Urthvision XIX

And with 152 points…Nailah Shehata won the eighteenth edition of the Urthivsion Songfestival. It was a night to be remembered for Sayyed, for not only was it Sayyed’s first time on the international stage, it was its first victory there. Nailah will forever be remembered as a Sayqidi legend, with songs and stories written about her and her life. Being a close friend of the Emira, her return to Sayyed was rewarded with a “National Artist” award, the highest of creative awards one could receive.

And with that…the NTE announces…


The theme is announced to be sun and moon!

More details will be released soon, so stay tuned~

much love, the NTE team





That’s right! So far, we have two confirmed interval acts! Let’s learn about them!

Shahzadi Antaram (known as Princess Antaram) will be performing her new single “Can’t Feel Anything” on the Urthvision stage! The young princess is most known for her victory in the 2022 Junior Sayqidi Festival of Melodies with her song “Qami, Qami”! We’re honored to be able to have a Sayqidi royal perform on stage, and hopefully, she’ll give us quite a royal treatment~

Another winner of a song contest, we have Gealach! from Mirhaime!! In 2021, they won the Mirhamian contest, Melodies of Light, and now, they’re a global sensation! They’ll be performing their song “Baby Said” from their new album “RUSH!”! We hope you enjoy their very lively presence~

But that’s not all! We have more interval acts on their way, so stay tuned~

Much love, the NTE team



The time has finally arrived, we need a new winner, we need a new rising star. And who will that be? Well, you decide!

We have 29 entries and tonight, we’ll find out which one of them will be the next winner of the Urthvision Song Festival!

So, let’s begin!

Starting strong with ALKSEARIA* with a band called PHANTOMS singing AD ASPERA, AD ASTRA

Thank you, Alksearia! Now, we have WEST BOREA with the artist ANYTHING BUT THE GIRL with the song WRONG!

Good job, WBF! Now off to Mirhaime with STIOFAN SEACHA and EMI DARMEAD singing UNTIL I FOUND YOU!

Amazing performance, Mirhaime! It’s time for MORSTAYBISHLIA with THE STAGS with the song DINER IN THE CORNER!!!

Thank you, Morstaybishlia, now let’s get to EYJARIA with TOR FREDRICKSON singing I’M ONLY A MAN!


Thank you, Wealden! Now let’s get to BLUEACIA with MARCHELLA LANDO singing MAYBE!



Now, we have the host country, SAYYED with KARINA performing FUTURE LOVER!

Thank you so much for the wonderful performance, Sayyed! Now onto PERAGEN and ROSAMUNDA’S song LIE LIKE YOU LOVE ME!

Thank you so much, Peragen! That’s it for the first half, folks! So grab a snack and drink, and we’ll be back shortly~


❝Welcome back to the greatest party weekend in history!

We now move on to NORGSVELDET! Originally from Atlalandr, ELGERN ØRNKA wrote this song about the loneliness he felt after his wife’s death, and how he felt imprisoned in his own mind. THE MIND became very popular not just in Norgsveldet but also in Ulvrikia; it even won their own song contest in 2022.

Up next we have a blast from the past courtesy of the entry from NAGATO. Ryan Cheddar dominated the Nagcon charts nine years ago – [the host points to someone in the crowd] yes, 2014 was nine years ago – with his band ONEGRANDDUCHY and the absolute barn-burner of LOVE RUNS OUT.

Halfway around the world brings us to NORTH ETHALRIA! Although they made their debut over a quarter of a century ago – [the host points to the same person in the crowd] yes, 1997 was twenty-six years ago – NIXE are only now getting their flowers on the world stage. Welcome to the world of [she squints, pretending to read the words off of her hand] dark-wave medieval pagan folk. This is: GEFIEDER!

Let’s stay in Aurora for this next one. TIVOT’s entry for this edition sings of the woes of the colonial period of Puntalia, and the tragedies that befell the great Puntalian people. PERIA AKHILASHVILI is a Puntalovian, called so due to her joint heritage of both Puntalia and Salovia. LA LLORONA is a folklore classic, and Peria here brings it into the modern world.

Originally formed by the three children of Norgsveltian immigrants to Aldaar – and a friend – the band DELTA RAE (named after the epic stories their mother told them as kids) entered the Aldaari music scene almost a decade ago and quickly skyrocketed to become the most-listened to band in Aldaar. Their songs combine strong messages about freedom with on-point social commentary. Who better to represent ALDAAR during their very first Urthvision? This is: RUN.

Up next is [she pretends to read from her own hand again] a fifty-two-year-old yodler! Actually, FRANZL LANG, fresh from the province of Bäuer, is considered one of NISSERIGE’s best! And here’s one of his best: LEBENSLUST-JODLER.

If anyone in this stadium fancies some genre whiplash, we move directly to CEREBRUM, an indie band formed as a small project in the main singer’s garage in ZEMEPRIEVADAI. They quickly rose to fame after publishing their first album. Their song tonight, MONSOON, was written after the main member of the band lost his sister.

Up next is EXEUNT, a song by folk rock band THE OH GOODBYES, consisting of the brother and sister duo Tyler and Maggie Heath. The Oh Goodbyes are known for the literary and religious references littered throughout their music. Exeunt, the title of this song, refers to a stage direction in theatre to indicate that characters have left the scene. The song deals with themes of saying goodbye and moving on, even when one doesn’t want to, exiting the stage. Originally released eight years ago – [she points to the same audience member a third time] stop arguing, buy a calculator – this song now gets new life as this edition’s entry for AIVINTIS.

We now travel to AUGUSTIAn band DEAD OR ALIVE. This one blew up the Nagcon charts in 1985. YOU SPIN ME ROUND (LIKE A RECORD) was the third song from Yuki Labels to hit number one - and is the second to appear in this edition of Urthvision.

SOFIEL IS’PEKSZA’s name translates to “Sofiel of the mind” - and for a while it felt like she was in fact a figment of all our imaginations. Born in Kireitarenu’a, she never performed live out of fear of the government cracking down on her “counter-revolutionary” music. She fled to ADURASZNA during the war in 2019, and immediately staked her claim in the pop landscape of the border city of Daukvra with: MURDER ON THE DANCEFLOOR.

THE FORGOTTEN STORIES is a folk band some say is responsible for the folk revival in KORĆETTA. Their latest song comes from a story they heard of a widow living alone in the forests of Korćetta. The story says that she still talks to her husband’s ghost, giving the song the name of LITTLE TALKS.

Our next entry is a real barn-burner courtesy of SUNJENAD. This ASENDAVIAn band is known for their incredible – and extensive – live performances, but not to worry: they’ve promised us that they’ll keep this rendition of KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA to our strict time limit of five and a half minutes.

We now move to VERIA. They’re a newcomer to the Urthvision Song Contest, but they’re off to a very good start. This is TIDE LINES with the slow-builder CANAN NAN GAIDHEAL.

Now here’s one for the history books. Just yesterday, news broke that a certain country will be holding a referendum to change its name. Tomorrow, we host the Sayqidi Grand Prix, and today of course we have the band HÁNIGAFÉ in Urthvision. Either of these could be the last opportunity for the name NEW LEGANÉS to go up in lights. Taurílliener Otomóvir has a shot tomorrow, but here’s their hope for this half of the greatest weekend in showbiz: BONES.

And hey - speaking of the grand prix, there’s also going to be a driver from VOLSCINA. I don’t know what the Series One policy on music on team radio is, but if things go well for MODA tonight, good ol’ Magno “Mango” Martorana might end up driving around Dimangala with LA NOTTE in his ears.

We now go to CORSEAU. From day one, always a nation that knows exactly what the crowd wants. Last time out, Cornelia Jakobs nearly brought the roof down. Today, AURELIE will attempt to do the same. And I look great in concrete dust so maybe I’m hoping she does. Here is: EVIDEMENT!

We’re almost home! But first a layover in PHOENIXIA. Give a big cheer to TIFFANY STONEWELL with a great bop – put your phones down, you can’t vote yet! – this is: RESURREZIONE, or “HOPE CIRCLE”.

And last but certainly not least, do not adjust your television sets! You have not been transported back to the 1960s, that’s a filter. You have been transported to VAKRESTRENDER. This is EDGAR BJORNSON with our final song of the night: ROMANCE SENGEN – and what a bop to end on!

What a fantastic night we’ve had so far-- everybody give a big round of applause to our record-setting twenty-nine performers! And to everybody watching at home: thank you for your patience, and get out your phones, because it’s time to:



Norgsveldet votes:

12 points - Vakretrender
10 points - North Ethalria
8 points - Korćetta
7 points - Aldaar
6 points - Great Morstaybishlia
5 points - Nystatiszna
4 points - Veria
3 points - Tivot
2 points - Volscina
1 points . Nisserige

12 - Nystatiszna
10 - Wealden
8 - Norgsveldet
7 - Asendavia
6 - West Borea
5 - Aivintis
4 - Eyjaria
3 - Korcetta
2 - Aduraszna
1 - Corseau

Aldaar votes:

1 point - Vakrestrender (Romance Sengen)
2 points - Peragen (Lie Like You Love Me)
3 points - Corseau (Evidement)
4 points - Sayyed (Future Lover)
5 points - Nystatiszna (Only Cowards Drop Bombs)
6 points - Blueacia (Maybe)
7 points - Aivints (Exeunt)
8 points - Mirhaime (Until I Found You)
10 points - Korćetta (Little Talks)
12 points - North Ethalria (Gefieder)

Mutj Mutadiit Alaalahiiya Yufraan Abd’ildarra sends congratulations to all artists sharing their work. Arham kaawlbak from the Anabat.

IMG ID: Rectangular poster. At the top, the word Aivcast in black, with the A represented by a mathematical compass. Underneath, in smaller, black, blocky text - Aivintian Urthvision Vote. 1 point to Volscina. 2 points to Veria. 3 points to North Ethalria. 4 points to Nystatiszna. 5 points to Nagato. 6 points to Morstaybishlia. 7 points to Zemeprievadai. In sparkling bronze, 8 points to Tivot. In sparkling silver, 10 points to Mirhaime. Finally, in sparkling gold, 12 points to Korćetta.

[broadcast 1349-hr-22-21.16.10]

An intern in a blue off-the-shelf supermarket suit and tie walks onto the screen. He stands in front of a greenscreen. There has likely been a miscommunication at ASGTV: the chroma key has been set to detect blue, and the intern’s suit has been replaced with a low-resolution photo of the Raszeran skyline. He clears his throat, and begins speaking in a heavily accented nasal monotone so much more exaggerated than the last time he presented the Aszar points that many suspect that this time he’s putting it on to try and go viral again.

Good evening, Urth. Very thankings for concert love! We all love this weekend from Raszeran to Neo-Fantøm to Island Harus. Blessings all to everybody, and wishes of luck to Haulan Edzhurat and Car-shop Novia in the race big tomorrow! [note: he came 6th]. Congratulate on OneGrandDuchy!

[broadcast 1349-hr-22-20.17.35]

Tesara Nira
Sund! Hello Sayyed! My name is Tesara Nira and I’m bringing you all the votes from the three nations of the West Borean Federation! We’ve got the third years of Mathematics and Statistics at AZU to make sure every call and text is counted!

(The camera pans to a group of university students who are clearly just playing the latest Series One video game. They let out a cheer; one of the players has just managed to crash out Sølvi Ny’Aæn.)

Tesara Nira
And without further ado, the results from West Borea!

1 Like

Eyjaria votes:

1 point - Aldaar

2 points - New Leganes

3 points - West Borean Federation

4 points - Great Morstaybishlia

5 points - North Ethalria

6 points - Vakrestrender

7 points - Norgsveldet

8 points - Aduraszna

10 points - Korcetta

12 points - Nystatiszna

The Votes from Tivot are in!

1 point goes to Aldaar!
2 points to Peragen!
3 points for Korcetta!
4 points awarded to Mirhaime!
5 points towards Morstaybishlia!
6 points to Eyjaria!
7 points for Vakrestrender!
Our 8 points go to Corseau!!!
TEN points for North Ethalria!!!
And the top-voted song for Tivot in Urthvision XIX…


“Hello Sayyed here is Blueacia calling. I, Marijke have returned to give the Blueacian points in Urthvision. You didn’t think you would miss me right? Well let’s quickly get to the points, but not before I want to thank you all for the fantastic show. Here are our first 7 points:
1 point to North Ethalria
2 points to Phoenixia
3 points to Tivot
4 points to Peragen
5 points to Nagato
6 points to Morstaybishlia
7 points to Aldaar”
Marijke visably out of breath takes some time to retake it and drinks a glass of water. "Well that was fast, let’s see our top 3 nations then.

8 points go to Mirhaime

10 points go to Corseau

And ofcourse our 12 points go to our own singer Marchella Lando she deserved it. Well that’s it for me bye… Hmm? What? STILL NOT ALLOWED?! Ugh ok then.
Our 12 points go to Korcetta

Nystatiszna Votes

“Comrade Yuyu has returned with the spirits of Borea verdict. Glory to Nystatiszna.”
A small arctic fox gives a yelp, wearing a faded sash across their chest. Ribbon tied to their tail. The broadcaster tossing a treat to them.

"Our 12 points goes to Norgsveldet.
10 points to Aduraszna.
8 points to Nisserige.
7 points to Augustia
6 points to Worst Borea
5 points to Zemeprevadia
4 points to Veria
3 points to New Leganes
2 points to Aldaar
1 point to Vakrestrender.

That is all. Please Leave."

Vakrestrender Voting

12 points - Eyjaria
10 points - Morstaybishlia
8 points - Peragen
7 points - Nagato
6 points - Norgsveldet
5 points - Tivot
4 points - New Leganes
3 points - Nystatiszna
2 points - Aldaar
1 points - Viviane

Korćetta Votes:

12 points to Augustia
10 points to Aduraszna
8 points to Vakrestrender
7 points to Mirhaime
6 points to Morstaybishlia
5 points to Volscina
4 points to Asendavia
3 points to Zemeprievadai
2 points to Nagato
1 point to Aldaar

Zemeprievadai Votes:

12 points to West Borea
10 points to Aivintis
8 points to Asendavia
7 points to Nagato
6 points to New Leganes
5 points to Augustia
4 points to Aduraszna
3 points to Morstaybishlia
2 points to Aldaar
1 point to Veria

Excerpt from Friday, February 2, 2024, Urthvision XIX broadcast with Charles Gilbert and Vanessa Evergarden of the Unovian Broadcasting Company.

[broadcast 1731-hr-2-2-24-dmy]

Vanessa Evergarden: Now, let’s dive into the scores. Nagato, or should I say Elissia? They’re pretty particular about that.

Charles Gilbert: (chuckles) Indeed, Vanessa. The scores from Nagato, or Elissia, are as follows: Blueacia received 1 point. Zemeprievadai received 2 points. Vakrestrender received 3 points. Korćetta received 4 points. Augustia received 5 points. West Borea received 6 points. Aivintis received 7 points. Morstaybishlia received 8 points. Mirhaime received 10 points. Aduraszna received 12 points.

Evergarden: Quite the spread there. And now, let’s see how Augustia voted. They certainly had their perspective on the performances.

Gilbert: Absolutely, Vanessa. The scores from Augustia are as follows: Zemeprievadai received 1 point. Peragen received 2 points. Blueacia received 3 points. Eyjaria received 4 points. Nagato received 5 points. Mirhaime received 6 points. Korćetta received 7 points. Aduraszna received 8 points. Aivintis received 10 points. Morstaybishlia received 12 points.

Evergarden: Mizore may not have participated, but their voting tendencies would have aligned with Nagato and Augustia. It’s always interesting to see the similarities between nations within the Commonwealth.

Final Scores:
12 points went to Aduraszna

10 to Mirhaime

8 to Morstaybishlia

7 to Aivintis

6 to West Borea

5 to Augustia

4 to Korćetta

3 to Vakrestrender

2 to Zemeprievadai

1 to Blueacia

12 points went to Morstaybishlia

10 to Aivintis

8 to Aduraszna

7 to Korćetta

6 to Mirhaime

5 to Nagato

4 to Eyjaria

3 to Blueacia

2 to Peragen

1 to Zemeprievadai

Morstaybishlian points:

12pts - Asendavia
10pts - Norgsveldet
8pts - Peragen
7pts - Tivot
6pts - Augustia
5pts - New Leganes
4pts - West Borea
3pts - Zemeprividai
2pts - Nagato
1pt - Aduraszna

North Ethalrian points:


12 pts - Tivot
10pts - Wealden
8pts - Vakrestrender
7pts - Eyjaria
6pts - Phoenixia
5pts - Mirhaime
4pts - Morstaybishlia
3pts - Sayyed
2pts - Aivintis
1pt - Norgsveldet

¡¡Brillante noche para Sayyed y la Urtia!!

Good evening, Urthvision, from the wonderful Arsal!! This is Peragen’s voting turn, after the jury and public votes have been tallied together. The Peragian Public Broadcaster is delighted to return to the biggest event of the planet, and to be received with such a spectacular show. Thank you Sayyed, and thank you URC for all your efforts, here’s what Peragen has loved from the contest:

These are the countries ranked from 10th to 7th:

1 point: Nisserige
2 points: Augustia
3 points: Asendavia
4 points: Phoenixia
5 points: Wealden
6 points: New Leganes
7 points: Aduraszna

And here’s the Peragian top 3!!

With 8 points, the catchy but deep, poetic composition by Corseau’s Aurelie!!

10 points are awarded to the celebration of Ethalrian folk by NIXE, that is, Gefieder from North Ethalria!!!

By a wide margin, and on top both for juries and audience, the Peragian 12 points go to… TIVOT!!!

Congratulations Peria, for what shall become an iconic piece of Impelanzan poetry, awakening the emotions of our voters.

Good luck to everyone, and see you next edition!!!