The Aurora Covenant Treaty

The Aurora Covenant Treaty, between the East Pacific and the Union of Democratic Nations, was ratified by VOTE: The Aurora Covenant Treaty (TEP & UDS) - The East Pacific - Tapatalk on December 27th, 2020.

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Article 1: Mutual Recognition

  1. The signatories recognize the government of The East Pacific (“TEP”), as established by the Concordat, and the government of the Union of Democratic States (“UDS”), as established by the Constitution of the same, as the legitimate governments of the respective signatories.

  2. The signatories recognize any legitimate legal successors to the recognized signatory governments.

Article 2: Diplomatic Relations

  1. The signatories shall maintain in-game embassies and off-site embassies on their respective regional forums with each other.

  2. The signatories shall exchange diplomatic representatives with each other to the best of their ability.

Article 3: Cultural Exchange

  1. The signatories shall allow and encourage each other’s residents and citizens to participate in their cultural and social activities when appropriate, subject to the adherence of the rules of the host region, the event itself, and the relevant platform.

  2. The signatories shall strive to conduct periodic communal cultural and social activities when appropriate.

Article 4: Military Obligations and Cooperation

  1. Neither signatory shall attack the other signatory, conspire to overthrow or destabilize the legitimate government of the other signatory, or conduct clandestine operations, espionage, or other forms of spying against the other signatory.

  2. The signatories agree to aid each other against attempts to unseat their legitimate governments, attempts to overthrow the lawful in-game Delegates of their respective home regions, and military hostilities against their home regions.

  3. Both signatories of this treaty are encouraged to bilaterally promote military cooperation, including but not limited to assistance in major operations, assistance in the training of new recruits, and friendly military events between their forces, known as War Games.

Article 5: Intelligence Sharing

  1. Should either signatory possess intelligence pertinent to the safety and security of the other signatory they shall, in a timely manner, share it with the same, unless doing so would violate applicable laws, the terms of NationStates, or the terms of relevant communications platforms, or unduly compromise that signatories source or sources of information.

  2. Aforementioned intelligence shall be delivered to the Delegate of The East Pacific or the President of the Union of Democratic States respectively by the other signatory. Should the subject of intelligence concern the Delegate of The East Pacific, the intelligence shall be delivered to the Grand Vizier of the same. Should the subject of intelligence concern the President of the Union of Democratic States, the intelligence shall be delivered to the Vice President of the same.

Article 6: Ratification, Deposition, Termination, and Amendment

  1. This treaty shall be ratified upon completion of the respective lawful ratification processes of both signatories.

  2. This treaty shall be deposited in a publicly-accessible area of the community forum of both signatories.

  3. Should either signatory wish to abrogate this treaty, it shall first notify the other signatory, and participate in a timely negotiation period of no less than 72 hours. During this period the signatories may, by mutual agreement, adopt pending amendments to be submitted to the lawful processes of ratification. No amendment shall come into force without being first lawfully ratified. The abrogating party may terminate the treaty following the conclusion of the negotiation period.

  4. Should a signatory wish to amend this treaty, it shall notify the other signatory, after which the signatories may discuss and, upon mutual agreement, produce an amendment that shall require lawful ratification by both parties.

  5. Neither signatory shall consider the termination of this treaty an act of war or a military hostility.

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