2023 Series One World Championship

Before the season starts (probably in March) there is ofcourse a so-called silly season.


Note left on Kasran is'Vaara's desk, Novia HQ, Thave, Alksearia, 17 Jan. 2023



Soyer May Not Be Returning to Novia Racing???

THAVE - Reports have been flying out of Novia HQ with rumors that Soyer is entertaining ideas of breaking his contract with Novia Racing and moving onto another club. Soyer finished the season last year in 2nd place right behind Spikker’s Kalming. Sources within the HQ say that Soyer is upset and disheartened with Novia after the upset loss last season.

We reached out to Novia’s press team, and they have declined to comment on the matter. Soyer’s personal PR team was asked for comment, and they have not returned our request. Is this the biggest breakup S1 will see this season? Will Novia fight to keep the young Alkari driver home, or will they let him fly from the nest?

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Mikal Christoffersen gets ratioed straight to hell, a short thread.


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Watervalley Returns After Successful First Season

After getting 7th and 10th driver standings and 4th constructor standing in the 2022 Series One Championship, Watervalley has returned for the 2023 season. Watervalley was founded in 2020, but had never done any international championships until the 2022 year, when they competed in Series One. All the practice the team had done locally had seemed to pay off in the 2022 season, where they got high in the standings. The team hopes for another good year, but without further ado, let’s introduce the drivers for the 2023 season.

Czesława Pajor from Piorunpreria got 7th place in the 2022 championship, which has earned her the honor of coming back to Watervalley for the 2023 season. Pajor was born in Krzysztofmiasto, Piorunpreria. From childhood she was obsessed with cars, with her dream being to race professionally. Eventually, the Piorunprerian War for Independence left her family crippled. When she got an offer from Watervalley she was hesitant. This was from the same nation that had ruined her life. Eventually, she accepted the offer, as it was sure to give her family aid, as Watervalley was not at all associated with the Korćettan government. Now she’s achieved her dream, and been called back for another season.

Stefan Amanar from Aivintis got 10th place in the 2022 championship, and got signed for the 2023 season. Amanar was born in Wolfgard, Aivintis to a Korćettan family. His family had been outcast from the nation for being atheist. He spent all his life admiring the beauty of the nation from afar, hoping to one day visit. Eventually Amanar learned about why his family had left the nation, and it left a sour taste in his mouth. Eventually he got into racing cars for a local Aivintian team. He was good from the start, but never was able to get to the big leagues. That was until Watervalley reached out to him in 2022 to sign him on for the season. Amanar was really nervous about this, but eventually agreed, as he was not going to let his feeling of the Korćettan government ruin his chances at getting big. Now after getting 10th place in 2022, Amanar has been signed for 2023.

This is an exciting year for all Watervalley fans. Watervalley did so well in the 2022 year that fans are sure they will do well in the 2023 season, but only time will tell. Also with the same drivers returning for a second season, people finally know who they are rooting for in the races. Let’s all hope for a great 2023 season! See you out there for the new year.


New Face For Metropol

With the… untimely departure of Mikal Christoffersen from Metropol a few days ago, Metropol needs a new face for the upcoming season. While there isn’t much information at the moment there are a few candidates that Metropol is currently looking at.

First is Haulan Edzhurat, the Aszar who already drove for Metropol after Christoffersen’s conduct got him suspended. While his performance may not have been anything to write home about, it was in a car not built for him, so one can’t come to any conclusions yet.

Another prospect is one Alkari named Xavier Duboise, having seen Novia’s success, they seemingly scouting Alksearia for a replacement. Duboise has some experience that Metropol will need to take full advantage of if they wish to rise out of the basement of S1.

The final prospect, to the dismay of all Eyjarians, is a Morst named Benjarn Kestis. While he has some experience in lower tiers, he would be making his first jump to S1. Metropol may see something in them that we don’t however.Christoffersen was especially not happy about this prospect.


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Soyer to Spiiker Squadron?
Following the rumours that Soyer wants to get out of his contract at Novia, rumours around Spiiker started that they are in the talks with Soyer to join their team next to Marlan Kalming with Spiiker trying to make the “dreamteam” happening. Some sources say that Soyer already has been seen at the factory of Spiiker. Some say it is just a play by Soyer himself to get a better contract at Novia and Spiiker are just being used. We have to see what will happen. It is however very noteable that Spiiker was early with their announcement to resign Marlan Kalming for a multi-year contract but that the second driver of the team has not been announced yet. As we all know Spiiker also tried to get Soyer on their roster last year. When that failed they came to Haaland Rusnák the 2020 champion, How would he react to these rumours that he might be the second pick of Spiiker Squadron again.
This is it for now for the rumours about Spiiker and Soyer.

Marchitelli Falcon out of money struggles for the foreseeable future?

Marchitelli (for some the most favorite underdog team) are known to have financial struggles for almost every year they compete in the S1. The teamowner Mr. Marchitelli however has until now always refused to sell the team off because as he says “that would mean the team loses his charm.” Today they announced that both drivers they had ever since 2020 have left the team. Mitch Noxal as he stated himself “Is ready for a step up.” and he is looking for a seat at the higher placed teams, the money he brought with his family wealth will be missed by Marchitelli. But it might also mean he has a bigger chance of landing a seat with a bigger team when he brings the money with him. Josephina Louzar announced she needed to take a step back from her fulltime seat, because she was too busy with having her career and being the second in line of the Blueacian throne. She will however stay with the team as their 3rd and reserve driver.
Marchitelli-Falcon also announced their first driver of the season. It will be the 23 year old Niki Hassenbelt Strauss from Heppenheim. With signing him on the team also got a big Heppenheimer sponsor with it being the internetprovider Hi-Oh, rumours say that with the sponsordeal an amount of almost 10 million is involved. Hi-Oh will also be the title sponsor of Marchitelli for at least 2 season. Meaning the full name of the team will now be Hi-Oh Marchitelli Falcon.
An anouncement for their 2nd driver hasn’t been made yet thus far.

Soyer Might Be Replaced By Christoffersen??

THAVE-Following rumors of Soyer’s departure, there’s been an increase of people at the Novia Racing. Notably amoung them was Christoffersen. Rumors pouring out of Novia Racing indicates that with Soyer’s supposed departure, the seaf may be filled by Christoffersen. As is all news coming out of Novia Racing, no one has returned our request for a comment. The press is watching carefully.


Rumors of Soyer Resigning Met With Disapproval

THAVE- If you’ve been following the Soyer resigning drama, it may come as a surprise that no one is talking of the possibility of a resign. Fans are eager to see the fate of Soyer, and through the chaos, one S1 fan pointed out that “no one is talking about Soyer staying.” Severals fans responded with statements of dispproval. One fan stated, “Soyer should go. Novia isnt his”, another said “Soyer’s attitude is not welcomed here #SoyerSucks”.

However, several sources within Novia Racing are claiming that Soyer and Novia Racing have almost come to an agreement for a 5 year racing contract with the team. The media and fans alike have dismissied this news as “heresey” and “unlikely”. Novia Racing and Soyer have both said that newz should be released “soon” on Soyer’s status with the team.


OPINION: Soyer Should Go

Soyer’s attitude toward Novia, esepically in the aftermath of the Packilvania Grand Prix, exemplifies why Soyer should not be allowed back on the team. His hatred of his teammate is apparent, and his distain for the fans is evident. If Soyer cant win the Championship, why should he be allowed back on the team? Soyer needs to go. Bring some other drivers in. That Christoffersen guy from Metro seems like a good fit for the course. It’s time for Soyer to be removed.

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Rusnák leaves S1 for the UES

The 39 year old Haaland Rusnák from Vaklori and S1 champion of 2020 has just announced he will not return to the Spiiker Squadron for next year. Some people already thought Rusnák was to leave the team after Spiiker went to get Soyer again just like last year and he wasn’t willing to be the second pick again. It came to a surprise however that Rusnák will remain with Spiiker but will make his return to the Urth Endurance Series in which he celebrated lots of succes. Spiiker announced that they will make their return to the UES after almost 50 years of absence with the new regulations coming in 2023. And if he wished to do so Spiiker wanted Rusnák to lead the challenge for succes in the UES.

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(Translated by Most Accurate Translations Ltd. For inquiries, please contact Gerald Most, 518 Kuran Ave, Newport, Nystatiszna)

It is entirely possible by now that the most repeated sentence in the history of motorsports is, as of the fateful finale to the 2022 Series One World Championship, West Borean driver Kasran is’Vaara’s off-hand comment to the press at the post-race media pen of the Peragian Grand Prix. Is’Vaara had delivered a magnificent and well-deserving drive to claim his first ever victory in the pinnacle of motorsport, but some in his team were concerned that the last-lap overtake he made to achieve this would hamper his teammate’s shot at winning the Drivers’ Championship.

Take my word for it: by the time we get to Istariya [the final race of the season], nobody will be thinking about those seven points.

And then, as if the gods of motorsport had been watching, Matthieu Soyer went on to lose the championship by exactly seven points.

Novia’s team boss, Hector Adnet, was quick to show his anger and to express his opinion, to which he is allegedly legally entitled, that Soyer should have won the Championship, and that is’Vaara’s overtake was in some way unethical. And for sure, the team did tell Kasran to hold position at Peragen and simply let his teammate win. But when your employer tells you to saw your own leg off, the sensible thing to do is to not do that. Instead, the courageous Kasran would not let his boss boss him around, and simply took the win.

Many of Soyer’s fans, who are mostly Alkari, believe that if Kasran were instead replaced with a more obedient driver, Soyer would have become champion. It is a frankly worrying implication for the geopolitics of Urth if, as it appears here, the people of one of the primary nations of the UCA are indeed so limited in their memories that they can only remember one twentieth of a year.

After all, just three races earlier, Kasran was controversially told to give up the race win to Soyer, which he obligingly did. That’s seven points already that Kasran graciously donated to the Alkari cause - but that’s never enough for Novia.

When it came down to the final showdown at Istariya, Soyer demanded that Kasran “defend like a lion” - and he dutifuly did so, sabotaging his own race with a broken front wing just to hold up Marlan Kalming on his way to take the crown anyway. Many people were talking about is’Vaara’s racing, but nobody remembered that Haaland Rusnák was ripe for the (over)taking just a few seconds up the road - and hey, if you can move up from second place into first place, I hear they give you seven points for that!

And even in the penultimate race, who was it but Kasran who engaged his car’s anti-stall mechanism at the start, blocking the Bernitti-Domios from making the quick getaway that the bookmakers and oddstakers had predicted they’d win the race off the back of?

In fact, Novia should have called it quits for team orders after Puntalia, where the two Alkari drivers on the grid, Soyer and MetroCiv’s Alphonse Dubost, got their revenge for poor Kasran’s insubordination by crashing into him and forcing him into the pits for a front-wing change.

And if that weren’t enough, the very next race after that, Kasran crashed out of the lead of his home grand prix on the very last lap, promoting Soyer up into, once again, first place. This humble reporter can’t confirm anything, but one can’t help but be suspicious about such an incident at such a track at such an opportune time for the Alkari driver - especially given that, having built a thirty-second lead to his alleged teammate, Kasran would not have been physically able to let Soyer past to win without - you guessed it - crashing.

It’s no wonder then, that at the Asendavian Grand Prix, Matthieu Soyer not only didn’t even deign to show gratitude for his colleague’s contribution to the championship (which at that point he was even leading), he didn’t even deign to notice his colleague’s car, turning in and causing an infamous teammate collision. At least he earned himself a broken front wing in the process.

Yes, it’s all very clear that Kasran is’Vaara is the sole reason why Soyer was able to even dream of being a championship contender. Without his dutiful service, Novia would have been in the doldrums, scrapping for leftovers with the likes of Bernitti-Domio and Tamradh Monsal while Spiiker claims a new trophy cabinet’s worth of one-twos.

Kasran is’Vaara is an invaluable asset to Novia Racing, should he choose to remain with the team that mistreats him so, and which conclusively and emphatically does not deserve him, and that is something that Hector Adnet should understand. I, for one, certainly hope he will act accordingly.

Dennis Rondeau was in his office reading several S1 news outlets after the announcement made by Haaland Rusnák earlier today. Dennis now hoped truly they could make the dream-team happening with signing Matthieu Soyer from their biggest opponent of 2022 Novia Racing. That’s when something popped-up on his screen about Novia and Soyer. He read it carefully and when he was done his face was red with fury.

He asked the teamboss Regan McNeill of the Spiiker Squadron in his office with urgency. When McNeill arrived Dennis read the piece outloud again word for word. With even more attention (almost stopping after each word) at the following part:
“However, several sources within Novia Racing are claiming that Soyer and Novia Racing have almost come to an agreement for a 5 year racing contract with the team. The media and fans alike have dismissied this news as “heresey” and “unlikely”. Novia Racing and Soyer have both said that newz should be released “soon” on Soyer’s status with the team.”

When he was done reading the piece to McNeill. McNeill said “Yeah, I just read that as well. I wasn’t very happy with it as well. I really thought we had a chance there.” Rondeau then he told McNeill "I don’t know far we were in talks with Soyer, or if we ever were in talks with Soyer. But I want it to stop right away. We as Spiiker will not be played ofcourse. Even if it’s just rumours I WILL NOT BE PLAYED!
He stood up and threw open the door and walked straight to the division working on the offical reports from Spiiker Squadron. When he arrived all he said was “You will make an official statement that Spiiker Squadron is not interested in signing on Matthieu Soyer.”
Even before he got back to his office, the following statement was put on the internet:



Official announcement Bernitti-Domio

Pedro Wilson has left the team after his 1 year deal wasn’t resigned with a new contract. To many this wasn’t a surprise however. Since the only reasons Bernitti-Domio signed him on last year was to get a discount on the rebadged Spiiker “Audelli” engines, and they put the money to good use. And with the signing the team could get the next talent ready for this season ready. Marchello Bellini is the new driver in the second seat. The famous Petrovian E-league participant outperforming most people has showed lots of talent and progression. And during the test he got last year he did enough to convince the team that they made the right choice.
Who will fill the next seat is still not known. Pablo Saez is the driver with the most chance of landing the seat. A surprising name being named is Concordio Trentini who hasn’t been in S1 for a few years. But Bernitti-Domio might work on a new deal to get a discount on the engines they use.


THAVE - The long awaited announcement of Soyer’s future came during a very tense press conference. The team manager, Hector Adnet, came out in front of the camerrs with news we all thought was going to happen: Soyer’s departure. Instead, it was announced that Soyer and Novia Racing have signed a 5-year, $92 million Alkari Ducat contract. Reactions to the news have so far been mixed.



from: Novia Racing FanPage
We would love to know who in the head office decided to sign this [commentary redacted for several reasons. The swears are still going folks. No jokes] hot-head toa 5 year contract. The disrespect shown to the fans with this contract is astronomical. What is Novia going to do next? Sign Christoffersen to second seat? Actually, that would be as smarter decision than whatever the [more redactions] this deal was.



from: Not Novia Racing Blog
Arguably the second best driver in the league, Matthieu Soyer has officially re-signed with Novia Racing and is now a holder of the longest contract Novia Racing has given out. Usually teams don’t hand out long contracts 8unless they are either expecting AMAZING results from the driver, or the team is in dire need of holding on to talent that they are losing. Our theory here is that Soyer was supposed to leave Novia, and instead of allowing Soyer the chance to leave next season, Novia has decided to hold him hostage. Maybe we need to lead the league know of this illegal crime, and have the Crown Prosecutors office investigate Hector Adnet for kidnapping and extortion.

Bernitti-Domio finishes their line-up.

It didn’t come as a surprise to many that Bernitti-Domio chose their second driver to be Pablo Saez, rumours started to surface that Bernitti-Domio was interested in Concordio Trentini to fill the second seat, but as we know now those rumours were false. Pedro Saez finished 4th in the standings last year and with Haaland calling it quits a 3rd place in the standings for next season is his goal. But Pablo also said we only know where we stand after the first test sessions are finished and even then the first realistic test is the first GP of the season. “But we need to try and close the gap to Spiiker and Novia this year. I think that with my new team-mate that might be a realistic goal.” was his last quote before leaving the press-conference.

Blueacian teams announce their second driver in quick succesion.

After Bernitti-Domio announced their second driver which wasn’t Concordio Trentini or Pedro Wilson for that matter Marchitelli jumped on the opportunity and signed Pedro Wilson for 2 seasons with an option of another. It came to a surprise to many that Marchitelli didn’t pick a driver from the Spiiker Driver Development Program for the first time in a very long time. But with the new title sponsor in Hi-Oh people close to the team say that the team was financially in a position to sign a driver of their liking, and Pedro having a history at they still might get a small discount on Spiiker engines but we have to wait for that.
Pedro: “I am very happy I get to drive for this team, sure it might not be used to getting podiums or wins for that matter. But maybe with Niki and me we are able to get at least mid-field results with the team and we’ll see if we are able to fight for podiums and hopefully race wins.”

Mere minutes after Marchitelli announced their complete line-up Spiiker came with an announcement theirselves. The team higher up on the grid came for Mitch Noxal. Spiiker signed him for 3 years. They also announced that Concordio Trentini would be signed on as a 3rd driver with his father the legendary Aleandro getting a bigger role in the Spiiker team after last year and he will be the leading figure of the Spiiker Driver Development Program. Spiiker was proud to have a Blueacian on the team again and they are sure Mitch will give Marlan a real run for his money. With the signing of Concordio the team seems to get ready when Marlan retires or moves to a different team.
Mitch: “I am happy to be able to sign for this legendary team. As we saw last year they are the best team on the grid and my only goal is to beat Marlan for the championship and be the first Blueacian champion since Aleandro.”
Concordio: “Ofcourse I honored to be able to drive for the same team my dad had so much succes in. it almost feels like coming home. I will do my absolute best to get that race seat sooner rather then later.”