[AMENDMENT] Formatting the Standard Date & Time Act

First amendment proposal:

Instead of the example being 2023-02-07, can it be 2003-10-30? 10/30 is the Day of Confederation. I know it’s super minor and frivolous but I don’t want us to just have a random date in there.

Also 3.3.1 mentions Appendix A, which doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

I understand this is for formatting standards, but these aren’t major things so im not sure they merit another amendment


Is there a particular reason why the Appendix showing example Discourse date-codes is removed?

I didn’t notice I omitted that. My mistake. I added it back in.

I also cut out the lengthy section explaining DD-MM-YYYY.

I motion to vote.

I second the motion


Vote: [A-2023-48] Formatting Amendment to the Standard Date & Time Act