Oan Embassy

The Oan Isles

The Realm of the Oan Isles is a democratic island nation located in the Pacific Ocean. We are open to the world and have, accordingly, established this page to engage with you. Before we plunge into the nitty gritty of diplomacy, here is some brief info on our nation.

The Oan Isles has been inhabited for 2,000 years and has existed as a nationstate for 800 of those. We conquered, lost and attempted to conquer much over the South Pacific over the past eight centuries. Through hard work and ingenuity, we built a 340 billion dollar economy built on services and industry.

Faced with an aging and densely packed population, we continued (and still continue) to approach international politics and economics with tenacity and energy. Our democratic government supports the development and freedom of each person, while permitting free enterprise and uniting people who speak different languages, have different faiths and belong to different ancestries. Minority rights are balanced against majority rule of the predominantly Christian, Oan and Oan speaking majority.

The Oan Isles affirms the following basic values and ideals that guide our foreign policy:

[ul][li]Democracy: We believe that the people of every nation should live in a country in which they can participate and influence the workings of power.
[li]Sovereignty: We believe that every nation has the right to govern its own affairs and engage on the world stage as an independent and free nation.
[li]Multilateralism: We believe that the solutions to social, political and economic problems lie in working together and not only tolerating, but using our differences for the good of all.
[li]Diplomacy: We believe that all conflicts can be diffused peacefully and all disagreements can be resolved peacefully and amicably.[/li][/ul]

Basic Information

[li]Native Name:i Rohe ta i Kōa (or ti Motu ta ki Oa)
[li]National Motto: “Haere a mutu”
(“Continue, regardless”)
[li]National Anthem: ‘Oa, makaati u Rangitanga ta i Moana’
(‘God, bless the Emperor’)
[li]Capital: Toka (La Rochelle)
[li]Largest city: Kokoru (Port of the Rock)
[li]Official language: Reōa (Oan language)
[li]Major religion(s): Polynesian Evangelic Protestant Christianity
[li]Demonym: Oan
[li]Population: 8,610,000
[li]Area: 44,150km²
[li]Water: negligible
[li]Government type: Constitutional monarchy and semi direct democracy
[li]Leader:Emperor Oaloanu
[li]Head of Diplomacy and Immigration: Locklyn Le Roy
[li]Founding: 1200 CE
[li]Constituting document: Treaty of Sanglong and the Constitution of the Oan Isles
[li]Currency: Oan dollar (OA$ or OAD)
[li]GDP: SH$340 billion
[li]GDP per capita: SH$39,500
[li]Time zone: West Pacific Time
[li]Internet TLD: .oa
[li]Date format: mcyy/mm/dd


The Oan diplomatic apparatus is helmed by the Head of Diplomacy and Immigration, presently Locklyn Le Roy, who engages with other nations on our behalf. The National Council as a whole develops foreign policy and makes decisions on foreign affairs. As such the policies of the Portfolio of Diplomacy and Immigration are guided by two things: the Constitutional principles upon which our nation is founded and the practical problems that we face and the solutions we need to address them. In general diplomatic staff are immune from prosecution or subpoena, and embassies are free from search and seizure.


[ul][li]Kuthernburg: We share agreements on a number of issues such as travel and mutual defence, while also possessing a long history of trade and mutual investment.
[li]Staynish-Caltharus Empire: We share a close bond spanning centuries, catalysed by the War for Konoa in the 19th century.
[li]Polynesian Union: We share a strong and close bond with the Union, with whom we share a monarch, The Emperor of Polynesia and of whom we share ancestry.
[li]Tuvaltastan: We have had a close history of trade and commercy, mutual defence and diplomatic recognition.
[li]Dragonia: We share close relations and a mutual inclination towards monarchy.
[li]Furnifold: We share a very close relationship spanning beyond war to investment and commerce.
[li]Blueacia: We share a strong bond. Our shared history ranges in scope and strengthens itself through centuries if financial interdependence.
[li]Mexregiona: The Oan Isle has close relations with this Atlantian nation.
[li]Atlae Isles: As a fellow monarchy and democracy, the two countries formed a natural relationship.
[li]Tretrid: This cold northern country has been a close friend.
[li]Latianburg: We participated in an operation to liberate the nation from terrorists, an example of our close relationship and shared ideals.
[li]Nacata: We share a close relationship, at the forefront of which is our investment in that country.
[li]Yor Isles: After fighting to liberate the nation from the Greater Xagrurgian Empire, the two nations built firm relationship.
[li]Axdel: This fellow Auroran nation has proved not only a great commercial ally, but a good strategic partner especially during the Auroran-Pacific War.
[li]Asendavia: Although the Oan Isles and Asendavia have divergent views, geopolitical interests have cultivated some working together and mutual recognition.
[li]Free Syllvin: This Gondwanan nation has exchanged diplomatic recognition and trade exists. Although the first application was rejected, the second pulled through[/li][/ul]

The Oan Isles is a member of the following international organisations:

[ul][li]Peacekeeping Forces of Urth: This body promotes peacekeeping, election monitoring, disaster relief and humanitarian aid.
[li]Polynesian Union: This is a personal union of four Polynesian countries: Asian Pacific Islands, East Polynesia, Konoa and ourselves, under a ceremonial shared monarch and a general desire to unite the Polynesian people and protect their interests.


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[li]Polynesian Union
[li]Asian Pacific Islands
[li]East Polynesia
[li]Polynesian Defence Pact[/li][/ul]

08/08/2017 - Invitation to form the Auroran Union
09/08/2017 - Response to Vekaiyun fleet in Gronmund Port
09/09/2017 - Support for the victims of Typhoon Mable

Feel free to apply, although the Portfolio reserves the right to grant or reject any application or request. Feel free to ask for diplomatic relations, embassies, free trade and so on, but the Portfolio reserves the right to accept or reject any application and to renegotiate the terms we impose on ourself and expect your nation to do the same. We wish you all the best.

Locklyn Le Roy
Head of Diplomacy and Immigration
Member of the National Council
The Oan Isles
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29/11/2017 - Edited Introduction[/spoiler]

Official Announcement of the Oan Isles
Subject: Invitation to form the Auroran Union
Date of Publishing: 08/08/2017

The Auroran Continental Assembly was founded in 1975 CE to prevent wars between Auroran countries especially on the scale of the Auroran Imperial War. The founders of the organisation envisaged a Union that promoted the unity of the region, not only through preventing war, but through fostering peace, stability, economic growth and promotion of human rights. The values of the ACA were noble and its intentions were sincere.

It was marred from the outset by the grudges that were held by Ethalria, the totally contradictory ideologies of the totalitarian and democratic, socialist and capitalist states, the imperialistic ambitions of some member states, the unwieldy decision making framework, the lack of a clear vision or uniting principles. We paid the highest price for these mistakes: war!

We must learn from our mistakes, identify our strengths and use them, locate our weaknesses and develop them. With that the only recourse is to start over. It behooves those of us who value democracy, the free market, the freedom of the person, and the protection of rights of minorities, to work together and work harder and smarter than we have before, to achieve these goals. Thus, with recognition of the sovereignty and equality of states, and the freedom of their people, and the need to find peaceful and multilateral solutions to problems, we invite the following nations to attend a meeting in Sani Bursil, Staynes to ratify the Charter of the Auroran Union on 13 September 2017 CE.

South Staynes
Emberwood Coast
The Oan Isles
Yor Isles[/spoiler]

We hope that we shall move forward to a brighter future.

Locklyn Le Roy
Head of Diplomacy and Immigration
Member of the National Council
The Oan Isles

Official Announcement of the Oan Isles
Subject: Oan response to the movement of a Veikayun fleet to Gronmund Port
Date of Publishing: 09/08/2017

Furnifold, a close ally of the Oan Isles, sold Gronmund Port in Arcturia to Kaeliv. The sale was both transparent and well within the sovereign rights of the nations involved in the transfer. Vekaiyu expressed concerns about the transfer of the land and elected to deploy a naval fleet to the islands.

The Oan Isles will always affirm the values that guide the foreign policy of our nation and the nature in which we engage and the ends we seek for and from other nations. As such we stand by the principle of multilateralism and diplomacy. Solutions to problems must involve all parties privy to an issue and each must be accorded respect. Secondly all matters must be handled with tact, conflicts diffused peacefully and disagreenments settled with dialogue rather than violence. With that in mind, the Vekaiyun leader, Ikrisia Levinile has been informed of the concerns that we have toward the nature and the context of the actions her government has chosen to take:

— Begin quote from ____

The Oan Isles has been informed of the movement of a Veikayun fleet to Gronmund Port. We have been informed that the premise of this operation is to ensure the safe and nonmilitary transfer of Gronmund Port. We respect your opinion and acknowledge that we cannot trivialise your concerns, whether or not we agree with the course of action they have led you to take.

At the same time, we cannot accept the action you have taken and the context in which you have taken it. Furnifold is a close ally of the Oan Isles, and we are empowered to look after and out for the interests of our allies. This gives us course to formally request that you consult with other nations, particularly in Aurora, who will be economically affected by the decision you have made. We also request that you clarify your intentions to other stakeholders.

Vekaiyu has always been respected in the international community not merely for the power in possesses and the efficacy with which it can apply it, but the restraint with which it wields and the tact with which it uses it. We trust that you will address our concerns and deal with this incident with tact. The freedom our allies and the safety of Aurora will be defended with all the tools at our disposal - dialogue and force among them

— End quote

We affirm that the Oan Isles always seeks to build relations, find solutions and mediate disputes. We are certain that the Government of Vekaiyu is guided by the same principles and we believe that it will take the best course of action for all the parties concerned.

Locklyn Le Roy
Head of Diplomacy and Immigration
Member of the National Council
The Oan Isles

Official Announcement of the Oan Isles
Subject: Support for the victims of Typhoon Mable
Date of Publishing: 09/08/2017

Typhoon Mable has had a devastating impact on the nations of the Caven Sea. We share a long history and are heavily invested in those nations. The National Assembly has approved a proposal of the National Council to send aid to these people. The aid packages were weighed carefully and apportioned as follows:
[ul][li]Tivot: 300 volunteers and 125 million dollars will be sent to Tivot to help clean up the mess left by the storm.
[li]Staynish Justelvard: 320 volunteers, 270 soldiers and 107 million dollars will be sent to Staynish Justelvard to help with efforts there.
[li]Gemica: Our allies must be assisted in times of need. 490 volunteers, 1,570 soldiers and 71 million dollars will be sent to Gemica to help with clean up efforts there.

Locklyn Le Roy
Head of Diplomacy and Immigration
Member of the National Council
The Oan Isles

Official Announcement of the Oan Isles
Subject: Well wishes to the Queen of Staynes
Date of Publishing: 09/08/2017

On behalf of the people of the Oan Isles, the Portfolio of Diplomacy and Immigration would like to express our deep sorrow that the Queen of Staynes has been diagnosed with hepatic cancer. We wish her a full and steady recovery to full health and a full life. We commend her for her excellent work and contributions to relations between country. We wish her, and her family the best. Viva Staynes! Viva!

Locklyn Le Roy
Head of Diplomacy and Immigration
Member of the National Council
The Oan Isles

Official Announcement of the Oan Isles
Subject: Official Notice of the Secession of the Oan Isles from the Auroran Continental Assembly
Date of Publishing: 13/08/2017

The National Assembly of the Realm of the Oan Isles (Palotunu Reawohe ta Luoaunuatika ta Oareatu), endowed with all power to ratify treaties, hereby terminates and invokes the articles of secession in the Charter of the Auroran Continental Assembly, thereby seceding therefrom.

It also ratifies the Charter of the Auroran Union as herein drawn up:

— Begin quote from ____

We, the nations of Aurora, cognisant of the need to work together, of our shared experience of war, wishing to restore, protect and maintain the peace, rights and prosperity of our people, hereby establish this Auroran Union and affirm the principles of multilateralism, equality among and sovereignty of all member states.
Article A: Name

  1. The name of the organisation shall be the Auroran Union (henceforth referred to as the Union).
    Article B: Legal Personality
  2. The Union shall be a body corporate with a legal personality.
    Article C: Membership
  3. The Union shall be made up of the signatories of this treaties.
  4. Members may be suspended from the Union by a 50% plus 1 vote of the Members of the Auroran Council.
  5. Members may be expelled from the Union by a 66% majority of the Members of the Auroran Council.
  6. New members may be admitted by a simple majority of the Members of the Auroran Council.
  7. The Conventions agreed to by the members and the Resolutions adopted by Auroran Council become binding on all new members upon accession.
  8. A member may cede freely from the Union, but their obligations remain binding on them up to the date of cessation.
    Article D: Auroran Council
  9. The Auroran Council shall be made up of one representative for ever member state, appointed its government according to its own laws.
  10. Each member shall have one vote.
  11. Each member shall have the right to speak.
  12. Each member shall have the right to put forward any proposal on any matter within the remit of the Auroran Council.
  13. Each member shall have the right to request a meeting of the Auroran Council.
  14. The Auroran Council shall adjudicate disputes between member states.
  15. The Auroran Council shall have supreme power over the Union, unless otherwise stated, all its decisions shall be made through 50% plus 1 majority.
    Article E: Secretary General
  16. The Secretary General shall be elected through a 66% majority by and from among the Members of the Auroran Council for a term of one month.
  17. The Secretary General shall preside over meetings of the Auroran Council.
  18. The Secretary General shall liase with prospective members and external partners on behalf of the Auroran Council.
  19. The Secretary General shall publish a report to the Auroran Council on the state of the Union from time to time.
    Article F: Amendment
  20. This treaty may be amended by a 66% majority of its members.

— End quote

Locklyn Le Roy
Head of Diplomacy and Immigration
Member of the National Assembly
The Oan Isles

To:Locklyn Le Roy
Head of Diplomacy and Immigration

Greetings, It has been long since the Oan Isles and Kasmiyland were both under the Staynish Empire and we feel it is time to restore former relations with the wonderful Polynesian Country we call The Oan Isles. We would like to request the following:

Diplomatic Recognition
Visa Program
Student Exchange Programs
Joint Scientific Research
Joint Military Cooperation

We Cant wait to hear your reply!!
Prime Minister Vilhelmina Nilsson

Official Communication of The Oan Isles
To: Prime Minister, Kasmiyland
From:Head of Diplomacy and Immigration, The Oan Isles

Dear Vilhelmina Nilsson

Thank for the application. The Oan Isles will be delighted to exchange embassies with your nation. We already recognise the sovereignty of your nation. We will ease Visa applications, reduce costs and lengthen stays for tourists, but our Visa policy will remain prohibitive for expatriate workers and immigrants due to our over population for all countries not just Kasmiyland.

We are willing to reduce tarrifs on a selection of goods such as agricultural products from Kasmiyland etc. in return for reductions on electronics and consumer goods from the Oan Isles etc. We must enter into further discussions about what such a list will contain. Tariffs on imports of manufactured goods, tobacco and alcohol, especially the latter two will remain high, unfortunately.

Joint scientific research will be great. A list of universities is available on the opening post, simply click on the appropriate link. Our universities will gladly cooperate with yours. We are willing to conduct biannual joint naval exercises to test our joint military preparedness and hopefully our scientific research will spawn defence technology. By extension, we expect your nation to respect our territory and we will do the same to yours.

With respect
Locklyn Le Roy
Head of Diplomacy and Immigration
Member of the National Council
The Oan Isles

Hail CEO Ana Īta of Īta Marama Auditors, well met!

A herald on behalf of Joe Beane, CFO of Coffief and current Royal Emissary of Absurdistan, sends you this message:

The Fiefdom of Absurdistan, currently managed by Coffief Coffee, would like to request your presence at a Masquerade Ball we will be throwing by the end of the moon cycle. It is there we shall discuss the expansion of your Audit Guild into our humble land. I can say right now that your offer comes with some merit, and we would be interested in your pledge of fealty to our royal court. If you accept, do not worry, we shall provide masks, and our finest tailors will travel to your faraway land and prepare your nobles for the royal Masquerade Ball.

We do hope you accept our offer, and we look forward to continued peace between our domains.

Joe Beane
CFO of Coffief and Royal Emissary of Absurdistan

Federal Republic of | Federala Respubliko de
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ministro de Eksterlandaj Aferoj


The Federal Republic of Adumara would like to invite your head of state and the government, and members of your business community and civil society to an exposition and conference on democracy and military technology, and the intimate and inextricable relationship that exist between them in our capital Annuminas in two days.

With Respect
James Dhurgon

[size=100]To: Locklyn Le Roy
Head of Diplomacy
The Foreign Office of The Oan Isles

The Overcommittee of the Department of Diplomatic Relations of Free Syllvin is pleased to extend greetings and well-wishes to the people of the Oan Isles. Autenautu! The Overcommittee for the Department of Foreign Relations of Free Syllvin has voted 10 - 2 to extend to you the following request.

It is our hope that you may approve:

[li]Exchange of Mutually Benefical Industrial Support
The Overcommittee issued a statement to your Foreign Office that once the feasibility of Project 14 was determined, the Oan Isles would be notified. It is our collective confidence that the Project has reached a stage where it has proved that is viable in some form.

We request that the Oan Isles grant Free Syllvin its aid, as was stated in the forms of “funds, technology and research expertise” in your communique to us March 28th, 2017. In return, whichever entities provide these contributions will have public acknowledgement and a small restitution in the form of annual monetary compensation, collected from the taxes of the future residents of the project, which can be discussed at length.

Additionally, if the Oan Isles agrees to sign on as a co-developer for future iterations of the Project platforms, Free Syllvin will agree to provide the construction facilities and manpower to create platforms for the Oan Isles at no purchase cost so long as your nation agrees to contribute said “funds, technology, and research expertise” to said platforms.

[li]Visa Agreement
The citizens of Free Syllvin have been barred from international travel under the previous regime. We hope to invigorate a sense of exploration and adventure in our populace by seeking opportunities for vacation, study, and employment abroad. In return for an agreement being reached, we are prepared to offer you a Class - 3 Tourism Authorization for your citizens. Should we reach more amicable grounds later on, you may request an upgrade to a Class - 2 or Class - 1, which permits your citizens to visit more areas of our nation.

The Overcommittee of the Department of Diplomatic Relations of Free Syllvin
Delegate Marlus Portan Presiding
1 Centerpoint, Sorrows District, Syllvan Center
The Confederate Islands of Free Syllvin


A communique from the United Kingdom of Kuthernburg & Altaesia to the Oan Isles:


To Whom it may concern,

Just like a page out of a fairy tale, the storybook dream finally comes true…

Please join
Princess Ebrill Edris Truden, Duchess of Carvania and Nacata
and her royal court in celebrating the Coronation of Griselda Valez Truden as Princess and newly crowned duchess of Lacenerta.

The Royal Ball begins
at 6:00 p.m.
on Saturday, November 18th
at Her Majesty Palace in Luthernburg.

Your reply is requested
by November 16th.

Prince Aneurin Harry

Official Communication of the Realm of the Oan Isles
To: Prince Aneurin Harry.
From: Serene Court, The Oan Isles
Subject: Re.: Coronation Invitation

Dear Prince Aneurin Harry

His Serene Majesty, Emperor Oahoanu and the Lady Aroha, will gladly attend the coronation.

Locklyn Le Roy
Head of Diplomacy and Immigration
Member of the National Council
The Oan Isles

Official Communication of the Realm of the Oan Isles
To:Oversight Committee of Foreign Affairs, Free Syllvin
From: Foreign Office, The Oan Isles
Subject: Re.: Diplomatic Request

Dear Dames and Gentlemen of the Committee

We are thrilled to receive your correspondence. The Oan Gear Project Company will be established to oversee Oan involvement on the project. It will be owned by private stakeholders and the government. The company will be in touch with the Syllvin government and formalise all the necessary processes.

With Respect
Locklyn Le Roy
Head of Diplomacy and Immigration
Member of the National Council
The Oan Isles

Official Announcement of the Oan Isles
Subject: Stance on the Auroran Reunification and Peace Process
Date of Publishing: 29/11/2017

The Oan Isles is committed to the reconciliation and peace of the Auroran continent. We strive for a continent that is at peace, in which the rights of people are respected, in which the economies are prosperous and the governments are stable. We are committed to using the Conference called by President Nimona Poole in Aura, Emberwood Coast, to advance those ideals.

The Oan Isles does not believe that a union in the nature and style of the former Auroran Continental Assembly will be the best option for itself and others. The Oan Isles would like to clarify its stance on the founding tenets of the ACA:
[ul][li]Mutual defence: the mechanism of mutual defence was primarily intended to protect the continent from external and internal threat. With the breakout of the Auroran Pacific War, we believe that the nature of and the mechanisms through which mutual defence is carried out are flawed and should be altered.
[li]Non aggression: This is a view that belies international norms, regardless of whether or not formal treaties exist between the nations or not. It is, subsequently, shocking that the Auroran Pacific War broke out when a formal non aggression pact existed.
[li]Free travel: The Oan Isles in particular struggles from a delicate ecosystem and a dense population. In line with our policies, we must maintain restrictions on free travel into our borders.
[li]Free trade: the Oan Isles must put in place some limited protections for indigenous industries and products of cultural sensitivity.
[li]Decision making: The leadership and decision making mechanism of the ACA were weak and cumbersome. They were primary obstacle to envoking the mechanisms of the ACA, so much so that the High King of the UK was forced to call a meeting outside of these structures.
[li]Justice: There is no tribunal or court that can balance the internal laws and international treaties and apply them, especially in instances of a war such as the one we came from. Many victims of the war have been left without compensation as former Axis members flout the treaty obligations of the Peace Process[/li][/ul]

We have identified certain obstacles to any reunion of the Auroran nations as follows:
[ul][li]Ideology: Our economic systems are generally similar, with a healthy mix of free market and state regulation, but we diverge sharply on ideological standings so much so that these present obstacles in discussion and divergences in practice.
[li]Political systems: the governments of Aurora vary significantly on the political systems that run their nations. While it is not our place to decide for nations what systems to adopt, we cannot work with nations that diverge so sharply. While some governments such as Xagrurg have pursued reforms, fragments of nationalism, fascism and militarism remain and continue to present obstacles to reunification.
[li]Foreign policies: Just as political systems are a sovereign choice, so too is foreign policy. Unfortunately some foreign policies directly contradict if not threaten our own interests. For that reason adopting a cohesive stance on geopolitical issues will be prohibitively difficult. [/li][/ul]

These are the issues we believe any attempts at reunification will face and that we wish to be resolved.

A communique from the Royal Republic of Furnifold to His Majesty Oahoanu and the Lady Aroha of the Oan Isles:

The Magistrate thanks you for your cordial invitation, and would be honored to attend your wedding. Our Magistrate, Jacopo d’Arrigo, and I will attend. May the rivers of your love always flow strong, and we wish you good fortune and even greater tidings towards a bountiful wedding!

Yours in peace,

[size=100]Jackson Woolf[/size]

Foreign Secretary for The Royal Republic of Furnifold

To:Lady Noa,
Chamberlain of the Serene Court
The Oan Isles

Foreign Minister

We are dismayed and embarrassed that we not only missed the wedding of His Majesty Oahoanu to Lady Aroha, but failed even to respond to your kind invitation.
We can only say that urgent matters occupied our attention, but this is a poor excuse.
His Sublime Imperial Majesty, Marcarias Rahl, Emperor of Rhadamanthia sends his warmest personal regards and best wishes for a long and happy marriage.

please respond here: http://forum.theeastpacific.com/topic/7011865/1/

Official Message From Santa Clause To Oan Isles

Ho Ho Ho Ho! Greetings to the Oan Isles,

On Behalf of myself and my happy elves stationed in the North Pole i have came to deliver my Christmas presents!

To: Emperor Rangitanga-ti-i-Moana, well haven’t you been the Poseidon of the sea, it seems your loved by all! But most importantly your loved by your beautiful wife, these gifts are from your extended family in Kuthernburg.

  • 1 NASCAR Race Car ( From: Prince Facundo Cicerón Truden, Dutch of South Atiland)
  • 2 Castles Cirque Les Normad (Marble, Kuthernburg) and Evenas Castle (St.Andrews Nacata) (From: Naomi Truden II)
  • 3.4 Million SHDs (From: Naomi Truden II)
  • 1 Bugati Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (From: Naomi Truden II)
  • 1 Custom Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead (From: Crown Princess Aderyn Truden, Duchess of Latianburg)
  • Queen Victoria’s Pink Diamond (From: Naomi Truden II)
  • 1 Super Yacht (From: Prince Cadwallen Mathias Truden, Duke of Altaesia)

Enjoy your Christmas and be blessed and full of jolly!!