[AMENDMENT] Nom Cit Vot Righ

In order to loosen restrictions on citizens who gain citizenship during Delegate nominations, the following amendment to Article F, Section 5 shall be made:

All Residents that have gained Citizenship may vote in Delegate elections and Concordat referenda, excluding Residents who gain or regain their Citizenship while said events are ongoing except in the case that their Citizenship was confirmed during the voting period for the election or referendum in question.

This looks like just a rephrase to me. I’m okay with it, but I don’t see how it “loosens” anything.

It takes away the vagueness and makes it explicit that during nominations, you can still become a Citizen. We ran into this issue during the current Delegate elections, so we are making sure to avoid said issues in the future.

That being said, full support

Elections are going on in both nominations and voting.
Voting period of elections are going on solely in voting.

In terms of referenda, it changes nothing, but it does change things for the election.

Ah yes. Well, I’ve never thought of the nominations as part of “Delegate elections”. To me, election means the voting period. Nominations, however necessary, are just a thing prior to the elections. That’s why I did not see any change.

Nevertheless, I like the new phrasing and will vote in favour if I get to it before voting ends.:sweat_smile:

i motion to vote

EDIT: nevermind, i rescind this motion to allow for the other motioned amendment to go through FIRST and lessen the amount of referenda held at once

I motion this to a vote



Vote: [CA-2023-47] Proposal for Amendment to Article F of the Concordat - Citizen Voter Rights