Norgsveltian National News


Date: 1st October, 2023

Breaking News: Anti-Akuanism Surges in East Atlalandr after contentious Presidential Election

In a close election for the largely ceremonial presidential election in East Atlalandr, the National Bloc (NB) candidate Erik Tårnet won with 51.89% of the vote, beating the ruling party candidate Daniel Drakst from the Socialist Republican Party (SRP). With the election having a lower turnout than past elections with an turnout of only 54.9%, with there having been complaints levied of holding an election so soon after the death of the late president Gørn Gerjikdal. With the shadow of the late president covering the election campaign as Mr. Drakst was harshly criticized by the now new president for using a slogan that referenced Gerjikdal stating: “Protect his legacy.”

Though Drakst and the SRP has defended the slogan by arguing that Tårnet and the political parties in the NB is actively seeking to undermine the democracy and republic that Gerjikdal had built. With Drakst stating on Pigeon that: “The Atlalandian people need to be prepared to defend democracy when the NB inevitably try to destroy it.”

Elisa Våld, granddaughter of the East Atlalandian dictator Veri Våld and co-leader of the NB alliance has congratulated Tårnet. Proclaiming it as a victory for East Atlalandr’s Einarist values and a turn towards a stronger East Atlalandr. With both Våld and Tårnet having actively promoted centralized government, condemning the proposed referendum that will be held in the Autonomous Republic of Mkæniszna. The referendum is scheduled to be held on 2nd of November. The NB’s anti-separatist platform has gained large popularity in the country’s capital Veridal, with over 71% of the city having voted for Tårnet this election. While the parliamentary and local election is not until 2025, most polling has shown the ruling SRP is unlikely to keep hold on power. With East Atlalandian society being harshly divided on the topic of separatism. Despite the controversy of the scheduled referendum prime minister Sanna Vakrela stated that she will protect the region’s right to self determination, stating it to be a: “Constitutional right given to Mkæniszna according to the late president’s reforms. It’s what Gerjikdal would have wanted.”

Tårnet has been harshly criticized for his rhetoric with many Akuanist Organisations accusing the new president for promoting Anti-Akuanism and speciesm by hiding behind anti-separatist talking points. Which referencing moments when the president’s supporters had attacked and harassed non-Mkænian Akuanists on the supposed claims for being separatists. With there being a large reported increase of Anti-Akuanist charged hate crimes in regions outside Mkæniszna, leading many to fear for the future of the 510k Akuanist population living in East Atlalandr that be left after an Mkænian independence. According to East Atlalandian police there have been over 100 cases of Akuanists being murdered as a result of “Anti-Separatist” riots since the start of September, with many Akuan stores in Veridal being destroyed as a result of the riots. With many apartments and stores having the words “separatist” and “traitor” being marked on them. The rise of riots and harassment has caused many Akuanists in East Atlalandr to consider moving to Mkæniszna.

Some historians have stated the massive rise of Anti-Akuanist sentiments in East Atlalandr to be unprecedented, with some claiming the rise to be similar to levels not seen since the country’s dictatorial times. Prime Minister Wilhelm Kirkeland has urged his counterpart in East Atlalandr to do more to defend the Akuan communities in her country. Proclaiming it being the responsibility of every country in Concord to defend their Akuan minority.

Car of an Akuan family vandalised

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Date: 6th January, 2024

Breaking News: NCEF president announces internal reforms and large scale economic packages

After a recent debate within the North Concordian Council, president Kåre Ny’andizn announced in a press conference that internal reforms are underway on the NCEF’s foreign policy charter. With 3/4 support needed from the council the Norgsveltian delegate was able to push through a reform that prime minister Wilhelm Kirkleland has called as a “much needed change”. According to the new amendment of the Osfjord Charter, any foreign policy decision done by the NCEF will now need a veto from two members or more to block a resolution instead of previously just one. Ny’andizn has stated his support to the reforms, placing emphasis on the NCEF’s ability to act more cohesively on the international scene.

Despite the broad support for the reform it was met with stiff opposition from Vistaraland who argued against the reform. Claiming the reform would alienate members rather than increasing cooperation. With Vistari opposition being seen as another example of a series of political disagreements between Norgsveldet and Vistaraland, as the two NCEF giants seem posed to continuously disagree with the organization’s functions and purpose.

During the press conference President Ny’andizn also announced a massive 944 billion UKR (472 billion SHD) economic package for the organization’s member states. With the package ranging from investments to economic aid, with a focus of increasing regional integration and cooperation. With the added element of aiding the poorer members economically. With over 300 billion UKR (150 billion SHD) being given into investments, aid and grants towards the Vestrava region and Hvaloaszna. With Hvaloaszna being given 80 billion UKR (40 billion SHD) in grants and aid. With both Hvaloaszna and Helslandr gaining the largest share of the Yasterian economic package as a result of both nations being much lower than NCEF economic standard.

The NCEF’s Gondwanan and Novaran members were also ones that were given special attention by the NCEF economic packages. With in total both being given 200 billion UKR (100 billion SHD) respectfully, in which Tretrid being the biggest winner among member states with the nation being given over 90% of the Novaran economic package. Mainly concentrated around investments into the country’s agricultural and manufacturing sectors. Which many speculate is done to help the country deal with the economic fall out of the embargoing of Mirhaime and its close affiliated partners.

Within Gondwana the economic package was divided between Meremaa, Vistari North Gondwana (VNG), Tangrland and Maanbriak. With Tangrland and VNG being given the most. With 60 billion UKR (30 billion SHD) being given to Tangrland in grants and investments, mainly with the focus of Tangrland’s growing manufacturing industry. Which became the center of many Norgsveltian companies which sought cheaper labor. In spite of Tangrland’s government increasing further protection and rights towards its workers. The economic package according to Ny’andizn shall help integrate the North Gondwanan economies closer together ensuring well maintained supply lines all the way from Suurdal in Meremaa to Vestborg in Nyveldet. Though this has been put into question as the Salisian Civil War maintains a major sticking point between Tangrian and Vistari governments as the former supporting separatists in the latter’s ally. The death toll has reportedly increased to 5k since November of last year, with the Tangrian military increasing further bombings against the Salisian army.

Other economic packages being that of the investment and aid package given to OTA roughly making up a total of 100 billion UKR (50 billion SHD), with the non-NCEF OTA member of K’undzeti being included into it. Within Northern Concord an investment package of the same amount is also given mainly directed towards the Kaldrbuthian and West Atlalandian mining industries. Though a decent amount is given to the Norgsveltian tech industry. 40 billion UKR (20 billion SHD) is given to Vistaraland’s overseas territory of Valerijk in Northern Arcturia. With the smallest amount being given to Veria with 4 billion UKR (2 billion SHD) as grants towards the nation’s public health care and cultural preservation programs.

The largest contributors to the economic packages being Norgsveldet and Vistaraland making up the large majority of the total packages with both spending together a total of 633.6 billion UKR (316.8 billion SHD), with the Vistari government largely focused in the investment of its overseas territories of VNG, Valerijk and Wescernia. However Vistaraland is a big part of the investments directed to the Vestravan nations of Helslandr, Pledonia and Nakosa as well. Norgsveltian contribution was mainly into economic grants and aid towards Tangrland, Hvaloaszna and Helslandr. With it making the majority of the financial investment into Tretrid with 112 billion UKR (56 billion SHD) being sent towards them.

Other states like Tretrid, Vakrestrender, West Atlalandr and Veria made significant contributions into the economic packages as well. Though be noted that with the exception of Veria majority of said states are net benefactors of the economic packages rather than net contributors. With the budget showing Veria, Norgsveldet, Eyjaria and Vistaraland as the only net contributors. The NNN reports about some Norgsveltian officials complaining about the Jewel of the Imperial Realm, Vakrestrender, continuously asking for more investments. Despite Vakrestrender being the wealthiest NCEF member in per capita terms with the small populated Crown State having a gdp per capita of 166,000 UKR (83,000 SHD) way above the second wealthiest member Eyjaria with 130,832 UKR (65,416 SHD) in per capita. Though the Norgsveltian government has made no official comment about Vakrestrender’s lower than expected financial contributions.

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Date: 10th January, 2024

Breaking News: UCCS opens military base in Tiervan in spite of Norgsveltian and Côtois opposition

In a joint announcement this morning the Tieresh and Concordian governments announced the opening of the UCCS’s first army base in Tiervan. With it being expected to be first among several as the two increase their military cooperation. With the Supreme President of Tiervan, Twain Aukusti, proclaiming his government will be seeking close partnership with the Ellsvisse Accords (EA). The Concordian President, Minerva Todd, stated her support for further EA cooperation with Tiervan. Causing concerns that the Tieresh military will be seeking to further rearm itself through Concordian arms equipment.

The Norgsveltian and Côtois governments have severely criticized the military base and the UCCS’s relationship with Tiervan. With both Norgsveltian PM Wilhelm Kirkeland and Côtois FPM Jeanne Pierre calling the arrangement a dangerous development in the region. In a official statement put out from Kirkeland: “UCCS’s partnership with the Hirdist government in Saturikaup will only embolden its irredentist and supremacist goals that will only bring further bloodshed. I can only hope the Concordian government recognises that and revisits its policy on Tiervan. One which would actually respect the sovereignty of Dvergerland and Dvalheim. If not, I will make clear that Norgsveldet will enforce peace on the island. By force If it needs to be.” With the statement also being sent on the prime minister’s Pigeon.

Mrs. Pierre made her own statement condemning the base and stated: “It is no secret the United Corporate States of Concord, cares more for profit over people. They view the lives of their servicemen as playthings for their corporations to make use of and then cast away. We only look to see their actions after Bana, Ymirland liberation war, and to bloody October to understand they are happy to back imperialists, after imperialists in order to see that they do not value the men and women of the Concordian military. This base is only going to drive more of the brave freedom fighters of Tano to further radicalization, seeing even now despite the blood spilt that the honorable CEO-in-Chief Todd seeks to find another country to annex into their corporatocracy.”

Addressing the statements coming from Norgsveldet and the Federation, Foreign Secretary Nzo Lashret had this to say: “President Todd’s position has been made time and time again. In the interest of self-determination in the face of adversity, the military of the UCCS will continue to support the Tieresh people in their struggle for self-representation. The inflammatory rhetoric of the Federation does little to ease tensions on the island. As for the honorable PM Kirkeland, I believe he of all people must understand the precarious position Langeyjr has been placed in for over forty years now. We in South Hills agree that peace on the island is the ultimate goal, and once a stable and satisfactory power dynamic is achieved, the UCCS will begin phasing out military support. It is the opinion of this administration that the use of force, in particular deadly force, should not be the solution.”

At a press conference in Duke City, South Hills’ commander in chief Allio Hensen was approached but refused to comment on the situation, deferring all questions to civilian government officials. Minerva Todd was unavailable for comment at this time.

With the UCCS military base opening in Tiervan it has been seen as another example of the rising tensions between the two major powers of Concord with the Norgsveltian government harshly criticizing the UCCS increasing its ties with states like East Atlalandr, Blåskog and Tiervan. As both back different groups that were meant to govern Báslan
after several years of occupation, with the deadline for the two’s withdrawal being this year. With Kirkeland firmly rejecting any further delay to withdraw from the islands. Stating that Norgsveldet is committed to the security of Báslan’s minorities, and that any unified state there must respect that. With the prime minister’s statement making many concerned about the island nation becoming divided causing a repeat of Atlalandr. Many experts have stated that Norgsveltian-Concordian relations are its coldest since the Cold War. With the Federation and the UCCS relationship being even worse ever since the proxy war the two fought between each other during the Ymirland Civil War. With both Côtois and Concordian ambassadors having been withdrawn from each other, as the latter accuses the former of having supported separatists against them. With Dvergerland’s membership into the RCEU last year being another part of contention as the Federation helped the Dvergian government withstanding pressures from Tiervan. Including the arrests of Tieresh fishermen and coast guard that was operating in Dvergian waters.

With the national election being held this year many wonder how the heading towards what some have called a Second Concordian Cold War will affect Labour’s reelection campaign. One already plagued with an increasingly tentious Abortion Debate which caused a more unified traditionalist and popular political bloc to be formed against Kirkeland and his government. Made worse by the rise of political violence in Nyveldet. Bringing further doubt on the coalition government’s ability to be reelected.


Picture of the first Concordian soldiers to be stationed in Langeyjr



Date: 9th January, 2023

Breaking News: Massive train crash in Lapiliszna; Princess and Duchess among the casualties

Major tragedy hits Lapiliszna as a train derailment near the border with Blåskog, with a major explosion happening on the train during the derailment. Causing the death of at least 25 people, with Princess Elina and Duchess Manita of Yvira among the deaths. With Princess Elina being the wife of the Blåskovian Crown Prince, Wilan. The train was part of the Blådal Express, a private luxury train service focused on travel between Blåskog and Lapiliszna. With many Blåskovian nobles and Nystapi military officers being part of the train ride. Causing one of the worst train disasters in Nystapi and Blåskovian history. The cause of the disaster is yet unknown but Nystapi officials have claimed National Republicanist terrorists might be behind the disaster, though stated further investigation will be done.

The Blåskovian Royal Family have announced a day of mourning, with Crown Prince Wilan personally announcing he will take a break from his duties after news of his wife’s death. Stating that his focus will be on taking care of his six year old son. With the Crown Prince gaining large amounts of sympathy among the Blåskovian public, with crowds of people gathering outside the Royal Palace with posters showing their support to the ‘Soldier Prince’. With Carl IX giving his condolences to his son and grandson stating he will do what he can to lessen their duties. With the Crown Prince’s brother, Prince Torster coming home from his vacation in Aduraszna to be there for his brother. Jarlnja and Enshrined Spirit of Nystapi People, Esta the Protector and sister of the Crown Prince spoke on behalf of her realm stating that they will continue the work set forth by the two royals. The construction of the new skyscrapers, office complex and high rise apartment will be named after the perished nobles. The Jarlnja issued a day of silence for the country for the fallen officers and nobles on board with promises to finally end the Hirdist threat once and for all.

The Blåskovian Duchy of Yvira announces to have a state funeral for Duchess Manita, the Duchess being the consort of Duke Andreas IV though have grown a large reputation within Blåskog for her work in her family’s real estate business. With the Duchess being seen by many to have been more in charge of the local Duchy than her husband. Andreas IV announces his decision to also take a break from his duties, leaving the duchy’s ruling to the locally elected council. With the Duke stating he will take a long time to mourn the death of his wife and daughter.

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Date: 1st November, 2023

Breaking News: Einarists announces coup in East Atlalandr

Shocking images coming out from the East Atlalandian capital, Veridal, as soldiers lead by the disgraced general Dasker Marertitar were seen fighting National Guard personnel outside of the Prime Minister building. Only hours after the National Guard was sent to deal with large crowds of people gathered outside of the parliament attempting to storm the building to force MPs to oppose the referendum held in Mkæniszna. With President Erik Tårnet and his supporters being accused of inciting an insurrection. In TV address to the East Atlalandian people, Dasker Marertitar, and leader of the Atlalandian Einarist Party and Granddaughter of the East Atlalandian dictator Veri Våld, Elisa Våld, announced the two would be working together with the president to oppose the referendum. Stating they will protect the “National integrity and sovereignty of East Atlalandr”. This comes during a contentious moment as the East Atlalandian region of Mkæniszna is expected to hold a referendum tomorrow. With the new government already having announced that soldiers are being prepared to stop the referendum by force if it needs be. Proclaiming the referendum being organized by the “traitorous and evil Vakrela Administration”. With Mrs. Våld stated that Prime Minister Sanna Vakrela is under arrest and will have a trial for her supposed involvement in ‘treasonous’ actions.

The coup has been harshly critiqued from around the world, with prime minister Wilhelm Kirkeland announcing his government will be preparing to bring the matter to the NCEF and Crown Realm. Proclaiming that harsh international sanctions need to be placed on the coupers. The FPM of the Federation, Jeanne Pierre, has stated her concern about the coup and the democratic socialist process in the country. With the Federation being one of the few Norgsveltian allied nations to yet state if they would put sanctions on the new government officials. The harshest reaction have come from Hrafnheimr as Queen Astrid XI made an official statement of support to the Mkænian referendum with the queen warning the potentiality of conflict If the new East Atlalandian government does not change its stance towards the referendum. Stating that the Einarist government must respect the self determination of the Mkænian people. With some arguing the Kaldrbuthian position being fueled by the fact that the coupers have proclaimed they will release Darit Hevner an former general of the East Atlalandian army who was arrested for her support to the terrorist organization KRF. With her having smuggled arms to the KRF before the Ishindale Terrorist attack.

In contrast to these reactions the coup has been met with largely silence from the Tilmerian and Concordian governments. With the later urging calm from the Norgsveltian government proclaiming that sanctions would only hurt the common worker in East Atlalandr. This in spite of sanctions discussed being individual sanctions against the coupers. The UCCS arguing that both should work together to negotiate with the new government to ensure the safety of Mrs. Vakrela. With the Tilmerian government having made no statement about the coup, with Senior Governor J. J. Northern had rather made statements condemning the Kaldrbuthian Queen for her ‘hawkish’ statements. With the Senior Governor harshly condemning any nation proclaiming their support to separatist movements within Concord.

While the whereabouts of other ministers in East Atlalandr is unknown at this time Vakrela’s political party of the Socialist Republican Party (SRP) has strongly condemned the coup and announced that it will organize wide scale protests against the new government. Demanding that the coupers must release the prime minister at once. With her wife, Olivia Vakrela, urging the new government to release Sanna. The Norgsveltian and Côtois governments have given their support to the protesters.

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Date: 2nd November, 2023

Breaking News: Kaldrbuthian troops occupies Mkæniszna

In a shocking announcement this morning from Hrafnheimr, Queen Astrid XI of Kaldrbuth announced that the Kaldrbuthian Army alongside members of the Mkænian resistance group Ny’Akide Brigade have marched across the border with East Atlalandr. With the queen proclaiming it as an action to ensure the Mkænian people’s right for self determination and to ensure her nation is safe from terrorism. Claiming that the coupers in East Atlalandr are planning on supporting the KRF after the release of army general Darit Hevner who were arrested by Vakrela’s government for supplying the KRF with the equipment used in the Ishindale Bombings. The Kaldrbuthian Prime Minister Sara Ysverdatur made her own statement urging the coupers to not escalate the conflict any more than it already has. Stating that: “Mkæniszna must have the right to determine their own fate.”

According to reports from the ground the invasion force is said to be made up of two armored divisions, with some reports of fighting happening behind East Atlalandian lines. Several air strikes against valuable military targets in Mkæniszna have also been reported as HK-45 multirole fighter jets from the Kaldrbuthian Air Force are suspected to have bombed several vital infrastructure and road networks connecting East Atlalandr with Mkæniszna. Reports of several small tunnels in the mountainous territory have also been reported to suddenly collapse which have been claimed to be done by an armed group called the Mkænian Socialist Liberation Front (MSLF). With the leader of the MSLF, Ny’Mkæn, stating in a speech of resistance against the East Atlalandian authorities:

“Privænne, the time of the Anti-Akuanists fascist state of East Atlalandlr and their puppeteering masters to face the wrath of the spirits and their chosen warriors. For thousand years the monstrous assaulters of the north have oppressed us. First, they tried to force us to believe in the false spirits, then they forced us out of our lands. Then again, with their false spirits of science and lies of equality, they oppressed us. Try to break our will and faith in the true divinity. Gørn Gerjikdal, may his spirit drown in the sorrows of our ancestors. He offered us the great lie of liberalism. He told us we would be equal members of society, but as any Akuanist knows. We will never be equal in the eyes of non-Akuanists. They never valued our lives or way of life. They only give us empty platitudes and false hope. He himself was a bastard killing us in the war, and now because he gave us the smallest room to breathe we’re supposed to respect him? Where was him when hatred was on the rise? He was in his office, or shaking hands with our more cowardly kin.

There can be no mistake, Akuanists will never be treated right in any society that’s not governed by ourselves for ourselves. As it is written by the great leader Naylorbrookiszna. There can be no peace without submission to the will of the spirits and respecting their divinity. There can be no respect or submission to the spirits while fascists and their liberal allies demand our submission to them. To kowtow before a bureaucracy that only sees to force assimilate and destroy our culture in favor of their own.

As such, I ask not only for all Mkænians, but all Akuanists to discard the false promise of progressive Akuanism, and burn down the traditional Akuanism. For there is only true Akuanism, in Akuan Socialism.”

The speech was met with major criticism from the leaders of the Mkænian Independence Party (MIP), the Ny’Akide Brigade and other (religious and political) leaders from across the Akuan World which has strongly distanced themselves from Ny’Mkæn’s statements and beliefs. With the MIP leader, Maritia Ny’Zekkial, proclaiming that the Mkænian people only want the ability to decide their own future. With him urging the East Atlalandian authorities to respect their wishes and urging his countrymen to not get caught up in Ny’Mkæn’s radicalism.

The invasion has been met with outrage from Veridal as the coupers announced that they will seek to crush the “Kaldrbuthian Imperialists and the traitorous separatists”. With the East Atlalandian President Erik Tårnet and self-proclaimed Prime Director Elisa Våld announcing that they will mobilize a large section of the army to retake Mkæniszna. With over 65k troops being redirected to the now mostly occupied territory. Though some experts have questioned the East Atlalandian Army’s ability to retake the territory with the destruction of many roads and tunnels connecting the two.

The invasion has met with strong reaction from the UCCS and Tilmeria which has strongly condemned the invasion. With both the Senior Governor of Tilmeria, J. J. Northern, and the Concordian President Minerva Todd having demanded that Kaldrbuth withdraw its military forces from Mkæniszna. With Mrs. Todd stated her vocal opposition to using violence to solve the Mkænian issue, urging the Kaldrbuthian Queen to seek diplomatic means of dealing with the matter. In contrast Mr. Northern stated that Tilmeria will give its support to the East Atlalandian government in its push to stabilize itself and its complete support in the protection of East Atlalandr’s territorial integrity. With Northern stating in a press conference that: “I’ve stated it before and I will state it again. The borders of Concord are final, the decision by the Kaldrbuthian autocrat to support violent separatists is a dangerous one. We urge Kaldrbuth’s allies and the entire international community to pressure the Kaldrbuthian government to end its military operation this instance. Territorial integrity of each Concordian nation must be respected.”

Prime Minister Wilhelm Kirkeland stated in a press conference that he and his government will be watching the development of the conflict closely. He has urged restraint from both sides but has strongly condemned the East Atlalandian government’s decision to oppose the Mkænian referendum and the release of Darit Hevner. Stating that: “The coupers have shown their true face, they not just ended democracy in East Atlalandr they also showed they will impose their will on Mkæniszna. My country unequivocally supports Kaldrbuth in its fight against the illegitimate government in East Atlalandr.”

Despite requests for a comment the West Atlalandian Prime Minister, Nikkolas Bjarnvikdal, has refused to comment on the conflict. Having simply reiterated that the coup in East Atlalandr is a worrisome sign and proclaiming that the goal will remain the reunification of Atlalandr. When asked If West Atlalandr would recognise an independent Mkæniszna the prime minister just reiterated that: “I seek the territorial integrity for the entirety of the Kingdom of Atlalandr, all which has been occupied by either the Republicans in the East or by the Tilmerian government.”

FPM Jeanne Pierre refused to comment on the conflict but stated her denouncement of the East Atlalandian coup and will continue her reiteration of the return of the democratically elected government. Additionally placing sanctions on key figures in the East Atlalandian military and offering to host cease-fire talks between the conflicting parties regardless of the state of the coup.

Many experts question how likely the cease-fire talks would be successful as both Kaldrbuthian and East Atlalandian governments intensity their rhetoric against each other. With the conflict over Mkæniszna being the first conventional war on Concord since the Violet Restoration War in the 1960s.

One of the tunnels destroyed by the MSLF



Date: 6th January, 2024

Breaking News: Carl IX of Blåskog assassinated!

A recent announcement from the Blåskovian Royal House has revealed the news that the Blåskovian King, Carl IX of House Torhall, was assassinated at the Royal Palace. With the perpetrator being claimed to be Duke Andreas IV of Yvira, who was shot dead by one of the king’s guards. The Royal House alongside Blåskovian police have urged calm over the topic as further investigations will be ongoing. The sudden death of the Blåskovian king has been met with shock among general Blåskovian society, with many commentators stating their confusion of why a member of Blåskog’s nobility would assassinate the king who was criticized for his pro-aristocratic policies.

When reached out to comment about the assassination the king’s eldest son, Crown Prince Wilan, has claimed that he had seen his father and father-in-law Andreas having several heated arguments in the past. With Wilan also claiming the Duke had heavily opposed a recent bill which would ban Blåskovian elves from settling up lands in Lapiliszna If it was taken from former Nystapi residents. Which has been a source of major new economic growth for the Duke’s estate companies in the country. With the bill being part of larger reforms that the Crown Prince has claimed he and his father made for the betterment of Akuanists in Blåskog. We have tried to reach out to the late-king’s other children such as Jarlynja Esta of Lapiliszna and Prince Torster, but both have stated they wish to stay alone with their families to mourn their father’s death. With the Crown Prince having refused to comment any further for similar reasons.

While the police and intelligence service in the country has stated the investigation is still underway they have revealed that there was clear signs of a struggle between the king and the perpetrator. With no signs of weapons being used against the king. Instead claiming the king was choked to death by the Duke.

Condolences have been sent from around the world to Blåskog as the country is already making preparations for the funeral of the controversial king. High Priestess of Noraida, Ava III and the Grand Marshal of Noraida, Argv Caer, having stated their deep condolences to the Blåskovian Royal Family. With both leaders praising the King’s reign.

His Majesty Olav I stated his own condolences to the Blåskovian Royal House in a video message. In which the king stated that he had many disagreements during Carl IX’s reign, but stated his shock and sorrow at the news. During the message he stated his deep sympathies to the late-king’s children and the grief they are dealing with. Urging the children to reach out to his family, while ending the video with reassuring the new king Wilan I that the Allguardian’s Wisdom was guiding them.

New king of Blåskog, Wilan I of House Torhall


Date: 1st March, 2024

Breaking News: Tangrland nationalizes a Vistari company as diplomatic tensions over Salisar grows.

As Tangrian backed separatists in Salisar continues to solidify their control of the Eastern Awawelat region, the Minister-President of Tangrland, Sigrid Basgu, has announced in a press conference that her government will be moving to immediately nationalize assets from the Vistari and Concordian corporations of A.W.C and J.F.G that been operating in the country for a long time. The A.W.C being notable as an rather large subsidiary of the Vistari megacorporation of INTCO. With Mrs. Basgu claiming the government has not been able to reach a satisfactory agreement with the two corporations over the matter of worker protections and wages. With her stating in the press conference that if any other corporation wanted to continue operating within Tangrian territory they will have to obey the new standards set by the government.

The Tangrian Minister of Finance, Eltûn Sukkr, being part of the press conference did clarify that the government will be financially compensating the corporations for their losses while explaining that all assets seized will be used to continue developing the Tangrian economy. When asked about the potential loss of expertise from this move Mrs. Sukkr stated that the Tangrian government will be working with the RCEU and fellow members of the NCEF to offset such a loss.

While the government keeps insisting that the move is the result of failure to come to agreement after a year of negotiations it has come during the backdrop of diplomatic confrontation between Tangrland and Vistaraland over the Salisian Civil War. With the Salisian government failing to capture back territories from separatist militias after direct involvement from the Tangrian Air Force during December of last year. With the Vistari military having armed the Salisian government with new air defense systems as an attempt to counter Tangrian air dominance. With both countries having withdrawn ambassadors from each other as a result. With the conflict having been brought up to the Council of Gondwana (COG), leading to heated arguments between the Vistari and Tangrian representatives within the organization. With the latter accusing the former of having set up a ‘puppet state’ in Salisar. One which was harshly denied by the Vistari government.

The Gondwanan country of Nauxos has recently stated their position on the Salisian conflict during the discussion within COG, with the country announcing their decision to send sapiant aid to Salisar. With the country also announcing its interests to support the Salisian government in dealing with the separatists. Which resulted with the Tangrian government having threatened to withdraw its ambassador from the country.

After a vote within the organization, the COG has officially brought up the conflict to the IF Security Council. With Co-chair of the COG, Nakandra Estrai Vantovar, having gone to IF headquarters in Rilanon to bring attention to the matter. With the Norgsveltian representative to the Security Council, Tane Fiocte, stating that: “The immediate interest of the international community should be on working towards a ceasefire to the conflict. We must bring the immediate cessation of hostilities from both sides of the conflict.”

While Tangrland’s continued involvement in the conflict has led to some condemnations, with the Norgsveltian government having urged an end to the air campaign, it has led others to support Tangrland’s efforts. With Eyjaria’s Social Democratic Labour Party (SDLP) bringing up a motion to Eyjaria’s parliament to vote on the diplomatic recognition of East Awawelat. With the SDLP being a junior coalition partner in the ruling government of the Agrarian Party (AP), it is expected that it will gain support from Eyjaria’s agrarian conservatives. Though prime minister Kjolf Bardsen has refused to comment on the vote.

The Côtois government has been an outspoken supporter of Tangrland and the East Awawelat, being the second nation to recognize the East Awawelat government. The Red Crown Economic Union is hosting an on-going debate on support for East Awawelat, with the Côtois diplomats gathering support in Gondwana to recognize the breakaway native state.

The Tangrian government will be receiving assistance from the Federation of the Southern Coast of Lapérouse during its nationalization process. FPM Pierre directed the Minister of Economy and Finance, Placide Fabre to provide assistance in terms of acting as a mediator between the corporations being nationalized, sending in inspectors to assess the value of assets and provide additional education visas to the Tangrian peoples. The education visas, being primary for business and commerce degrees, assist with the translation from capitalistic private firms to state-owned enterprises. In addition, the Côtois and Tangrian governments announced a partnership during the nationalization process to establish a more long-term plan for the new state-own companies.


Date: 7th March 2024

Breaking News: The IF calls for an cease fire in Salisar

After days of debate a vote was held within the IF’s Security Council it was voted with a large majority of the council representatives to call for an end of hostilities within the Salisian Civil War. Which has been met with approval from several countries, but with the council seeking a third party mediator to be involved in the ceasefire negotiations. With the leaders of two leading separatist militias: Ferhad Virêvir, commander of the Birctish Defence Legion (BDL), and Valni Saûdatur, commander of the Blandigar Frontier Legion (BFL), both stating they are in favor of starting negotiations with the Salisian government. Proclaiming that they are willing to negotiate with the government, yet that they will stand steadfast for the independence of what they consider their homeland.

The Salisian Chancellor, Andries Hertz has reiterated his government’s position that Salisar would not be willing to negotiate directly with the insurgent, ‘terroristic’ forces present in East Awawelat on a basis which does not acknowledge them as such, however is willing to open a dialogue with the Minister-President of Tangrland, Sigrid Basgu, to see order and international law returned to the region. He also reaffirmed his firm, uncompromising opposition to violations of Salisian integrity and sovereignty by both internal and external actors.

Despite the conflicting and contrasting statements between the leaders of the conflict, it showed the first open attitude towards beginning ceasefire negotiations between the two sides. With the intensity in the front line having been calmed in recent days including reports of the Tangrian Air Force having lowered the intensity of its bombing campaign. While the fighting continues it claimed that it had become more sporadically rather than the intense fighting back in December.

The Norgsveltian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Viskir Tordtar, has said that he welcomes the call for a ceasefire and stated that Norgsveldet shall stand fast in the commitment to ensuring stability within North Gondwana. Further stating that: “The international community and the Security Council has a great responsibility to solving this seven year long civil conflict. It is easy to focus on who is in the moral right in a conflict, but at the current moment an end of hostilities and dissuading escalation from both sides should be the most important step to go towards now.”

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Date: 13th March 2024

Breaking News: Norgsveldet to mediate ceasefire as East Awawelat sympathy grows globally

It has been recently revealed that the IFSC has been nominated Norgsveldet to mediate the ceasefire negotiations for the Salisar Civil War. According to a statement put forward by the Minister-President of Tangrland, Sigrid Basgu, her government is willing to negotiate with the Salisian government on the behalf of the separatists. This in spite of previous reluctance to do so, with her having previously requested that any cease negotiations should be held between the Salisian government and the East Awawelat separatists directly.

The cease fire negotiations have revealed that it will take place in the Crown Territory of Gustafsborg. The Norgsveltian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Viskir Tordtar, has reassured that he and diplomats from Salisar and Tangrland are already on their way to start the negotiations. Mr. Tordtar has also made it clear that he understands the sympathies any nation might have to either Salisian government or the separatists but suggests that they should stay out of the conflict so the negotiations can go more smoothly.

The suggestion comes during a time of unprecedented high international sympathy to the East Awawelat separatists. With many nations around the world having started to recognise the self proclaimed Collective Republic of Awawelat as an independent nation, in spite of the outrage from Salisar. With almost every member within the RCEU voting in favor of recognising the break away nation. With the prime minister of Eyjaria, Kjolf Bardsen, proclaiming his government will recognise the break away nation as well.

Within Gondwana there has been the biggest increase in the amount of recognition of East Awawelat. With the RCEU members of Zemeprievadai and Auravas recognising it. Other Gondwanan nations such as Meremaa, Augustia, Elissia, Ayaupia and Mizore all have recognized the nation as well among several others. It is believed that this recent international push for diplomatic recognition of East Awawelat was the result of active Federation diplomacy. With the Federation being among one of the first states to recognise East Awawelat together with Tangrland. East Awawelat also got diplomatic recognition from the Arcturian nation of Peragen, being the second UCA member to recognize the state after Eyjaria. With Peragen being also the second IF Security Council member to recognise East Awawelat, with the Federation being the only other council member to do so.

Despite the increase of international recognition and diplomatic support to the break away nation the majority of the international community recognises Salisian claims to the entire Awawelat region. With the Gondwanan nation of Nauxos going against the recent Gondwanan trend by actively supporting the Salisian government by supplying them with small arms equipment and the sending of military advisers. This has led to outrage from Mærhalen who have withdrawn their ambassador from the country.

Tangrian bombing campaign has led to large destruction of much the region’s enviorment

_ _

Date: 20th March 2024

Breaking News: The Mkænian War wages on in the sky

Despite the quick take over of the entirety of Mkæniszna back in November and the subsequent declaration of Mkæniszna’s independence after an Mkænian held referendum the war continues on as the East Atlalandian government rejects any calls for a cease fire. With the East Atlalandian army being incapable of doing a full ground assault on the region as a result of the destruction of the Mkænian tunnel networks that connected the break away state with the rest of East Atlalandr. With the war largely being continued in the sky as the Atlalandian Republican Air Force (ARAF) with support from the Tilmerian Air Force (TAF) actively engaged with the Kaldrbuthian Air Force (KAF) over the Mkænian region. With limited success as reports from both sides confirmed large losses of fighter jets on the East Atlalandr side. With some estimates putting it that East Atlalandr lost 60% of its air force during the course of the conflict. It has been contributed as a result of the major quality differences between the two nations air forces with the KAF being equipped with the multirole stealth fighters of HK-45s. The losses also contributed to the capturing of anti-air batteries during the beginning stages of the war and deployment of more advanced anti-air systems into the region.

Though the Kaldrbuth have secured air supremacy in the region it has not stopped East Atlalandr to send volleys of missiles towards the Mkænian region. Reports of its effectiveness have varied with the Kaldrbuthian government announcing that 10 Kaldrbuthian service women had died from a recent missile attack from East Atlalandr. With them claiming the majority of the missiles have been successfully shot down.

The Tilmerian government has recently announced that they are massively increasing missile production capability to help continue supplying East Atlalandr’s armed forces. With the Senior Governor of Tilmeria, J. J. Northern, stating that he will be in dialogue with UCCS’s president, Minerva Todd, about the need of a coordinated support for East Atlalandr within the Ellsvisse Accords (EA). Proclaiming that: “The EA must work together in opposition to Kaldrbuth’s aggression. We must supply East Atlalandr with the equipment it needs to win, and we must to continue push the international community to condemn Kaldrbuth and demand the country’s withdrawal from the region.”

In Norgsveldet support to Kaldrbuth and Mkæniszna remains high with Norgsveldet being among the few to recognise Mkæniszna’s independence from East Atlalandr. This in spite of opposition to Mkæniszna’s independence in West Atlalandr. The West Atlalandian prime minister, Nikkolas Bjarnvikdal, reiterated once more his country’s claim to the region and continued to demand the Kaldrbuthian government to give the region’s administration duties to his country. Said demands were still met with rejections among the Kaldrbuthian government. With the Kaldrbuthian prime minister, Sara Ysverdatur, urging Mr. Bjarnvikdal to recognise the Mkænian people’s right to self determination.

Mkæniszna has also recently expanded its territory as well. As Crown Princess Astrid of Kaldrbuth met with the Mkænian Prime Minister, Ny’Zekkial Rasmussen, to hold a ceremony to officially unite Mkæniszna with the Kaldrbuthian Mkæniszna or also known as South Mkæniszna. While minor in terms of border changes it was met with large celebration in Mkæniszna. With Mr. Rasmussen stated his thanks to the Kaldrbuthian Crown, and proclaimed the unification ceremony as a symbol of the fraternal relationship between the two country’s people. The territorial exchange was met with surprise among the political opposition in Kaldrbuth, though no large protests were held over it. With the majority of political parties in the Kaldrbuthian parliament voicing their support to the exchange which has come largely as a request from the Kaldrbuthian Queen.

Kaldrbuthian HK-45 firing a missile

_ _

Date: 30th January 2024

Breaking News: Johanna Sverdrup becomes prime minister of Vakrestrender

As the Valkyr parliament election comes to a close the Pro-Dependence coalition wins the election once more, with the Valkyr-Akuan Democratic Family and Tradition party becoming the Crown State’s largest political party. This comes to little surprise as the Pro-Dependence coalition has won the huge majority of Vakrestrender’s elections. With the Pro-Dependency coalition winning a combined electoral result of 66.94% of Vakrestrender’s votes. With the combined vote for Pro-Independence parties being at 32.06%. Though what has come as a surprise was Family and Tradition’s decision back in December to replace its outgoing leader Ingeborg Hove with former Norgsveltian prime minister, Johanna Sverdrup, as the Party’s new leader. With Mrs. Hove had stated she was going to retire after the election to spend more time with her family.

Johanna Sverdrup made a speech in Vakrestrender’s capital of Vakkerhavfruebukt thanking the support her party has gotten from the public, proclaiming she will be steadfast ensuring Vakrestrender remains part of Norgsveldet. She also promised that further funding would be spent on charter schools in Vakrestrender. During the speech she also announced that she would want to ensure further focus to put on the OTA, speaking in favor of integration projects between OTA members.

The announcement of Sverdrup’s position as the Crown State’s newest prime minister has come as a surprise to many within the Norgsveltian speaking world. Especially after the controversial reveal of her dating the Jarl of Vakrestrender, Jørgen Bjørn. The NNN has tried to reach out to the Jarl about the election, but have failed to get in touch. With Sverdrup’s controversy over the constitutional crisis in Norgsveldet two years ago the NNN has also reached out to his majesty King Olav I about the election, with the king refusing to do so. Rather stating it be a matter for his prime minister to comment on.

As of current date of writing prime minister Wilhelm Kirkeland have been unavailable to comment about the election.

Olav’s Beard, the youngest of the Queen’s royal foxes, announced his position on the situation as. “Yelp.” Shortly followed by an attempted theft of a NNN’s microphone and the successful theft of a reporter’s bag of chips.

Johanna Sverdrup, former prime minister of Norgsveldet and now prime minister of Vakrestrender



Date: 30th March, 2024

Breaking News: Mærhalen Summit comes to an end.

The Tangrian hosted diplomatic summit in Mærhalen has finally come to an end with the participating nations agreeing on cooperating far closer in economic, diplomatic and even security fields. With the three nations of Tangrland, Meremaa and Hlenderia agreeing on finding a diplomatic solution with their respective territorial disputes with Great Morstaybishlia. With the three also stating in unison that they back each other’s territorial claims. Though it is unlikely to change Morstaybishlian control of the disputed territories of Kystland, Balidar and Dalamaghar, it is seen as an unprecedented change in rhetoric. The nations have historically kept quiet about their disputes. While Hlenderia still doesn’t officially claim the overseas Morstaybishlian territory of Jorelsia, it has become a growing matter of discussion within the small Gondwanan nation after the recent summit. With the Tangrian Minister-President, Sigrid Basgu, making a clear statement that: “Should the Hlenderian government make an official claim to the territory of Jorelsia, then they will have my full support. My country will trust their judgment.”

While the summit was largely about the countries disputes and issues with Great Morstaybishlia’s overseas territories in Gondwana, it has also led to new cross continent cooperation between the three. With three agreeing on fostering closer economic ties. While the Tangrian and Meremain economies already are closely connected as a result of the two nation’s membership in the NCEF, which lead to heavy economic integration between the two North Gondwanan nations. Same cannot be said with the South Gondwanan nation of Hlenderia which has little existing economic ties with the other two. Despite this, Tangrland and Meremaa announced at the end of the summit that they will be seeking to invest into the nation’s fishing and industrial sectors. With both agreeing on seeking further NCEF investments into Hlenderia. Already the two have agreed to invest 4 billion UKR (2 billion SHD) into the country. Meremaa’s prime minister, Talinat Dusmas, stated in a press conference after the summit that she will be seeking closer bonds between the two in marine industries. Stating her nation could learn from Hlenderia’s larger and more prosperous fishing industry.

Biggest change might however come from the security field, with Mrs. Basgu announcing that her military will start cooperating closer with Hlenderia’s. According to both her and Hlenderian representative to the summit, Gilantus Relennu, the Tangrian Army will send a brigade to the country to help train the Hlenderian Army. With Basgu stated she will help the country as it tries to improve the capability of its armed forces. With her stating that if the Hlenderian government would request it she would help its air force in the procurement of HK-22 fighter jets.

The Norgsveltian government has stated its support to the Tangrian initiative of further cross Gondwanan cooperation, and is supportive of the countries seeking dialogue with the MBE over their territorial disputes. Though made no official statement of support to the claims themselves.

Talinat Dusmas, Prime Minister of Meremaa

_ _

Date: 2nd April

Breaking News: New Blåskovian PM as coronation plans continues

As preparations for the coronation are underway for Blåskog’s new king, Wilan I of House Torhall, it has been revealed by the king’s younger brother, Prince Torster, that Berik Dalgerson will be resigning from his position as prime minister. With Dalgerson being the Duke of Vattenfors and close friend of late king Carl IX. With Dalgerson being replaced by Hilda Stenberg who was the Blåskovian prime minister during the invasion of Syrtænaszna, only being replaced by Dalgerson after the end of the invasion. With the past king having blamed the invasion on Stenberg.

Stenberg during the press conference announced that the government will be reorganized in cooperation with the Common Council. With new ministers being replaced by members of the National Alliance, a political alliance made up of members from the King’s Party (KP), Ulvriktru Party for Democracy (UPD) and the Party for National Strength (PNS). According to Stenberg her government will be working towards implementing ‘much needed’ reforms to Blåskovian institutions. While what the much needed reforms are is yet to be known, Prince Torster have stated that Stenberg has the full support of the Crown in pursuing said reforms.

Despite the lack of description of the reforms it has been speculated by some political experts on Blåskovian politics that it be the first sign of the new king’s attempt to weaken the country’s nobility. Though many stated their surprise of replacing Dalgerson with Stenberg, with Mrs. Stenberg had previously been known to oppose reforms during her time as prime minister. Causing speculations over how extensive said reforms will actually be.


Potrait of Hilda Stenberg, the new prime minister of Blåskog

_ _

Date: 10th April, 2024

Breaking News: Ceasefire agreed in Salisar

After almost a month of negotiations between the Tangrian and Salisian governments, a four year ceasefire has finally been agreed upon and declared between the Salisian government forces and the East Awawelat separatists. With both forces finally agreeing to cease hostilities almost a month after the ceasefire resolution was passed in the IFSC. The IF backed ceasefire was mediated by the Norgsveltian government, with the foreign minister Viskir Tordtar having stated that all sides have come to an respectful agreement. While some of the agreement has not been yet fully revealed to the public, most of it has. Mainly over matters of:

Both sides will end their hostilities for four years, Tangrland will agree to no longer militarily intervene into Salisar and a IF led peacekeeping force will be sent to enforce the cease fire. Both the Salisian and Tangrian governments agreed to meet up again before the cease fire is up. Viskir Tordtar stated that if IFSC will allow it, Norgsveldet is ready to lead the peace keeping force.

The cease fire has been celebrated by the East Awawelat separatist militia leaders of Ferhad Virêvir and Valni Saûdatur, with both claiming it as a victory for East Awawelat. With them ensuring that their break away state will be organizing fair legislative elections soon. With Mrs. Saûdatur proclaiming that they will be organizing East Awawelat into a democratic and federal state. Which claims that been reinforced by Mr. Virêvir, who added that more autonomy will be given to the different communes and counties in East Awawelat. With Mr. Virêvir’s theo-socialist views have garnered him some controversies with aggressive statements against religious minorities in the breakaway state. With many expecting him to create his own theo-socialist party for the legislative elections.

Ferhad Virêvir, leader of the Tangrianist Socialist seperatist militia called the Birctish Defence Legion (BDL)


Date: 30th March, 2024

Breaking News: The Valkyr Self Defence Bill Passes

By a slim margin, Valkyr parliament approves the passing the Valkyr Defence Bill which would begin the process of establishing a permanent military for the country and create the Ministry of Defence. The controversial bill approves an initial high level of spending that will slowly decrease over the coming decades.

Formerly Vakrestrender was a pacifist nation, relying competently on the Norgsveltian and the Crown Realm military for security, both internal and external. High threat situations, like active shooters, hostage situations having to be completely done by NCIS officers. Security for the Valkyr royal family, also completely NCIS officers. Even more-so Valkyr police officers are not assigned firearms as the country is one of the safest countries in the world. Violent crime was practically unheard of until the events of the 5/5. Still violent crime is quite low on the isles however after the terrorist attack there was an increasing pressure on Valkyr politicians to rethink Valkyr security for policing and defense purposes.

Norgsveltian military have long tried to recruit more Valkyr in the military through the decades, starting in the 1960s. As Vakrestrender is not subject to the former Norgsveltian conscription law. Recruiters have tried various different recruitment strategies, including benefit packages, choice of deployment and so-forth. However, Valkyr on cultural grounds of pacifism have traditionally refused, with the record high in 2017 with 200 native-born Valkyr joining the Norgsveltian military. As result, many military experts and advisers are questioning the ability of a potential Valkyr military at all due to sapient-power shortages.

Politically, the movement for establishing a military in Vakrestrender start after the Red Crown Terrorist Attack. Alongside the movement to ban personal-use vehicles, which did pass through parliament. Despite the growing popular opinion of establishing a defense force, many in the Akuan fundmentalist community in Vakrestrender have led protests and counter-protests against establishing a defense force on any grounds. Despite the outline of the bill specifically citing that the new military would be primarily based around law enforcement in high-threat situations, in cases of disasters or incidents of terrorist attacks like the 5/5 terrorist attack.

The creation and proposal of the bill was driven by PM Sverdrup, being part of her campaign during the election. Valkyr PM Sverdrup and the Norgsveltian PM Kirkeland held public discussions about the establishment of the Valkyr Defense Forces. Norgsveltian Armed Forces being directly in charge of them but with the understanding that the Valkyr military will not be moved out of Vakrestrender. Norgsveltian Army General Wrongson, the son of political theorist Øistein Wrongson. Has released new information after the discussion between the PMs, about the Norgsveltian recruiting strategy that new recruits that contracted to the army for at least 6 years will be assigned to the VDF or stationed at Vakrestrender for their last year. Which has led to almost immediate rise in new recruits for the army.

Vakrestrender has begun negotiations with members of the Crown Realm for military equipment purchases and is believed to end sometime in the next three weeks. The Minister of Defense will be temporary filled by PM Sverdrup, until a minister with suitable experience can be found.

Protests have been recorded across the islands of Vakrestrender, having both Akuanist fundamentalists and secular Akuanists taking part, in a surprising showing of unity between the two communities. Though Vakkerhavfruebukt, the capital of the Crown State formally had the largest protest, it broke down after secularist and the fundamentalists began to argue with each other. The police having been called in to separate the groups after a secularist tossed a balloon filled with dyed water at a fundamentalist. The balloon missed the fundamentalist, and hit a nearby police officer.


Date: 21st April, 2024

Breaking News: Fatherland Party comes under-fire for new election strategy

The Fatherland Party has come under heavy criticism by the People’s Worker Party and the Labour Party for a inflammority new ad campaign produced by the far-right party. Even leading to tensions within the Religious Bloc for the inflammatory comments made during it. The ad campaign started by Rosia in an attempt to appeal to the Akuanists within Nyveldet. The ad was primarily in Nys’tat’en there was a translation made to be in Norgsveltian. It was noted by many native speakers of Nys’tat’en for speaking far too slowly and more than a few slip ups with the pronunciation of the certain words. As a result, of the slowness of the speaking, the ad was edited to speed up Rosia’s voice in the ad, giving her an unnatural and squeaky tone. Confusing many Akuanists thinking it was a prank ad or a comedy bit for the Early Evening Show on NNN at 7PM.

[The ad opens up with Rosia sitting outside of a Hakonffee, with a reusable coffee cup on the table being shown directly towards the camera.]

“This is a video dedicated to the Akuan Community within Nyveldet. My name is Rosia Sannadatur, leader of the Fatherland Party, and I hope the spirits are guiding you on this day. Despite what you might hear from the mainstream media and other political parties, I want to make it clear, my party is not in any way or form against the Akuan Community. You, like us Ulvriktruars, are valuable members of our nation. We have worked together in unity ever since the Great War, in which Haakon, may the spirits carry his late soul, have ensured unity between our people. His decision to create specific districts for your people has been a great way to ensure your protection. Though, it is unfortunate that certain forces want to get rid of it. You likely noticed that certain parties that want to get rid of the promise Haakon made to you all. We both know what I’m talking about, a certain group of people that out of jealousy has lashed out against you all. With said group having constantly diminished your pain to get people to focus on them, instead of sympathizing with yours. Now, I do not blame them. They have experienced great pain themselves, but they are emotional beings. They are quick to anger, and I am afraid said anger will cause a conflict to brew between you and them. As such I urge you, as a fellow traditionalist, to vote for my party. It is the only way to ensure this conflict does not happen.”

[There is a sharp cut, with the reusable coffee cup missing. There was a few seconds of silence before Rosia spoke up again, letting out a sigh as she did so.]

“All people need their own homeland. Us Ulvriktruars? We have several. Ademarists? They have Asendavia and Vistaraland. Akuanists? There are several nations as well. But, Duarists? There is only one, and it’s one hated by almost every Duarist out there. No one would ever move into Noraida. As such lack of homelands has caused Duarists to turn to crime and hatred. As such, they deserve their own homeland. One further into the jungle, one independent and far from foreign influence. They, like you, deserve their own regions. It is better for the all of us that Akuanists stay in their districts and that tieflings go into the regions of Å-Å-”

[Another sharp cut, with a piece of paper now on the table underneath Rosia’s elbow]

“Ånslan and Duarlan, in which I am in favor of giving complete independence too. We must encourage our Duarist siblings to move into these areas, it’s for their own best. It is in the interest of us all. Now, I know this might not be a popular idea and I understand that. But I believe this is a discussion that must be held. So I hope that at least within the Akuan Community, this gets actually discussed. Afterall, aren’t you tired of the People’s Workers Party constantly harassing you? Having their members not respecting you? How often have you heard those socialists make offensive jokes about your culture? How often do you get asked if you are from Nystatiszna? Would it not just be better to live… separately from them?

Well, I guess that is not for me to decide. But if you wanna talk about these solutions? Then you won’t find them within the establishment. Join the Fatherland Party, be a part of the solution.”

Reactions to the ad campaign have been met with a large deal of confusion, primarily due to Rosia’s past comments about the Akuan community and the editing style. The Akuanists in Nyveldet particularly were confused about the Hakonffee cup, it being a version sold in Osfjord rather than Nyveldet. Additionally her mispronunciation of Haakon’s name in Nys’tat’en led to many having to look for a transcript of the ad to understand who she was talking about. Many points during the ad, the video was cut and had a change of speed in her speech. Additionally several memes have spawned off of the ad, due to Rosia sped up lips and voice.

The Akuan Interest Party released a statement about the ad, stating their own confusion about the ad. Citing concerns of her mispronunciation of several important words and hopes that Rosia continues to practice her Nys’tat’en, despite her anti-Akuanist values she propagates with her party. The Ulvriktru Democrats released a statement reiterating that Rosia’s ad campaign does not reflect values agreed upon by the Religious Bloc’s manifesto.

The PWP and Labour have harshly criticized the ad, with both parties pointing towards the fact that the majority of Duarists in Ånslan and Duarlan do not want independence from Norgsveldet. With the leader of the PWP, Merli Cirivele, accusing Rosia of pushing segregationist policies hidden behind a veneer of self-determination. With Merli also accusing Rosia’s party of pushing false narratives about Duarlan’s and Ånslan’s crime rates.


Date: 29th April, 2024

Breaking News: New PWP election strategy backfires

With parliamentary election being held this year several of political parties already begun redoubling their campaign efforts ahead of the election in November. With the left wing People’s Workers Party (PWP) having recently released an viral Pigeon post attempting to appeal to Akuan voters, with the leader of the PWP, Merli Cirivele, appearing in the short video of the viral post. The video having been criticised for ignorance about the Akuan faith:

[Ads starts of with Merli smiling to the camera giving it a wave, with upbeat music in the background]

“Look I’m not here to pretend my party hasn’t made it shares of mistakes, or that we don’t have our own issues with bigotry. But here is the thing, we consistently been the party fighting hardest for the economically weakest in society. We actively look to right the wrongs our nation has committed, both towards Akuanists and Duarists. We should stand together in solidarity, all of us in opposition to oppression.

My party fundamentally believes in one thing, in the protection of the oppressed. The UD believes they have the right to regulate love life of citizens, we in the PWP believe that is an inherently private affair. It is wrong of our institutions to limit Akuanists the right to have multiple partners, why should we restrict something that Akua herself had plenty of afterall?

The other parties? Like LNP and NCP? They keep pushing towards economic policies that benefit the rich, being in the pockets of corporations like Jotun. They push for economic policies that hurt us the most, but If we stand together we can push for further support to our communities. To working class families of this country.

I know the UD and AIP like to convince you that Federalisation is the answer to your problems, but let me tell you this. It’s not. My party is not fan of the things the central government has done, but it wasn’t the home guard that beat down tiefling teenagers in Duarlan and Ånslan. It was the Nyveldian police. It was the home guard that dealt with the NNF terrorists, while the Nyveldian police had a long history looking the other way. We need a better government yes, but that does not mean the need to weaken the government.

An vote for the PWP, is a vote for a fairer tomorrow and a vote for solidarity.”

[Video ends with the logo of the PWP, it being of a red fist]

The ad was extremely criticized by the North Concordian Shrine Federation, AIP, Akuan wing of the UD, several LP senior party members, and numerous other Akuan organizations due to the perceived complete deliberate misunderstanding of Akua’s role.

High Brewmaster of Osfjord, Ida Ny’Solbenorsen released her own statement on Radio Nys’tat’en. Long-time listeners and friends of Mrs. Ny’Solbenorsen, stated their surprise due to her tone and aggressive rhetoric by the High Brewmaster. She later clarified she was deeply troubled and disappointed in the PWP. However did give a apology to Merli Cirivele, if her words caused her any lost sleep and invited her a cup of tea in Osfjord. Below is a translated transcript of her statement from the radio.

“For Akuanists it held the view of Akua as an extremely flawed spirit despite her role in creating of sapient life. Akua was an awful mother, destructive drunk, extremely cruel and abused her partners. It wasn’t until she found her peace and was forgiven by the first Akuanists, she became truly mother of us all. The stories and legends of her having multiple partners, was never to be taken as a approval. She shared many in her bedroom, because she was greedy and lustful, not caring nor loving her partners. To come out and so bluntly invoke Akua’s relationships, one of the foundations of our faith and culture. Then to come away with the utterly opposite view of what our stories tell, has to be a deliberate decision. It is inconceivable that a modern political party, seeking the Akuan vote wouldn’t have asked a Brewmaster about the subject matter before bringing it out into the public. Multi-marriages are, for Akuanists, an extremely lengthy ordeal which requires discussion with not only each other, but with the community, their friends and their brewmaster. It’s a long process, of insuring that the marriage between everyone is not only compatible but the partners have the tools and understanding necessary for a loving relationship. To be so lazy to suggest that it should be made easier, shows a lack of understanding and on top of the clearly deliberate attempt to misinform the public about Akua. Having multiple partners, mind you are already a very delicate issue with our Ulvriktru kin as is. All of this, by a modern day, large political party. I simply refuse to believe that they wouldn’t have the foresight to discuss this with a Brewmaster or a Akuan politician.”

Henry Ny’Apiran, a Akuan political commentator replied to the video with video from the Abortion Protests in Nyveldet. The video showing a Akuan woman being dragged away by the Home Guard from the clinic while a Nyveldian police officer stopping the soldiers and helping the woman up to her feet. Alongside of which he commented “I don’t remember Nyveldian police officers beating and dragging mothers away from their constitutionally protected right to protest against baby murdering. Though I do remember quite a few Duarists cheering on as they arrested them.”

AIP official Pigeon account replied to the video with a screenshot of the PWP’s position on abortion and the removal of Akuan privileges for Akuan districts.

Åsmund Ny’Elsen, leader of the Akuan Wing of the Ulvriktru Democrats also replied to the video by sending two screenshots of the parliament votes held on the Mkænian War. First being a vote over giving political support to Kaldrbuth and condemning East Atlalandian coup, the second being about the vote recognising Mkæniszna as an independent state. In which both votes the PWP was the only political party to have all members vote no. Over the screenshots Ny’Elsen wrote caption saying: “Is this how you stand with the oppressed?”

After the heavy backlash to the video, the PWP Pigeon official account since then has deleted the video with Mrs. Cirivele quickly apologised for what she said. Proclaiming she was ignorant over the general view of Akua. It is not yet known if she have taken Ny’Solbenorsen’s offer to meet for a cup of tea.

The Fatherland Party leader, Rosia Sannadatur, posted on Pigeon as well. Asking to have the cup of tea with Mrs. Ny’Solbenorsen and that her party actually has Nys’tat’en speakers in it as well understands the broad Akuan view of Akua unlike the PWP.

Merli Cirivele, leader of the People’s Workers Party


Date: 31st May, 2024

Breaking News: Ceasefire in Mkæniszna

After two weeks of negotiations between the Kaldrbuthian and East Atlalandian governments a temporary ceasefire has finally come into effect. The conflict has become a much tentious geopolitical topic within Concord, with the IF Security Council demanding a cease fire over the conflict. The neutral country of Nisserige hosted the ceasefire talks within its capital of Grünefeld, with the country acting as mediator during the cease fire talks. Though hostilities have ceased and the East Atlalandian military has ended its bombing campaign into Mkæniszna, no official peace treaty yet to be written. With peace talks still being underway and discussed between diplomats of the three countries. Nisserige’s Chancellor, Wendel Peters, when asked by the NNN made this statement about the ceasefire and the peace process: “As of today, the Queendom of Kaldrbuth and the Social Republic of Atlalandr have signed a temporary ceasefire regarding the Mkænian Conflict. A peace treaty has not yet been written, but the ceasefire will allow for greater diplomatic cooperation towards that eventual goal. For the sake of the stability of Concord’s future, we hope all parties involved are able to come to a peaceful solution.”

Representatives from the IFSC has stated their relief over the end of hostilities, and has urged Kaldrbuth and East Atlalandr to find a peaceful solution. With the Tavari ambassador to the Security Council, Ano Nevran Tekoši, stating that: “The Kingdom of Tavaris is pleased to see the ceasefire go into effect, and while there is still progress to be made, we have utmost confidence in the negotiations led by Nisserige to find a permanent lasting solution to the conflict. Truly the most important thing is that the ceasefire brings an end to the immediate violence. We implore those involved to continue working towards peace, a goal we surely all share.”

Wendel Peters, Chancellor of the Republic of Nisserige

The quickness in which a ceasefire was agreed upon has come as a surprise to many, though many have pointed towards this as a result of the East Atlalandian military running low in supplies, specifically in missile ammunition, to continue the conflict. With Veridal’s biggest ally, Tilmeria, having failed to convince the UCCS and other Ellsvisse Accords (EA) aligned states to support East Atlalandr. With the UCCS continuously stating its push for a peaceful solution to the conflict, and rejected calls to supply East Atlalandr. It is thought by some that East Atlalandr is looking for a temporary ceasefire to restock on lost military equipment.

While the cessation of hostilities has been seen as positive development by the rest international community, it has been met with large scale nationalist protests in East Atlalandr against the hardline Einarist government of Elisa Våld. With the protesters questioning the purpose of her coup If she can’t enforce the territorial integrity of the country. All of this is seen as increasing the crisis happening in East Atlalandr, with the country dealing with both democratic and nationalistic protesters and rioters. Mrs. Våld has however reiterated her country’s commitment in regaining control of Mkæniszna, proclaiming the matter as non-negotiable during the current peace talks in Nisserige.

The Kaldrbuthian government for their part has largely been quiet about the current peace talks, but their minister of foreign affairs, Derida Lilladatur, stated that: “The illegitimate government in East Atlalandr can either accept the new reality, or they can waste their soldiers lives. Mkæniszna will be free.”

Norgsveldet’s minister of foreign affairs, Viskir Tordtar, has stated that the government is glad to see hostilities ending yet reiterated his support to Kaldrbuth’s position proclaiming that: “The self determination of the Mkænian people must be respected, the natural distaste towards conflicts should not be used as an excuse to ignore the rights of the Mkænian people.”

An image of one the bridges destroyed by East Atlalandian Army during its retreat out of Mkæniszna

The announcement of the ceasefire has been met with large scale celebrations in Mkæniszna, with the Mkænian Prime Minister and Shrine Keeper, Ny’Zekkial Rasmussen, proclaiming the ceasefire as a victory for his country and a new chapter for the Mkænian people’s self determination. That his government will be working towards setting up parliamentary elections this June following up on promises the prime minister made during the start of the war. With the ruling Mkænian Independence Party (MIP) being renamed to the Mkænian National Party (MNP), with the three new parties being set up to challenge it in the parliamentary elections. Those being:

The Party for Mkænian Defense (PMD) which lead by the popular Mkænian general and leader of the Ny’Akide Brigade, Ny’Isnzki Bjørnset, with the party heavily basing itself around Bjørnset’s popularity and reputation as an resistance fighter. With Bjørnset having argued in favor of a more presidential style of governance for the country. Arguing that with stronger and more centralized government Mkæniszna can act more decisively if conflict was to occur again.

The Mkænian Local Interests Party (MLIP) is an regionalist political party founded by Southern Mkænian politicians after South Mkæniszna, also known as Kaldrbuthian Mkæniszna, was unified with rest of the country. The party is led by Ny’Matilda Mæborg.

The last and most controversial party being the Working Mkænian Party (WMP) an Akuan Socialist party founded by the MSLF, an militant group that has been called a terrorist organization by its critics. The party is led by the controversial individual of Ny’Mkæn Jernhjerte, who have been accused by East Atlalandian government and sapient rights groups to have committed several acts of war crimes during the Mkænian War.

Ny’Mkæn Jernhjerte, Leader of the extremist MSLF militia organisation. Accused of commiting several war crimes.

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Date: 1st July, 2024

Breaking News: Kaldrbuth walks out of the peace talks.

After a month of negotiations between East Atlalandian and Kaldrbuthian governments, it was revealed this morning that Kaldrbuth has withdrawn from the peace talks that have been held in Nisserige. With the Kaldrbuthian minister of foreign affairs, Derida Lilladatur, accusing East Atlalandr for sabotaging the peace talks with demands that Kaldrbuth has proclaimed to be “unreasonable”, with her going so for to accused her East Atlalandian counterpart to be “unattached from the reality on the ground”.

Her statement was met with harsh rebuttals from East Atlalandr, with their minister of foreign affairs, Karl Rødhjert, accusing Kaldrbuth for being one to sabotage the peace talks. Stating that: “Atlalandian sovereignty over central Mkæniszna is indisputable. Any concession over it is a non-starter.”

The breakdown in the peace talks has been met with much disappointment internationally, with it being seen as ensuring the tensions between the two countries will continue despite the end of the fighting. With it being expected that Kaldrbuth will keep having a strong military presence in Mkæniszna for the foreseeable future. With some fearing the conflict may reignite in the future with the lack of a concrete peace set up.

Along with other news, former prime minister of East Atlalandr, Sanna Vakrela, is still in custody. With her having remained under arrest since the Einarist coup back in November of last year. Despite calls for her release both domestically and internationally, the East Atlalandian authorities have refused to answer said calls. Though her trial has continually been delayed, with the Attorney General of East Atlalandr, Annette Ikkilie, announcing that no official date has been set for Vakrela’s trial.

Her arrest has been criticized by several countries around the world, with many East Atlalandian government officials being met with targeted sanctions from several countries and organizations. With the NCEF, Federation, the Tavari Union and others having placed sanctions on East Atlalandr. Which includes the aforementioned Attorney General. With many stating their concerns for Vakrela’s safety.

Presiding Chief of Rodoka, and currently holding Presidency of the Tavari Union, Ivi Puna Laar, made this statement about the matter:

“The Tavari Union is profoundly concerned by the continued detention of Sanna Vakrela, whose removal from office represented an illegitimate seizure of power and whose continued status as being held in custody, without trial, represents a gross miscarriage of justice. We urge, and expect, the parties involved to act in accordance with international law and with principles of common decency. The authorities in East Atlalandr should release Ms. Vakrela, or failing that, conduct a fair and legitimate trial.”

Date: 20th January, 2024

Breaking News: Protests at Urthvision semi-finals over Eyjarian contestant

Drama has reached Urthvision as several big protests were staged outside Forest Fragrance Arena in the Korcettan City of Portmorski over the Urthvision Commission decision to allow the Eyjarian contestant Elisa Alexandradatur to participate in the song contest. An decision which was met with heavy scrutiny and controversy after four member nations demanding Alexandradatur to be denied participation into the contest. Filing their complaints to the commision. The four nations being the Federation, Nacrésia, Pledonié and Helslandr, all accusing the singer of being an Lapérousian ultra-nationalist and historical revisionist.

Alexandradatur was forced by the Urthvision Commission to change the lyrics of her song, Queen of Kings, with its original lyrics being considered too political for the song contest. Despite those changes it is still seen as too little by the nations filing their complaints. Arguing the song’s title is an inherent reference to the Queendom of Lapérouse, and glorifies its existence. The four nations have also pointed towards Alexandradatur’s past comments that they claim downplay the Queendom’s ethnic cleansing programs during the 1800s.

These accusations have been severely denied by the singer who stated in an interview held by the ENN that the song in no way or form was meant to refer to the Queendom. Saying instead that the song is about Princess Alexandra becoming the Crown Realm’s Crown Princess, with the song in general being about the importance of female leadership in the world. According to her, celebrating Crown Princess Alexandra and her role as High Jarlynja of the Federation is vital for promoting female empowerment. Stating in the interview that: “I think we have a strong symbol in Crown Princess Alexandra, of a strong woman which will eventually inherit a crown that flies across many countries, I mean that sounds very much like a Queen of Kings if you ask me!”

The interview has been criticized by many not just within other countries in the Laperousian peninsula but also in Norgsveldet for being way too soft handed in the questions asked to her. With the interviewer not pushing the singer further about her past comments about the Queendom, rather focusing on discussing the singer’s outfit and performance rather than about her past controversies.

This has led to many critiquing the ENN for the interview, with some harsh criticism coming from the Red Dove Media, a news-media cooperative in the Federation, directly accusing the ENN of trying to cover up the singer’s controversies in an attempt to improving Eyjaria’s chances of victory in Urthvision semi-finals. This has been severely denied by the ENN. Despite Alexandradatur’s controversies her song and interview have become one most heavily seen videos within the Ulvrikian world, with her becoming one most popular artists in Kaldrbuth.

Elisa Alexandradatur, peforming in the Urthvision semi-finals