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League of Novaris Approves Ambitious Infrastructure Plan
CYNEBURY—The LN has approved a plan to connect the roads and railways of Novaris, the Novaris Transportation Network (NTN).
The project, which seeks to create a more connected Novaris, was unanimously approved (with a few abstentions). The LN also approved funding for Phase I of the project, which mainly seeks to renovate roads in Novaris to fit the standards specified by the LN, and to connect some of them.
Phase I also involved the construction of a tunnel from Lutherburg, Kuthernburg to the Morstaybishlian-controlled New Celidizia, and the Morstaybishlian representative at the meeting agreed to pay for part of the cost of the tunnel. The total costs of Phase I is estimated to be from 250 billion SHD to 275 billion SHD.
Government approves Budget Increases to the Military
CYNEBURY—Citing rising tensions in Novaris, the Tretridian government passed a measure that would significantly increase funding to the military.
The measure, which increases TAF funding to 70 billion SHD, cited “increasing tensions in Arkia” as one of the main reasons for this increase.
To provide money for the military, some budget cuts to welfare were made. This caused protests that the government cared more about “Tretridian power projection” more than “the state of their own people” and the shouting has been described as “loud enough to hear from inside the capitol.”
Analysts are still debating the potential ramifications of these measures.
Open Border Agreement established with Lapinumbia
Prime Minister Eoforwine has announced that Tretrid will be opening its borders with the neighboring nation of Lapinumbia.
Eoforwine gave a statement expressing hope that Tretrid will enter further agreements with other nations in Novaris, and that this would lead to prosperity in Novaris.
The government has stated that they expect the checkpoint stations along the Tretridian-Lapinumbian border to be fully closed by Sunday.

Tretrid Starts Accepting Arkian Refugees
CYNEBURY—Prime Minister Eoforwine has announced that Tretrid will start opening up its borders to refugees fleeing from the Arkian Civil War.
Mr. Eoforwine has created the Arkian Refugee Commission (ARC) to oversee the process of admitting refugees to the country.
This move is expected to be somewhat controversial, and might cause xenophobic sentiments to flare up.
In a press conference, people appointed to lead the ARC discussed how the Commission would move forward in the matter of Arkian refugees. Eoforwine has also reaffirmed Tretridian neutrality in the Arkian conflict, despite having raised the military budget due to the war.
NSTO Commences Mission in Arkian Waters
LUTHERBURG—The NSTO has started a mission to secure trade and shipping in the waters near Arkia.
In a press conference, officials have stated that the Arkian Civil War threatened shipping routes near Arkia, due to the naval war. NSTO ships are expected to patrol Arkian waters and escort civilian ships.
Arkian Empire declared by Imperialist Faction
FREYAELV—In an address on May 13, Ilse von Freyaelv, the leader of the imperialist rebels in Arkia, declared the formation of the Arkian Empire.
She stated that she was the legitimate heir of the Arkian throne, being a descendant of the only Arkian king, and claimed, like both West Arkia and East Arkia, to be the only legitimate government of Arkia.
Multiple nations, including Norgsveldet, have withdrawn their support from West Arkia and are instead supporting the Arkian Empire. Prime Minister Eoforwine has not given comment on this new development yet.

Funding Approved for MDP
CYNEBURY—The Tretridian government has approved a budget for the Meagharian Development Program, or MDP.
The MDP seeks to help the nation of Meagharia recover from its recently-ended 40-year civil war. It seeks to do this by sending foreign aid, investing in the local economy, and rebuilding critical infrastructure.
In a press conference, Prime Minister Eoforwine stated that he “congratulated Meagharia for holding their first set of elections” and said that he hoped that they would establish a working democracy.

Imperialist Arkians Advance, Nordenpunto Switches Sides
WENDRAKE—Nordenpunto has withdrawn its support of the Eastern Arkian Union, and instead has started supporting the West Arkian Republic.

This comes as the latest development in the rapidly-developing Arkian Civil War, after several nations, including Asendavia and Norgsveldet, changed their stance on the Arkian conflict to support the Arkian Empire.

It is unknown how much this would affect the war efforts of both East Arkia and West Arkia, especially since both have been losing a series of battles against the rapidly advancing Arkian Empire.

Despite these victories, military analysts believe that the Arkian Empire will overextend their supply lines and have to retreat.
Opposition Attacks Government Neutrality in Arkian Civil War
CYNEBURY—Winfrið, the leader of the Conservative Party, has given a speech decrying the government’s refusal to take a side in the Arkian Civil War.

Mr. Winfrið accused the Social Democratic Party, and especially Prime Minister Eoforwine of “refusing to defend democracy when it is threatened” and “prioritizing politics over principles.”

The Conservative Party has repeatedly stated that it wished for Tretrid to support the Western Arkian Republic, but the Social Democrat government enforces a strict neutrality policy for the Arkian Civil War.

The Tretridian People’s Party has also criticized the SDP’s neutrality, and is in support of the Eastern Arkian Union.

When Prime Minister Eoforwine was asked about Winfrið’s comments, he stated, “With all due respect to Mr. Winfrið, his wishes to support the West Arkian Union are not in the best interests of Tretrid, and will simply lead to the deaths of Tretridians.”

Rufunia Backs Coup in Puntalia
SAN AUGUSTIN—Rufunian troops are reported to have crossed the Rufuian-Puntalian border as part of a plan to stop an alleged communist conspiracy.

The Rufunian troops, along with some Puntalian soldiers, are reported to have marched to government buildings, forcing the guards to stand down, and taking control of government buildings.

The President of the North Ethalrian Confederacy, Clauzia Sarohart, has already stated its support for Rufunia, though the Union of Commonwealth Alliances is expected to take measures to protect Puntalia, a UCA member state. Great Morstaybishlia’s Prime Minister, Frankin Bavarta, is expected to release a statement on the situation tomorrow.

Prime Minister Eoforwine gave a quick statement on the matter. “The Kingdom of Tretrid believes that Rufunia was unjustified in having its military cross the border to support the Puntalian coup, and we condemn Rufunia for its blatant aggression against its neighbors.” The government is expected to provide a more formal response soon.

Tretrid has had an unfriendly opinion of Rufunia since the country’s declaration of hostilities with Alyunthia, a NSTO and LN member.

Arcturian Tensions Approaching Boiling Point
SAN AUGUSTIN—After Rufunia-backed militias and Rufunian troops crossed the border to Puntalia, President Juarez of Puntalia has signed a treaty, making Puntalia a protectorate of Rufunia.
As Puntalia is a member of the UCA, Norgsveldet has denounced this treaty as “illegal,” and is reported to have sent a fleet to Arcturia. The Royal Tretridian Armed Forces have also stationed a small fleet at Arinport, including the RTS King Ælfric I, an aircraft carrier. The RTAF has stated that this was “in preparation in case talks fail.”
Prime Minister Eoforwine gave a statement saying that the treaty was made “under duress” and “was coerced,” calling into question the legality of the treaty, while also doubting Rufunia’s justification to invade Puntalia, which was to remove communist elements from the Puntalian government.
Great Morstaybishlia is expected to try to mediate the situation.

War in Irnac?
KRETSBURG—Durakian and Vakari soldiers fought in a brief skirmish with a few fatalities, leading to rapid escalations of tensions between Durakia and Vakarastan.
The Prime Minister has authorized the deployment of troops in Durakia, and a naval task force consisting of one aircraft carrier, 5 destroyers, and 10 patrol boats is also expected to arrive in Durakia.
It is currently unknown whether the UWI is going to support Vakarastan in such a war, but in a recent statement, the Defense Ministry has stated that it has plans in place in case the UWI aids Vakarastan.

War in Irnac!
KRETSBURG—Following up in their incursion into Durakan territory on the 15th, Vakarastan has launched in invasion into Durakia.

Durakia has swiftly declared war on Vakarastan. The Witan has also passed a declaration of war. The other nations supporting Durakia (Norgsveldet, Arkalarius, Meagharia), are also expected to declare war.
The Cynebury Herald will keep updated as this situation progresses.
Politicians criticize Government’s Cooperation with Arkia

Cynebury—Wilfrith Ælfrædson, the leader of the far-right National Tretridian Party, has launched a scathing attack on the government’s increasing cooperation with countries like Arkalarius.

He criticized the government, and especially the Prime Minister, for “Working with Tretrid’s enemies” and “throwing Tretridian superiority down the drain,” referring to Tretridian and Arkian cooperation in Irnac.

The Prime Minister has released a short statement in response, stating that “Tretrid must work with other nations to keep itself relevant,” and that “holding petty grudges will doom Tretrid to languish.”

BREAKING: Naomi Delivers Address to League, Swift Backlash Ensues
LUTHERBURG—In an address to the Novaran Council, Queen Naomi II of Kuthernburg gave a scathing speech denouncing recent instabilities in West Novaris.
Naomi’s speech, according to sources that spoke under condition of anonymity, was given to break a months-long silence from Kuthernburg, which made few statements regarding recent events.
In the speech, Naomi cited a 28% increase of immigration to Kuthernburg from West Novaris, and called on the League to “help Kuthernburg in bringing about peaceful means to conflicts, as well as setting up a means to fund the reconstruction of these areas.”

Recent events—namely, the war in Irnac and the occupation of Ostarkeland—have caused billions of Kiribs worth of damage. Furthermore, Naomi annouced the creation of a “Novaris Reconstruction Fund” to help invest in West Novaris more. She stated that Kuthernburg and Nacata had already given 230 billion SHD to the fund.

Naomi also called on Kuthernburg’s ally of Alyunthia to limit its expansionism. Alyunthia expanded heavily in the past year, almost doubling the territory under its jurisdiction.

Furthermore, she condemned Tretrid and Arkalarius’s actions regarding Ostarkeland, expressing serious disappointment in how those events played out. She also demanded that the League investigate Durakia for alleged sapient rights abuses, specifically of training child soldiers. Durakia has not been known to have child soldiers.

When the Herald reached out to the Kuthern government, they acknowledged that the video evidence cited could have been staged by opposition, but stated that they were still worth investigating by the League of Novaris. Despite this, protests have already broken out in Durakia. The hashtag #NaomiDidn’tCallForRightsHere, protesting against the accusations on Pigeon, have trended in Durakia.

In a short statement made in response to the speech, Direklieter Adley of Durakia expressed his “disappointment in such a sentiment given on an otherwise amicable speech.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Sæwine released a short statement saying that “Tretrid strongly believes in the cause of a strong, stable West Novaris” and that “we look forward to meeting with the Kuthern government to discuss how Tretrid can help make West Novaris a more secure place.” Sæwine also confirmed that Tretrid had chosen to contribute 50 billion SHD to the Novaris Reconstruction Fund.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not respond to requests for comment regarding Naomi’s characterization of the Tretridian handling of Karolingia as “warmongering.”

October 9, 2020

Tretrid joins NCEF
Cynebury—In a press conference today, Prime Minister Eoforwine stated his intentions to have Tretrid join the North Concordian Economic Forum, citing “the need for Tretrid to pursue closer ties with Concord.”

“I have spoken with my Norgsveltian counterpart, Mrs. Sverdrup, and we have determined that it is the best for both of us that Tretrid pursue this path,” Eoforwine added.

Foreign policy analysts have already started speculating on the implications on such a move.

“This certainly marks Tretrid trying to pursue closer relations with Norgsveldet,” said Wilheard Eadmundson, a professor in international relations at the University of Sigested. “It definitely puts Tretrid ending a large part of MDP funding into context.”

Tretrid’s support of Meagharia, largely conducted through the Meagharian Development Program, was a large source of friction between Norgsveldet and Tretrid, especially due to Meagharia’s tacit support of Twain’s regime in Tiervan.

“With this, we could interpret the move to cut MDP funding as an overture to Norgsveldet, perhaps as a sign to demonstrate that the Tretridian government was willing to negotiate.” Wilheard said.

The immediate implications of this move are clear, as it strengthens Tretridian economic ties to Norgsveldet and its sphere. Furthermore, it makes Norgsveldet more likely to support Tretrid in a conflict with Arkalarius.

When asked by the Herald about the intended effects of this move, Prime Minister Eoforwine said that “This move serves to both bolster Tretridian prosperity but also to send a message to the world that Tretrid and Norgsveldet’s history of rivalry and war is completely behind us.”

This move has been applauded by many elements in Tretrid. A spokesperson for the ADP said that “we are encouraged by the government’s signal that they are more willing to engage with our fellow Ulvrikian brothers.”

Eoforwine did not respond to questions on whether Tretrid made this move to keep ahead of the relatively isolated Arkalarius in West Novaris.

Eoforwine Announces Tariffs on Packilvanian Goods
CYNEBURY—Prime Minister Eoforwine released a short statement today announcing the imposition of further tariffs on Packilvanian goods, in response to “the irresponsible shift in monetary policy of the dinar.”

He stated that such measures were necessary to “protect Tretridian markets from the extreme disruption that would result from such a drop in monetary value of the dinar,” specifically citing concerns of “sudden drops in the price of Packilvanian goods,” while claiming that they could pose “a major threat” to domestic industry.

Eoforwine also stated his confidence that “our friends in the North Concordian Economic Forum would do the same, as part of a single, united response.”

Eoforwine Supports NCEF Tariffs, “Disappointed” in IF
CYNEBURY—In a press conference Wednesday morning, Prime Minister Eoforwine stated his vocal support for new tariffs applied by the NCEF by Packilvania.

“As I stated earlier, I was in favor of the NCEF taking united action against anticompetitive practices by Packilvania, and I still support that.”

He stated his “satisfaction” in the specific tarriffs that the NCEF applied.

However, despite recent economic tensions between Tretrid and Packilvania, Eoforwine also expressed his “disappointment” at the International Forum’s recent decision to give Packilvania observership instead of full membership.

“Packilvania is, whether we like it or not, a superpower. While I understand and sympathize with the reasoning expressed by the Forum, I believe that it is impossible to deny the sway Packilvania holds over world affairs. I believe that admitting Packilvania into the Forum could have been a first step between mediating the many disputes between Packilvania and its neighbors and stopping its support for militant groups abroad.”

When asked, Eoforwine did not respond to questions on his stance regarding Arkalarius or the current LN occupation of Ostarkeland.

Terrorist Bombing in Asilica, Chancellor, National Council Dead
ASILICA—The city of Asilica was ravaged by a pair of terrorist attacks this morning, killing hundreds and injuring many more.

Among the dead are Lisetta Gronden, the Chancellor of Asilica, and the vast majority of the Asilican National Council, the rest of whom are missing and are presumed dead.

It all started on 8:01 AM (Asilican time), when an improvised bomb was detonated near Grand Council. The blast not only killed many senior Asilican officials, but also badly damaged nearby office buildings, a wing of the National Museum of History, storefronts, and the headquarters of the watch company Janus Group SA.

This was followed up by a mass shooting by an Ethalrian nationalist, killing 19 and wounding 29. The gunman was eventually stopped when he was shot and killed by Asilican Transit Police.

The world is reeling at such a deadly blow against a country that is largely centered around a policy of neutrality. Across Urth, many shows of solidarity with Asilica have happened.

In remarks, Prime Minister Eoforwine condemned the attacks, calling them “a cowardly attempt to undo a nation’s right to democracy and self-determination,” and compared the attacks to the 2017 assassination of the Morstaybishlian crown prince Thadeus.

“We are united in horror at this attack, and you have our most sincere condolences for the loss of so many high-ranking officials, who will no doubt be sorely missed,” Eoforwine said.

DSS Agents Raid Extremists, 7 Arrests Made
CYNEBURY—In a press release today, the Domestic Security Service (DSS) announced that it had foiled a plot by domestic extremists to bomb the Arkian embassy.

On Tuesday, according to the DSS, agents raided the home of one suspected terrorist, confiscating illegal weaponry and ammunition, as well as ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Ammonium nitrate requires a license to obtain in Tretrid, and has been implicated in the terrorist bombings of Asilica in June.

DSS also announced the arrest of 7 suspects accused of backing the terrorist plot. According to the DSS, they had a history of extreme hatred and anti-Arkian hatred, and were possibly implicated in past hate crimes.

Neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor the Arkian embassy had responded to a request for comment by the time this article was written.

Government Launches Committee for Economic Integration with the United Krone
CYNEBURY—On a press release Friday, Prime Minister Eoforwine Æthelstanson announced the creation of a committee under the Ministry of Finance intended to take measures to integrate the Tretridian economy better with the United Krone, the currency used by several NCEF nations, including Norgsveldet.

“Tretrid has been in the NCEF for a little over a year by now, and we’ve already seen tangible benefits from further cooperation with the organization,” Eoforwine said in the statement. “This committee is intended to make it easier for Tretrid to do business with its fellow NCEF members.”

Eoforwine roughly outlined a multi-step plan intended to gradually introduce the United Krone, ending with the stated goal of at least partial adoption of the UKR, if not complete adoption of the currency over the Pound. He warned that some changes may be made to the plan, depending on outside factors, stating that “it’s impossible to predict the future, so I cannot in good faith say that this is in any way final.”

General consensus among economists is that the implications of these latest move are “massive,” as it marks a significant shift in the direction of Tretrid’s economy as it moves to further tying itself to the economies of other NCEF nations.

Axdel Withdraws from Puntalian Compromise Treaty; Others Follow Suit
ANDEL—Axdellian President Diego Corbinn announced his country’s withdrawal from the Puntalian Compromise Treaty in a statement Friday, accusing the treaty of failing to stabilize geopolitical tensions in South Arcturia, and other countries have followed suit in solidarity with Axdel.

The highly controversial Puntalian Compromise Treaty was signed on July 10, 2020 in a Sani Bursil summit to settle a series of military escalations made by several states and organizations, including the Union of Commonwealth Alliances (UCA), and the North Shield Treaty Organization (NSTO), as a result of the Rodenian invasion of Puntalia on June 16. Its basic provisions provided for a partition of the state into the Rodenia-aligned New Republic of Puntalia and the UCA-aligned Republic of New Puntalia.

The signatories of the treaty were Rodenia, Norgsveldet, Lokania, Peragen, North Ethalria, Packilvania, Kuthernburg, Nacata, Tretrid, Durakia, Sokala, New Leganes, Tavaris, the New Republic of Puntalia, the Republic of New Puntalia, and Great Morstaybishlia.

In his statement, Corbinn accused several powers involved in the creation of the treaty of appeasing Rodenia, while grossly ignoring the negative impacts such a partition would have throughout South Arcturia. Several sources within and without Axdel note a possible connection between Axdellian withdrawal from the Treaty and the decline of the steel sector in Axdel as a result of a decline of commerce between Axdel and Rodenia following the latter’s civil war.

Shortly after Corbinn’s announcement, the Axdel Armed Forces announced that the Axdellian West Fleet and elements of the Azure Fleet were to be deployed to the Kolstream Isles and Tasuwe pending possible military action, such as a blockade. The Axdel Armed Forces is believed to have deployed stealth drones into Rodenian airspace and is possibly moving to form a blockade.

The Axdellian announcement has garnered swift response from various other signatories to the Puntalian Compromise Treaty.

The Rodenian state-sponsored news source Rodenia LIVE has conflated Axdellian withdrawal from the treaty with the recent nuclear power plant meltdown in Järvi, Vesienväl, labelling Corbinn’s actions as a communist plot to contanimate the Rodenian food and water supply with radioactive isotopes. According to Rodenia LIVE, the Rodenian military has been placed on alert in preparation for any possible attack from Axdel. Packilvania has announced the formation of economic and military agreements with Rodenia, as well as the construction of military bases in Rodenia, though the Packilvanian government neither confirmed nor denied that the agreements had any connection to Corbinn’s statement.

Norgsveltian Prime Minister Johanna Sverdrup spoke out in support of Axdel, labelling the New Republic of Puntalia as “Rodenia’s puppet government in Puntalia” and demanded Puntalian reunification. She also announced her intent to withdraw Norgsveldet from the Puntalian Compromise Treaty in solidarity with Axdel. Queen Dorothea of Alksearia, a member state of both the UCA and the NSTO, similarly announced her intention to withdraw from the agreement. The Durakan Council of Trade Unions has similarly passed a resolution affirming Direklieter Klarissa Antonov’s decision to withdraw Durakia from the treaty, as well as rennouncing Durakan recognition of the New Republic of Puntalia in contravention of the treaty. Durakia, like Alksearia and Norgsveldet, is a member of the UCA.

In a statement Saturday, Prime Minister Eoforwine Æthelstanson noted “the resurgence of South Arcturian tensions,” and despite criticizing the treaty for “completely failing to consider the best interests of the people whom the two Puntalian states now rule,” stated that “the Tretridian’s government’s stance on the present issue is that war in South Arcturia is to be avoided.” Æthelstanson has also stated that “Tretrid will be closely monitoring the situation as it develops” and that his government is also “considering what options can be taken” in light of these recent developments.

CU Fægerhæfen Researchers Invent “Liquid Trees,” Go Viral on Internet

FÆGERHÆFEN—Reports of “liquid trees” created by researchers at the University of Crenland, Fægerhæfen have gone viral on the Internet after municipal authorities in Sigested and Fægerhæfen were reportedly considering using them as an alternative for plants in city spaces.

According to a preprint paper released by the research team at CUF, the “liquid trees,” which consisted of tanks filled with algae, were “markedly efficient” at removing carbon dioxide from the air, and estimates that it could be up to hundreds of times more effective at absorbing the gas than trees.

“They show great promise as a tool in removing pollution from the air,” said Dr. Mildhild Leofgarsdohter, who headed the study. Dr. Leofgarsdohter, a professor at CU Fægerhæfen, notes that these liquid trees show the greatest promise in heavily polluted areas.

Reports that the municipal governments in Sigested and Fægerhæfen were considering their use went viral on Pigeon to great controversy. Many users expressed concern that they would be used as a complete replacement for trees.

“Have you considered just planting trees?” one Pigeon user said.

Dr. Leofgarsdohter stated that the tanks were useful in that they could be used in places where it would be impractical to have trees, like where space is lacking or where tree roots may damage sidewalks. “However,” she said, “these systems are not intended to completely replace trees in urban areas. They are intended to supplement what plants already exist in an area. The goal is, essentially, to give cities the ability to absorb carbon like a forest would.”

She also cautioned against passing judgement on liquid trees in haste. “While our research has demonstrated that the technology shows great promise in the fight against pollution and climate change, a lot of work still needs to be done before you can expect these systems to be deployed on a massive scale. The tanks you see today may very well seem completely unrecognizable in a month.”

While some have expressed concern, most other Pigeon users responded in humorous fashion.

“Don’t let Big Plant tell you what to do. Drink the green liquid tree fluid,” one such post said.

Dr. Leofgarsdohter remains optimistic about the direction the research is going. “We’ve gotten another research grant, so I am confident about our ability to iron out the practical considerations with these systems. Maybe, in a couple years, you might see these liquid trees all around our cities.”

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Witan Councilor Resigns After Sexual Scandal

CYNEBURY—Ecgnoð Eadwigesunu, a member of the Witenagemot from the far-right Tretridian Nationalist Party (ÞNP), has announced his resignation in the midst of a scandal that resulted from his arrest by Cynebury Metropolitan Police (CMP) in a sting operation on Tuesday.

“In light of recent events, it has become increasingly clear that I cannot carry out the duties that I was elected to carry out,” Mr. Eadwigesunu said Friday morning.

According to a news conference given by Cynebury Metropolitan Police Chief Ecgræd Þeodwigesdohter, Mr. Eadwigesunu allegedly paid a male undercover police agent posing as a sex worker to perform various acts of a sexual nature, at which point he was promptly apprehended by the CMP.

Eadwigesunu’s arrest and subsequent resignation has caused a stir within Tretridian political discourse. The seeming contrast between his public political positions, which includes anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, and the circumstances of his arrest has quickly made Mr. Eadwigesunu the subject of widespread ridicule within the Tretridian information sphere.

“To the average Tretridian, it can often be discouraging to watch the Tretridian Nationalist Party’s constant attacks on basic sapient rights, so I think it’s just cathartic for a lot of people to see this person’s hypocrisy exposed for all of Urth to see,” says Eadwine Æthelwinesunu, executive director of the LGBTQ advocacy group Rainbow Front. "

The scandal has been met with a variety of responses within Eadwigesunu’s own party as well. The “old guard” of the ÞNP, which has unexpectedly found itself at the left wing of the party due to its steady rightwards drift over the last seven years, has steadfastly condemned Eadwigesunu and published an open letter demanding he resign.

However, the national populist faction of the party, which Eadwigesunu has aligned himself with, has largely stayed silent throughout the scandal. Some councilors have even floated conspiracy theories claiming that the CMP engaged in entrapment as part of a deliberate campaign of character assassination against Eadwigesunu.

Eadwigesunu has received uniform condemnation from politicians from other parties as well. Eahlstan Colasunu, leader of the Ulviktru Democratic Party of Tretrid, told reporters that “Ecgnoð Eadwigesunu has proved himself unworthy of his office as Councilor and should resign” shortly after Eadwigesunu’s arrest.

Similarly, when asked on the matter, Prime Minister Eoforwine Æthelstansunu said that “[Mr. Eadwigesunu] will probably find it in his best interests to resign to salvage what is left of his dignity, and if he doesn’t want to sully the rest of the Witan with his presence.”

When reached out to by Cynebury Herald reporters, Eadwigesunu’s wife has confirmed that she intends to pursue a divorce.

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Springtime for Naylorbrookisza: A Distinctly Nystatinne Production

RÉPUBLIQUE C.D.—A couple weeks ago, if I had been told that I would be spending my time vacationing in the Federation of the Southern Coast ending up doing my job of reviewing media anyway, I would have simply laughed the idea off.

It turns out I was wrong.

While I was in République C.D., a colleague at the Cynebury Herald contacted me. He apologized for bothering me during what was supposed to be paid vacation days, but said that I might be interested in a production of a play called Springtime for Naylorbrookisza, a Nystatinne musical about the eponymous dictator that was to be performed for the first time in a place other than East Borea. The producers seemed to have wanted to capture the authentic experience of the play, since delegates from Nystatiszna were consulted in the production of the musical and it was performed by Nystatinne actors.

I strongly suspected that it was propaganda, from the information that I could find about the play prior to its performance. The Nystatinne government states that it is aimed at educating its citizens of its history, but given the nature of the Nystatinne government such claims can easily prove to be dubious. Nonetheless, my curiosity won out, once again proving why I critique media for a living instead of doing something perhaps more lucrative, if not far more unfulfilling.

Such was it that I ended up watching the play in the Shano Tuvria Memorial International Theater, a theater that continues to be named in memory of a man who has proved to not quite be dead, and indeed, has recently become Secretary-General of the League of Novaris.

Springtime for Naylorbrookisza was far more than I expected it to be. The production values were very high, and the actors all delivered passionate and compelling performances that drew the viewer into the narrative. The music was excellent. So it made the play all the more baffling due to many of the choices taken by the narrative.

On paper, the narrative is incredibly brain-dead. It glorifies a brutal dictator and is unapologetically speciest and leans into Borean ethnorevaunchism. Yet the way this is done is so over-the-top and ridiculous that it could easily be satirical.

Naylorbrookisza, the protagonist, is presented as an extremely masculine woman who constantly insists that she is sane and not a lesbian. The deuteragonist of the play, Viktor von Dotseth, whose real-life counterpart is currently the Director of the Nystatiszna Intelligence Bureau, is presented as an effeminate crossdressing kemonomimi man in direct contrast to Naylorbrookisza. In the second act, after seizing control of the Nystatinne government in a coup, Naylorbrookisza is presented as having magical powers and quests for immortality, once again while the play repeatedly goes out of its way to suggest that she is sane. And this is just the tip of the iceberg–the inexplicable strangeness of the play threatens to swallow up everything else.

One of the most notable arguments in the field of literary criticism is that the text of the work should be separated from the people that created it. The producers have gone on the record claiming that the entire play is meant to be taken seriously and at face value, even though in that light the play seems to completely fall flat. I have ultimately decided that Springtime for Naylorbrookisza is what the viewer makes of it; this can easily be for better or for worse. If the viewer is unable to take the musical seriously and comes out of it believing that it was a brilliant work of satire, then at least to that viewer, it was. Conversely, if another viewer watching the very same production came to the conclusion that it was complete drivel, then that was just as true for that viewer. This musical is, I suspect, exactly the kind of work that would fascinate literary critics for precisely that reason.

I think a lot of the value of Springtime for Naylorbrookisza, at least for viewers outside of East Borea, is the perspective it gives. This play is evidently meant to be taken completely at face value in Nystatiszna, a task that has spectacularly failed for the majority of viewers outside of Borea. It has instead proved profoundly confusing for audiences and critics alike. However, if that were the same for Nystatinne audiences, the play never would have seen the light of day, much less ever been claimed by the Nystatinne government to be one of its greatest plays. I would therefore suggest that this play provides a window into the psyche of a population that has long resorted to doublethink to simply avoid the type confusion that was so clearly evident among Federation viewers. Perhaps it isn’t that Nystatiszna was boasting about the play itself as much as they were showing off how they were able to indoctrinate their population so thoroughly that they would take as bizarre a play as Springtime for Naylorbrookisza at face value. For all its flaws, I would unequivocally recommend Springtime for Naylorbrookisza as the subject of study by scholars of East Borea.

Springtime for Naylorbrookisza is a Nystatinne play, and that shows through in every aspect of the production, from the purported focus on Nystatinne history, to the boatload of speciesm written into the script, to the assumptions it makes of the mindset of its audiences. It is a work that defies rating and escapes interpretation.

Walking out of the theater after the curtain call, I took a moment to reflect on the turn of events that had led me up to that moment. I decided that the play had indeed made for an interesting experience, though perhaps not for the reasons I expected it to.


Æthelstansunu Breaks Silence Regarding Abortion Controversy

CYNEBURY—In the midst of a global controversy resulting from attacks on abortion clinics in Norgsveldet, and, more recently, a speech made by Nystatinne Matriarch Ingrid condemning the procedure, Prime Minister Eoforwine Æthelstansunu released a short statement acknowledging the issue and condemning the “use of violence for political ends.”

In the statement, while Æthelstansunu acknowledged Ingrid’s “right to make any statement she so desires,” he criticized the tone Ingrid took in her statement, especially her “implicit threat of increased state violence against one side of the debate,” stating that “certain actors can easily interpret such words as an invitation to commit further political violence.” Æthelstansunu also made broad calls for unity and peaceful dialogue and condemned the attacks as terrorism.

This statement breaks with Æthelstansunu’s previous silence over the matter, where, when asked by various reporters for comment, he stated that he "was closely monitoring the situation, but ultimately believed that “this is an internal matter for Norgsveldet.”

Æthelstansunu’s previous silence stems from his unwillingness to potentially alienate the Akuanists in the Social Democratic Party’s base, says an advisor to the Prime Minister who asked to remain anonymous. Akuanists in Tretrid vote overwhelmingly Social Democrat.

“We only need look as far as Norgsveldet to see what the consequences of angering the Akuanist wing of the party could be,” says the advisor. In Norgsveldet, the Akuan Interest Party seceded from the Labour Party due to the belief that the Labour Party did not have the best interests of Akuanists in mind.

The Social Democratic Party of Tretrid itself has largely remains silent on abortion. Abortion is not mentioned on the ÞSD’s platform, and ÞSD councilors are either instructed to abstain or to vote their conscience when the Witenagemot votes on abortion-related bills.

The Akuanist wing of the Social Democratic Party, the Association of Akuanists for Social Democracy (AGSD), has similarly refused to comment on the violence in Norgsveldet. Several prominent pundits have suggested that both the AGSD and the ÞSD at large have largely remained silent on the matter to maintain unity.

Not long after Æthelstansunu released his statement, the AGSD released a statement that largely echoed his arguments and adding that “violence will merely galvanize supporters of abortion and reflect badly on who we are and what we believe in.”

When pressed by reporters, Æthelstansunu refused to pick a side in the debate. “Declaring my allegiance for one camp or another will not help anyone,” he said. “What I support is civil discussion that creates results, not angry rhetoric that divides us and engenders violence.”