex was on lock down. The Crescent and other news networks had already issued the emergency response communication to the public.

To minimise the sense of panic and erosion of confidence such an attack might bring, the Bingol government immediately dispatched police officers to set up checkpoints and inspect vehicles around the city. Movement was severely restrict through the imposition of a curfew that was to come into force later that evening.

“This is a disaster”, Prince Abuyin said as they entered the Palace, “I just got off the phone with President Sudjawardia who said that they want to hold off talks pending an investigation”.

Prince Thumim replied, “At least we have in-principle support for a trade agreement so already that’s a win, Abuyin. You’re doing well. These things happen, and we have prepared for situations like this”.

“But not well enough to prevent them from happening altogether”, Prince Abuyin replied.

The Prince’s private secretary met with them in the lobby as they entered and let them know that a meeting was already in progress with the heads of various branches of state security.

“Listen, Abuyin”, Prince Thumim commanded, “I need you to check up on President Sudjawardia and his team and make sure that they are all safe and accounted for. Reassure him that we are on top of this problem and that we will be ready for talks to resume as planned. I will deal with the security implications of this”.

“Right”, Prince Abuyin said as he went away to see President Sudjawardia at the Imperial Guesthouse, “I’ll also make sure that we post additional security for them”.

Prince Thumim joined the teleconference call from the Temahed Board Room.

“We have quite the update for you, sir”, Prince Nukan, Chief of the Defence Staff said.

“I’m all ears”, Prince Thumim replied.

“So”, Prince Nukan said, “Our ballistics and explosives experts have rendered a computer simulation of the event based on camera footage and data collected at the site of the explosion. The explosion was triggered by a military-grade explosive device capable of and which we believe was most likely intended to destroy Behayeen Bridge”.

The Member of the City’s Executive Committee for Transport added, “Behayeen Bridge is an overpass that cross sectionally spans the Gurion Bedon Road which was on the processional route between the Palace of the Parliament and the Bingol Royal Palace”.

Lord Ixarion Humeed, Duke of Wahed and Head of State Security Agency stated, “Based on the timing of the detonation of the device and its location, we have surmised that the intended target of the attack was either you and the other high ranking members of the Packilvanian and United Malordia delegations”.

“Based on the examination of search queries online and text messages”, Sarmaad Ashmadoon, Director of the Cyber and Telecommunications Security Agency stated, “We have not found any evidence of communications among multiple possible actors to substantiate the fact that this might have been coordinated and to what end. Nevertheless, we are monitoring Telecommunications lines and Web activity for signs of communication among the perpetrators”.

Lord Ixarion Humeed rebuffed, “Notwithstanding the limitations of technology, we have leveraged our sapient intelligence expertise based on patterns of prior behaviours among similar groups as well as the depth of the infiltration and the lapses in security, that this was an inside job perpetrated by one of our own”.

The room fell silent for a moment as the weight and depth of the situation became apparent.

Prince Nukan broke the silence by corroborating this information, “Based on witness testimony from the guards at the checkpoint, the driver of the vehicle and alleged perpetrator of the attack had received prior clearance from defence headquarters”.

Prince Thumim asked, “How exactly can someone get that clearance? Can we eliminate the possibility that they hacked defence systems”.

“Yes sir”, replied Sharaf Eretz, Director of the Military Intelligence Agency, “Based on our assessment of malware and other software based security threats of the defence headquarter systems, there was no infiltration, that only leaves the room that they had inside help”.

Prince Nukan followed up by saying, “Officers at the checkpoint as well as those at defence headquarters are currently being interrogated. Sir, I understand that this lapse in security happened under my watch and I am prepared to resign my post as Chief of the Defence Staff”.

Prince Thumim replied in annoyance, “We will address the matter of your career prospects later. Do we have any idea who did it?”

Silence followed.

“Well?” Prince Thumim said.

Prince Nukan replied, “No sir, we don’t know who did it”.

“Unbelievable!” Prince Thumim said, “We are supposed to have one of the most air tight security architectures on the planet and yet we cannot find a few vagabonds”.

“With all due respect, sir”, Prince Lohadek, Minister of State Security replied, “It has been less than half an hour since the attack ensued, we are still gathering information, but we are confident that the security measures put in place will expose the culprits and enable us to apprehend them”.

“Is that the best you can say?” Prince Thumim demanded.

Sharaf Eretz stated, “Yes sir, but we are confident that-”

“I do not wish to cut you off, Lord Eretz”, Prince Thumim replied, “But if what you’re going to say is that you’re trying your best, I do not have the appetite. Let’s adjourn and regroup in an hour. You may all leave except Prince Lohadek and Lord Humeed”.

Once everyone else had gotten off the call, Prince Lohadek asked, “What may I help you with, sir?”

“I have a feeling that Lord Humeed’s words are far more important than they appear at face value”, Prince Thumim said., “A powerful person with motive and opportunity needs to have perpetrated this attack. I want you two to work together to collect all the travel and communication data of Princes especially those who might hold a grudge against me that would benefit them”.

Prince Lohadek asked, “Does the scope of this investigation include His Imperial Highness, the Deputy Crown Prince Abuyin?”

Prince Thumim took a deep breath and replied, “Yes. I’m. afraid I must eliminate the possibility”.

Lord Humeed asked, “But sir, wouldn’t he have been crushed by the bridge too?”

“Unfortunately”, Prince Thumim asked, “We can’t be too careful”.

“We understand sir”, Prince Lohadek said.

Minutes ticked by as the rest of the team waited for Drakhnam’s return.

They all silently prayed that the minutes would stretch themselves around the moment of his return but when the time lapsed, they assumed the worst.

“Well then”, Ismos declared matter of factly, “Off we go”.

They could only conjecture what had happened to Drakhnam but they decided to focus on the task of escaping. The news had announced the explosion to the public but obscured its true nature and purpose, and laid out the interventions that the city government would implement to apprehend the perpetrators.

Given that Bingol was designed in such a way that motorised traffic was funnelled via a tree-like hierarchical structure, the government could control large arterial roads and use them to control the flow and movement of people. As such, the only way out was by foot.

Carrying only what they needed, they poured highly combustible petrol mixture over the warehouse they had used as their base and all of the items in it, and they set the structure alight. One of the hopes of this was that it would distract the state and seem like a second target. Walking above ground was extremely dangerous because CCTV cameras perused the streets and worked with AI to identify faces and vehicle registration numbers.

As such, they exploited the underground tunnels used by the building’s plumbing for wastewater management. They crawled through the spaces for 500m until they reconnected the main line where they could finally walk upright. Despite the aching of bodies from being in an incredibly uncomfortable position, they stretched themselves and began the march down the large tunnels that existed under the city. The various water gates had specific, set and predictable times whereby they released the reservoir of excrement and chemical waste that came from business and houses below. Additionally technology in the system existed to give advanced warning to any workers inside of their opening.

So they had timed their escape to take advantage of this. The plan was to escape at the Durmahan Wastewater Treatment Site where a worker would meet them, give them uniforms and fake Ids after which they would rendezvous with a driver who would pick them up. The facility was outside of the formal Bingol central Suburbs and commercial districts and was unlikely to have heavy police presence.

All they had to do was make it through the 12km trek through the tunnels. When the gates opened, there were metal waterproof shelters in which they could hide until the system had finished flushing itself. Through this they could avoid being carried away and drowned.

They completed the arduous and treacherous journey which at times involved crawling through smaller parts of the system or walking like a crab due to thinner parts. They had been told that they could avoid workers by navigating to parts of the system in which the workers where off-shift.

The journey through the system was obscenely arduous and long and took nearly 3 hours to complete. They got out at an empty field which was just 2 kilometres from the Durmahan Waste Water treatment. Stinking of something unspeakably foul. They trekked through the tall wild grass of the field. In some places water had leaked from under the ground and they had to wade through mud and decaying plant matter. They got to their designated rendezvous point around 1130pm International time. At an abandoned and collapsing building which had served as a pump substation, they found their uniforms and IDs inside in a black plastic bag under a stone slab in the floor near a rusting pump machine.

They rinsed themselves of the mud and waste that clung to their flesh and clothes in the old bathrooms as fresh water trickled through at an uninspiring Pace. After changing their attire and made the rest of the journey to a small emergency exit outside the main walls of the treatment site. Usually the door was locked, but tonight had been left unlocked. They entered through it and avoided the other workers who simply grunted or looked at them in annoyed glares when they walked by. Everyone was too tired and annoyed to care about three nondescript workers. They has masks on, as most workers tended to and thus, their identities were concealed from the cameras that watched the facility. They headed out of the building and towards the parking where their driver was supposedly parked.

As they stepped out, they were met by the surprise of their lives…

6 October 2022,

Bingol, Packilvania

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: “Thank you for checking up on us. It’s protocol to quickly move to a more safer and descreet place and thanks for the extra security.”

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia: “The faster the tals and the state visit going the better for both of us alright. Now C’mon let’s go team and Prince Abuyin and how’s the investigations going? my security would like to hear about it.”

6 October 2022.
Durmahan Waste Water Treatment Facility, Bingol, Packilvania

Lights and loud voices flowed from the darkness like a mad tide towards the Assassins.

All their toil and suffering had brought itself to the moment they had feared the most: their capture by the authorities. Trained to deal with such situations, Ismos kept his hands down and kept asking, “What do you want? We are just workers here!”

While Ismos was attempting to calm a deteriorating situation, Thyfos’s mind was drawn to a single moment when he was at the Packilvanian Expeditionary Forces. All he could remember was a man praying at his feet for his life. Ordinarily, Thyfos would work in the background or strike from a distance, but now all he could think about was how he had seen the face and heard the voices of his targets over whom his mind aptly scrawled the word “victims”.

Just as this man had pleaded to the Most Merciful to rescue him from this disaster, so too was Ismos in some ways begging for their lives.

Thyfos, knowing that nothing could be done, drew his gun and pointed it at the police. “I won’t go down quietly”, he whispered to himself. Unlike the people who had succumbed to the volley of his rifle, he would not drop to the ground suppliant and obsequious.

“I will draw blood!” He proclaimed.

Fareel was burned by the same sense of destiny and joined him in their quest as brothers in arms to defeat the very government they had given their souls to defend. Together they cast their guns against their enemies, eyes fixed and minds focused on releasing the full maelstrom that the meagre magazine of their revolvers could deliver. The officers responded in kind, perforating their tender young bodies with round after round.

Jafar still valued his life, carefully tending to his existence and refused to be subject to the volley that his comrades were enduring. He tried to run back into the facility, but he was not to be so lucky. He fell on the ground gasping until everything evaporated like a strange and confusing dream, forever. Ismos tried to make his way out but instead, the arms of police officers wrapped themselves around him like a chain while a blunt object made such fierce contact with his hand that it struck the consciousness from his cranium. “Always the last”, he thought to himself before everything was lost to a starless night.

Bingol Royal Palace, Bingol, Packilvania

A satisfied Abuyin called back the President of United Malordia to deliver the good news, “We got the perpetrators. four of them sustained fatal injuries - one from the explosion and three from a firefight with police - while a third is unconscious but in police custody. Mr President, we assure you that the threat has been resolved and that we can conclude negotiations. You are safe now!”