Pre-Expansion Briefing Room - Step 1

Current nation's pre-expansion requests.


This thread will be a part of an overhaul of the old expansion claims procedure. This thread will be where the final plan for expansion RPs is presented to the Cartographic body for a vote before the RP begins. Our sole focus here is to determine if the land area, GDP, and GDP per capita are acceptable pending an expansion RP. This new procedure IN NO WAY guarantees the expansion will be accepted in the future.

This is intended as a vetting procedure for statistics only.

Moderative Findings
  • Noticing institutional flaws in the old expansion mechanism whereby our Cartographic body had become culturally lenient on accepting roleplayed expansion claims that are considered too big in one or more aspects (land area, GDP, GDP per capita) because they felt pressured to not upset or discredit the roleplayers work by denying their expansion claim.

  • What we deem as attractive “white space” or unclaimed land is extremely important to preserve for future generations. We have found that not enough of this exists currently as they can occasionally be claimed under an expansion claim or under an existing roleplayer’s nth nation claim.

  • Moderating this is a fine line that must be towed and it is at our discretion on an individual basis; we don’t want to stifle activity, but we want to ensure and provide a unbias process for not only our current roleplayersbut those to come. We MUST ensure we are un-bias in absolutely every decision.

  • We believe it’s in our best interest as a new Cartographic policy to actively encourage nth nation claims, or expansions, to be in less attractive areas where possible. This mechanism would IN NO WAY be intended for minimaxing or allowing laziness/lack of effort into expansion RPs.

If you wish to have your statistics vetted in preparation for an Expansion Claim Thread, please reply to this thread using the following format:

Nation which is expanding: (e.g. “South Hills”)
Area for a reservation: (Provide a map indicating where you want to reserve. It does not need to indicate cities or a name)
Population difference: (If an extension of a mainland, please indicate the difference, e.g. “64 million to 69 million”. If it is an oversea possession, please indicate how many would live here and your total “empire” population, e.g. “5 million here and 69 million total”)
GDP difference: (If an extension of a mainland, please indicate the difference, e.g. “$300 billion to $360 billion”. If it is an oversea possession, please indicate how many would live here and your total “empire” GDP, e.g. “$60 billion here and $360 billion total”)
GDP per capita difference: (If an extension of the mainland, please calculate the difference. New GDP/ New Population = New GDP per capita, e.g. “Old per capita is $17,950, New per capita is $22,500”. If an overseas possession, please do not merge statistics with the mainland, e.g. “$9,300”)

Copy and paste this code:

[b]Population difference:[/b]
[b]GDP difference:[/b]
[b]GDP per capita difference:[/b]

Once you have posted, the Cartography Team will assess your statistics and reply to you. If we accept, we will explain what to do next. If we deny it, we will include an explanation of why. If your Pre-Expansion form is accepted, you will be granted 72 HOURS to lay down your claim in Step Two. At this time, nobody will be allowed to claim the same area as you. If you do not claim in Step Two in this 72-hour period, it is then fair game; you may claim whenever you like after the form is accepted, but the 72-hour period is there to protect the crossover process of your claim from step to step.

Nation: Aldaar
Area for reservation:
Yellow: Sayaduun, Blue: Sahla
Also this is meant to be a separate administrative division
Population difference: 6.4 Million to 9.3 Million
GDP difference: $25.70 billion USD to $40.36 billion USD
GDP per capita difference: $4015.63 USD to $4339.78 USD

Oh also just to clarify that red X means I don’t want it

Thank you for submitting a claim and thank you for waiting. This expansion has been ACCEPTED by 6-0-0. Please proceed to Expansion Registration Part 2.

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Nation: Federation of the Southern Coast
Population difference:
45 million to 55M (10 Million difference)
GDP difference:
1.8T to 2T (200 billion difference)
GDP per capita difference:
40k to 36K (-4,000 per capita difference)

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Nation: Serene Emirate (Sultanate :flushed:) of Sayyed
Population difference: 7 million to 14.5 million (7.5 million difference)
GDP difference: 300 billion to 600 billion GDP (300 billion difference)
GDP per capita difference:
40k to 41k (1,000 per capita difference)

Nation: Mirhaime
Population difference: 85,711,544 to 90,533.321 (4,821,777 difference)
GDP difference: 1,134,906,554,104 to 1,364,984,321,122 (230,077,767,018 difference)
GDP per capita difference : 13,241 to 15,077 (1836 difference)

Note: If it isn’t too much of a bother, I would like for some cities to be renamed as well because of lore reasons aaaa
+) Zekar - > Searcái
+) Zurau → Surái
+) Jyran → Cearan
+) Hansau → Hairtan
+) Merydh → Miodal
+) Karan → Caire
+) Kuras → Cabáiste
+) Sardaf → Sardath
+) Opalitz → Dáiran
+) Jakon → Abhatár
+) Ilai → Idirais
+) Oro → Ólta
+) Bafaas → Blaithnad
+) Potza → Pótsa
+) Osten → Caiseal
+) Dakor → Dacóir
+) Ankien → Anceír
+) Tenkir → Teáncáir